Sightings Followed up by International Police Forces

his information belongs to the Ministério Público in Portimão, Portugal.
It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law

1102 to 1104 - Information about possible Madeleine near Cap Falcone 2007.05.13


04 Processos Vol IV Page 1102

From: SIRENE France

Date: 2007-05-13

Information Sirene and Isis

Surname: McCann
Christian names: Madeleine Beth
Date of Birth: 2003-05-12

Urgent. Upon the request of the police commissioner of Fontenay le Fleury.

Related particulars:

The Fontenay police services were called by radio today at 19 by a person who informed them that he thinks that little Maddie is currently on a boat sailing in the Mediterranean sea heading for Sardinia. The boat is about 9 km from Cap Falcone to the north of Sardinia and is sailing at a speed of 18 km an hour.

04 Processos Vol IV Page 1104

From: SIRENE France

Information Sirene and Isis

Surname: McCann
Christian names: Madeleine Beth
Date of Birth: 2003-05-12

Date: 2007-05-10

After following up the information received yesterday from a witness after the photo of the girl was shown on television news. The vehicle indicated was intercepted and controlled on 09-05-2007 at 11.35. It was noted that the child seen on board was no longer inside. When the driver was questioned, she said that this was her daughter and showed officers her identity card saying that the girl was currently at school. When police officers went to check they saw that the girl was not the one taken from your country. Thank you for your quick cooperation . Regards from SIRENE France. We are sorry that our searches were in vain.

677 - Letter re video from Austria metro station
08 03 Outros Apensos VIII, Vol III Page 677


Report on Visualisation and Analysis of Photographs

On this date I state for the process files that the photographs provided on a CD by the Austrian Police from Vienna referring to photographs taken by a traveller in the underground metro in Vienna, Austria were visualised and analysed.

Nothing was found of interest to the investigation from the photographs analysed as the girl pictured does not bear any resemblance to Madeleine McCann.

Portimao 17th June 2008


Inspector Ricardo Paiva

678 to 680 - Photographic images of child seen in Austrian metro station
681 to 685 - Information from GNR/SIRENE with German to English translation of Austrian sighting
Outros Apensos VIII, Vol III Pages 678 to 680 
Outros Apensos VIII, Vol III Pages 681 to 685
(These pages are in German and English, same text and which is repeated)

Request for Information

On 2008-05-13 about 5.30 PM a female person whose name is known to our office reported that she had seen a woman with a little girl in a Vienna underground train, who looked like the missing Madeleine McCann. The reporting person secretly made about 10 photographs and submitted them to the police on a CD: This CD will be sent to your per post. The mother/woman accompanying the child made the impression of being “very absent and a stranger to the child”. Further details are not known. SAT.

Idem text follows in a note containing the CD.
03_volume_III_o_apenso_VIII_Page_678 03_volume_III_o_apenso_VIII_Page_679 03_volume_III_o_apenso_VIII_Page_680

03_volume_III_o_apenso_VIII_Page_681 03_volume_III_o_apenso_VIII_Page_682 03_volume_III_o_apenso_VIII_Page_684

03_volume_III_o_apenso_VIII_Page_683 03_volume_III_o_apenso_VIII_Page_685


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