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716 to 719 Witness statement of Lynne Rhiannon Fretter 2007.05.08
720 Copy of Lynne Rhiannon Fretter's passport

03-Processos Vol III Pages 716-719


Date: 2007/05/07

Witness Statement

Lynne Rhiannon Fretter

Place: OC

Occupation: Child educator

As she does not speak Portuguese, Robert Murat translates.

She has been in Portugal since 21st March, the date upon which she began work this year at the OC, where she works as a child educator according to the contract she signed with MW in the UK.

She clarifies that during the period from 21st March to 7th May she worked together with different groups of children staying at the resort, in groups of seven children of both sexes. During her first week she worked with the "Junior" group and from then on worked with groups of children aged between one and two years in the "Toddlers 1" group and children aged between two and three in "Toddlers 2". As regards the week in question, she worked with the baby group.

When questioned she says that her working hours are quite flexible and rotate, depending on the weekly planning of the children's activities. When questioned she said that she was trained in England for two years, as a child educator.

With relation to the facts being investigated, she says that she only had one brief contact, a few seconds with Madeleine - whom they called Madie (sic), when she passed by her, having eaten at the table, where she was.

When questioned she says that Madeleine belonged to the Mini Club, which was a group for children aged between three and five years old.

When questioned she says that the crèche is managed by her colleague Lyndsay and that the Mini Club group is supervised by her colleague Amy, who also coordinates a group of nannies, whose names she knows to be Cat and Emma, employees who were in charge of the group during that week, from 29th April to 4th May 2007.

When questioned, she replies that the little girl was discreet and shy. She says that she was a very pretty girl, however she did not stand out because of this.

She had no contact with the parents.

On 3rd May 2007 at about 23.30, when she was at her apartment, with Cat, who also lives there, she was told by Leanne that Maddie had disappeared and that nobody had been able to find her.

She quickly got dressed and went out to join a group of staff who were searching the resort and P d L without success.

She participated in the search with other OC colleagues and other individuals (tourists, apartment owners from the resort).

That later, she does not remember the exact time, but it must have been at about 02.00 on 4th May she noticed that the police were also on the site, taking account of the occurrence and taking measures for this kind of situation.

When questioned she says that she searched the OC until about 04.00 on 4th May with negative results. In the morning, at about 08.30, the searches resumed and she participated in the searches in the resort.

When questioned she says that seeing as she just had one contact with the girl, she does not know the girl's habits or those of her parents and nothing strange about the girl had been mentioned to her, during the time she was working in Portugal.

When questioned she says that she heard from her colleagues about the Portuguese individual who contacted them and invited them for a beer, but knows no details about this.

She says that never discussed the children with anyone other than her colleagues.

She knows of nothing suspicious that can be related to the disappearance of Madeleine.

Reads, signs, ratifies.


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