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Tennis Coach

653 to 655 Witness statement of Georgina Louise Jackson 2007.05.08


03-Processo 03 Pages 652 to 655

Offical Witness Questioning
Date of activity: 2007/05/08 Hour: 16H20 Locale: Praia da Luz
Executing Offical: Maria Jose Ratnos, Inspectora
Birthplace: Norwich Country : UK
Nationality: British Date of birth: 1978/**/**
Residence: Praia da Luz
Post Code: Telephone:
Marital status: Profession: Tennis instructor
Work location: Mark Warner The Ocean Club Praia da Luz
Telephone: Fax:
Identity document: CC no 259***840 Issued on 2007/03/01 by Loule-1

Appears in these case documents as a witness

Due to the witness being British and not having mastered the Portuguese language, the present declarations are taken in the presence of RJQE Murat, a translator named in the official record.

She is a functionary of [employed by] the tourist operator Mark Warner, working as a tennis instructor in the precinct of the Ocean Club resort

Asked, she relates that she usually works from 09h00 to 19h30 and has her day-off on Saturday.

Questioned, the deponent relates that the only tennis instructors at Mark Warner are herself and her colleague called Daniel, commonly known as DAN.

The deponent started to work in Portugal, in the indicated functions and place, on 18 March last, having concluded a contract with Mark Warner in England with those conditions.

Questioned, she relates that she knew the McCann family as part of her work, since she gave them tennis lessons, as a couple, parents of the missing Madeleine, as well as the other couples who accompanied them.

She reports that the group iniciated contact with the tennis instructors on the 29 April, the day immediately after their arrival at the Ocean Club.

The deponent has the calendar of classes given by her and by her colleague DAN to the McCann couple.

She relates it was one of the preferred activities of the McCann couple in that they had several lessons throughout the days and up to the date of the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine, it being that the child also had a class, on Tuesday, 1 May (10-11h00), that class [in which] she was among a group of children was conducted by the deponent.

As for the parents, she relates that a first lesson of instruction was done in the morning of 29 April, it being that, on that day, they had no more lessons.

On the following days the parents of Madeleine, whom the deponent identified as Gerry and Kate McCann, scheduled 16 tennis classes, together and/or separately, at different times of the morning or afternoon, classes that were conducted by either her or by DAN depending on their booking calendar.

Questioned about the class times of G&K McCann on last Thursday, 3 May, she related that the mother of MBM had a group class at 09-10h00 conducted by herself; the father had a group class at 10-11h00 conducted by DAN.

Later, at 15-15h45, the couple had a private class, together, conducted by DAN - and finally, GM participated in the men's social tennis event at 18-19h00.

Questioned about whether she had also conducted tennis lessons for an individual called Jeremy Wilkins, who was commonly known as Jez, the deponent relates that that individual booked, and attended, some tennis lessons, but that all of those had been given by DAN.

She relates that, as they had group lessons together GM and Jez had had some conversations, but she thinks that it is only because they shared some classes and that those [conversations] will not have given rise to a firm friendship, but rather to a simple acquaintanceship as they both happened to be British on holiday in the same place, both had small children and they shared some tennis lessons.

Questioned about the couple and their behaviour, both between the family and with the other group members, the deponent relates that she never noted any issue between them, and that the behaviour of everyone was like any other group of tourists that take their holidays in the resort every day.

There never appeared any problem between them and other people.

It being asked of her, the deponent relates that the McCann couple and the remaining group members had often been together, not always all of them, but the majority of the people were sociable with each other.

She relates that they spent most of the day within the OC resort, in the pool, also they went to the beach but they did not use any of the OC activities there, and they centred their attention on the developed activities of the resort, it being that the couple preferred, unquestionably, tennis.

All four couples had children who were, for part of the day, under the care of the child care workers of the Ocean Club.

Questioned, she relates that she does not know where they usually ate lunch and that, at dinner time, the deponent was not at the Ocean Club, although she had heard that they dined, every night except the day they arrived, in the Tapas restaurant next to the swimming pool.

Also, she had been told that, at dinner, the group only comprised adults, since the children were in the apartments, but the deponent never witnessed it.

Asked if at some time she was aware of the presence of some individual who had watched the group, whether the adults or the children, she relates that no, she never had the perception of any situation that aroused her curiosity and that everyone acted normally just like any group of friends on holiday.

Because it was asked of her, she relates that she knew about the disappearance of little MBM that same night, about 22h20, because she lives in the same house as another OC worker and (s)he told her.
Prompted, she affirms that she has no further useful information that might help in locating MBM or that may have led to the disappearance.


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