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1897 to 1899-Witness statement of Antonio Toscano Marques 2007.06.27
07-Processos Vol VII Pages 1897- 1899


1897 to 1899-Witness statement of Antonio Toscano Marques 2007.06.27
Witness Statement

Date: 27/06/2007

Antonio Toscano Marquez

Nationality: Spanish

Occupation: Journalist

He comes to the process as a witness and being of Spanish nationality and not speaking the Portuguese language, he is helped by an interpreter.

He is an investigative journalist but not linked to any newspaper.

As regards the disappearance of Madeleine he would like to clarify that a week after the events at about 15.30 (Spanish time) he was contacted by an individual whom he only knows by the name of Federico, who told him that he suspected a Frenchman called or nicknamed Bernard Alapetite. This French individual had been in Seville and later left for the Algarve, one week before the disappearance, and that is the reason for his suspicion. He does not know how (Federico) got the information.

He says that he never contacted Federico personally, just by telephone, the latter having contacted him by telephone, on the number mentioned above, from an unidentified number, which only happened once. The latter did not explain any more to him, and that is why he does not know for a fact whether the information is true. He says that Federico obtained his telephone number from the Valencia office of "El Mundo" newspaper, by means of an employee called G******** R****.

That he found this information to be important because of the fact that he knew that Bernard Alapetite was linked to the paedophile world, because the witness once infiltrated the paedophile network to which (Alapetite) belongs.

He states that Bernard Alapetite is a paedophile as he himself has been involved in two operations to dismantle paedophile networks carried out in France and in Spain. During the first operation, (Alapetite) had not been accused of being involved in the process, but that he frequented a bar where the police operation called "Arny" was carried out in 1995, in Seville. In France the operation was called "Toro Bravo – Ado 71" and was carried out in the French city of Macon on the French eastern coast and in Bogota, Colombia where there was a producer of paedophile type films. This operation was carried out in 1997, Bernard Alapetite having been condemned to a year in prison.

He also says that since February of this year nobody knows the whereabouts of Alapetite, this information was obtained from informants he knows.

But he says that Alapetite was in Portugal in 2005, at the Algarve film festival, as a producer of films with homosexual themes.

When questioned he says that Alapetite travels in many European countries and also travelled to the UK a couple of years ago.

He was also seen in the city of Castellon, to the north of Valencia.

He cannot say whether this individual is in possession of the minor, but that he has the profile to commit these acts.

He does not know the French man's current whereabouts nor does he know how to locate the informant Federico.

He says no more. Reads, ratifies and signs.


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