This information belongs to the Ministério Público in Portimão, Portugal.
It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law


264 to 265 Witness Statement of Nuno Filipe Guerreiro da Concericao 2007.05.06

02-Processos, Volume II Pages 264 to 265

Witness Testimony of Nuno Filipe Guerreiro Da Conceicao
Date of Diligence: 2007.05.06
Time: 20H50
Locale: Praia da Luz
Executing Officer: Pedro Florindo, Inspector
Profession: Maintenance Technician
Place of work: Ocean Club Resort, Praia da Luz, Lagos

That he comes to the process as a witness and states:
- That he is a functionary of the Ocean Club for about eight years and exercises his functions in the maintenance area. He is responsible for fulfilling maintenance requests on all the buildings related to the resort.
- That he works daily from 09H00 to 18H00, with weekly breaks on Wednesday and Thursday. Besides his routine hours, he also may be called at any time to carry out maintenance/repairs.
- That the majority of people who stay at the resort are foreigners, mainly English.
- Questioned, he states that, last Thursday, he was off duty but was called by the reception and went to the resort around 020H30 to open a door that had problems. After completing the work for which he was called, which took him about 15 minutes, he left for his residence, and was again contacted, at around 22H15 to ask him if there were torch/flash lights that could be used to help look for a child that had gone missing. The deponent responded that there weren't any and was not called again that night.
- When he arrived the next morning, around 07H10, he encountered many people and GNR/police close to block 5 along with some foreigners, who, at the time, he associated with the disappearance of the child he had heard about the night before. He headed toward his place of work and that morning carried out his functions which included the cleaning of the pools next to the Tapas restaurant. He did not notice anything out of the ordinary.
- During the day he learnt more via his colleagues of the story of the missing child.
- Questioned, he states that he never came across a circumstance that made him pay particular attention to this family, not with the children or before the disappearance.
- Questioned, he states that he does not remember having seen Madeleine's face before her photograph was released in the media and which he helped distribute to the apartments after her disappearance.
- He states that the break-ins to the apartments are common, especially
for burglary purposes, and that some are the result of clients leaving their doors open.
- Questioned, he states that according to what he remembers, he did not observe any abnormal movements by any individual that would indicate s/he was preparing to commit a criminal act.
- And nothing more was said. He reads and finds it in conformity.


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