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346 to 349 Witness statement of Marina Paula Raposo Baptista Castela 2007.05.07
02-Processos Volume II Pages 346 - 349


Marina Paula Raposo Baptista Castela

Date/Time: 2007/05/07 11H10
General Governess

Concerning the issue of the process said:
. That she comes to the process as a witness;
. That she has been an employee of 'The Ocean Club' for about 20 years, being actually responsible for the 'Department of Hygiene and Comfort' of all the apartments in the tourist complex. She is responsible for the apartments with the exterior areas, pools and communal areas (gardens and others) being the responsibility of other departments;
. In this form, and for a better understanding of the organisation of the tourist complex, whose structure has already been explained;
. The deponent further clarifies that practically all the apartments of the tourist complex and privately owned, and the Ocean Club just manages them. For this reason, the complex works with various travel agencies which contact them to rent apartments with certain features/options made b the clients;
. Concerning the McCann family, she remembers that after reading the booking list for check-ins for the 27th, this family had contracted with the Mark Warner travel agency. This agency informed that tourist complex that for that family they needed a type T2 apartment, as they were a family of 5, not specifying the number of children nor their ages;
. She further adds that the respective travel agency contacted and activated the 'CHILD CARE' service. This service is composed of employees of British nationality, who are installed for their length of service in the tourist complex. On the eve of check-in, this service is directed by the administration of the Ocean Club with and end to collecting the key to the respective apartment. Given that this service is related to the travel agency, it is they who give the keys to the guests, and not the 'Ocean Club.' This service is who was responsible for the placement of children's beds in the rooms. The deponent further states that her responsibility is the hygiene of the apartments, not touching the children's beds, as it is the CHILD CARE service which effects the changing of bed linens of these same beds;
. On these terms, aided by the list which she was given as to the program of cleaning mentioned previously, she remembers that the McCann family, arrived to the apartment on the 28th of April with their check-out date booked for May 05;
. During the stay, as with any other client, the cleaning is carried out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The collection of rubbish is carried out on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Saturdays being the day were a deeper cleaning is carried out. Referring to block 5 where the McCann family lodged, the person responsible for cleaning there is employee Mara Julia Serafim Da Silva; also being an aid to the preparation of the apartment before check-in for new guests. Before the McCann check-in, Maria Julia had aided Dina Maria Does Reis Rocha as she was more available;
. Before the preparation of the apartment, she was totally unaware that children were booked for that apartment. Only by coincidence, precisely at the moment in which the employees were preparing said apartment, the CHILD CARE elements proceeded to place the children's beds (cots). It was only at this moment when her department took notice that children would be staying there;

. With the aim of explaining her routine, she states that employees arrived at 10H00 and the deponent takes from a safe in the laundry room, the keys to the apartments where they are scheduled to clean that day, and hands them to the respective employees. At the end of the work-day, shortly after 18H00, they reunite in the laundry-room in order to hand over their respective keys;
. There is a preference to clean those apartments with children guests in the morning, with the rest being reserved for the afternoon;
. She refers that along with her and the clients, the Ocean Club reception and the maintenance department have the apartment keys, with the function of the department to fix various things that the apartment may need;
. States that the entire department finishes work at 18H00, but at that time of the facts were not to be found in the immediate areas. She further adds that during the previous days, she did not notice anything relevant which called her attention, nor any one strange. She also states that the proper characteristics of the Tourist Complex make her constantly come across various people, who are related to, or not related to, the complex, without any control of access;
. In ending, questioned, she refers to her department, which is made up of 28 employees whose names are listed in this act which the deponent has handed over, duly initialled. Of these, 19 are actual staff, with the rest being contracted employees (proceeded by the numbers 88, 86, 87, 89, 71, 92, 100, 60 and 90) only for the periods of major influx (the duration of contract could vary between 7 and 8 months) despite which they have maintained a professional relationship for many years, with the exception of employees proceeded with the numbers 88, 89 and 60 who have gained a contract for the first time, this year with the complex;
. And nothing further was said. She has read the statement, finds it in conformity and signs it;
. The document is duly signed by me, Tony Almeida, an Inspector with this Policia Judiciaria.
1409 to 1412 Witness Statement of Marina Paulo Raposo Batista Castela
06-Processos Vol VI Pages 1409 , 1412
Witness Statement

Marina Paulo Raposo Batista Castela

Date: 2007 , 05 , 16

Place of Work: Ocean Club

Occupation: General Manager

She comes to the process as a witness. She heard about the disappearance on 4th May when she arrived at work at about 09.30.

She saw the suspect, Robert Murat, for the first time on that day at about 12.30 when the witness went to meet GNR officers whom she cannot identify, to open the doors for them and speak to guests staying in apartments in block 6. The objective was for the police to talk to these guests and show them the photo of the girl and establish whether they had any information that could lead to discovering her whereabouts.

When she was beginning this task together with GNR officers, this individual appeared, she does not know from where, he immediately saw what operations were going on, speaking ostensibly to the guests from the first two apartments, explaining to them what they were doing there, showing much will and anxiety in the transmission of this information.

Given his behaviour, for a few minutes the witness thought that he belonged to one of the security forces, namely the PJ.

The GNR officer who was with them did not speak and English nor say anything.

After the second apartment, the witness says that Robert's attitude was not the most correct, as he spoke to the guests in a very dry and affirmative way and she took the initiative to introduce herself to the clients, not letting him speak.

She thanks that is the reason why he immediately disappeared and did not accompany them to the rest of the apartments.

During the time he was with them that afternoon, several times he said how sorry he was about Madeleine's disappearance, that he had a daughter of the same age and that we had to do everything possible to find the girl.

She had not seen this individual before this incident and knows nothing about him or his lifestyle.

She only saw him again on the morning of 7th May when she came to make statements to the PJ officers in apartment 6 of block 6. She was in the building between 11.00 and 13.30 and remembers that the individual entered and left the building at free will. They said hello to each other and did not speak any further that day.

On the following day 8th May, when she took some cleaning staff to the PJ station for questioning, Robert went to her and greeted her with two kisses. He asked her name. She did not see him again that day and thinks he was with the PJ officers.

She saw him again the following day 9th May at about 10.30 at the PJ station. At that moment he approached her and said the witness was known by a friend of his, Michaela. The witness confirmed this fact.

After this day she saw him no further. Apart from the contacts she had with him she had seen him on other occasions from a distance, in the company of journalists.

When questioned, she said that she knows Michaela (she has a German surname which the witness cannot pronounce) who lives behind the Del Rei restaurant in Lagos for the past 10 years.

They got to know each other through both being Jehovah's witnesses and frequenting the same church, opposite the financial building in Lagos.

That she would attend the meetings with her boyfriend at that time, called Luis Antonio. Afterwards they got married and went to live in the apartment where they still both reside. She does not know whether they are still married today.

She knows that about 3 years ago, Michaela left home and went to live with another man near Faro, the witness does not know whom this individual was. She does know that Michaela was away for a little while, returning home.

Since that time (about 3 years ago) she has not had any further contact with Michaela because she was disassociated from the Jehovah's witnesses of her own will and due to the reasons mentioned above.

That about 2 or 3 months ago she was readmitted to the JW . last Sunday, on 13th May they were together at a meeting where she was with her daughter. They greeted each other and the witness told her that she had met her partner, Robert. She confirmed that they had a business together on the Internet and that he had come to live in Portugal to expand his business, having arrived recently.

The witness says that he went to help the police in P da L with the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. She (MW) said that this was typical of him, to want to help. She added that he had even delayed medical tests in the UK in order to be in Portugal and accompany the investigation. Michaela appeared a bit displeased, due to the fact that their Internet business had experienced delays.

She does not know whether Michaela had a relationship with Robert as he was never referred to on this level and she never saw them together.

When asked about Michaela,s personality, the witness said she was a very cold person namely in the interpersonal relationships with her mother in law, daughter and with friends. At the time she was married to Luis Antonio (whom she still lives with) she did not work and liked to take care of her appearance. Given the coldness of her personality, they never had a close relationship.

The she speaks, Portuguese, German and English well. She says she had good computer skills. She has not seen her in the OC area for almost 7 years, which is when she came to live with Luis Antonio, who cleaned the resort pool.

Recently Michaela has been working in real estate companies. At this moment, as far as the witness knows, she has a home selling business with Robert on Internet and that they are in the process of expansion, to include other services.

She recognises Robert as the man presented as a suspect in the abduction of Madeleine on the television during the last days and as resident of Casa Liliana situated close to where the events occurred.

According to what Michaela told her, he spends a lot of time in England. Due to the witness's profession she passed by the house every day (the OC has various lost nearby, called Palm Bay) and she has never seen that man there, which makes her think that he spent a lot of time abroad or in another place.

As far as she knows, Michaela was also in the UK with her daughter during the carnival holiday in 2007.

No more is said. Reads, ratifies, signs.


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