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HOLIDAY MAKER May, 7th 2007

119 to 120  External diligence carried out re: Jeremy Wilkins


01-Processo page 119 (pdf01_121)

Date: 2007/05/04 Location: Praia da Luz - Lagos;

Entity determining the diligence:
Employee who performed it: Manuel P., Inspector

Following various informal conversations related to the area of research, we were contacted by a British citizen named Jeremy Michael Wilkins, holder of passport no. 205...., owner of mobile phone no. +44788...., living in ....London...He spends his holidays at, "WATERSIDE GARDENS," block G4, about 50 metres from the apartment where the small child was. He told us that yesterday, between 8.30 and 9pm, while he was in the "TAPAS" restaurant, he noted that a person of around 1.70m, with long blond hair, apparently of the "Rasta," style and dressed in green military-style clothes, entered the restaurant. This person did not stay very long. Their behaviour was somewhat strange and they seemed to be rather nervous. He was alone, he did not speak to anyone and left soon afterwards. The informant maintains that he has never seen this person in the village.

494 to 505 Sketch provided by Jeremy Wilkins and statement in English 2007.05.07
506 Confirmation above fax sent
729 to 736 Translation of Leicestershire police constabulary documents with Wilkins statement
02-Processo 2 - 494 to 505
03-Processo 3 - 729 to 736

 May, 7th 2007  Jeremy Wilkins deposition


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I am the above named person and at an address known by the Police. This statement describes my holiday at the Algarve and the conversation with Jerry, the father of Madeleine on the evening of her disappearance.

On Saturday , 28th April, 2007, we arrived at the Ocean Club resort, Garden Apartments, Praia da Luz, Algarve. I was with my wife Bridget O'Donnell, my daughter Orly, who is three (3) and Arlo, my son who is eight (8) months. We were placed into the apartment within block G4, apartment JMO on letter O. There are about 15 to 20 apartments within each block. The McCann family was within the next block. On Monday 30th, April, 2007 I joined the tennis lessons provided by Mark Warner, the tour operator. There were five pairs. There were 3 females and a male, I found to be Jerry.

He was white of pale complexion, about 5'10'' to 6' 00'' with a soft Glaswegian accent. He has dark hair which was short. He was of athletic build.

As part of the lesson we were paired off together. We engaged on general conversation, mainly about tennis, and football. I got the impression that he was good company, gregarious and chatty. The tennis lessons longed about an hour. We were signed for four (4) lessons in total. I can't recall if I saw Jerry again that day.

On Tuesday, 1st May, 2007 we again had a tennis lesson together. After the lessons, this time we had a game of doubles together with two friends of his! At this point I established that Jerry and his family had come along with a group of other families, four (4) in totals. The game longed about one hour and a quarter.

After the game we walked together with a third male called Russell or Matt, to pick the children up from the Mini-Club. This is a Creche provided by the holiday company.

We would take them there at 9 am ('!) every day, until 12:30pm. I realized that Jerry had three (3) children). A girl called Madeleine and 2 twins who were about two years of age. Madeleine was about three (3). This club would take threes (3) to five (5) years old. The Club was split into two (2) groups: the Sharks and the Lobsters. My son was in the Sharks group. I believe that Madeleine was in the Lobsters. I don't believe that I saw the family again that day.

On Wednesday, 2nd May, I could see it was raining and the tennis lesson was postponed. It was re-scheduled for 2:30 pm. I found this out at a later date and missed the lesson. I arrived about five (5) minutes before the end and realized this fact. I saw the usual people at the tennis lesson. I then went back to my apartment.

That evening myself and my partner attended the 'Tapas' restaurant which is part of the hotel complex at the swimming pool. We sat down to eat at 7:30 pm. After about forty five (45) minutes Jerry appeared as did one of his friends. I believe it was Russell. They sat at the next table. We naturally engaged in conversation about everyday things. We spoke about childcare. That night my family were using the creche's facility. We found out that the group of families were occupying ground floor flats near the swimming pool and they were leaving the children by themselves in order for them to go to the restaurant in the evenings. They would then go regularly to check the children who would be asleep.

I found out that Jerry was a cardiologist in a Hospital. At this time his wife was putting the children to bed. We received a call from the creche informing that our son was awake. My partner left first and I followed shortly afterwards. The amount of time I spent with Jerry was about fifteen (15) to twenty (20) minutes we remained in the restaurant. By the time we left, Jerry was with about seven other people. I picked up my daughter from the creche and then returned to the apartment.

On Thursday, 3rd May 2007, at 10 am I went to tennis lesson as usual and Jerry was there and a female. The other two females were not present. We again engaged in general conversation and played ('!) the lesson for an hour.

I went to the pool where Bridget was. I think Jerry's wife, Kate was already there speaking to the tennis coach. They got really involved in a conversation XXX Jerry would say a joke ('!!!!, unreadable) and go ...

At 12:30 pm we went fetch the little boy from the creche as usual. Everyone left the pool at about the same time. I didn't see Jerry or Kate.

We returned to our apartment. We decided to spend the evening in, watching television. Our son was awake and unable to sleep. I decided to take him for a walk in his pram. I left about 8:15 to 8:30 pm. I was pushing the pram around the complex and went to the toilet near the bar. I could not see inside the restaurant. As I got the baby to sleep, I was on my way back to the apartment. I came out at the top road.

I met him near the stairs of a ground floor. There was a gate leading up to some stairs. I was pretty certain that he had left the apartment. We spoke for a few minutes. He said you're on walking duty. I said I was staying in and pros and cons and what to do with the children.

He said that if he was staying two (2) weeks he may stay in one night'

I don't remember anyone else walking around with a child. The conversation lasted for about three (3) to five (5) minutes.

He was acting completely normal from what I know of him so far. I then walked back to the apartment. I had dinner, watched a DVD and went to bed at about 11 pm.

The doorbell woke us up at about 1 am. It was the resort manager who I learnt to be John and one of Jerry's friends. I think his name was Matt. He is white, slim, and tall with greying hair. From previous conversations I learnt him to be a diabetics specialist. We met him o the way to the destination. Matt said XXXXX to the effect that Jerry's daughter had been abducted, and that Jerry said that he had met me and wanted to know if I had seen anything. I said 'You're joking'. I offered help but they said there was nothing that could be done at that stage. We remained at the apartment but could see people around the pool and at the front with torches. I also saw the police arriving. We then went to bed.

The following day there was a sombre atmosphere around the complex. I last saw Jerry and Kate on Saturday, 5th May 2007 about 4 pm or 5 pm. We were sitting by the pool. I walked over to Jerry and wanted to let him know that I was thinking about him. I shook his hand. He was quiet but wasn't crying. I thought it was brave of him and his wife to go to the pool. I said hello to Kate, I didn't know wha
t to say in that situation. She looked really upset. That was the last time I physically saw Jerry and Kate. Myself and my family left the complex at 7:30 pm
(19:30) and flew back to Gatwick that evening, arriving at 04:00 am. Sunday (6 May)

I have drawn a map of the complex and marked an X where I saw Jerry on Thursday evening ' JW 1. I have also produced a map, from the holiday brochure also with an X where I saw Jerry on Thursday ' JW 2.'

pages 494 to 505 are his personal statement which was translated into Portuguese in pages 729-736.
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510 to 512 Letter from Dr. Amaral regarding possible questions for Jeremy Wilkins 2007.05.07 ( English) 513 Conformation above letter sent
02-Processo Vol 2...Pages 510-512

Department of Criminal Investigation at PORTIMAO.


To : Detective Chief Superintendent Robert Hall
From: Goncalo Amaral - C.I.C. no D.I.C. de PortimAo
C/C : Fax:
Data: 07-05-2007 . No pages : 03
Ref : N / ref : Inq. 201107.0 GALGS
Subject : Request for Collaboration

In furtherance of your operation TASK and International Police Cooperation please see the following points:

1. Could you consider making enquiries to question JEREMY MICHAEL WILKINS (UK Passport No 205XXXXXX, DOB 24.02.1974) ?
Wilkins was staying at the Ocean Club resort at the time of Madeleine's disappearance and may have vital information. Wilkins lives at the following address, 23 MXXXXX RXXX, London, NWlX XXX. Wilkins is contactable on the following telephone numbers 00447XXXXXXXXX and 00442XXXXXXXXX.

We would like the following points covered if possible;

- Did Wilkins travel with anyone else?
- If he has children and what age are they?
- If he knows the group of people which MADELEINE MCCANN was part of and the apartment block where the guests were staying ?
- If he knows MADELEINE'S parents and in particular her father GERALD MCCANN ?
- When did he met GERALD MCCANN and in what circumstances ?
- Did he play tennis with GERALD McCANN ?
- Did he meet with him apart from playing tennis ?
- Did he come to know the routine of GERALD McCANN and his family (his wife and children ?
- If he did, when GERALD was having dinner with his wife and friends where were the children and how were they looked after ?
When was the last time he was with GERALD McCANN, when not playing tennis, before the disappearance of MADELEINE ?
- On the day of the disappearance, was JEREMY out with his children in the evening ?
- Did he meet GERALD and at what time ?
- Where was GERALD coming from at this time ?
- Exactly where was this meeting with GERALD ? (please obtain confirmation of the exact location on the attached map)
- What was the distance of this meeting from GERALD'S apartment ?
- Can Jeremy provide a sketch map of the location ?
- What did they talk about at this time and for how long ?
- When he was talking with GERALD, did any of Gerald's group pass by ?
- If so, who ?
- When he was talking with GERALD did he see whether anyone passed by carrying a child in the road near the apartment block ?

2. In the spirit of Police to Police Cooperation we request the presence of a British Criminal Analyst who may be able to assist the enquiry.
Also the collaboration of the UK's "Child Exploitation Online Protection" may be useful if they wish to send one of their officers to provide assistance to the investigation,

3. We would like further information (by telephonic analysis if thought necessary) relevant to the investigation about the following subjects :
- GERALD McCANN and KATE HEALY contactable on telephone numbers 00447XXXXXXXXX,00441XXXXXXXXX and 00447XXXXXXXXX.
- MATTHEW DAVID OLDFIELD and RACHAEL MAMPILLY, contactable on telephone numbers 00442XXXXXXXXX, 00447XXXXXXXXX and 00447XXXXXXXXX.
- RUSSEL JAMES O'BRIEN and JANE MICHELLE TANNER, contactable on telephone numbers 00447XXXXXXXXX and 00447XXXXXXXXX.
- DAVID ANTHONY PAYNE, contactable on telephone number 00441XXXXXXXXX, FIONA ELAINE PAYNE, contactable on telephone number 00441XXXXXXXXX and DIANNE WEBSTER, contactable on telephone number

Namely if there is any indication of motive for anyone in the UK to kidnap the daughter of GERALD McCann ?


Coordinator of Criminal Investigation :

Goncalo Amaral.

837 Email
838 to 843 - Translation of Jeremy Wilkins statement 2007.05.07
844 -Translation of Jeremy Wilkins map statement 2007.05.07
845  Copy of tennis court bookings
04 Processo 4 Page 838 to 845

Pages 838-845 are poor copies of the translation in pages 729 to736. Also, it is very likely that both are associated with the e-mail dated 8 May on page 837 sending an urgent translation to the PJ, but there is no guarantee of that from either the subject or the files names of the e-mail attachments.
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