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CLEANER 09 MAY 2007 

794 to 795 Witness statement of Paula Cristina da Costa Vieira 2007.05.09
03-Processos, Volume III Pages 794 to 795


Processos, Volume III
Pages 794 to 795

Witness statement

Paula Cristina da Costa Vieira

Date : 2007.05.09
Time: 12H10
Place: Lagos
Name: Paula Cristina da Costa Vieira
Profession: Cleaning Staff

The witness states that she has worked at the OC resort for about a month from this date, exercising her functions in cleaning around the pool and in the reception of this hotel establishment.
Her normal working hours are from 09H00 and 19H00, with about 30 minutes for lunch, between 13H30 and 14H00.
She adds that her days off are Fridays and Saturdays.
That, as she mainly cleans in the above mentioned areas, her contact with the guests is limited to perhaps observing them in the reception or when using the pools. She adds that she does not understand the English language well.
Further adds that she is the only employee who cleans the reception and that there are two other people who help clean the other areas.
When questioned she states that she has no direct knowledge of the facts of the current investigation.
In fact, she adds that she only became aware of the situation on 04.05.07, Friday, at around 11H00 as she was told by the club receptionist whom she knows only as Monica.
This happened because on Thursday the 3rd of May she finished work at her normal time.
This being the case, she left the OC on Thursday the 3rd of May around 19H00 and went towards her residence indicated above. The next day she was off duty.
She further informs that on this same day, Thursday, she had no information from the news.
When asked, she adds that she knows nothing of the details of the disappearance of the child or any other details of the situation other than those gathered from her colleagues and from the news on Friday.
With respect to the child in question, Madeleine, and her family, the witness adds when she did hear about what happened, she was not able to associate the name with the person in question.
When she saw her photograph, and saw the images of the parents, she did remember having seen them, about two times—the child in question and her family when they were leaving the Millenium Club breakfast (around 9h30/10H00) and only because this was her time to the clean the reception of the establishment.
From these fortuitous encounters, the witness adds that they appeared a perfectly normal family.
She reaffirms that she never had any other contact with the family of the missing child or with the child in question.
She adds that in the days preceding the disappearance of the child, she detected no suspicious situation. She states that she is unaware of any detail or information regarding the disappearance of the child, nor does she possess any information that could help locate her or provide such information.
And nothing more was said.

Reads, ratifies, signs.


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