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579 to 581 Witness statement of Rita Cristina Rosa dos Santos Silva 2007.05.08
Processos Vol III Pages 579-581


Witness Statement

Rita Cristina Rose dos Santos Silva

Place of Work: Ocean Club

Profession: Receptionist

She has worked in the OC resort since February 2001 exercising her functions as receptionist.

That for about a year, she has worked with reservations.

That her work location is the 24 hour reception—the main reception of the Ocean Club resort and in the reservation section located on the second floor of the same building.

Her normal hours of work are varied. When she works in reservations, she normally works Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, between the hours of 09H30 to 13H00 and from 14H30 to 18H00, when the administrative services section close.

When working as a receptionist, her work hours are 08H00 to 16H00, with a lunch break, and sporadically from 16H00 to 24H00.

Her work duties are carried out in the building that houses the main reception of the OC resort.

That she became aware of the situation, (referring to the missing child), at around lunch time (12H00/13H00), from the television. She immediately contacted the OC reception and the situation was confirmed to her by one of her colleagues.

On 03.05.2007, the date the child went missing, she was not working, nor did she work on Friday, and returned to work on 05.05.2007 around 07H30.

That on 03.05.07, she headed towards the main reception, in order to collect her pay. She left the OC around 14H00.

That she does not know the child's family and only got to know them via the media.

That she does not remember having served the family of the missing child, referring that the family in question did not pass by the Ocean Club reception as they were Mark Warner clients.

After their arrival by bus/minivan, Mark Warner clients go directly to their apartments. In doing so, they are accompanied by Mark Warner employees who complete their check-in.

After the clients are left at their apartments, Mark Warner delivers their identification, including a copy of passports or the passport itself, to the Ocean Club reception, which concludes the registration of the guest(s).

Mark Warner is a British Tour Operator and began working at the OC in 2006.

According to what she understands, this business works exclusively with English tourists.

That the apartment where the family stayed was assigned to the family given the typology and characteristics of the same, without knowledge of whether they have been guests previously.

That in the case of children or babies, special conditions are often requested, namely cots, high chairs, etc., and these conditions are taken care of by the Ocean Club or by Mark Warner, depending to which agency they booked with.

In the [McCann] case, their needs were taken care of by Mark Warner.

Concerning the keys to the apartments of Mark Warner clients, the keys are given by the OC reception to Mark Warner who gives them to the clients.

The same is the case with an access card which allows for access to all the services of the OC. This card too, is treated as is the keys (above) and is handed out one per person. Mark Warner hands these cards to its clients.

These access cards are given to each client (including babies and children), and besides permitting access to services offered by the Ocean Club, is equally used for buying drinks and food.
Later, these charges are added to the respective apartment.

That in the days prior and after the disappearance of the child, she did not detect any suspicious situation, abnormal or different nor were comments made to her regarding any such situation.

That she is unaware of any detail or information regarding the disappearance of the child, nor does she possess any information that could help find the child.

And nothing more was said.

Reads, ratifies, signs.


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