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154 to 160 External Diligence regarding possible sighting in Sagres with pictures

Translation by Ines

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External Diligence dated 2007/05/05 (possible sighting in Sagres - with photographs)

Today we went to the above mentioned address with the aim of confirming a denouncement of an individual whose identification and attitude towards a four-year old girl on Mareta beach in Sagres was considered suspicious.

Thus, we contacted the father, NUNO  LOURENCO , of the household that was on holiday in the town of Sagres until 13/05/2007 together with a daughter around four years old and a son of around two years old.

161 to 167 Witness statement of Nuno Manuel Lourenco De Jesus 2007.05.05

01-Processos Volume I Pages 161 to 167


Witness Statement

Nuno M---- Lourenco d- J----
Date : 2007.05.05
Time: 16H30
Place: DIC Portimao
Officer responsible: Joao Carlos, Inspector
Profession: Domestic worker
Place of work:

That he comes to the process as a witness and states:
He is of Portuguese nationality but immigrated to Germany 14 years ago. He married a German citizen in Denmark. He has two children, whose names are L*******., almost three years old and a girl whose name is L*****, who is almost four years old.
He was on holiday in Portugal from the 22nd of April until the 13th of the current month. He stayed with his mother who lives in Sagres, and was accompanied by his two children and his wife B******, who does not speak Portuguese.

On the 29th of the past month, after he had returned his rental car, he walked (since it was close by) to Mareta beach in Sagres. He arrived there around 15H00. He and his family went to the play area. Between 16H00 and 17H00, he cannot be more precise, he noticed a male individual holding a small silver-coloured camera who, in a disguised fashion, was taking pictures of his children. He speaks of 'disguised fashion' as the individual, instead of holding the camera to his face, was taking pictures from the abdominal area of his body. The witness overheard the 'clicking' noise when pictures were taken.

After having taken three or four pictures of his children, he verified that that the individual took more pictures of two male children, nine and five years of age. These were children of a couple who were at the witness's side and who were playing with a ball. He knows of them as they live in Sagres, a short distance from his mother. He does not know their names.

For this reason, he supposes that his children were photographed to be abducted or to be used for illicit reasons. He began looking at the individual indignantly and aggressively and the same individual taking the pictures then left the area. But even before this, the individual took more pictures of the four children in a disguised fashion, and of others with the camera to his face. This individual also got on his knees on the sand to take additional pictures.

After leaving the area, the witness did not see the individual and did not again think about the incident.
At around 18H00/18H30, as it got a bit colder, they left the beach and headed toward the esplanade to buy sweets at a pastry shop called 'Marreiros', about 400 metres from the beach, in Sagres. As he and his family were sitting (the witness was having a coffee), he saw the same individual passing the pastry shop and heading toward the outer perimeter of the esplanade. He noticed that the individual constantly looked at the children and entered the shop, but left immediately after. At this moment, his daughter, began racing around the tables as they were ready to leave.

Seeing this, the individual began to walk rapidly toward the witnesses daughter crossing the witnesses family as they were departing. Luckily or by chance, the witness's daughter stopped next to the witness as it appeared the individual tried to stop them from leaving, and once again entered the pastry shop and again left without buying anything. This same individual left toward the back of a kiosk which exists in the area. Shaken by this situation, and without the least doubt that the individuals intention was to abduct this daughter, he got out his mobile and began taking various pictures of the individual, from the front, and in such a way that the individual would clearly see that the witness was taking pictures. This did not work however, as the witness had his finger on the lens of the mobile camera. Even though the individual had left the kiosk area, he noticed that the individual had now situated himself next to the wheel of a grey- coloured, recent model Renault Clio. The witness noted the registration plate on a piece of paper which he eventually discarded, as will be explained later in this statement. This individual was accompanied by a woman, sitting in the passenger seat. The witness managed to take a picture of the vehicle which he handed over to the police, and which is now exhibited. The picture is recorded as having been taken at 18H08 on 29/04/2007.

After taking the picture of the vehicle, with the date/time stamp recorded by the mobile phone, a few minutes later the couple in question left in the direction of the Sagres Fortaleza. Thinking that the recorded license plate would no longer be of any use, the witness threw paper in the rubbish or on the ground.
Yesterday, the 4th, he went to a rental car agency. The name of the agency was TURINFO, and is located in Sagres. It was around 13H00. The employee present told them to return at 13H30, at which time the manager would arrive. He proceeded to a bar called 'Rasa dos Ventos' where he ordered a coffee to pass the time. At a later point, looking outward, he saw the same individual, dressed in exactly the same fashion, but without a hat. This same individual left and he did not see him again, nor did he see his car. It appeared that the individual was alone and on foot.
Upon returning home, he recounted the story to his wife who told him to go to the police as they had already heard about the disappearance of Madeleine. The witnesses daughter bears a striking resemblance to Madeleines images.
That very morning, the witness contacted the police and told them what had happened.

Of the vehicle registration plate, he only remembered the partial plate numbers AV and 67.

In so far as the suspect is concerned, he describes him as masculine, Caucasian with Latin colouring, curly dark brown hair that ran to his neck and in a pony tail. He was between 35/40 years of age, of medium complexion, and around 170 to 175 cm in height. He did not have any particular marks or signals and did not wear rings or other jewellery. He wore a cream coloured beach hat. He also wore dark glasses.

He wore cloth trousers and a coat/jacket of the same material which was cream coloured. Almost the same colour to the hat he had worn previously. His shoes were dark brown: the type that need to be shined or polished.
As regards the woman with the individual, as he saw her seated in the vehicle, he can only state that she had short hair which appeared to be white in colour and very shiny. In the sitting position, her head was below the car head rest. She appeared to be skinny and Caucasian. She did not use glasses. He can say no more as she was difficult to see.

When questioned, the witness states that he could recognise the individual in person and from a photograph or sketch .
At this moment, the interview is interrupted to show the witness photographs of individuals with similar physical characteristics.
These were returned to the investigators with negative result, as confirmed in the appendix.
There are no additional elements to offer the investigation.
Nothing more was said, reads , ratifies, signs.

Page 166
Photographic Recognition
On the fifth of May of 2007; DIC Portimao, NUNO MANUEL LOURENCO DE JESUS was present, in front of me, Joao Carlos, Inspector, in order to proceed with photographic recognition of items in the investigation. Because he was asked, he describes the suspect's and the 'modus operandi'. He was shown various photographs of individuals with similar physical characteristics to that he described. After seeing the photographs, he did not recognise the individuals in the photographs. This affirms that the photographic recognition exercise had negative results. Signed.

168 to 170 Investigation carried out on a car seen in De Jesus' deposition

01-Processo 01 Pages 168 to 170


Date 2007/05/05


Re: Receipt and Treatment of Photograph

It pleases me to inform you V.Exa, that on the present date, Inspector Rui Goncalves went to Sagres-the location where he was to make inquiries relating to a grey-coloured vehicle.

It is noted that the vehicle in the picture corresponds to a Renault Clio with vehicle registration 15-AV-67.

The photograph in question is attached. For your consideration.

Signed by Inspector Hugo Ferreria

Page 169 is a photograph of the parked vehicle.
Page 170 is a completed vehicle registration search. This search notes that the car is owned by LUZCAR, 8600, Lagos.

168 to 170-Investigation carried out on a car seen in De Jesus' deposition

On 5 May Inspector Rui Goncalves, as part of his assigned work in Sagres, sent us an image of a grey vehicle which, after due processing, was found to be a Renault Clio with number plate ..-AV-67. The image is attached.

171 to 180 External Diligence in Lagos regarding above referenced car

01-Processos, Volume I Pages 171 to 180

also Outros Apensos VIII, Vol III Pages 665-66

Date: 2007/05/05
Location: Largo das Portas Portugal, no. 10, Lagos

At the headquarters of the self-drive vehicle rental company, "Luzcar rent-a-car," we asked them to provide us with all the information concerning the vehicle bearing the registration number...AV - 67 for the period from 28/04/07 to the time of the present investigation. It was possible to determine that the vehicle was rented on April 28th at Faro airport by a Polish citizen, named W.K., staying at Solimar in Burgau where he reserved the accommodation via the internet. We now attach a copy of the reservation email. The Polish citizen paid for the reservation with credit card no. 5185... . .... .... ... valid until May 2008.

The contract was drawn up by Nelson M., an employee of the agency. A photocopy of the hire agreement is attached. The vehicle was returned to the hire company on May 5th 2007 at Faro airport and has already been washed and hired out again according to information given to us by Luis F., an agency employee. Currently, the vehicle is on hire to Clere E. at Parc da Floresta Budens, Vila do Bispo.

We have carried out investigations to find out where W.K. was staying. He was staying in apartment no.... Solimar building, Ficticia in Budens. That apartment is managed by the company ATB, situated on the Main Street, Marretas building, Burgau, Vila do Bispo, whose director, the person named Nuno F., we have contacted.

That apartment belongs to Peter and Margaret O., who live in Windsor Grove, Cardiff, Wales. Photocopies of documents showing complete identification for Peter and Margaret O. are attached as well as a copy of the rental documents. It is to be noted that after W.K.'s departure, the apartment has had no other lettings and has not been cleaned, and we have requested that it remain that way. A key to the apartment has been given to us to carry out any further investigations deemed necessary.

Description and result of inquiry:
We travelled left to the above referenced location. The location was a vehicle rental agency called LUZCAR. There we requested all information related to the vehicle with plates 15 AV 67 between the dates of 28/04/07 until the present date
It was possible to determine that the vehicle was rented on the 28/04/07 at Faro airport by Polish citizen Wojciech Krokowski who was staying in the Solimar apartments in Burgau
The rental reservation was made via the Internet with the copy of the email requesting the reservation attached.
A credit card was left as a deposit XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX XXX, valid until 05.08. The contract was processed by employee Nelson Martins, contactable by mobile no. xxxxxxxxx.
A copy of the rental agreement is attached.
Currently the car is rented to Cl. Eth. who is located in the in Budens, Vial do Bispo.

Prior to this, inquiries were carried out to determine where Wojciech Krokowsi had stayed, although it was known that he stayed at 'Solimar' in Burgau.
Mr. Krokowski stayed in apartment 2C of Ed. Solimar, Ruda Ficticia, in Budens.
That his apartment was next to ATB (a business) in the main road, Maretas Building, Burgau, Vila do Bispo, and which is managed by Nuno Felisberto, contactable via telephone at xxxxxxxxx and xxxxxxxxx.-

This apartment belongs to P. and M. Ow., residents of Cardiff. The apartment was rented via the Internet.
Attached is a copy consisting of identification details of the owners.
Also attached is a photocopy of two (2) documents related to Krokowski's rental.
We were informed that since Krokowski's departure, no other occupants have stayed in the apartment and that the apartment has yet to be cleaned. A request that the apartment remains as is and not be cleaned or accessed by any person was made by this police force.
N*** F***** has given us the key to the above referenced Solimar apartment so that any and all necessary inquiries may be carried out.
Comment by the functionary that carried out this diligence:
Signature of the officer (in legible letters with indication of respective rank/category):

Signed by David Gomes, Inspector

Page 173 is a copy of the LuzCar agreement with W. Krokowski

Pages 174 to 180 consists of an email from Krokowski to LUZCAR with driver, check in, flight arrival and departure and check-out details along with email tracking information.

181 to 191 Faxes and further information from Interpol regarding Polish couple
01-Processos, Volume I Pages 181 to 191
01_VOLUMEIa_Page_181 01_VOLUMEIa_Page_182 01_VOLUMEIa_Page_183
01_VOLUMEIa_Page_184 01_VOLUMEIa_Page_185 01_VOLUMEIa_Page_186
01_VOLUMEIa_Page_187 01_VOLUMEIa_Page_188 01_VOLUMEIa_Page_189

181 to 191-Faxes and further information from Interpol regarding Polish couple

In the context of the investigation into the disappearance of the little British girl, Madeleine McCann, in Praia da Luz, during the night of May 3rd 2007, it is of vital concern for the investigation that the relevant authorities make enquiries about the citizens of Polish nationality, of whom the known details are, W.K., holder of Polish driving licence no. 6307...and Anetta K., partner of W.K., to find out if they have criminal records. They arrived at Faro airport on April 28th 2007 on flight Al32744 from Berlin and they left Faro, today, on Air Berlin flight AB2745. We also request information about the final destination of these two passengers.

The reason for the request is that those people were observed in Sagres having an unusual interest in a child very similar physically to the missing girl. They had stayed in an apartment in Burgau, a few kilometres away from the place of the disappearance. W.K. holds credit card number 5185 .... .... ....

192 to 195 External diligence carried out at the Beach Bar in Burgau with CCTV images of Polish couple
01-Processos, Volume I Pages 192 to 195
also Outros Apensos VIII, Vol III Pages 668-669

192 to 195 External diligence carried out at the Beach Bar in Burgau with CCTV images of Polish couple

In order to determine the comings and goings of the couple of Polish nationality, who spent their holiday in Burgau, we approached several business establishments and on the basis of the description which we have of the couple, the owner of the "Beach Bar" advised us that it could be two of his clients. He seemed to recall that the couple had lunch and dinner two or three times, without remembering the exact days, but it would have been at the beginning of the week. He knows that they are Polish because they spoke about football on the day of the Liverpool/Chelsea match, saying that Liverpool's goalkeeper was Polish. The match in question took place on May 1st 2007. They also discussed Portuguese and Brazilian classical music.

The couple know several performers from those countries. They asked the owner of the bar where they could buy music of this genre. The owner directed them to the FNAC shop at the Algarve shopping centre or to the Chiado commercial centre. They said they would probably go to Lisbon the same day. To the restaurateur, the couple seemed quite atypical of holiday-makers to that place. They paid in cash, the lady was often irritated and they dressed more formally than would expect for a summer holiday at a beach. The owner, however, did not perceive any abnormal behaviour from the couple.

The investigation determines that the couple effectively went to FNAC at the Chiado centre on May 2nd 2007 where they bought two comedy musicals CDs, paid for with credit card no. ... ... ... ..., the same one used to pay the Luzcar rent-a-car company for the hire of the vehicle, registration...AV-67. We seized the surveillance video and we attach photos from the FNAC surveillance system in which we can see the Polish couple in question.

Outros Apensos 8, Vol 3 Page 671
196 to 197 Witness statement of Nelson da Silva Martins
01-Processos Vol I Pages 196 to 197

Witness Statement

Name: Nelson Da Silva Martins
Profession: Rent-A-Car Receptionist
Date: 2007.05.05

Comes to the process as a witness, and as an employee of the rental car company called LUZCARS, where he has worked for two years.

He is a receptionist, an activity which he has exercised since the beginning of his employment with this firm.

Regarding the investigation in question he states that he was the person responsible for renting the vehicle, 15-Av-67, Renault Clio model, in 2006; grey in colour. The vehicle was given, but it was not the witness who received it today, around 06H45, in accordance with the contract. He notes that the vehicle was not received by any employee but rather, the client left it in the closed car park belonging to the firm, the door of which can only be open by vehicles with LUZCAR plates, or other businesses that use this parking area. The opening of the gates is the responsibility of the firm 'EMPARQUE' with telephone no. ### ### ###;
He has given this police the rental register of said vehicle, in which can be found paperwork filled out by the witness.

When questioned, and recollecting, he states that he does not remember anything about the client who rented the vehicle, whether he was alone, or other details, as he rents out about 30 vehicles per day. According to the register one can find: the location of the pick-up, date, hour, name of the client, address and previous address, nationality, driver's license number, make and model of the vehicle, credit card number where insurance takes effect and telephone number (in this case, it is an international number). He adds that the date of delivery is written in the final contract;
Once again states that he has no idea of the client in question;
He has no other elements to offer the investigation.

He does not remember the client who hired this vehicle because he delivers 30 vehicles a day, but he states that the register contains all the useful information.

* The delivery place.
* Date and time.
* Client's name.
* Exact home address.
* Temporary address in Portugal.
* Nationality.

Reads, ratifies and signs.

213 to 217 Messages between PJ and Interpol Lisbon regarding Polish couple
01-Processos Vol II Page 213 to 217

213 to 217-Messages between PJ and Interpol Lisbon regarding Polish couple


From IP Germany:
1-Information was sent to Warsaw for them to trace and interview the Polish couple whose personal and travel details were communicated.

2-Information collected by the German authorities from Air Berlin indicated that Poles used this connection route because there were no direct flights to/from Portugal/Faro and no other carriers offered low prices. Flight manifests could not be obtained from the airline after-hours and the documents obtained were incomplete, but of the 82 reservations (either through Internet or direct with Air Berlin), data for 30 other people could be obtained from other travel agents. Air Berlin documents showed no suspicious reservations pertaining to children.

Using the "PAX-LIST" (passenger list), persons in seats around the KROKOWSKI couple were shown pictures of Madeleine and all stated that that couple was not accompanied by any child.

From IP Warsaw:
- At 07h10 this morning (6 May) the couple were interviewed in their home apartment, which was searched and the missing child was not found. After arriving in Berlin they left by train at 21h22 arriving home this morning at 06h45.

465 to 466 Correspondence between Leicestershire constabulary and PJ re: Polish couple ( English)

02-Processos Vol II Page 465


Leicestershire Constabulary

From: Officer Waddington

To: DI Holden

Major Crime Intelligence Unit

Date: 8th May 2007

Subject: Polish Enquiries - Interpol Ref

Attached are a series of emails between Poland and SOCA regarding enquiries there.

In summary the identified Polish residents are:

A****** K********* J******** (female)

W******* K***** K****** (male)

Address: Warsaw

A***** is known to the police for an alcohol and drug driving offence in 2003 and obtaining property by deception. This means that there is a photograph and set of fingerprints attached from 2003.

They booked two seats over the internet on 25/03/2007 for flights from Berlin. They took seats 18 D or E, or 18C and D. Dates of travel however, have not been provided by investigators.

The reason for using Berlin airport is that there are no direct budget flights from Faro to Poland and this is a regular route by Polish travellers.

The couple were spoken to and deny any knowledge of Madeleine. Both their address and that of their parents was visited and there was no sign of any young child.

In addition the Polish authorities interviewed the passengers that were sitting next to them on the flight home. They confirm there was no child with them.

I have emailed a copy of this memo and the original emails to the Portuguese incident room.

Submitted for your information.

507 External diligence carried out re: Nuno Manuel Lourenco de Jesus 2007.05.07

02-Processo pdf 02 page 507


Data: 2007/05/07 Local: Vila de Sagres - Concelho de Vila do Bispo

Person who ordered the work: Mario A., Chief Inspector;
Officer who performed the work: Renato C. e Rui G., both Inspector of the P.J.
Description and results of the work:
------- In accordance with orders received, we went today at 14:30 hours to the abovementioned location, confronting NUNO LOURENCO  (formally questioned in these case papers) with pictures obtained from CCTV of the FNAC shop in Chiado, Lisbon, which images were dated 02/05/2007. ----------
------- When the images were shown the interviewee stated immediately, with a high degree of certainty, that the individual situated on the extreme left (from the viewers perspective) of the picture was the suspicious individual he had described in his previous statement.
------- At that moment the interviewee told us that he had a new telephone number through which we, the PJ, may contact him more easily with respect to the present investigation, the mobile phone number being 96.375####. ----------
------- With this information, there being nothing further, the interview ceased at 16:300 hours. ---

1196 Fax to the Director of the Scientific Police re: Aparthotel Sol e Mar, 2, Apart C, Burgau 1197 Confirmation above fax sent
05-Processo Vol V page 1196 also
01-01-Outros Apensos I, Volume I Page 13

Policia Judiciaria


Date: 15th May 2007

Classification: Urgent

To: The Director of the Scientific Police Laboratory

From: Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida

Subject: NUIPC 201-070 GALGS

As it is necessary for the investigation of the NUIPC mentioned above into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann we ask you to determine the sense of carrying out an examination of the following residence:

Aparthotel Sol e Mar 2 Apartment C, Burgau.

We also request the preservation and respective processing of the vestiges collected there.

With compliments

Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida


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