This information belongs to the Ministério Público in Portimão, Portugal.
It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law


206 to 207 Information from PDL residents regarding sighting of suspicious individual


01-Processos, Volume I Pages 206 to 207

206 to 207?Information from PDL residents regarding sighting of suspicious individual

Following up information already filed with respect to "The Ocean Club" and Mr Lance. P whose parents occupy apartment 7 of Block 2 (Garden), who spoke of having seen an individual several times in tha area and described his physical appearance.
He confirmed several times that the man was thin, brown skinned, about 35 years old, about 1,70m tall, with dark short hair. While not having seen the clothing clearly, the man was not a "ragamuffin". He last saw the man about two weeks ago.
In Praia da Luz, the man was always seen near the pharmacy in Rua Helena do Nascimento Baptista, but he saw him at least twice and, from memory, between 11h00 and 12h00 on the main access road into Praia da Luz which leads to Rua Direita.
The man was always seen to be alone, and the witness ddoes not know if he was Portuguese or a foreigner. To him, the man's behaviour was always strange although he could not be specific as to why he felt that.
Trying to find the man officers walked the streets of the areas described by the witness, without success.
Mr. Lance P. drove to the DIC Portimao where he made a formal statement and helped create the "e-fit" no 19/2007, attached.
V. Matos

208 to 210 Witness statement of Lance Richard Purser with photo-sketch 2007.05.06
01-Processos, Volume I Pages 208 to 210
Witness statement

Lance Richard Purser

Date: 2007.05.06
Time: 13H00
Location: DIC Portimao
Profession: Manager

He comes to the process as a witness.

Given that he does not speak Portuguese, Inspector Sr. Joao Direito of this office, acts as interpreter.
That he has resided in Portugal for two years. He lives in Praia da Luz where he has an apartment together with his parents. He also owns other properties.

He became aware of the events last Friday (04.05.2007), from the Sky News TV channel.
Yesterday, the witness was asked by elements of the PJ to describe an individual he had seen two weeks ago.
The individual, whom he knows nothing more about, was seen on a few occasions in the Praia da Luz zone.
He states that it was an individual who appeared to be about 35/40 years of age, skinny, around 1,70 m in height, and wearing dark clothing (jean top and jeans). He had dark, straight hair, rather untidy which trailed down to his neck but could not be considered long.
The face is described as having a rustic appearance, dark-skinned and seemingly sun-tanned and he had dark eyes whose exact colour he cannot define.
He does not remember if there are other elements which he can point out.
That he could identify the individual via a picture or seeing him in person.
He states that he saw this individual on more than one occasion on the road that gives access to Praia da Luz, and also next to the pharmacy located on rua Helena do Nascimento Baptista in Praia da Luz.
At each sighting, the referred to individual was on foot, alone and did not appear to have a vehicle with him.
He further states that he can only refer to the individual whose description he provides to the current investigation and understands that he will complete a form with this individuals details for the PJ. This was not a person who looked like the people usual inhabitants of Praia da Luz.
The witness will be asked to comply with a photo-sketch exercise regarding the above mentioned individual.
He would like to add that the individual to whom he refers appeared to him from his appearance and his behaviour, as if he might be suffering from a psychological disturbance although it may not be very severe.
And nothing more was said, the witnesses statement is read to him and explained to him by the interpreter, he finds it in conformity, ratifies and signs together with the interpreter who accompanies him.


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