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1186 to 1191 Witness statement of Luis Filipe Duarte Antonio 2007.05.14
05-Processo, Volume V, pages 1186-1191 (6 Pages




Processo, Volume V, pages 1186-1191


Date: 2007/05/14 Time: 19:45 Location: DIC from Portimao's P.J.
Officer: R. Fernandes, inspector.


He has no relationship envisaged in Art.134, paragraph l of the CPP.
Moves to give evidence.

On the matter of the file he said:

--- He comes to the file as a witness.
--- Urged, he explains that he is the owner of a small firm of maintenance of swimming pools for 08 (eight) years, having only a part-time employee, providing services in an area of Barlavento Algarve from Salema up to Portimao.
--- That the swimming pools he services are owned by individuals and condominiums, providing assistance in terms of cleaning and making minor repairs.
--- That he is the owner of an all-terrain vehicle made by Nissan, the 1990 model Patrol, colour red, a station-wagon made by Volkswagen, Passat model, also the year 1990 colour dark blue, along with, more recently, he acquired a light commercial vehicle made by Renault, model Kangoo, colour yellow, the year 1999. He acquired this vehicle on 16 April this year from a client resident on the outskirts of Barao de S. Joao, this client is of Dutch nationality named PIM DE HAAM, it being that the vehicle was registered in his wife's name, INGE. He acquired the vehicle for the amount of 4,000 (four thousand) Euros, having paid through the delivery of 3,000 euros in cash from B.C.E. and the remaining amount, 1,000 euros, through a cheque that was issued to him by a customer in payment for services rendered in the repair of his swimming pool.
--- He is married to MICHAELA WALCZUCH since 1995, both having a daughter called Cxxxxxxxx Sxxxxx Walczuch Axxxxxx who is 08 (eight) years of age.
--- They all reside at the address indicated above, but four years ago the relationship of the couple suffered a serious setback due to his wife having committed adultery, that is, she maintained a relationship with an individual for about a month, having left home but, at the same time, alleging to miss her daughter, she asked the witness to return to the family residence in Lagos, ending with the deponent agreeing with this situation.
--- That after this situation, they still made an effort to save the marriage, however, those efforts have proved fruitless, ending with both making separate lives, but continuing to live under the same roof. Currently they live in separate bedrooms, maintaining the relationship thinking of their daughter, but there is a divorce in progress for about three weeks or a month, since this is a divorce by mutual agreement, leaving the child to live with the mother although they will have joint custody of the child.
--- The question asked, he explains that his wife MICHAEL WALCZUCH, still his wife, has a website called WWW.ROMIGEN.COM, it being that, from what he has been given to understand by MICHAELA, this is dedicated to marketing properties that are placed for sale by customers in the web page.

--- That his wife was employed as a sales representative in Remax and Century 21, both in the city of Lagos, before the launching of this project, but the witness does not know the exact date when MICHAELA WALCZUCH began to imagine setting up the project or to make it a reality.
--- Asked, he states that MICHAELA has a colleague in the preparation of the website project, not knowing if he is a partner, it being that the individual has the name of ROBERT MURAT.
--- That he met ROBERT MURAT when he [RM] was employed at Remax, at the same period in which MICHAELA WALCZUCH also worked there, knowing they both got on very well professionally, doing work together. That in the beginning ROBERT MURAT did not go to his home, given that, because of the infidelity committed by his wife, he had prohibited any visits by males.
--- However, after a while, having started to know ROBERT MURAT better, he was permitting that he could go to his residence for reasons related to working with his wife, and to dine with the couple in some situations.
--- These dinners were sporadic, and the majority of meetings were in fact, to his knowledge, purely professional.
--- Because it was asked, he states that ROBERT MURAT sometimes used the portable computer belonging to his wife, and also used the personal computer of the witness.
--- It is completely unknown if ROBERT MURAT used the Internet on his wife's computer, or whether, for business purposes or personal matters, he [RM] used his [LA] wife's e-mail address.
--- Urged, he states, without absolute certainty, that ROBERT MURAT is in the process of a divorce, as is the witness, knowing that he is of British nationality, he lives in Praia da Luz about 300/400 meters from the resort "LUZ OCEAN CLUB" in a house that he believes is owned by his mother. Has knowledge that Robert has a daughter aged about 04 (four) years old who lives with her mother in England.
--- Asked, he explains that, from memory, he never met personally, either the wife or the daughter of ROBERT MURAT, having only seen photographs of the girl.
--- He thinks that his daughter will have in her possession photographs where the daughter of ROBERT MURAT is also included, given that his wife MICHAEL WALCZUCH went to England on two occasions, having taken his daughter Cxxxxxxxxx with her. This trip occurred in the Christmas vacation of 2006, MICHAELA having previously gone to England without his daughter, the date of which he does not know precisely but, certainly, also during the year of 2006. He is not sure if there was a third trip, however, he thinks so, not having a proper memory of the reason for that as, at this time, he was already leading a life separate from his wife.
--- Because it was asked, he thinks that the first trip to England that MICHAELA WALCZUCH made, she made the trip in the company of ROBERT MURAT, having stayed at the home of his family. The reason for the trip, from what was said to him, was due to the works of restoration of a home of Robert, allied to the fact that they both needed time to work on the idea of the Internet site. He believes that MICHAELA WALCZUCH went to help with the restoration works mentioned above.
--- Questioned, he states that, concerning the payment of the trips to England, he thinks that ROBERT MURAT was charged with such payments. This was because of the collaboration opportunities that would be given to ROBERT by MICHAELA in their business affairs.
--- He remembers that before the Christmas holiday visit to England, in which his daughter Cxxxxxxxx also travelled with her mother, that she asked the witness to lend her about 900 (Nine) euros, claiming to need money to pay a debt to the bank that was still maintained since asking for a loan to open a shop selling German food, this business that failed. MICHAELA WALCZUCH said she still needed some money to buy clothes for their daughter in England, given that there it would be more expensive than in Portugal
--- The deponent, then drew 1200 (twelve hundred) euros from one of his accounts at Montepio Geral, the Lagos branch, which he gave to his wife.
--- To date, MICHAELA has never returned the money she borrowed, despite the witness already having reminded her of that fact.
--- The question asked, he explains that in his understanding, ROBERT MURAT and MICHAEL WALCZUCH do not have any love relationship, the relationship between them being of a professional nature.
--- Questioned accordingly, he affirms that he had dinner with Robert yesterday, at the residence of the witness, it being that when came home from work he [RM] was already there eating, alone, while MICHAELA was in the kitchen. They talked about the fact that Robert had rented a car of the brand Hyundai, Getz model, because the truck owned by him or his mother is in Praia da Luz, to display in the windows photographs of little Madeleine McCann, whom the public knows is missing.
--- This truck, the Volkswagen brand, model Transporter, colour green, was driven several times by ROBERT MURAT.
--- That ROBERT used to drive this truck as well as a vehicle of brand SKODA, Fabia model, station-wagon, colour grey, this car that MICHAELA also would drive when ROBERT was in England.
--- He does not know if ROBERT MURAT has any other cars.
--- It being asked of him, he clarifies that, except for yesterday night when he dined with ROBERT MURAT, he has no memory of the last time when he saw him or was with him.
--- That during the dinner they talked about the fact that ROBERT has helped the current investigation, as an interpreter, in two or three diligences, not having noticed any behaviour or remark in any way strange or out of the ordinary for him. It seems to him that ROBERT is concerned about the disappearance of the English child, since he has a daughter of the approximate age of Madeleine McCann. As has been said, ROBERT has participated also in actions that lead to discovery of the whereabouts of the girl, the same as the rest of the English community in the area of Praia da Luz and Lagos.

And nothing more said. Read, ratified and will sign.

1192 Fax to National Institute of Legal Medicine regarding collected vestiges
1193 Confirmation above fax sent
05-Processo Vol V page 1192 to 1193
Fax to National Institute of Legal Medicine regarding collected vestiges
Dated 15 May 2007; no subject.

It being necessary to the above investigation, it is requested that you proceed with the necessary examinations of all trace evidence delivered to the INML under authority of the Inquiry.
1206 Copy of Luis Antonios identity card
1207 Vehicle registration information for Luis Antonios Nissan patrol
1208 Terms of consent re: Luis Antonio
1209 Search warrant for Luis Antonios vehicle Renault Kangoo and SD memory cards 2007.05.14
1210 Results of search on above vehicle 2007.05.14
05-Processo, Volume V, pages 1206 to 1210
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1206 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1207 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1209
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1208 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1210
1214 to 1216 Witness testimony of Joao Crisostomo Vieira Olim Junior 2007.05.14
1217 Consent to search above witness car a Volkswagen Passat
1218 Search warrant to search Volkswagen Passat
05-Processo Vol V pages 1214 to 1218

Witness testimony of Joao Crisostomo Vieira Olim Junior 2007.05.14

To the case at hand, he said:
--- He comes as a witness based on the fact that he works part-time and out-of-hours for the previously identified L.F.D.Antonio.
--- Following this, and due to his professional relationship with the above person, the deponent states that he habitually drives the VW Passat licence 5.-..-.P, owned by L.A., in virtue of having to assiduously go to areas bordering Lagos in order to perform his part-time work for that individual [L.A.].
--- Asked, he states that that activity translates into the expansion of private swimming pool cleaning and disinfection business [operations] in the area of Praia da Luz.
--- Asked, he states that L.A. had established the business several years ago, adding that he had worked for him for about 2 years.
--- The question asked, he clarified having met L.A. and his wife about five years before on the occasion of a meeting of a religious cult which they both profess - namely the cult of Jehovah's Witnesses.
--- Concerning the wife of L.A., the deponent knows only that she is German-born and a Portuguese national, named M.W., and that she works in real estate.
--- Asked to clarify the circumstances under which he was using the vehicle in question, he revealed that, despite it appearing to be owned by L.A. (because it is usually parked near to his home in Rua Adelina ...) it is strictly speaking a service vehicle [for the business] and he uses it in accordance with the planned time table of daily visits.
--- Relating to the events under investigation in this case re: the disappearance of British minor, Madeleine McCann, on 3 May 2007 from Ocean Club Garden - Praia da Luz - Lagos, the deponent stated he knows absolutely nothing about any incidents that might have possibly surrounded the occurrence.
--- He explains that on that date he was in Almadena in the morning doing his part-time work described above.
--- Having spent the morning cleaning and disinfecting several private pools in that area he stopped work at 12h00.
--- Then he will have gone to L.A.'s house to park the car there, then he will have walked home on foot to Rua da Estrema ... in Lagos, where he will have rested, as usual, given that he had a night shift from 24h00 to 08h00 as nightwatch at the Valverde campsite.
--- Later, at 18h30, he would have prepared himself for a Jehovah's Witness meeting which he attended between 20h30 and 22h30.
--- He states that at a time he does recall exactly, but between 18h30 and 20h00, he will have eaten his dinner at home.
--- The above [prayer] meeting being over, he will have returned home where he changed into his uniform and left for the Valverde campsite where he would have been the entire early morning of 4 May fulfilling his job as nightwatch.
--- Therefore, he reiterates knowing nothing about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, wishing to add that he found out about its proportions and the related incidents only the following day from what was said and written in the Press.
Nothing more said. Read, ratifies and will sign.

1484 to 1487 Letter to Amaral re: Luis Antonio
06-Processo Volume VI pages 1484 to 1487

[Letter to Amaral re: Luis Antonio]
Another suggestive letter from the National Directorate in Lisbon, this one
dated 18 May 2007, in which it states that the British authorities have
advocated the phone surveillance of Luis Antonio in order to assess his possible
involvement or knowledge of the events of 3 May 2007.

Again the Directorate ventures to suggest obtaining the relevant legal authority
to obtain past call history for, and to monitor future calls on two telephones,
and politely leaves the appropriate actions to be taken up to the consideration
and determination of the Coordinator of the Investigation.

i.e. confirmation notes by MoPo on having seen the National Directorate suggestions, along with  the placement of phone surveillance -

06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1485 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1486 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1487
1488 to 1492  Further information regarding Luisa Antonio with request for diligences repeats of 1485 to 1487
06-Processo Volume VI pages 1488 to 1492 [ Repeats of 1485 to 1487]
Pages 1488-92 are repeats of pages 1485-87, i.e. confirmation notes by MoPo on having seen the National Directorate suggestions, along with  the placement of phone surveillance
06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1488 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1489 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1491
06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1490 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1492
1493 to 1497  Official PJ request for diligences on Luis Antonio
06-Processo Volume VI pages 1493 to 1497
1493-97 are standard word intercept documents issued by the authority dated XX.XX.XXXX to commence phone surveillance over {person}'s telephone." The same would be true of the cessation documents, i.e. when the surveillance authority was removed by the court.
06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1493 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1494 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1496
06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1495 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1497
1585 to 1589  Luis Filipe Antonio Duarte
06-Processo Volume VI pages 1585 to 1589

Luis Filipe Duarte Antonio
Date: 24 May 2007; Time: 11h00; Place: In this Department
Officer: Joao Carvalho, Inspector

To the matter in hane he said:
--- Because it was asked, and after it was explained the reason for them (for
photographic identification) he accepted and gave his voluntary consent for
several photographs to be taken of him. They were taken by an employee of this
Department of the Policia Judiciaria, Pedro V., Assistant Specialist.
--- He has a business company in his own name for about 10 years, it being
dedicated to the maintenance and repair of swimming pools.
--- In the maintenance and repair is included everything related to pools and
its perfect usage after its construction, from cleaning/suction (of the pool and the filters) through treatment of the water with application of appropriate
chemical products, and to the maintenance and repair of motors that drive the
water circulation [pumps].
--- From memory, he began servicing the "Ocean Club" tourist complex in Praia da
Luz - Lagos, between 1998 and 2000, not remembering precisely the exact dates.
--- It was his client until his services were dispensed with, he thinks because
his wife Michaela Walczuch having been ill (later being determined that she was
pregnant) and having failed to maintain the pools several times, having been at
home. The person who had contacted him, the person responsible for that service
in the "Ocean Club", was an employee named Silvia (he thinks that she still
works there). She had told him that his services were no longer required.
--- Asked he responded that he held no grudge against anyone, advancing that
that type of pool (in tourist complexes) give much work due the the number of
people that use them, it being, in monetary terms, less profitable than working
on private swimming pools.
--- He can prove this claim because he is currently responsible for 37 or 38
private pools having only the St. James resort, in Praia da Luz, and a
condominium "Building B1 4-A, in Lagos.
--- In the past two years he had a boy, called Joao Junior, as a part-time
employee who helped maintain some of the pools, he having during this past week
(probably because of the deponent having been involved with the police), refused
to continue to help him in his work.
--- Asked about days 2 and 3 May 2007, he said:
-----> On 2 May he did "normal work for the day", Wednesday, and that during the
morning that is doing two clients in Mexilhoreira Grande, another one near to
"Penina Resort" - National Route Portimao-Lagos. He doesn't remember if he took
lunch or not on that day, but if he did then he surely went to "The Tavern", in
Alcalar, close to the car showroom of Rui Avo.
-----> In the afternoon he was "doing" 3 pools in Urb. da Globo, in Senhora do
Verde, until around 17h30. Around 18h00/18h30 he remembers having gone to mount
a motor, which he thinks he had bought the day before (but that can be confirmed
with the invoice, if necessary), in Vale da Lama, close to Odiaxere, to a man
named Mark who is not a client but he [
LA] had been asked by a mutual
acquaintance and had accepted the job. That consisted of unmounting a motor that
had been installed previously to "disentangle from the client" and mounting the
new one. Around 19h30 he still went to his German client, named Lier, in the
same area, Lote 6.
-----> At 20h45 he must have been home, not remembering if he passed by the
Lagos tennis club,in Urb. Marina Sol near the "boat roundabout". Once in a while
he passes by [drops in] there at the end of the day "to give two fingers of conversation" and to drink "a glass", or to take breakfast. This happens because
his friend, Jorge Arvelos, works as in the tennis club bar. He slept at his
house, at the address given above. Because he had a cheque of that date (2 May),
which is in the case file, he said that possibly he went to te
client/administrator of the Condominium "Predio Bl. 4-A, in Lagos.
-----> As for day 3 May he thinks that at 10h00 he took breakfast at the Lagos
tennis club, having stayed that day a little longer that usual because "it was a
day he had no appetite for work". At 11h30/12h00 he left, not remembering where
he ate lunch. Also he does not remember what he did in the afternoon, having in
principle done his usual work and visits of Thursday in the Lagos area. He has
the notion only that around 18h30 he went "to do" a pool close to the small
roundabout next to the Lagos Health Centre, Lote 5, on the Atalaia road, at
client Paulo Saraiva. He left around 19h30 and went to his next client, Anabela
Valente, Lote 45, near the Private Hospital S. Goncalo de Lagos. He remembers
these two clients because he received from them cheques for payment of his
services. Copies of those cheques are in the case file.
--- He wants at this point to correct that:
--- 1. He does not remember id he ate lunch at "The Tavern" in Alcalar because
at times he picks up something to eat in the car and therefore does not go to
any establishment [eating place].
--- 2. The time taken with each pool can be longer or shorter depending on the
maintenance and/or problems found, and their resolution.
--- 3. Due to the fact that there already having passed some time since 2 and 3
May, he cannot guarantee with all certainty the actions and times indicated it
being, however, that these client visits are made every Wednesday and Thursday.
--- 4. His clients do not always want their pool treated, they are not always at
home or they are not always aware of his presence he having the freedom and
authority to enter the access gates, possessing the gate keys for several homes
for that purpose.
--- 5. Customarily he gets up every day around 08h00, some days taking his 8
year old daughter, C.S., to the primary school in Ameijeira, Lagos by 09h00.
--- 6. He is a regular client, at lunch time, of the "Bem Bom" restaurant in
Atalaia, Lagos.
--- 7. At the time (the date of the events) he had an "assistant/helper", called
Joao Junior (already mentioned previously), who works Monday-Wednesday. He is
trusted in in his work, at times not having full control over him when his work
was done on those days.
--- As to his relationship with M.W., he said that they had come to a mutual
agreement that was better than a divorce, both agreeing to safeguard the
interests of their daughter. That agreement has already been delivered to a
lawyer to be rendered effective. While they live in the same house, in separate
bedrooms, each is free to live their own life. Neither interferes in the life of
the other, there existing a mutual respect.
--- As for Robert Murat he knows him as a colleague of his wife, thinking him an
empathetic person, relationally easy and accessible. He doesn't know much about
him although he [RM] has dined occasionally in his [LA} house at the invitation
of M.W., and the deponent has, once, treated his swimming pool.
--- He has not seen him for some time, not having spoken with him since his
becoming an arguido in this Inquiry. From memory the last time he saw him was
when he [LA] came home and he [RM] being with M.W., recalling that they spoke a
little, the deponent learning that Robert Murat was helping in the searches. He
does not recall the date.
--- Questioned about the number of telephone calls received daily he responded
that it is usual for him to always be on his mobile phone responding to clients,
suppliers and family members.
--- Asked if on 2 and/or 3 May 2007 he was inside the "Ocean Club" resort in
Praia da Luz, Lagos, he responded "absolutely NOT". He advances that from memory
since the Complex ceased being a client he has never been in there, that is in
the pools area, bras/restaurants, shops, etc. In that time he also does not
recall having been in the vicinity of the Complex nor even in Praia da Luz.
--- Asked about if he frequently/usually goes to "Baptista Supermarket" near to
"Ocean Club" he says that in Praia da Luz he has no fixed place where he usually
eats, it also not being often that he "passes by there", but that sometimes he
goes buying something to eat, "up until the things there are no longer appropriately cheap."
--- As for the disappearance of Madeleine McCann he said that, from memory, on
day $ May he learned of it first through the car radio.
--- He did not participate in the searches to find the the missing girl, nor
later being, at any time, in the place of the happenings.
--- Attached are two pages showing copies of three cheques mentioned above.

Nothing more said. read, ratifies and will sign.

1654 PJ correspondence
1655 to 1657  Information about Luisa Antonio and Michaela Walzuch
06-Processo Volume VI pages 1654 to 1658
Pages 1655 and 1656 are formal requests from LA and MW to have their computers and other items returned.
Page 1657 notes a Judgement in Silves on 30 May 2007 which states that the equipment should be returned when it is proven to no longer be of interest to the investigation.
See the reference given at the bottom right of the paragraph]
06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1655 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1656 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1657


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