This information belongs to the Ministério Público in Portimão, Portugal.
It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law


287 to 289 Witness statement of Jorge Alberto Bandarra Rocha 2007.05.06

02-Processos Volume II Pages 287 - 289


Jorge Alberto Bandara Rocha

Date/Time: 2007/05/06 23H00

- Is the proprietor of Refugio, a restaurant situated in Burgau, for about one year;
- The witness states that on May 1, 2007, day off, at around 16H00, a couple appeared motivated by adverts in a lock of apartments in 'Sol e Mar' in Burgau, in order to reserve a dinner table. The couple reserved the table closest to the door for 19H15;
- At that time the couple appeared and occupied said table;
- Almost immediately, the women began to photograph the interior of the restaurant without asking for permission. This situation captured the attention of the witness because his clients, tend to be of a 'posher class' and are more discreet in their conduct. This couples clothing was of a vulgar fashion;
- The women proceeded to photograph everything, people and objects for around 10 minutes. When she stopped photographing, the witness brought her a menu. They began to speak English, regarding fishes and as she could not identity the tamboril (a fish) she asked the witness if he knew the name in German. He responded no, that he did not. At the next table, there sat a German couple who gave the woman the name of the tamboril fish in German;
- From that sequence of events, the witness presumes that the client was not German, asked her nationally, to which she replied, Polish;
- Meanwhile, the client ordered an entrée and drinks (half a bottle of red wine of Monte Velho) and a bottle of water without gas;
- Witness adds that while he served the drinks, the woman took many pictures of the witness, without asking his permission. The witness, bothered by the situation, in an ironic form, told her that in order to continue taking pictures, she would have to pay after which she stopped;
- This woman took her pictures with a digital camera, or small dimensions, but he did not catch the brand or characteristics;
- He served her entrée: Mexilhao a Provencal and 'Alabote with caper sauce' to the male who devoured the entrees within 5 minutes. The woman took a bit longer and did not eat everything. They did not have desert and did not have coffee;
- The individual asked for the bill and paid cash. After and hurriedly, the couple left the restaurant without saying goodbye to parts unknown;
- He noticed that they left on foot. They did not go by car as if they had the care would have been parked well away from the restaurant;
- He describes the woman as Caucasian, around 32/33 years of age, blonde and in a pony-tail with clips. He believed it was not combed often. She also had dark eyes and was of normal height. She had a slim face and was around 170 cm tall and slim. She was wearing a printed beige dress and a bordeaux coloured jacket. She also wore trousers but he did not record the details. He did not look to her shoes;
- The male, also Caucasian, was around 35 years, about 180cm in height, dark hair combed to the back, slim face, dark eyes, rectangular glasses with transparent lenses in black frame. He was wearing a black shirt and a black jacket. His trousers were also black. He does not remember other details of his clothing;
- He had the sense that the couple were people with money and of culture;
- Confronted with a photograph in the file, the witness identified the two people who could be found behind the individual, as the couple who ate in his restaurant ton May 01, 2007;
- States that the couple did not return to the restaurant after that time and he did not see them again;
- States that the couple did not comment on their visit to Portugal. States that they only spoke of fish. Nothing more. During drinks, he saw the couple speaking to other clients;
- States that the individual, when he reserved, did so in the book and the witness offered to make a page for authorities.


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