Anonymous calls regarding Madeleine's disappearance

This information belongs to the Ministério Público in Portimão, Portugal.
It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law

479 Fax requesting information on grey Renault, model 207
480 Confirmation above fax sent


02-Processo Vol II page 479

Processos Vol II
Page 479


To: Head of Security, P. L*******

From DIC Portimao

Date: 08-05-2007

Within the scope of the investigation into the disappearance of the child Madeleine Beth McCann,

The following inquiries are requested:

1) Complete number plate 3986 SK 9, with regard to a grey Peugeot 207.

2) Identify elements regarding the owner for eventual subsequent consultation .

With compliments
Tavares de Almeida

481 Fax regarding anonymous denouncement made by Patricia. Anonymous calls regarding Madeleine's disappearance
Conformation above fax sent. Anonymous calls regarding Madeleine's disappearanc e
02 Processos Vol II Page 481 to 482

Fax to DIC Setubal from DIC Portimao

Date: 08-05-2007

Subject : Anonymous Declaration

This inquiry concerns the investigation into the disappearance of the child Madeleine Beth McCann.
Today at 13h25 this office received an anonymous declaration "informing" that the child could be at the following address:

- Rua Cidade de Luanda, 66, R/C, Corroios

The person making the declaration is a female foreign citizen called "Patricia". In the residence mentioned previously someone uses the mobile phone 936.879159.

We request inquiries are carried out to confirm this information.

With compliments

Chief inspector

Tavares de Almeida

1931 Translation of letter from Holland to the PJ re register of g*****@*** address
Thanks to Skeptical
07-Processo Vol 7...Page 1931

Processo Vol 7....Page 1931.

Hoofdofficier van Justitie's-Hertogenbosch
IRC Zuid
Geer 10
5501 LA - Veldhoven
P." n.' 20 1107.OGALGS
Ex. mo Senhor
Procurador Adjunto
no Tribunal Judicial de Portimao - MP
Av. Miguel Bombarda - Palacio da Justi?
8501 - 960 PORTIMAO
DATE: 2007-07-11

MATTER: Letter of request. Regarding "g****@****"

Pursuant to article 15 of the European Convention on Mutual Assistance in criminal Matters opened for signature by the Member States of the Council of Europe on April 20, 1959, and to article 53 of the Convention Implementing the Schengen Agreement, I am pleased to send you herewith the Letter of Request forwarded by the Criminal Court of Portimao requesting the taking of steps "", for purposes of its execution.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Yours sincerely

On Behalf of the Head of Office

(Joana Gomes Ferreira)

1850  Email message from Eindhoven to the McCann family (English) 2007.06.14. Anonymous calls regarding Madeleine's disappearance
07-Processo Vol 7.. page 1850. also 01-Cartas Rogatorias-01 page 7

With thanks to Skeptical:

....Page 1 of 1.

(Note email transcribed by me as actually written on the Document, not typos on my part)

To : M McCann ( )
14th June 2007- 14.54
Para(To): Ana Filpa Conduto Luz
Subject : kidnapping of maddie


I want to have direct contact with mr mccann himself.
He can reach me on my mailaddress.
If he wants to get the kidnappers it will take maybe one day and the case is over.
I know the hideout and the kidnappers and that they are still around you.
Off course i want a reward and that will be in my next message when i get a respond from gerri.
I think this is the last weekend for your daughter without her family.
It depends on mr mccann.

Till soon.
This is NO joke.

1851 to 1860  Reponses to and analysis of email profile ( English) Anonymous calls regarding Madeleine's disappearance
07 Processos Vol VII Page 1851 to 1860  also 01-Cartas Rogatorias-01 pages 8 to 17

..analysis of Page 1850 email origins.

Page 1852

Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 12:12:57 +O200
From: "M McCann" <>
To: "Gerry McCann" <>
Subject: Re: madeleine
In-Reply-To: <BAY118-W1638B935617123E2582FEEDCl

The only information i can/will give you is that i know who the kidnappers are.
I can lead you to them.But this must be confidential.
It is better that you believe me.At this moment i don't know what the condition is of your daughter.
But i know that those people will not harm her.

till soon

12007/6/14, Gerry McCann <>:

We are very interested in your information but as you understand we
receive a lot of hoax information.

We need to know that the information is genuine. Can you give rne proof
that you know where madeleine is and that she is well?

Gerry McCann

Page 1853...Repetition of page 1852

Page 1854

X-Originating-IP: ( )
From: Gerry McCann <>
To: "
Subject: madeleine
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 16:44:20 +0000
Irnportance: Normal

Sorry about the delay. You know that we want Madeleine back. You say you can help-how can you do this? Can you give me something to reassure me?
How do you know who these people are and that Madeleine will not be harmed?

Gerry McCann

Page 1855...Almost a repetition of Page 1854.

Page 1856

Re : madeleine
From : M McCann (amsterdamvu@gmail,com)
To : Gerry McCann (

Hello gerri or......
I don't know if you are gerri or a policeofficer or a spokesman of the family.
But i can tell you that i really know these people because i grew up with them.
I am close with them but after the date of kidnapping we met once and they said that we can't have contact cause of the case.I know the hideout, name,address,everything of the kidnappers.
I will be honest to you and the whole team of investigators.
I want a reward and that will be in total 2.000.000 Euro ( 2 mill.Euro).
From this reward I want an advance of 500.000 Euro ( 500K ).
This advance you must bring to me in Holland by yourself and you have to give it to someone i will tell yo later. After receiving this amount the same day i will send you all details of the hideout of the kidnappers. They keep her there.
The rest of the amount i want the day that you get your child/kidnappers.
The longer you wait with this they will change maybe from location and then i can't help you anymore. You must know that i am a crook too but i only do this for the money.

If you agree then send me your mobilenr.

Page analysis data.

Page 1858....Almost repetition of Page 1856 but with "till soon ( depends on you )" added at end.

Page 1859.....Almost a blank Page, only a short broken line on it.

Page 1860....Very shortened repetition of Page 1856 and also the return email of Page 1854 included.

27  Rogatory letter to Eindhoven 2007.06.21 also Processo-07 pages 1870
  Rogatory letter 21 June 2007 regarding Eindhoven email also Cartas Rogatorias-01 page 27
07 Processos Vol VII, Page 1870 also 01-Cartas Rogatorias Vol I Page 27
From the Portimao Court

Date: 21-06-2007


Directed to the Competent Legal Authorities in The Netherlands (Eindhoven)

Request of a Very Urgent Nature

In the name of justice and under the legal provisions of international legal cooperation for penal affairs (Law 144/99 of 31st August).

The judge Silvia Maria Goncalves Freitas Bidarra, criminal instruction judge of the Portimao legal circuit, requests the competent legal authorities of the Netherlands in compliance of the above and in view of the justifying facts to proceed to carry out the following inquiries, whilst observing legal formalities:

- the recording of image and sound inside the establishment of the cyber café Smalle Haven, Eindhoven under the terms laid down in article 6, no. 1 of Law 5/2002 of 11th January.
- Interception of the emails sent from equipment in the previously mentioned establishment that were directed to under the terms laid down in articles 187, 188, 190 and 269 of the CPP.
- The sending of messages in order to consolidate evidence.
- Legal interrogation of the author of the messages in question.

Facts are under investigation that could constitute indications that are consistent with the abduction of Madeleine Beth McCann, as this act could be susceptible of including the practice of child trafficking.

With best compliments.

Judge Silvia Maria Goncalves Freitas Bidarra
1901  Information about anonymous phone call received by OC employee.
Anonymous calls regarding Madeleine's disappearance
07 Processos Vol VII, Page 1901
ervice Information

Date: 2007.06.24

To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation
From: Inspector Joao Correia

RE: Telephone call received by this police station

I am writing write to inform you that today, at 12H00, this police station was contacted by telephone by Maria Fernandes, an employee of the ''Ocean Club", situated in Praia da Luz- Lagos, who told us the following: She became aware that one of her colleagues, Paula Cristina Vieira, had received a message on her mobile phone, (where she could hear a child speaking in English) and in which someone asked for a million pounds.

She adds that the message was received on the 22nd of the current month and year and that the message is still available on her colleague's mobile.

She was asked to save the message so that the relevant inquiries to the investigation could be made

For your information.


Joao Correia
1902  Information re: msg in voice mail 24 June 2007
07 Processos Vol VII Page 1902

Service Information

Date: 2007/06/24

To: Inspector G. Amaral, Portimao DIC
From: CI Tavares de Almeida

Subject: Voice Mail Message

Given the Service Information received by this police station, on this date, I began external activities in regards to the person in 'possession' of the message.

I went to the installations of the Millenium Restaurant, where I contacted Mrs. Paul Cristina da Costa Vieira, the person who has already given a statement to this investigation (Volume III, page 794).

Firstly I listened to the message and noticed that the recording was of poor quality and some 'manoeuvres' had been made as to hide the identification of the caller.

It was possible to verify that the person did not possess the 'identification' of the number that was sent.

It was ensured that the message be kept until tomorrow, the time limit for the operator as well as the possibility of recording the message by technical means.

1903  Information re: msg in voice mail 25 June 2007
07 Processos Vol VII Page 1903

I, Paula Cristina Da Costa Vieira, born on ** of **** of ****, in Arco, municipality of Ponte da Lima, holder of BI with the no. *******, issued on the 25th of September of 2006, declare that I authorise the investigation by PJ officers of a message received on my mobile phone.

The details of the information to be collected are:

1. Telephone/card: 918311334
2. Pin ***
3. Access code to messages ***
4. Date of message: 22.Jun.07
5. Time of message: 18H10
6. Language: English

25 of June, 2007


Paula Da Costa Viera
1904  Fax undated re: above phone call
07 Processos Vol VII Page 1904

FAX - Urgent

To: Paragon Support
Attention of Oscar

From: Portimao DIC

(No date)

Subject: 201/07.0 GA LGS

With regard to the investigation inquiry into the disappearance of Madeleine Beth McCann, a British citizen.

During the course of investigations we learned that a voice message had been left on a mobile phone identified below, requesting money for the return of the girl.

Because it is of interest to the investigation, we ask that you proceed to record the message in the mobile phone message box, with card operator no. 918.311.334, received on the 22.07.07, at 18H10.

I attach a statement made by the holder of the card and owner of the equipment who authorises the copying of the message.

The following statement contains all the identified elements of the mobile phone owner together with the necessary information needed to proceed with the inquiry.

With compliments,


Chief Inspector
Tavares de Almeida
1905 Declaration above phone call received by functionary 2007.05.25
1906 to 1908  List of phone numbers traced and internet profiles traced with legal documentation 4 July 2007
07 Processos Vol VII Pages 1905 to 1908
NUIPC:201/07.0 GALGS
4th Brigade
From: Inspector Joao Carlos

To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

In compliance with Article no. 188 of the CPP, I inform you that we are proceeding with the analysis of the sessions intercepted from the following numbers:

- 1L771PI1E (IMEI 35397301994898) - CD 01.
- 1L771PM (919881959) - CD 01
- 1L772PM (919188441) - CD 01
- 1L804IE (IMEI) 357390006078650) - CD 02
- 1L804M (914168557) - CD 02
- 1L827 (282788816) - CD 03
- 1l829IE (IMEI 35342701609548) - Cd 03
- 1L829M (960147559) - CD 04
- 3365IE (IMEI 35640401964109) - without registers.
- 3365M (969515666) - without registers.

These sessions refer to the period comprising 20/06/2007 to 01/07/2007, and nothing was learned from any of the sessions that was of interest to the investigation.

Four CDs with the recorded sessions are annexed (envelope II).

With regard to the information from the case files page 1900, we request that SAPO and TELEPAC are asked to provide the following information:

Dates of traffic and registers of internet connections from the days 02, 03 and 04 of May, 2007, relating to:

Telephone line ADSL of 'SAPO' with the number 282768277.
Telephone line ADSL of 'TELEPAC' with the number 282789191.

Finally, according to the information from page 1901, and it's relevance to the investigation, we also request that the operator 'VODAFONE', by means of a legal letter, provide information regarding a voice message, received on the mobile phone number 918311331, on 22/06/2007, at 18H10, pertaining to Paula Ccristina Vieira, as follows:

1. Number of telephone (card) and IMEI that sent the message
2. Identity of the holder of the telephone specified in point one, if available from the operator.
3. Cellular localisation of the sender's number on the day and time mentioned earlier.

It is emphasised that, as authorised by the mobile phone owner, we proceeded to record the message in digital format (CD), which is included in the envelope 111.

I remit this the case files and for your consideration.

Portimao 4th July 2007


Inspector Joao Carlos
1922  Information 5 July 2007 re: emails received by Gerry and Kate McCann from Holland
07 Processos Vol VII Page 1922

Date: 2007/07/05

Service Information

To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation, G. Amaral

From: Ricardo Paiva

Subject: Emails about the whereabouts of Madeleine McCann

I compliance with your instructions, during the course of last week, the undersigned officer went to Praia da Luz to offer support and to accompany the couple Gerry and Kate McCann, parents of missing Madeleine McCann, following various emails received by the couple during the last two weeks coming from Holland, sent from the email address
reporting supposed information about the whereabouts of the girl as well as about the identity and location of the abductors and referring that the author was prepared to provide this information in exchange for a large financial compensation.

The stress and anxiety of the McCann couple was visible and notable with regard to the situation, they replied quickly to the emails, which, from the beginning they believed to be genuine, given the fact that Gerry had lived in Holland and because of this the couple attributed greater importance to the emails, both expressing their conviction that the information in the emails would certainly help them to get their daughter back, even if it where necessary to spend the sum of 2 million euros demanded by the author in exchange for information about Madeleine McCann's whereabouts.

I bring this to your attention.


Inspector Ricardo Paiva

4373 to 4374  Anonymous phone call received 2008.06.11
16 Processos Vol XVI Page 4373

Service Information

Date: 2008-06-08

To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

From: Inspector Jorge Vaz

Subject: Telephone Call

I inform you that today between 19.45 and 19.50 a phone call was received of a few seconds duration where a female child's voice says in English 'Its me, Maddie', some brief movements are heard and the call is cut off.

Given the rapid nature of the phone call it was not possible to note the full number. But it was possible to note '004478064...'

When the telephone operator was contacted she said that the only way of obtaining the number in question would be to contact Lisbon who could provide the full number.

Processos Vol XVI
Page 4374

Service Information

To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation, Paolo Rebelo

From: Inspector Paiva

Date: 2008-06-09

Subject: Telephone Call

In the sequence of the inquiries made with the DTI of this police force it was possible to identify the complete number from which a call was made yesterday to this police station, in which a girl claimed to be Maddie, speaking in English.

It is the mobile number 00447806454901 from a UK mobile phone operator.

Contact was then made with Superintendent Prior of the Leicestershire Police to whom we gave the number and the facts and who immediately carried out the necessary inquiries in order to identify the owner of the number and other inquiries judged appropriate.

I bring this to your attention.


Inspector Paiva

234  From: Inspector Francisco. Service information re anonymous call
05 01 Apensos V Vol I Page 234 Date. 2007-05-12



Service Information

To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

From: Inspector Francisco

[b] Subject: Anonymous Phone Call

Today at 10.05 this police station received a telephone communication from an individual who appeared to be female, judging by the voice and who did not want to identity herself, giving the following information.

On 25-04-2007, the individual saw the English couple, the parents of Madeleine who was abducted in the Algarve in a cafe in Ourem. The individual says that she is absolutely certain that it was the couple in question as she had the opportunity to observe then well. She says that the girl's mother was dress in the way she had seen her on television, wearing white trousers and a pink shirt. Madeleine stayed in the doorway of the cafe and the individual says that a man, whom she cannot describe, was observing Madeleine.

On the Saturday following the abduction 05-05-2007 the individual saw Madeleine again in Ourem, in the street, calling 'Mummy'. A man who was with her and who was not the father, picked her up and the girl became quiet. There was another man with him and two women. Concerning their descriptions she can only say that one of the women had blond hair and was of medium build and that the other had long hair. The latter was a kind of 'gypsy'. Madeleine was wearing a skirt with folds. The second man was tall.

(Following pages are missing
235 to 241)

379 - Service information re sightings near pools in Vouzela

Apensos V, Vol II Page 379


Policia Judiciaria


Service Information


Date: 2007-05-09


To: Inspector Ana Paula Rita


From: Chief Inspector Guedes de Carvalho



Subject: Disappearance of Madeleine McCann



I inform you that on this date at about 20.30 a phonecall was received from number 23 *****, from an anonymous individual, with a Brazilian accent, who said he was calling from Vouzela.


He informed us that on 7th May 2007, at about 17/18.00 he saw a dark blue Fiat car, a two seater, with its canvas top slightly open, he does not know the number plate, heading for the Vouzela pools.


The driver appeared to be looking for road signs to a place or location.


Inside the car, as well as the driver, whom he would describe as being about 1.70m tall, middle aged, with short but sticking up hair, brown complexion, was a blonde girl, who was lying down (asleep) on the seat next to the driver.


He found it strange as normally children do not travel in the front seat and the girl was asleep, lying down.


In his opinion, the driver of the car was looking for a camping site.



387 - Service information re possible location on Madeleine in Luz
388 - Fax
05 02 Apensos V Vol II Page 387

service Information

Date: 07-05-2007

To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

From: Luis Pinheiro, Inspector

Subject: Communication relating to a missing child from Praia da Luz in Lagos

I hereby inform you that today at 13.13 this police station received a phone call from PSP San Domingos de Rana from Officer D's saying that he had received an anonymous phone call at 13.05 communicating the possible whereabouts of the missing girl in Praia da Luz, Lagos.

This phone call was made by a female individual, with a Brazilian accent, in a tone denoting great nervousness, only informing that the girl was in a house in Rua Gajilo o Gajido, no. 68 situated in Luz or its immediate surroundings.

This police force immediately informed Portimao DIC, namely Inspector Cid, who asked to be sent this information via fax.

I bring this to your attention.
Inspector Pinheiro

702 - Service information re sighting in Lobios-Geres
With thanks to Ines
Apensos V, Vol IV Page 702

Policia Judiciaria


Service Information



Date: 2007-06-24



To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation


From: Inspector Joao Correia



Subject: Phone call to police station about the disappearance of Madeleine



I inform you that today, at about 13:50, I received a phone call from a female individual, of Portuguese nationality, who did not want to identify herself.


She said that on 11th May 2007, at about 18:00 she saw a motor caravan with number plate VR-LV-72 driving about in Lobios-Geres.


Inside, on the passenger seat was a girl who was very similar to Madeleine in all respects, the driver of the vehicle was aged about 35-40, about 1.75-1.80m tall, with short very light brown hair and well built.


She says that given the proximity of the Spanish border, the motor caravan must have been heading for Spain.


It was not possible to identify the caller’s number, which appeared to have been blocked by her.


That it is all I have to inform you.




Inspector Correia

773 - Service information re sighting near pool in Vilamoura
With thanks to Ines
Apensos V, Volume IV Page 773

Policia Judiciaria


Date: 2007-05-12



Service Information


To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation


From: Inspector Leonor Madeira



Subject: Disappearance of Madeleine McCann



I inform you that today at about 14.25 a phone call was received made by a female person, who remained anonymous, telling us of the following situation:


At that moment, at a tennis court at the Vilamoura Tennis Academy, near the pool, there was a young woman with blond hair, apparently of British nationality, accompanied by a small girl, very similar to Madeleine.


There was another couple with this woman, also apparently British, who proceeded to reserve a tennis court using the surname Ward, until 15.00.


This situation was immediately reported to the Portimao PJ.


Faro, 10th May 2007



2318  Service information regarding anonymous tip in Morocco
With thanks to Ines
Apensos V, Vol X Page 2318

Policia Judiciaria


Service Information


Date: 2007-07-16



To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation


From: Inspector Moisés Martins


Subject: Whereabouts of Madeleine McCann


I inform you that on this date at about 09.35 a telephone call from France was received by this police station, made by a person who wished to remain anonymous, only identifying himself as Mark and who spoke in French, saying that the missing girl Madeleine McCann could be found at the following address: 19, Rue du Boulanger, in Fez, Morocco.


He said that the girl’s parents could express their thanks for this information by giving their thanks to “Our Lady of Fátima”.


That is all I have to inform you.




Inspector Martins

2716 - Email re sighting in Morocco
12 Apensos 12 Page 2716

To Portimao DIC

Forwarded by Olegario da Sousa

(From French)

From: (xxxxxxxxxxx)

Subject: She's in Morocco

Date: 13th August 2007

The little girl is in Morocco in a town called Beni Mellal, which is about 100 km from Marrakesh, with a non-Moroccan man (tourist).

I saw them at a Beni Mellal monument.

He has a Mercedes 190 car.

If you want more information phone ***************** and come with 500000$ for him who will lead you to her.

I swear this is no joke.

I work and have no time for jokes.

You have another choice and that is not to come and never to see poor little Madeleine again.


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