James Gorrod

This information belongs to the Ministério Público in Portimão, Portugal.
It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law

2726 to 2737  letter 6 August 2007 regarding a diligence re: rental car of James Gorrod, along with copy of vehicle rental contract

11 Processo Volume 11 pages 2726 to 2737



Letter 6 August 2007 regarding a diligence re: rental car of James Gorrod, along with copy of
vehicle rental contract
Page 2726: Cover letter 6 August submitting the attached report.
Pages 2727 to 2728: Service Information dated 5 August by Inspector Luis N.
Today and under orders from higher authority, the signatory went to the premises of the SIXT rent-
a-car company in the Faro airport, in order to identify and locate the vehicle that will have been
rented on 28 April 2007 by an individual named James Gorrod.
At the counter of the said rent-a-car [company] it was confirmed that on the referred date, at
20h06, there was delivered to the referenced person [personal details given] an Opel Corsa, colour
grey, licence 75-AG-62.
Together with the vehicle the referenced person rented a car seat appropriate to transport a child
in the vehicle.
The vehicle was returned on 6 May 2007, at 08h00, with nothing irregular observed, it having been
determined that the reservation was made through the agency Holiday Autos European and that
the referenced person will have travelled on Easyjet airlines.
Relating to the location of the vehicle it was later subject to further rental and transferred to the
company premises in Lisboa where it was rented to a German citizen who was contacted by
company personnel and agreed to deliver the vehicle at 20h00 today at the SIXT premises at
Lisboa airport where it will be available to this police force for our convenience.
They furnished a copy of the contract and a report of the subsequent users given the vehicle which
[documents] are attached to this Service Information document.
No other contract in the name of the referenced person was recorded in the company database.
Having gone to the counter of the Easyjet (Portway) airline in Faro airport it was confirmed that the
referenced person arrived in Faro on 28 JULY ??? [April] 2007 at 20h00 on the flight from Bristol,
being accompanied by Charlotte G. and according to the reservations also by a child whose
identity is not known because it is not recorded on the reservation.
The referenced people returned on the flight of 6 May, destination Bristol, and left at 10h25.
The document/receipt relating to both flights were furnished and are attached to this document.
Pages 2729 to 2737: Documents from SIXT and Easyjet.

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