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145 to 147 Service information regarding Derek Flack sighting


01-Processos Vol I  Pages 145 - 146
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Service Information


To: Dr Goncalo Amaral, Criminal Investigation Coordinator

From: Joao Carvalho, Inspector

Subject: Suspicion about the disappearance of Madeleine Beth McCann

I hereby inform you that today at about 16.40 at the OC block 6 apartment 6 (the operations base for this police force in the investigation of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, an individual who identified himself as Derek Flack, phone no ***** appeared before me.

He is an English citizen on holiday in Praia da Luz, near to the tourist resort, from last week until approximately 12th May 2007.

In view of the disappearance of Madeleine, he came to give information about a suspicious event that he witnessed:

On the 2nd or 3rd May during the day (he does not remember exactly, but thinks it was during the afternoon), accompanied by his wife and when he was going to the Baptists supermarket, he observed an individual (about 1.70 in height, dark apparently Portuguese in appearance, with one day stubble, with short dark hair, cut long at the back, which extended to his shirt collar, wearing a yellow T ? shirt) who was standing at the corner of the path watching (this being the reason he found him suspicious) in the direction of the apartment that Madeleine would later disappear from.

He adds that near to where the individual was watching, on the other side of the road, was a parked vehicle, van type, white, with a person (he does not remember whether the person was inside or outside the vehicle). He cannot describe that person.

Because of what happened he felt he should make a statement to the police as he felt that what he saw was suspicious.

A sketch was drawn up at his request, identifying the suspicious man with n? 2 and the parked car with the other person about whom he can remember no further details as no 1.
He is available to collaborate with the police, if necessary.
Signed Joao Carvalho, Inspector

148 to 153 External diligence related to Flack sighting with pictures


148 to 153 External diligence related to Flack sighting with pictures

In the context of following up this lead [PAGES 145-147], under the guise of this investigation, at 3pm, we made contact with various people living in the area surrounding the place where this lead starts, to check if the witness is mistaken or if the details come to agree with what he says in the context of Madeleine McCann's disappearance.

The object of this further action is the possible collection of new details which could help to clarify evidence gathered from the witness statement of a British citizen on holiday about 300 metres from the place from which the small child disappeared (more specifically Rua da Ramalhete, Lote 1, Apartment 7, Praia da Luz), who identified himself as Derek F., from Ilford, Essex, UK, [DOB and passport details given].

That individual reported a suspicious movement close to that area by an unknown male which, he is convinced, could be related to the matter at hand because it occurred so close to the location of that event and at a time very shortly before it.

In order to clarify this situation an interview has been booked for 6 May at 10h30 at the Policia Judiciaria station in Portimao.

[There follows a photographic report of the avenue Francisco Gentil Martins situated in Praia da Luz alongside the Ocean Club apartments.]

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200 to 205 Witness statement of Derek Flack
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Witness Testimony Derek Flack 06/05/2007 Portimao
He Comes to the case as a witness following the events on the morning or early afternoon of 2nd or 3rd May (last Wednesday or Thursday) which might have a bearing on the present investigation.
--- As he does not write of speak Portuguese he is assisted by an interpreter, G.L.C. de Jesus, at the request of the PJ.
--- Relating to the events of the present investigation he states that he owns a holiday home on Rua do Ramalhete in Praia da Luz where he spends extended holiday periods in our country together with his long-time common-law partner of 36 years, C.M.Dale.
--- They both arrived in our country on the early morning of 29 April 2007 having stayed at the above residence.
--- Subsequently, on the late morning or early afternoon of either 2nd or 3rd May, not being certain which, the deponent and his partner were out walking in the vicinity of their home.
--- Asked, he does not recall the exact route taken but they went up from their home to Rua Dr. Agostinho da Silva then down Rua Dr. Francsico Gentil Martins where the "Ocean Club Gardens" is situated.
--- At that time as they passed the residential block he noticed a light commercial vehicle, (in all respects the same as an Opel Corsa Van), white in colour but dirty, with only one side window in the 'hanging' [sliding panel?] door, but not knowing the exact make, model or other identifying characteristics - including the number plate.
--- Everything considered he judged it to be an old model.
--- When going down the [Rua Martins] he passed an individual standing on his left at the beginning of a path and at the entrance of a small car park opposite the reception of the resort.
--- At the point they passed the individual the deponent had seen him face-on because he [the man] was facing the opposite direction to which he [the deponent] was walking, and appearing to be watching attentively movements [occurring] adjacent to the parked vehicle.
--- Asked, the deponent said that he noticed the above because he had a high instinct for vigilance [observation, watchfulness] due to his participation where he lived in England in a neighbourhood-watch in which suspicious persons or movements were watched for and detected to maintain order, unlike his partner who detected nothing of such incidents.
--- Hence, he was aware that the man's attention was fixed on the area in question [adjacent to the the van] in such a way that he [the man] was unaware of the deponent's presence.
--- Urged to describe the man, the deponent said he was Caucasian, dark-skinned, medium stature, 1,70 to 1,75m tall, about 25 to 35 years old.
--- Adding that the man had dark and thick hair but with no noticeable fringe [at the front].
--- Regarding [the man's] apparel he adds that he didn't observe this in detail, judging that [the man] wore a plain T-shirt, possibly yellow.
--- The deponent wished to clarify that he was convinced that the man was not one of the many tourists who frequented that area, considering his features and physical appearance.
--- Asked, [the deponent] said that, initially, he had associated the man with the van because [the man] had looked deliberately [intently?] at the area around it.
--- Notwithstanding [the above], having learned of the disappearance of MBM on 3 May from inside one of the resort residences mentioned above, he linked the two and that was the reason he came forward to the police.
--- Asked to justify [elaborate further] he said that the van was situated close to the gateway on the side of the building [which gateway] led to to the veranda of the apartment in question [apartment 5A].
--- Hence, one could conclude that the man was monitoring the movements next to that gate and, possibly, of the interior of the apartment.
--- For the rest, he adds that after having reflected specifically on the incidents he concluded that it was the man's deliberate focus [fixation] on the area in which the events that gave rise to the investigation occurred.
--- Urged to reveal details about the area around the van, the deponent could not be certain if the vehicle was directly next to, slightly above or slightly below, the gateway.
--- However, he was certain that it was a very short distance from, and directly in the path of the gate.
--- Asked, aside from what he reported above, he did not recall having seen the man before in that vicinity or any other place, nor caught the slightest glimpse of him since the crime that victimised the minor Madeleine.
--- The deponent is not sure if he would recognise him again in the event that they should meet.
--- Based on the above description image likeness [e-fit] #18/2007 is attached.
--- Finally, having been asked, he states that he intends to return to England next Saturday, 12 May 2007.
833 to 834 Diligence carried out on residence of Derek Flack and Barrington Norton 2007.05.09


4-Processos Vol IV Pages 833, 834

External Inquiry Report

Date: 2007/05/09

Location: Praia da Luz
Officer responsible: Pedro Varanda and Rui Goncalves, Inspectors of this Police Force

Description and result of inquiry:
---Following the investigative inquiring undertaken with regard to the above mentioned report, on this date, at 10H00, a team of from this police force composed of the officers named above, went to the residence of Derek Flack, situated on Rua do R******, Lot *** - Apartment *** - Praia da Luz, in order to present him with photos of Barrington Norton, consistent with the respective identification documents;

---The activity in question aims to make a final determination as to whether the latter could be the individual who is same reported on in the respective inquiry, referring to his presence in the vicinity of the apartment where the McCann family was staying, at a time immediately preceding or even concurrent to the events being investigated.

---Therefore, and as a result of having shown him these photographs, Derek Flack states that, although not definitely able to recognise the individual in question (which accordingly, will be noted in the respective inquiry) the physical features of Barrington Norton are in general, similar to those of the individual whose presence relates to his statement in the present case;

---However, he emphasises that he is unable to offer any formal recognition (given that he reiterates that he was not able to see the detailed features of the individual in question), the witness would like to emphasise that the individual he reported in the inquiry, appeared much younger than the above identified? Barrington Norton.

Comments and/or propositions by the responsible officer:

Signature of the officer


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