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2557 to 2561 List of 48 questions to which Kate did not respond
2562 to 2564
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10-Processo 10 pages 2557 to 2564

Kate Marie Healy's statement 07 Sep 07 @ 11am
Processo vol10 pages 2557-2561

AUTO FOR questioning an ARGUIDO
Date: 2007/09/07 Time: 11:00 AM Place: DIC PORTIMAO.
Officer performing: Paulo Ferreira, Joao Carlos and Ricardo Paiva, Inspectors.


Asked if she wished to respond on the facts that are imputed, she responded:

--- That being of British nationality she does not know Portuguese, in its oral and written form, therefore an interpreter is present selected by the defendant from the list provided by the Consulate, Armanda Duarte Salbany Russell, contactable by telephone 282,48#####.

--- In this action there is also present the representative of the defendant Dr. Carlos Pinto de Abreu, the CP 9786L

--- She comes to the file now as a defendant, it being explained to her the rights and duties that assist her, along with her being subject to the TIR.

--- It is put to her the facts about her, she said she does not wish to make statements.

01--- Asked, on May 03, 2007, at 22:00, when she entered the apartment what she saw and did, where he looked, and what she touched
[handled], she did not respond.

02 --- If she looked inside the cupboard of the couple's bedroom, she said No in response.

03 --- Shown two photographs of the cupboard of her bedroom, and asked for a description of the contents, she did not respond.

04 --- Asked for what reason the curtain behind the sofa in front of the side window, the photograph of which was shown to her, is moved
[disordered], she did not respond. She did not respond to the question if someone [anyone] had passed [had gone; had walked] behind that sofa.
[NOTE: ?Passed? here is a physical movement, not metaphysical as in 'died']

05 --- Asked how much time it took for the search that she made in the apartment after the detection of the disappearance of her daughter MADELEINE, she did not respond.

06 --- Asked why she said from the outset that MADELEINE was kidnapped [abducted], she did not respond.

07 --- On the assumption that Madeleine had been kidnapped [abducted], why she left the twins alone at home to go to the Tapas to give [raise] the alarm, yet [while] the supposed kidnapper [abductor] could still be in the apartment, she did not respond.

08 ---Why she had not asked the twins at that time what had happened to their sister, or why she had not asked them later, she did not respond.

09 --- Questioned when she gave the alarm in the Tapas what she said specifically, what words she used, she did not respond.

10 --- Asked about what happened after giving the alarm at Tapas, she did not respond. Asked
[word missing; presumed to be ?se?] if she had any mobile phone, with her at that moment, she did not respond.

11 --- Asked why she went to warn [inform] her friends instead of shouting from the balcony, she did not respond.

12 --- Asked who contacted the authorities, she did not respond.

--- Asked who participated in the
[words missing; presumed to be ?buscas. NAo?] searches, she did not respond.

14 --- Asked if anyone outside the group knew, in the following moments [at the time], of the disappearance of MADELEINE, she did not respond.

15 --- Asked if any female neighbour offered her assistance after the alarm of the disappearance, she did not respond.

16 --- Asked what the expression "we let her down" means, she did not respond.

17 --- Asked if JANE told her about having seen a man with a child, on that night, she did not respond.

18 --- Asked how the authorities were contacted and that police force was alerted, she did not respond.

19 --- Asked, during the searches already with the police presence [after the police arrived], in what places she went [and] looked for MADELEINE, how and in what way [manner], she did not respond.

20 --- Asked why the twins did not
[word missing; presumed to be ?acordavam?] wake up during this search, or when they went to the floor above, she did not respond.

21 --- Asked whom she telephoned after the facts
[events], she did not respond.

22 ---Asked if she called "Sky News" she did not respond.

23 --- Asked about the danger of calling the news media alerting them of the abduction, because it could influence the kidnapper
[abductor], she did not respond.

24 --- Asked if they requested the presence of a priest, she did not respond.

25 --- Asked what was the manner of divulging the face of MADELEINE, if photographs or other, she did not respond.

26 --- Asked if it is true that during the search she sat on her bed in her bedroom without moving, she did not respond.

27 --- Asked what was her behaviour during that night, she did not respond.

28 --- And asked if she had managed [been able to] to sleep, she did not respond.

29 --- Asked if before the trip to Portugal she made a comment of [about] a bad feeling [presentiment] or bad omens, she did not respond.

30 --- Asked about the behaviour of MADELEINE she did not respond.

31 --- Asked if she suffered from any infirmity [illness] or took medication, she did not respond.

32 --- Asked what was MADELEINE's relationship with the siblings.

33 --- Asked what was MADELEINE's relationship with the siblings, friends and school colleagues, she did not respond.

34 ---- Asked about her professional life, and in how many hospitals and in which she had worked, she did not respond.

35 --- Being a doctor, and asked about her speciality, she did not respond.

36 --- Asked about if she worked in shifts, in emergencies [the emergency section of a hospital] or other services she did not respond.

37 --- If she worked every day, she did not respond.

38 --- Asked if at a particular time she stopped working and why, she did not respond.

39 --- Asked whether or not it is true that the twins have difficulty sleeping, that they are restless and that that causes her uneasiness, she did not respond.

40 --- Asked whether or not it is true that at certain times she felt desperate [driven to despair; angered; exasperated] by the attitude of the children and that that left her much disquiet [unease], she did not respond.

41 --- Asked whether or not it is true that in England she was thinking to deliver MADELEINE into the custody [guardianship] of a family member, she did not respond.

42 --- Asked if at home (England) she gave medication to the children and what kind of medication, she did not respond.

43 --- In this 'auto' [official document recording an official action] there were shown several films of canine inspections, forensic in character, where can be seen the marking by them of indications of human cadaver smell and blood traces also human, and solely human, as well as the comments of the expert responsible for that inspection activity.

 --- The viewing ended and after signs of cadaver odour in her bedroom next to the cupboard and behind the sofa against the window of the living room, she said that she can not explain anything more than that already mentioned.

44 --- Also signalled, now by the dog of the detection of human blood behind the sofa mentioned above, she said that she can not explain anything more than that already mentioned.

45 --- Signalled the cadaver odour in the car that they rented about one month after the disappearance, registration 59-DA-27, she said that she can not explain anything more than that already mentioned.

46 --- Signalled the presence of human blood in the trunk of the same vehicle, she said that she can not explain anything more than that already mentioned.

47 --- Confronted with the result of the collection of DNA from MADELEINE, which analysis was carried out by a British laboratory, from behind the sofa and trunk of the vehicle, situations previously described, she said that she can not explain anything more than that already mentioned.

48 --- Asked if she had any responsibility or involvement in the disappearance of her daughter MADELEINE, she did not respond.


49 --- Asked if she is aware that her failure to respond to the questions put in the cause of the investigation, which seeks to know what happened to her daughter, she replied that

yes, if the investigation so thinks.

--- Asked if she has anything to add,

she responded negatively.

--- The floor being given to the distinguished advocate, he said he had nothing to say [discuss] or to request.

--- At 14H30 this interview was ended.
And nothing more said, this document is read thought to be correct, she ratifies and is going to sign, together with the defence attorney and interpreter.



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