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It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law

798 to 799 Witness statement of Najoua Chekaya 2007.05.09


03-Processos Vol III Pages 798 - 799

Witness Statement

Najoua Chekaya

Date: 2007/05/09

Place: Praia da Luz - Lagos

Occupation: Aerobic Instructor

She comes to the process as a witness.
She worked as an aerobics instructor next to the Millenium Restaurant swimming pool, close to the Tapas restaurant in P Da L.

As she does not speak Portuguese, she is assisted by the interpreter, Robert Murat.

Stated that she arrived in Portugal on 21st March 2007 for the first time, having been recruited from England by the Mark Warner company.

She was recruited to give aerobic classes, however she was also asked to carry out a Quiz (game) twice a week (Tuesdays and Sundays) in the Ocean Club Tapas restaurant.

She began her working day at about 08.15 near to the Millenium restaurant until 08.45, then at 09.30 she walked to Lagos from where she returned at about 11.30 and at about 11.45 went for lunch at the Tapas restaurant.

In the afternoon she began work at 15.20 next to the Millenium until 16.15 and then returned to the Tapas restaurant until 17.15 and then to the Millenium restaurant from 17.30 to 18.00. She finished at about 18.15 and returned to the Tapas Bar for dinner and at 21.00 did a kind of quiz with the guests who were having dinner in the restaurant.

She remembers that last Tuesday at the end of the quiz, she was invited to the table of nine guests who asked her to join them for a drink.

She was at their table for about fifteen to twenty minutes and it was there that she met Madeleine's father, who directly invited her to the table, however, she does not know whether Madeleines mother was also there.

When questioned, she said that they talked of banalities and she did not notice any aspect or behaviour that was out of the ordinary.
When questioned, she said that during the time that she was there Madeleines father did not leave the table, neither did any of the other guests, however, during this time one of the chairs was always empty, that of someone who had had dinner and left, not managing to indicate any identifying element about this person.

When questioned, she said she was at the table from about 21.30 to 21.50.

She does not remember anyone from outside the resort having made any questions about the functioning of the Ocean Club, or about any particular service.
When questioned, she said that she had only seen Madeleine once or twice and had merely said hello to her, no more than that.

When questioned, she said that she had never seen anyone suspicious in the vicinity of the Ocean Club.

She knows nothing more about the subject.

Reads, ratifies, signs.

1841 to 1842 - Witness statement of Najoua Chekaya 2007.06.20
07-Processo Volume 7 pages 1841 to 1842

Witness statement: Najoua Chekaya
Date: 20 June 2007 Time: 16h00 Place: Praia da Luz - Lagos
Officer: Jose Ricardo, Inspector
To the matter at hand she said:
--- She appears as a witness. Being a British national she does not not know the Portuguese
language in oral or written form, there being present, therefore, an interpreter Sra. Lidia N., PJ
employee/officer from DRPD/ADT.
--- In accordance with the statements made by her in this case, on 9 May 2007, she confirms it
having been on the Tuesday, 1 May 2007, that she was invited to the table of the group of which
the McCann couple were part, by Gerry himself.
--- That she recalls there being an empty place [seat] at the table, not being certain if it had been
Madeleine's mother's place given that she is not sure if they had met each other there at that time.
--- The photographs of the group of the McCann's friends having been shown to her, the deponent
declares that from those photos seen she has some reservations about David Payne [in that] while
she thinks he was also there, she had not noted his presence.
--- The question asked she declares not being certain who was missing from the group.
Nothing more said. Read, ratifies and will sign, together with the interpreter who assisted her.


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