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3905 - English version of email page 3904 re: artist impression
3906 to 3908 - Artist impressions of  - abductor -  carrying child
13 Processos Vol XIII Pages 3905 to 3908

From : Nigel Barraclough, LP

To: Ricardo Paiva

Date: 22nd October 2007 11:08

Fw: Sketch


Artist impressions for you as discussed.

From: Bob Small


To: Nigel Barraclough

Date: 22nd October 2007 10:04

Nige, email of sketch to be forwarded to Ricardo as agreed with new SIO. Regards. Bob.


From Gerry McCann

Date 22nd October 2007 8:14

To: Bob Small

Subject: Sketch


Sketch 1 was the rough outline.
2 (black and white) Jane thinks is very good and 3 (colour) is good. She was not really happy with the face and therefore Melissa decided to leave blank.



3965 to 3972 Service information re: Gail Cooper & artist impression
Processo vol. XV p. 3965 to 3981


Date: 16th January 2008
From: Stuart Prior

To: Ricardo Paiva

Subject: Forward sketch

Annexes: BK ? MM present at (sic) Jan 08, Gail Cooper (2) doc, Paul Gordon (3) doc, Trudy dawkin (2) doc, tanner description 2 doc,
Summary of second statement Tanner doc.

Please get back to me as soon as possible with your instructions.

The power point attached was completed by the McCanns but the statements were all taken by UK police.

The Jane Tanner description was taken from the press and also from the summary of her statement.

Does Paolo want the sketches showing to Paul Gordon or do we want to get a new sketch prepared by Paul. There is some urgency around this as we need to decide prior to the Gail Cooper artist impression appearing in the UK press.

Does he want Gail re-interviewing re the new information.

Do you want the husband and son (although this may be difficult due to the son's medical condition) of Gail Cooper interviewing.

Do you want the other witness, the friend of Alfred Schuurman's tracking down if they are in the UK.

How are you going to deal with possible press issues.

What are you planning around Mr Kennedy or the private investigation firm.

We do not have Afred Schuurman or Gail's husband or son in our system.

Gail Porter's statement was sent to Portugal on 23rd May and Paul Gordon's was sent to Portugal prior to 14th May.

I will need to get back to the McCanns as he asked to be updated, how would Paolo want this conducting and what information am to provide them They are very excited about this potential lead.

Give me a call back.



From: Gerry McCann
Sent: 16 January 2008 13:15

To: stuart prior

Subject: sketch

Stuart as discussed






3973 Sketch of possible abductor (Tanners account)

3974 to 3976 Further information on Gail Cooper sighting



3977 to 3981 Sketches of possible abductors (Cooper's account and Jane's) along with further documentation





3990 - Information about artist impressions
3991 - Photo of possible abductor
15 Processos Vol XV Page 3990

"Drawing that could catch her abductor"- an artist's impression of a man carrying a child in the vicinity of the McCanns holiday complex on May 3rd. The man is of average height, of average build, with dark hair and his facial features not filled in. Do you know him?

The artist was commissioned by the McCanns in light of a person their friend Jane Tanner said she saw on the night Madeleine disappeared.

Page 13. "MADDIE IN ARMS OF SNATCHER?. Pyjamas "prove it is her" - the man is 5 foot 6. He is 5 ft 10 in the Express. He is "slim". The girl is wearing pink and white pyjamas. The man is in a maroon shirt, camel coloured trousers and black or brown shoes.



4024 Email from R. Paiva to Stuart Prior re: re-interviews
15 Processos Vol XV Page 4024

Fax (in English)

From: Ricardo Paiva

Sent: 16th January 2008, 17.52

To: Prior Stuart

Subject: Madeleine McCann's Investigation

Hello, Stuart,

After a meeting with the Director, Mr Paolo Rebelo where this matter was discussed, we kindly request to your police, the following procedures:

- re-interview PAUL GORDON and show him GAIL COOPER'S sketch;

- re-interview GAIL COOPER, regarding the following points:

- if she formally confirms her statement given to Brian Kennedy?
- If she still confirms her previous statement given to the police back in the 21st of May, she hasn't referred that she has seen the same man two days later at the beach near the RESTAURANT PARAISO, standing near the Mark Warner's children?

- interview JOHN COOPER (GAIL'S husband) in order to confirm her statement, specially regarding the fact that they had seen the same man two days later at the beach near the RESTAURANT PARAISO standing near the Mark Warner's children.

- Interview LINDA SIMMS and show him GAIL COOPER'S sketch;

- Interview ALFRED SCHUURMANS and ask him if his friend, who's 12 years old daughter had spotted on several occasions ?a strange man lurking around the apartments? is GORDON SILLENCE and the daughter TASMIN MILBURN SILLENCE:

Best regards

Ricardo Paiva

4072 to 4074  Portuguese translation of 4015
15 Processos Vol XV Pages 4072 to 4072


From: Stuart Prior
Sent: Friday, 18th January 2008 18:57

To: Dic Portimao, Ricardo Paiva

Subject: FW


As we discussed earlier today, all the documents follow in attachment to this mail and the two following mails.

We are still trying to deal with one or two aspects but I will get back in touch with you next week in relation to this subject, as well as to find out whether there are any instructions from you as regards facial recognition.

As we discussed, I had a quick catch up with Gerry, just saying that the other descriptions are different from the photo fit (sketch) made by Gail and identified by Jane, that the witnesses appear to be credible, which would indicate the presence of various persons collecting for charities in the area before Madeleine was taken. I informed him that everything was sent to you.

We did not manage to speak to Jane and we will not divulge our photo fits to anyone, except to you, unless their is a request from your side. It seems there were at least 3 people perhaps, requesting donations for charity organisations in the area during the weeks before Madeleine was taken.

I was informed that it was probable that the photo fit made by Gail Cooper would reach the press during the weekend. I will inform you of the consequences of this next week in spite of the fact that we are not in any way involved in this.

Hope you are well.

Speak soon.




From: Graham Michael

Sent: 18th January 2008 18:50

For: Stuart Prior

Dear Ricardo

Please consult the information attached, which we send for your information and consideration.

Rex Morgan

He is the father of Linda Sims who contacted us to say that were male individuals making collections in Praia da Luz, for a local charity. He was questioned as well as his wife Iris Morgan.

Iris Morgan also made a photo fit and she was shown the photo fit (sketch) made by Gail Cooper. She does not recognise this individual. The photo fit made by her does not correspond to the other photo fit (sketch).

(Please see attachments for more information).

Denise Ashton

She was shown the photo fits (sketches) made by Gail Cooper and did not recognise this person as being the individual in question. A statement will be sent to you on 21st January.

Charlotte Pennington

I spoke this morning to Charlotte Pennington and she has no additional information to give.

She confirmed that she made statements to the PJ shortly after Madeleine disappeared and remembers being contacted again when the photo fit relating to the alleged sighting in Belgium emerged from the press.

She was approached by a private investigator (Noel Hogan) who works for Método 3. Charlotte assured me that she only passed him the same information that she had already given to the PJ and to me (in her email dated 7th August 2007).

With compliments



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