This information belongs to the Ministério Público in Portimão, Portugal.
It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law


3897 to 3898 Witness statement of John Brown 2007.10.05 (English)
3899 to 3900 Witness statement of John Brown 2007.09.27 (English)


13 Volume XIII Pages 3897 to 3900
Witness Statement
John Brown
Date: 2007.10.05
I am the above named person and I write this statement in relation to a week I went to Portugal to play golf. I flew from Luton Airport, London to Faro, Portugal Airport on May 8th 2007. I went with my wife B*** B***, Michael WRIGHT a friend and his wife S*** W****, N***** R******, his wife J***** R******. It was a golfing holiday over four different courses. We all stayed with a friend out in the country. It was a villa belonging to D**** B*****. I have known him for 15 years. It is his privately owned villa. I booked my flights separately through EASy Jet. It is the first time I have stayed there with him. The only other time I have been to Portugal is approx 10 yrs ago. I usually go on holiday three times a year, this year I have been away four times in various locations, Egypt, Croatia, Devon and Portugal. I booked the flight myself. I booked the hire car online via the Easy Jet web page. I cant remember through whom. I hired this car in the spring time but I can't remember when. I booked it with two named drivers, myself and Michael WRIGHT. We both drove the car I hired at different times throughout the holiday. We used the car the transport some of the group to different courses for golf, restaurants and the villa. The only people to use or get in the car were myself, my wife, mr and mrs Wright and mrs R*****. No other person got into or used the car at all. To the extent that no one got into the car to even park it for us. the villa we stayed at was near Faro I believe. I collected the hire car upon arrival from the rental company at the airport in Faro and returned it to the same spot.
It had no damage to it at all. It was clean. I don't remember any marks or anything. The car was a people carrier with a rear storage area. It was a four door with tailgate boot door. We put suitcases for travelling to and from the airport and otherwise everyone I have mentioned that has travelled in the car has put golfing clothing and equipment. I had no problems with the car and did not need to change tyres or fill water up or anything. I think we travelled in the car alone. The car was a light colour. It was I believe a Renault car. I dropped the car off at the same place I hired it and picked it up on May 15th when I flew back to Luton, London. I generally followed Mr B****** around and he took us everywhere. One of the places we went to was TEVIRA. I can't remember the other places. The car was always left secure and locked to my knowledge.
Beyond the people named, at no point did we take any other baggage, belongings or property belonging to anyone else in the car. I have no idea how much I paid for the hire car. I think I paid for it by a Natwest access card but I am not totally sure. I did not do any other checks on the car or have trouble with it. I fully support police proceedings and I am willing to attend court should I be required to do so. I am sure also could provide further information from my papers at home if required.


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