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It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law

Emma Wilding Statement mini Club

374 to 376 Witness statement of Emma Louise Wilding 2007.05.07
377 Copy of Emma Louise Wilding's passport


02-Processo 02 pages (374 to 376)

She provides a statement because she works at the Mini Club within the Ocean Club tourist complex at Praia da Luz in Lagos.

She states that she does not speak Portuguese and is accompanied by an interpreter, Robert Murat, residing at Casa Liliana, Rua do Ramalhete at Praia da Luz in Lagos, phone xxxxxx. She has been working as an Infants' teacher for close to 4 years and has specific qualifications for the job that are more than just the obligatory schooling.

She arrived in Portugal on March 22/07 and as from that date she has been working as an Infants' teacher at the Ocean Club. She has been working at the Mini Club for children between 3-5 years of age since April 29.

Before coming to Portugal she worked at a Pre-school called 'Primary Steps Nursery' as an Infants' teacher. Before coming to Portugal she knew no Portuguese people and since she arrived she has met a few Portuguese who work within the complex. Since she arrived from England nobody has questioned her about the operation of the Ocean Club nor of the Mini Club nor about Madeline (sic).

When questioned she states that she knows Madeline's (sic) parents because although Madeleine is not in her group, she frequently speaks to her parents, and finds their concerns and interests normal and typical of parents.

When questioned she states that there are parents that leave their respective children during the whole day and every day at the clubs, and that this is normal within British culture. With respect to Madeleine, she states that she spent most of her time at the Mini Club. The children began arriving at 0900 until 1230 when their respective parents collected them for lunch, and returned at 1430 until 1645 when the Infants' teachers took the children to eat something appropriate for their age at the Tapas restaurant. Most of the parents met their respective children here, and the children then remained in their parents' care.

When questioned she states that on May 3, 2007 it was the father that took Madeleine, as was customary, between 0900 and 0930; she remembers that she just said 'hello' to him, because as Madeline (sic) did not belong to her group she did not talk to him very much.

She only noticed Madeleine and not her father, and nothing seemed abnormal or unusual.

She is not sure whether during the morning Madeleine's group had outdoor activities, mainly at the pool; she does remember that around 1230 Madelew's (sic) father went to fetch her for lunch.

When questioned, she states that on Wednesday May 2, her group and Madeleine's group went to the beach, but she is not sure if Madeleine was in the group or not, and does not remember having seen anybody specifically taking direct and close-up photographs of the children.

She remembers that during the afternoon of May 3 Madeleine was at the Mini Club, but she does not remember at what time she arrived, and if on that day Madeleine accompanied the other children at 1645 as was customary.

She is also not sure whether her parents joined her during the snack, as was customary.

During this period of time she did not notice anybody or anything out of the ordinary, as her attention was wholly focused on the children.

That night, at around 2200 she learned that Madeleine had disappeared, and together with her colleagues she helped look for her.

As regards Madeleine, she did not spent much time with her because she was not in her group; she did not know her well, but Madeleine appeared to be somewhat shy, this was noticeable the first days. Since she met her, she noticed nothing abnormal in any aspect that would point to Madeleine being a child that was out of the ordinary.

As regards the disappearance itself, she states that she was shocked, as it was the first time such a thing had happened.

She knows nothing more about this matter that would be of interest for the case.

She says nothing further. After having read the document and found it to be satisfactory, she signs it.


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