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18 to 19 Witness statement of Hayley Jane Plummer (Laurels Nursery School Worker) 2008.05.06


Cartas Rogatorias Vol V Pages 18 to19

Leicestershire Police Force
Statement by Hayley Jane Plummer
Occupation: Nursery School Teacher
This statement consisting of two pages is true and in accordance with my understanding.
Date 6th May 2008
I work as a teacher at Laurels Nursery School, Melton Road, Queniborough, Leicestershire. I have worked full time for almost eight or nine years. I work alone in a class room and have eight children under my responsibility every day.
Laurels nursery school receives children aged between 6 weeks and school age and is divided in various classrooms in different buildings, where the children are grouped according to age and aptitude. I have worked in all the classrooms with children of all ages and at the moment I am in charge of children aged from 3 to 5 years.
I got to know Madeleine and her parents Kate and Gerry at the nursery school. I also spent time with them socially because my boyfriend James is Kate’s cousin. As a couple, James and I would take care of Madeleine and the twins in their house in Rothley about every two months, for a few hours each time. We would arrive at the house at about 19.00 – 19.30 when the twins were already asleep, but Madeleine was waiting for us and would be up for about half an hour. The routine followed would be to brush her teeth and tell her a story or two before going to sleep, followed by a brief passage through the twins room. Once she was alone Madeleine would generally fall asleep after 10 minutes and during my stays in their house she would never get out of bed after having fallen asleep. She would always sleep in her room. I do not remember Madeleine having been difficult when we were there.
Madeleine initially went to the nursery in the mornings but as she got older she would spend the whole day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the nursery – which she enjoyed very much. Kate would take care of Madeleine on Mondays and Fridays, often taking her for swimming lessons. I have known Madeleine for about three years and she was always under my responsibility at the Laurels nursery.
Kate and Gerry would take turns in dropping off and fetching her from the nursery.
Madeline was a very polite and affectionate girl, particularly in respect to the twins. At the nursery she was a very popular girl and it was a pleasure to have her near.
She seemed to be a very alert girl and she always adapted well. The only time I remember her feeling a little intimidated was when she changed classroom for the first time and she was placed with more children who were a bit older.
She would show some shyness when she was left by her parents but she adapted rapidly so that they would leave after she finished her breakfast.
Madeleine made many friends at the nursery but her best friend was Sophia. I think that Kate and Sophia’s mother (Sally) became good friends based upon the friendship between their daughters.
Kate and Gerry were always very friendly with me, were polite and easy going.
Madeleine never showed any problems or worry she might have had, or show any behaviour that would cause any worry. I do not consider Madeleine to be hyperactive, she was a healthy girl with normal development for her age.
For me Madeleine is calm and easy to get on with.
I do not know whether Madeleine was subject to any kind of medication, I never had to give her any medication at the nursery or at home when I looked after her.
Gerry and Kate never appeared to have any type of problem in their relation with Madeleine. We would have regular meetings with the parents in the nursery and Kate and Gerry did not express any worry about Madeleine or her behaviour and they never appeared to be tired or frustrated in relation to their daughter.
I saw Madeleine for the last time on Thursday on the eve of her departure for holiday to Portugal. She was very enthusiastic with the trip, telling the teachers and the other children about it.
This statement was made by me and is truthful in accordance with my understanding.


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