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392 to 394-Witness statement of Maria Julia Serafim da Silva 2007.05.07


Processos Volume II Pages 392 - 394
Maria Julia Serafim da Silva
5As cleaner
Date/Time: 2007/05/07 16H45


Concerning the issue of the process said:

Maria Julia S. da Silva.

Upon being asked, she states that she is a cleaner and has been working as such for around 13 years with the company 'THE OCEAN CLUB'. Her two daughters, FM and DI work with her in the same department.

Regarding her job, she points out that she is the person who is responsible for cleaning Block 5, more specifically apartments A, B, C, D, H, I, K, L, M and P, and also states that when the child disappeared only apartments A, B, D, G, H and K were occupied. She declares that she is the only employee who cleans these apartments, and has help when new customers arrive or leave. When preparing apartment A, where the Mc Cann family were to be installed, she says that she carried out the preparations with the help of her colleague DNA, on Saturday the 28th. She remembers that when preparing this apartment, she had just been notified that the apartment was to be occupied by 5 (five) people; she was unaware of children in the group. However, at the exact moment when she and her colleague DTNA were preparing the room, personnel from the company MARK WARNER entered the apartment and proceeded to place two children's beds. It was at this moment that they learned that children would be sleeping in the apartment.

When questioned, she declares that the fact a third company placed the children's beds inside the apartment is common. Also, she says that when the reservation of the apartments is in the hands of the MARK WARNER travel agency, it is this company that is responsible for placing the beds. On the other hand, when other travel agencies are involved, placing the children's beds is carried out by 'THE OCEAN CLUB' company itself.

With respect to her activities performed directly in the apartment, she declares that the last time she entered the apartment was on the Wednesday prior to the events, specifically on the 2nd of May, when she cleaned the apartment. When questioned, she declares that as opposed to what is established, on Thursday the 3rd and due to other chores, she did not have time to collect the garbage bags.

She remembers that when she entered Apartment A on the Wednesday, the parents were inside. After being duly authorized, she entered and carried out her work, because they were already on their way out. While she was in the apartment, there were no children there, and she supposed that they were in the creche. While performing her work, she remembers having noticed that the couple was sleeping in the room located opposite the entrance, where she confirmed the presence of a child's bed (crib). The room gives onto an outdoor garden by means of a terrace, as it is on the ground floor,. In the room next to the entrance to the apartment there was a bed placed next to the wall (where she supposed the missing child slept), and also the second child's bed (crib). All these beds were untidy at the time, meaning that they had been used. She also declares that in the room next to the entrance was another bed that had not been used.

On the following Friday, the day after the child disappeared, she states that due to police formalities, she did not clean apartment A.

When questioned, she declares that on the days prior to the events, she did not notice any strange element/object in the apartments she entered to clean that could have caught her attention and that could have been directly related to the disappearance.

Likewise, she declares that she did not notice any element/person behaving in a strange manner.

Finally, she declares that her work schedule begins at 1000 hours and ends at 1800 hours, after which time she returns to Lagos where she lives.

She has nothing further to say. After reading the document and finding it to be satisfactory, she signs it.

Cleaner 5a....

Maria Julia S da Silva
. This document is read, reviewed and found in conformity, and will be duly signed by me, Tony Almedia, an Inspector with this Policia Judiciaria.


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