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07 MAY 2007 Location: Ponta da Piedade - Lagos - The bag is thought to contain rubbish

316 External diligence carried out in Ponta da Piedade re: black bag on cliffs 2007.05.07
317 to 320 Photographic report and summary of black bag found on cliffs 2007.05.07
Processos Vol II PageS 316 to 320
Processos Vol II Page 316

External Inquiry
Date: 2007/05/07
Place: Lagos/Ponta da Piedade
Officer responsible for inquiry: Carlos Pimenta, Inspector and Pedro Vilhena
Description and Result of Inquiry
Yesterday afternoon, a German citizen, E***** V****, contacted the Lagos Maritime Police to say that during a boat outing in the zone in front of Farol da Ponta da Piedade, in Lagos, he saw a dark coloured bag amongst the cliffs, the bag was of some volume, contents unknown .
Given that this individual was not available for the rest of the day, it was not possible for the Maritime Police to locate this object and the inquiry was programmed for today, in the morning.
Embarking from " Lagos", at around 09h00, leaving from the quay of the marina (Lagos), the undersigned in the company of Assistant Specialist Pedro Vilhena, Commander Marques Pereira as well as two officers from the Maritime Police, following the indications of E**** V***, who accompanied us, we left for the ocean to the exact place where the bag in question could be observed. The bag was found lying on a part of the cliffs with difficult access, about 15 metres above the water line. Upon considering the place where the article was found, we had other PJ

officers go to the same place via land. These officers managed to reach the bag in question and proceed to recover it.
Photographic reports follow the statements with land-earth perspective.
Attached to the statements is the RDE elaborated by the "team" which collected the article in question.
Comments and or the proposition by the officer who executed the inquiry: Signature of the officer



321 External diligence carried out in Ponta da Piedade re: collection of bag 2007.05.07
Processos Vol II Pages 321 to 322

External Inquiry
Date: 2007/05/07
Place: Lagos/Ponta da Piedade
Officer who requested the inquiry: Gonçalo Amaral
Officer who carried out the inquiry: Vitor Matos and Jorge Reis, Chief Inspectors, Antonio Brigantim, Carlos Dordonnat and Luis Pereira, Inspectors

Description and Result of Inquiry
---On this day, the undersigned, accompanied by the PJ officers mentioned above, went to Ponta da Piedade, with the aim of recovering a black coloured bag that, in accordance with the information received, was unusual in that location and could be related to the facts currently under investigation;
This is a zone of ravines and caves, and is normally passed by tourists in boats;
At the site, with the help of an embarkation from the indicated ocean zone, and where the black bag could be seen, diligences were carried out that culminated in the localisation and collection of the bag;
The ravine where the bag was found, a rubbish bag, is in the Camara Municipal de Lagos (CML), and the bag contained another bag usually used for fertiliser as well as a rock ;
The ravine where this bag was found was littered with rubbish and fishing lines and cigarette buts indicating that it is a zone frequented by fishermen;The ravine is located, in geographic terms, with the following coordinates, 3704750 North (N) and 840124 West (W);
Given that the fertiliser bag had dark stains on it, after being photographed, it was sent for analysis to the Technical Police/Crime Scene Unit, specialists Mrs. Joao Paulo and Viegas, whose preliminary exams were negative;
---The attached photographic report was carried out and follows:
Comments and/or proposals by the officer who executed the inquiry:
It appears to us that the characteristics of the location where the bag was found make it likely that it was an object used by a fisherman who may have discarded the bag and who has no connection with the facts of the ongoing investigation; Signature of the officer.
Signature of the officer.

Pages 323 to 327—Photographic report of collection of back bag

323 to 327 Photographic report of collection of back bag

Processos Vol II Pages 323 to 327



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