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586 to 589 Witness statement of Luis Miguel de Sousa Barros 2007.05.08
03-Processos Vol III Pages 586-587


Witness statement

Luis Miguel de Sousa Barros

Date: 2007/05/08

Occupation: Barman Millenium Restaurant

Place of Work: Ocean Club

He has worked at the Ocean Club for 14 years, always at the Millenium which is the only restaurant in the OC that serves breakfast.
Inside that restaurant and especially at this time of year they only serve lunch on Sundays, called Sunday lunch (typically British), normally serving dinners with the possibility of eating on the terrace or esplanade for serving barbecues on Wednesdays. He does not work shifts and neither does he have fixed hours. His work requires responsibility and he is usually one of the last persons to leave, there being some margin for starting later the following day. Recently, given the scarcity of personnel, he has only had one day off a week. This is always a Thursday, coinciding with the day Madeleine disappeared.

The witness said he was dining with his wife, son and friends in a restaurant in P da L, before 24.00 he received a call to his mobile from the fixed network phone in the Millenium restaurant, informing him about the disappearance.

It was his colleague Nelson who contacted. He was not asked anything in particular, just informed, however he felt that he should go to the resort, which he did immediately, making himself available for whatever was needed. He remembered that there was great panic amongst all the people looking for Madeleine. He helped search, remaining at the OC until 05.00, searching the entire resort. They did not find anything to help locate the child. He was shown a photograph of Madeleine, once they were distributed, not just by the press, but also stuck up around the resort, in shop windows and the windows of cars.

He remembered being in the presence of the group Madeleine belonged to, composed of nine adults and eight children on the 28th April, the day they arrived at the resort. Apart from breakfast, which they would eat every day in the Millenium restaurant, dinner on Saturday night was the only meal they had there because the Tapas bar did not serve dinner on Saturdays. He remembered that Saturdays dinner was a buffet service and that he had been very close to the group, giving them all the necessary indications related to the service. In spite not recalling Madeleine's exact features, he presumes she was there with the other children present. He did not notice anything particular about the girl, nor was there any difference in the normal tranquillity in spite of the fact that there were 8 children.

He does not remember serving breakfast to the group, given that this would occur before he began work.

When asked he says that on a date he cannot remember, the group, just the adults because the children were dining with the nannies, had been too late in making their dinner reservation at the Tapas, and an exception was made, authorised by his boss Steve, as the Tapas only provides for 20 dinners for half board clients as was the case.

He think that this request was made in order to be close to the children who had their meals with the nannies, and to be close to the apartments.

He has nothing else to add.
Reads, ratifies, signs.


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