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P.J. 09 MAY 07

127 to 128 External diligence at A22 GALP
129 Fax request to GALP for CCTV images
130 to 132 CCTV images obtained from the GALP station
133 Letter 04.05.2007 indicating Gerry and Kate shown CCTV images and did not recognize the child in the photos


01-Processo 1 pages 127 to 133 (four related parts)

Processo Vol 1 pages 127-128

External diligence performed on 4 May 2007 by Inspectors J.C.Franco and C.Lucas at the GALP service stations on the A22 at Lagos and Loule

--- On this date, around 11h30, we went to the GALP service station of Lagos, on the A22, East-West direction, having in view the collection of information for this case file.
--- A photograph of the missing female child was shown to all the employees there present, with negative results as to her recognition.
--- The service station manager, Sr.J.Nunes, made available the viewing of images from the surveillance cameras installed there, there having been analysed the images recorded from 21h00 on 3 May to 12h00 today.
--- In those said images, about 11h10 today, it was possible to observe the entrance of a couple accompanied by a female child with similar characteristics, whereupon I proceeded to recover the same and prints thereof for analysis.
--- The preservation of the images was requested for a future analysis.
--- In the service area opposite, direction West-East, the photograph of the child was also shown, again with negative results.
--- Images from the closed circuit surveillance system installed there were also viewed, nothing having resulted of use to this present investigation.
--- We then went to the GALP service station of Loule, on the A22, both directions, where both closed circuit video surveillance systems were viewed, with negative results.
--- The photograph of the child was also shown, with equally negative results.
--- This activity was terminated around 17h00, it not having been possible to recover more or better items for the file.

Processo Vol 1 Page 129

Fax dated 4 May 2007 to the GALP service station in Lagos requesting images from their surveillance recordings.

In the interests of the investigation being conducted by this police force, you are requested to furnish to this police force images from the surveillance cameras installed in that service station, of the period understood between 11h05 and 11h35 on 4 May 2007, which show images of a female child with physical characteristics resembling those of the child missing on the night of 3 May 2007, in Praia da Luz, Lagos.

It is further requested that those images are preserved with the view of a possible request for future analysis.

Processo Vol 1 Pages 130-132

Five annotated images printed from those obtained from GALP service station in Lagos on 4 May 2007.

Processo Vol 1 Page 133

Official record of photographic recognition

On 4 May 2007, in this DIC of Portimao of the PJ, in front of me, Inspector C.Lucas, accompanied by Inspector J.Franco, appeared G.P.McCann and K.M.Healy, better identified [elsewhere] in this file, in order to conduct a photographic recognition from images recovered in the GALP service station on the A22 in investigation in the present Inquiry.

Based upon the items furnished, there were exhibited to them images of a child of the same sex and identical age to the missing child, after which they were asked if they recognised the child shown in the images, to which they responded:

That they did not recognise the child shown in the image.

- Signed as being a true record by the four persons named above -

1398 to 1399 Request for CCTV images from Lagos petrol kiosk
06-Processo Volume VI pages 1398 to 1399

Letter from Galp Geste to the PJ.

Lisbon, 15th May 2007

Subject: Request for Images

N/Ref: 2007.078CG Lagos
V/Ref NUIPC 201/07.oGALGS Date 13-05-2007

In response to your request for recordings from the security video system, for the period between 00.00 on 30-04-2007 and 24.00 on the day 06-05-2007 in the installations of our Service Area in Lagos (in both directions) we inform you that this is not possible as we do not have these images.

The video security system records onto a hard disk, which has a limited capacity and which had already been exceeded when we received your request.

We have a recording of the period between 11.03 and 11.36 on 04-05-2007, in the Portimao-Lagos direction, with images referring to the individuals whose images were collected by your investigators in the Service Area. This recording is at your disposal.

We regret that we cannot comply with your request.

With compliments.

Galpgeste Manager

1400  Fax to Strong
06-Processo Volume VI page 1400
also Processos Vol VI Page 1400

[Fax to Strong]

This is the request for the preservation of images at GALP stations in Lagos
(see replies on pages 1401 and 1398-1399)


Processos Vol VI Page 1400 and Processos Vol IV Page 982

Policia Judiciaria


Very Urgent

To: Strong, Security Department

From: Dr G. Amaral, Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

Date: 13-05-2007

Ref: NUIPC201/070GALGS

Subject: Register of Images

Within the scope of the investigations taking place in this DIC of the Policia Judiciaria related to the case mentioned above, we ask you to preserve and send as urgently as possible, the CCTV images obtained between 00.00 of the day 30-04-2007 and 24.00 of the day 06-05-2007 from the Galp Service Stations, situated on the A22, Bensafrim-Lagos, at KM 4.350, in the directions of Lagos Portimao and Portimao-Lagos.


G. Amaral

1401  Fax from Strong to the PJ
06-Processo Volume VI page 1401

[Fax from Strong to the PJ]

This is a letter from the agent responsible for CCTV recording systems at the
GALP stations requesting clarification about the images required. The confusion
arose because the fax sent to them (see page 1400) asked for a period from 30
April to 6 May, while their client, Galpgeste, had already asked only for the
period 11h03 to 11h36 on 4 May.
Galpgeste responded fully in pages 1398-1399



From: Strong

To: Policia Judiciaria, Portimao DIC

Date: 15-05-2007

Attention: Dr Amaral

Subject: Register of Images Your ref: NUIPC 201/07.0GALGS



Dear Sir,

We inform you that we tried to find out from our client Galpgest if they had recordings of images from the period referred to by you, having been informed that they have recordings of images captured between 11.0 and 11.36 on 04-05-2007 from the Service Station in the Portimao-Lagos direction. As this short period does not correspond to your request, we would be grateful if you would inform us if you require us to obtain these images from our client, which we would do as quickly as possible.



Strong Security SA


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