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01 Processo 1  136 to 138-  Denise Beryl Ashton statement


01 Processos, Volume I Pages 136-138
Witness Statement

Name: Denise Beryl Ashton
Location: DIC Portimao
Date: 2007.05.05
Time: 11H10
Profession: Retired

Comes to the process as a witness. Being of British nationality, she does not understand Portuguese in its written or oral form and is accompanied by an Interpreter.

After having heard of the childs disappearance via the media, she decided to offer this statement as she considers it to be important;
That she has a residence in Portugal, Praia da Luz; an area to which she travels four times per year and which she has visited since 1994;
She clarifies that on the 3rd of May 2007, at around 17H00/17H15, when she was in her PdL residence, and whilst her husband sleeping, she heard someone ring the doorbell. She immediately headed to the door, opened it and saw two individuals (one standing behind the other as in a queue). She also noticed that one of them had a folder, with a rigid top, that, she presumes, was a type of identification? or an access card. She did not see what it said.
The man in front said a few words in Portuguese to which the witness responded that she did not understand. That same person began speaking in English, not fluently, nor very correctly, and she presumed he was not a British citizen.
Now speaking in English, without offering his name, he told her that each year he was authorised to collect donations on behalf of an orphanage. At the same time, he handed her a brochure, on printed paper, which he later took back, as we will see later. Upon explaining that he asking on behalf of an orphanage, the individual asked the witness if she knew where Espiche was. She assumed that the orphanage was in this location.
Immediately afterwards, the individual asked his colleague for a photograph album, with a blue cover, which was exhibited to the witness, and which contained photographs of children. Since she did not have her glasses on however, she cannot be sure about this. He explained then that he could provide her with a receipt, and showed her a book, and alleged that he had been in her neighbours house. That was not true as she knew no one was home next door.
Not being interested in making a donation, she immediately told them she already gave to another charity. At this moment, the individual took the brochure from her hand, in a calm manner, and at the same time the witness shut the door and the men left.
She states that only one of the individuals spoke, and describes him in the following way; masculine, Caucasian, around 40/41 years of age, of lean build, around 180 cm in height with medium brown hair, cut short and straight. He did not have a beard, moustache, no earrings or piercings but he did have graduated glasses, with many dioptres, and with brown plastic frames. She does not remember his teeth nor his eye colour. His face was normal, without any particular signs or scars. He spoke Portuguese, but not fluently although it appeared to be easier for him than speaking English. He wore trousers that were not jeans, perhaps a beige t-shirt, which she presumes, but cannot be sure, was a colour other than white. She did not look at his shoes;
The second individual, who did not speak, was masculine, Caucasian, 40 years old, a little younger than the first. He was of lean build, and she cannot guess his height. He was light blonde with darker streaks in his hair. His hair was short, as was the first man's, straight, and combed toward the front. He had no beard, moustache or glasses. She does not know if he used earrings or piercings nor does she know his eye colour. She does not remember his teeth. His face appeared normal, without any particular signs or scars. As he did not speak, she does not know which language he speaks. She does not remember what he wore as he was literally behind the first man;
Questioned, she states that she could recognise both via photographs. At this point, the witness is shown photographs of individuals with similar characteristics;
The diligence resulted in negative findings, as confirmed in the appendix;
Regarding the orphanage, she became aware through other people and residents who told her that there was no such [orphanage] in Espiche;
She has no other elements to offer the investigation;
And nothing more was said. Reads, ratifies and signs together with the interpreter.
139 Photographic Identification Report Beryl Ashton ( English)
01-Processo Vol 1a. (handwritten page ref 139)

Table of Contents Page reference......139?Photographic Identification Report

Auto of Recognition
Photographic Identification Report

On the 05th May , 2007, Portim?, Mrs DENISE ASHTON appeared before me, Joao Carlos, Inspector, in order to proceed to the photographic identification of the perpetrators of the crime/s under investigation. The above-mentioned person was requested to describe the suspects and the " modus operandi ", having been shown photographs of individuals with physical and criminal characteristics that match the data described.
The observation of these photographs did not enable this person to recognise the depicted individual/s as the perpetrators of the facts under investigation.
Consequently, the photographic identification had a negative result.
In witness whereof we have drawn up this report which will be duly signed.

Signed?..D B Ashton

Joao Carlos, Inspector

4070 to 4071 - Emails from B. Ashton/S. Prior to Ricardo Paiva
15 Processos Vol XV Page 4071


From: Ricardo Paiva

Sent: 17th January 2008

To : Stuart Prior

Subject: Re-Interview Denise Ashton

Hello good afternoon Stuart!

As agreed on our telephone conversation, here I send Denise Ahston’s address in UK.

Could you please provide for a re-interview and show her Gail Cooper’s sketch.

Many thanks

Ricardo Paiva

Email address: *****

Home telephone:******

Address in UK: ******


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