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3146a  - Letter and service information about testimony from two [Dolphin] Golfinho Restaurant employees
12 Processos Vol XII Page 3146a

Public Ministry of Portimao

201/07. GALGS

Conclusion 19-11-2007

It has come to the knowledge of the PJ that a South African, ADRIAAN MARAIS, as well as his wife, LIZELLE MARAIS, employees of the Golfinho restaurant, located in Praia da Luz, have knowledge of facts related to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, having been questioned in the case process, they said that almost two weeks before the disappearance in question they noticed the presence of an individual, who did not appear to them to be a tourist, opposite the restaurant where they worked and who displayed strange behaviour and who would remain there for periods of up to two hours, either without doing anything or by using the phone cabin that was there to make long phone calls, the number of this public phone is 282789210.

Given this, the diligence described below is essential to discover the truth, namely to identify the person in question, especially as the description made of the person appears to correspond to another that is already in the files, I suggest that in view of the suspicions of the practice of crimes of abduction, homicide, exposure or abandonment, concealment of the body in the terms of article 15(2) of Law 88/89 of 11th September, 187(1) and 189(2) of the CPP, we request that the operator PORTUGAL TELECOM urgently send the digital support (CD or DVD) of the complete lists of phone traffic referring to the calls made and received during the period between 00.00 on 30th April 2007 and 3rd May 2007 with regard to the number 282789210.

Signed by the Public Prosecutor

Jose Magalhaes e Menezes

3150 to 3153 Witness Testimony of Adriann Jacobus Van Marais on 2007/11/16
12-Processos Vol XII Pages 3150 to 3153

Witness Statement

Adriaan Jacobus Van Marais

Date: 2007/11/16

Profession: Head of Personnel

Place of Work: Golfinho Restaurant, P da L.

In spite of being of South African nationality, he speaks and writes perfect Portuguese.

He says that he is head of personnel at the Golfinho restaurant, situated in rua da Calheta, n? 14 A in P da L, where he has worked for almost 6 years.

He heard about the disappearance of Madeleine on 3rd May at about 23.00/23.30 when he was in the Mirage bar in P da L, close to the restaurant where he works. He was inside the bar, accompanied by his boss and they were both playing snooker. When they arrived at the bar they found it strange that it was empty. At that moment they asked a waiter why there were no other clients, he told them that a girl staying at the OC had disappeared and all the clients were absent because they were helping to search for her. Afterwards the witness and his boss also went to help search. They went to he OC where they spoke to an English P da L resident called Dave who explained to them what had happened and suggested to the witness and his boss that they search the beach area, having described the girl and what she was wearing to them.

He adds that when they arrived at the OC it would have been about 23.30 ? 24.00, confirming that he saw a GNR officer next to the apartment the girl had disappeared from and that there was a police car parked behind the 5 A apartment block.

He searched until about 02.00 during which time he passed the apartment block two or three times talking to different people who were also searching. At about 02.00 when there were very many people searching he went home to rest.

When questioned he said that he does not know Robert Murat. He never saw him personally. He has just seen him on television. When asked he says that he does not remember having seen him that night helping in the searches. He adds that he did not speak to the girl's parents either. From what he was told on that occasion, he thought that the girl had left the apartment and had got lost . He was told that the parents and the girl were in (blank space) when the girl disappeared and that is why he thought she could have left the apartment to look for them.

(Blank space) about whether he had seen anything strange on the days preceding and following the disappearance, he replies yes. The restaurant where he works is located at about 700 metres from the OC, close to the church. Some days before the disappearance, he is not sure when, but it was during the previous two weeks, he noticed the presence of an individual on the pavement near the restaurant where works, who had a behaviour that he found to be strange. The individual passed by there several times. Near to this place is a cafe that was closed at this time, whenever it is closed it is unusual for people to be there. However, this individual remained there for periods of almost two hours, doing nothing except for using a telephone cabin which was there, making calls for long periods of time.

This person did not seem to him to be a tourist or an inhabitant of the village. He describes the individual as being male, white, but with sun-tanned skin, aged about 30. He was about 1.70 ? 1.80 tall and had a normal physical appearance. He remembers that he had dark coloured hair, a little gathered at the back but not covering his neck totally. He does not remember whether he ever saw him with glasses, but knows that he did not have a beard or moustache. He does not remember any other details. If he were to be shown the individual, either personally or photographically, he would recognise him, however he is not capable of describing him in order to produce a photo-fit. He remembers that he used several different kinds of clothing. He remembers that on one day he wore a red T-shirt, on another a white T-shirt and on another occasion a shirt, he does not remember the colour. He just remembers seeing him wearing blue jeans. He does not remember any other details. He did not hear him speak and does not know whether he was Portuguese or foreign.

As he has already said, the individual was there for several days, he does not remember exactly which days. He remembers that the last time he saw the individual was two or three days before the girl's disappearance and he did not see him again afterwards. When shown the photo-fits made during the inquiry as well as several photos he says that he does not recognise the individual he is referring to, neither does he see any resemblance to him.

With regard to the sketch made according to the indications of Jane Tanner's witness statement, he says that the hair that is visible has a certain similarity to the individual's hair in terms of colour and they way it was combed, however the individual's hair would be shorter at the back and at the sides than the hair in the sketch. The physical appearance of the man in the sketch appears to him to be similar to the individual but he is unable to say whether it is the same person, given that the sketch does not show facial features.

He clarifies that in spite not being able to say exactly on which days he saw the individual at this place, he can confirm that he always saw him at the same time. He would always be there between 16.00 and 18.00. During that time the individual would be talking on the telephone, using the phone cabin there for long periods, always more than 10 or 15 minutes.

Reads, ratifies, signs.


3255 to 3258 External diligence carried out at Dolphin Restaurant 2007.10.02
12-Processos Vol XII PAGES 3255 to 3258


Date: 02/10/2007

Place: Praia da LUZ - Lagos
Officer who ordered the inquiry: Chief Inspector Mario Antao
Officers who carried out the inquiry: Maria Jose Ramos and Jose Monteiro, Inspector

External Inquiry Report

Description and Result of Inquiry

On this date, and following the sequence of inquiries already undertaken, we went to Praia da Luz, specifically to the The Dolphin Restaurant, situated on Rua da Calheta, No. 14 A, where we contacted the owners, identified as Adrianne Jacobus van Marais, holder of Residence permit number XXXXXXX - of South African nationality, whom we showed the photo-fit created according to the indications of a witness identified in the inquiry, and asked this witness whether had seen someone similar using the telephone in the PT booth situated in front of the restaurant;---

As this witness's residence is located above the restaurant, the same photo-fit was shown to his wife, Lizelle Joubert Marais, holder of identity card no, xxxxxxxx-x, who immediately informed us that she recognized the individual who had gone 3 or 4 times to the telephone booth and on another occasion passed the restaurant.
When questioned, she said that individual was always dressed in white trousers, which were rather dirty, and a dark-coloured winter coat. She always saw him on foot and alone.

Questioned further, she states that she saw him during the course of last week, not remembering on which days, but guarantees that he did not return after the dates in the present event under investigation

Various telephone numbers were provided so that the police could contact them in the case of further questions.
The telephone booth is located on Rua da Calheta and has the number 282 789 210;---

Nearby, in the Rua Helena do Nascimento Batista, we located another telephone booth corresponding to number 282 789 111. With nothing else to be investigated, this inquiry was terminated.
Officer's signature


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