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4 to 5 Witness statement of Rajinder Singh Balu 2008.05.28

08-Cartas Rogatorias File 08, pgs. 3, 4


Leicestershire Police Squad
Witness Testimony

Testimony of: Rajinder Raj Singh BALU
Age if less than 18 years old:

This testimony (comprised of two pages and signed by me) is the truth and in accordance with my understanding. I give this testimony with the knowledge that, knowingly making false statements may subject me to legal action.

Date: 28 May 2008

I am the above referenced person and live at the address previously given to the police.

On the 23rd of April of 2008, I spoke with DC 433 Hughes of the Leicestershire Police with regard to certain aspects relating to the Madeleine McCann investigation. I was informed that these questions emanate from a formal request from the Portuguese authorities. I am aware that my testimony is subject to the Portuguese Criminal Code and to English Law.

I did not ask to see my original statements in order to refresh my memory. I confirm that these statements are correct.

The following are answers to the questions in the following order:

With relation to my movements on Thursday, May 3, 2007, between 18:00 and 23:00.

At 16:45 my son was lunching with other children in the Tapas area.

From 15:30 onwards, the bar was full, as normally happened, with the majority of people there. Neil and E*** were having a drink with my wife and I. We had a table reserved in the restaurant for that night, but they were not able to arrange a table and for this reason we decided to leave our table and ate together in their apartment using takeaway service.

My wife left the bar and took our son back to the apartment and E***, Neilís wife, also took her children to their apartment. Neil and I stayed at the bar drinking and talking with J*** J***** and A*** W******. Neil and I eventually left the bar after 19:00. I donít remember if we left together or not.

I returned to my apartment and got ready to go out for dinner.

Around 19:00, together with my wife and son, we headed to the Berry apartment. When we arrived, Neil was having problems in assembling a cot, which was placed there for my son. We had to head to the Mark Warner service desk and they sent someone to help us.

Sometime between 19:45 and 20:00, Neil and I left the apartment and went to the Tapas restaurant. We ordered our food and had a drink whilst waiting for the food to arrive. We returned around 20:15-20:30.

We returned the Berry apartment and all of us ate on the veranda.

With regard to the question as to how I became aware a child had gone missing and my involvement in the searches;

After 22:00 we were still sitting on the veranda in the Berry apartment. We heard noises downstairs and afterwards found out that a child had disappeared. My testimony dated 6th of May 2007 related the details of the conversation we overheard and the information regarding the paper that Neil and I used in the searches. I cannot add any more details save those which have already been given in this testimony.

With relation to Neil Barry;

I did not travel with Neil not did we know each other prior to the holidays but got to know each other on the first day and got along well. Neil was there with his wife and two daughters. We discovered later that our spouses had worked separately but for the same firm. We did not pass the day together but socialised occasionally at night. Neil and I spent two times together watching football games in the local bar.

With relation to the food at the Tapas bar;

I went to order food with Neil. It was a takeaway order. I remember that I had a plate of grilled chicken, beef and salad. We also had chips and four bottles of red wine.

I cannot think of more information or explanations that would be relevant or could help the investigation.

This testimony was made by me and is the truth and in accordance with my understanding.
---> 113 Interview to RAJINDER RAJ BALU
CR 2 page 113

From the Letter of Request:

* Interview to RAJINDER RAJ BALU as a witness, 62, BIXXXXXXXX ROXX, HeXXXXXXX, Brentwood, Essex. He should be asked the following questions :

* Do you confirm your previous statements to the British Police ?

* What did you do on 3rd May, 2007, between 6.00 p.m. and 11.00 p.m. ?

* How did you get to know that a child was missing ?

* Did you take part in the searches ? Where and with whom did you look for the missing girl ?

* Do you know a man identified as NEIL BERRY ? Who is he ? How did you know him ? Did you travel together to Portugal ? Did he travel to Portugal with his family ?

* State clearly who went to buy the food at the TAPAS RESTAURANT, what food was it and the way taken.

* Any further questions deemed useful, necessary or pertinent in view of the previous replies.

* Is there any supplementary explanation that you consider pertinent or relevant to establish the material truth ?


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