External Inquiry Municipal Aerodrome Portimao

This information belongs to the Ministério Público in Portimão, Portugal.
It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law

521 to 533 External diligence re municipal aerodrome of Portimao 2007.06.13
534 to 538 Analysis of CCTV images from Albufeira marina


08-02-Aircraft: Outro Apensos vol 2 Apenso VIII  521 to 538

Pages 521 to 533

External Inquiry

Place: Municipal Aerodrome Portimao

Date: 2007.06.13

Requested by: G. Amaral

Executing Officers: Inspectors Ramos and Dordonnat

Description and Result of Inquiry

On this date we went to the Municipal Aerodrome in Portimao with the aim of collecting information related to the air traffic in that space between the days 25 ? 04- 2007 and 05-05-2007 as well as locating and collecting flight plans between the dates 0321000MAI07 and 042100MAI 07.

Together with the operators and consulting the lists relating to the period in question there is only one register of plane not familiar to the employees, which has the registration number D ? EDBS.

This plane landed in Portimao on 28 ? 04 ? 2007 at approximately 16.53 coming from LFBL (code corresponding to Limoges, in France) and left on 06-05-2007 at about 09.47 headed for the place of provenance.

Its is recorded that the pilot is A**** S***** and a passenger who was not identified by the security office at the aerodrome.

Information was gathered showing that the individual in question, although not a frequent visitor, would sometimes travel to Portimao, in the company of his wife, as he has a holiday home in this area, it is not known exactly where.

It is stated that the Lagos aerodrome is functioning but given that it is not certified there is no register of planes or passengers, a similar situations in other of these installations and it was established that the only registers kept are those at the Portimao and Tires aerodromes.

With regard to radar location, in the case of not having transponder links with the craft, this is not detected, however in the case of international flights where the crossing of air space involves more than one country, in principle this situation is not checked, as the planes are detected by radar and the location is transmitted to the central coordinator located in Faro.

A list of users from 03 and 04 May 2007 is attached. The runway is not authorised for use from 20.00 onwards and there is no register of any abnormal situation, there is 24 hour vigilance of air space.
Outros Apensos vol 2 Apenso VIII pages 522-523.



OK, I have interpreted the diligence of 13 June re: the air traffic information. The following is my personal opinion.

On the face of it, and based solely on the reading of that one report, it would appear that any holes one might have perceived from the notes on the maritime work are magnified multiple times over when it comes to air traffic - BUT - there are three points of context that one must bear in mind:
1 - this diligence was only in respect of civilian, non-international-carrier traffic.
2 - all flights over Europe have to register a flight plan and have to fly with identification instruments active.
3 - non-civilian monitoring of the European airspace far exceeds anything done by civilians.

In 1 and 3 above, we have no information in the DVD documents about work done with international carriers and non-civilian agencies. This applies to all types of flight: passenger, freight and other.

In 2 above, this diligence (and here I am reading between the lines) appeared to be a meeting of representatives from the larger civilian operators along the south coast of Portugal in an attempt to confirm what, if any, additional information they might have had for non-international-carrier flights to and from their airstrips.
Essentially, any aerodrome, e.g. Lagos - which is named in the report - that is not 'certified' as being a part of the international network of airports (e.g. viz: ) is not legally required to maintain any supplementary records or logs of either aircraft or passenger manifests.
In this meeting only Portimao and Tires were found to have maintained any supplementary records. It was also noted that no flights were permitted from the Portimao runway after 20H00 and no extraneous flights were detected on 3 and 4 May.

A final comment re: point 2 above, not only are there various legal penalties for failing to use instruments correctly, including fines, impounding of craft and freight, loss of licence, etc., any craft failing to file, or deviating from a filed flightplan, and found to be attempting to fly 'invisibly' in European airspace, runs the risk of being 'met' by a non-civilian agency. An unsatisfactory response to such a meeting could, in a worst-case scenario, result in a newspaper report about there having been an accident due to 'pilot error'.
Page 524 is a list of flights that do not need translating

Pages 525-526 missing
Page 527
you may find this report interesting:
As for the flight plan page, not everything fits the AFPEx guide-screens exactly, nor CAP694, but that is probably because it is a post-filing acknowledgement report as opposed to an actual on-line filing.

(Priority=FF=standard; Address=Faro)
(file-day-time=DDHHMM; originator=Bretigny-sur-Onge)
(Acknowledgement of flight plan; filed on day-time: DDHHMM; origin date-time: YYMMDDHHMM)
(I think this means there is only one plan)
-IFPLID BB73451562
(flightplan ID)
(MessageText: type=flightplan - planeid=FHJCM - flight type=G (general)
(plane type=BE9L/wake turbulence=L (light)
(-COM/NAV/APP equipt=SY i.e. Std VHF RTF,ADF,VOR,ILS+mandatory radio w/8.33kHz spacing
(/SSR=S Transponder ModeS+pressure altitude)
(departfrom=LPPM (Portimao);time=1700)
(cruise speed=0220knots;cruise level=VFR; Over SOTEX waypoint: cruise speed=0220knots;altitude=F160;
(route: change to IFR [mandatory in EU airspace]; ATS route W7 FTM;
(Destination=LPCO (Coimbra); EET=0100 (expected flight time one hour); Alternate=LPPR (Porto))
(expected to cross SOTEX waypoint after 15 minutes; Operator/Private; Date of flight/2007-04-28; Origin/Faro)

The plan was addressed to Faro by an operator in France about a flight due to leave Portimao 2 hours later on 28 April.
Faro acknowledged the plan in which the plane would fly to a waypoint called SOTEX, follow a pre-defined route known as W7 over a waypoint called MAGUM, then on to a waypoint called FTM after which it will exit the flight channel to land in Coimbra.

According to this document ( ) the SOTEX/FTM is a southbound flight channel; I would have thought that he should have gone up via Troia/MTL.

ATS routes:
The only waypoint on W7 is MAGUM

Some airport data

How it got from Coimbra to Braga would be the subject of one or more other flight plans not on the DVD, and irrelevant to the case. We only know about this plane because it flew to Portimao on 3 or 4 May - and that is really the only 'fact' that we know about it. The above plan was filed but that doesn't mean that the flight actually happened.

Pages 528 to 533 are additional flight schedules that do not need translation






Outros Apensos VIII, Vol II Pages 534 to 538
Pages 534, 535
Closing off the volume are pages which talk about video material from the port of Albufeira being on two video disks.


Policia Judiciaria
Report on Visualisation and Analysis of Audiovisual Material

On this date I state for the process files that video images from security cameras were visualised and analysed from the Albufeira Marina, stored in electronic format on hard disks identified as Disk 1 and Disk 2, referring to the following periods of time:

- Disk 1: period of time between 03.19 on 3rd May 2007 and 23.59 on the 9th May 2007.
- Disk 2: period of time between 23.59 on 9th May 2007 and 23.59 on 12th May 2007.

Nothing of interest to the investigation was found from the visualisation and analysis of these video images.

Page 535

Ministry of National Marine Defence
National Maritime Authority
Portimão Local Maritime Police Command

Date: 24th May 2007

Subject: Disappearance of Girl.
Collection of Security Camera Images Albufeira Marina

To. Portimão PJ DIC

Within the scope of the investigations related to the case mentioned above a copy of the information and notification made by the Portimão Maritime Police is attached.

The Commander

Pages 536 and 537 missing

Page  538

Albufeira Marina Video

Starts: Vpd Intellex MM 2007 - 05-10-06-59-00
Ends: Vpd Intellex MM 2007-05-13-06-46-34

Albufeira Marina Video

Starts: Vpd Intellex MM 2007-05-06-03-20-10
Ends Vpd Intellex MM 2007-05-10-06-47-47


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