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439 to 441 Witness statement of George Robin Crossland 2007.05.07
2-Processos Volume II Pages 439 - 441


439 to 441-Witness statement of George Robin Crossland 2007.05.07

Date/Time: 2007/05/07 20H00

British (translated by Robert James Queriol Everleigh Murat)

Concerning the issue of the process said;
. Has been in Portugal since 1982, and is the manager of the tourist complex, the Ocean Club, situated in Luz, Lagos (Algarve), since the year 1984;
. That in year prior the aforementioned enterprise was sold to a British company called 'Mark Warner', but the deponent continued to exercise his functions as manager;
. Relative to the establishment in question, the deponent clarifies that the same offers free child-care services to families who are guests;
. The deponent states that he does not know the exact details regarding the child-care service, but clarifies that the same functions during the day, from morning to late afternoon, and there also is a free service offered that will watch children during dinner and where the parents can leave their children with infant educators and go to pick them after they have eaten;
. That at around 22h15 of 03 May 2007, he was alone in his residence, situated in Lagos, and was contacted by John Hill, Mark Warner manager who works in the Ocean Club establishment and who informed him that a child, a minor, of the feminine sex, who was staying with her family in that resort, had disappeared and that he was going to initiate the 'procedure for missing child' (sic);
. The deponent left toward the local where he arrived at 22H25 and there found John Hill and other functionaries, Silvia Batista, Joao Batista, the former who is employee manager and the latter maintenance;
. That when he arrived at the Ocean Club, he went to the entry of the pool and the restaurant (Tapas) areas of said establishment, having there come across various individuals in the local, all of which were participating in the search for the lost child, and was made up of guests and other people;. That at around 22H50, local elements of the GNR arrived and took charge of the occurrence, and began to manage and lead the search operations of the child missing in the area;
. That until the GNR arrived at the local it was John Hill who determined what to do;
. The deponent affirms that he stayed next to the entrance of the pool and aforementioned restaurant, where he came across numerous persons, not having, at any point in time, entered in the residence where the missing child and her family had stayed;
. That he stayed there until 04H00 until the next day 04 May 2007 , where he returned to his home;
. That on the next day, he returned to the Ocean Club, at around 08H00, initiating a set of tasks to give continued diligence to the search for the missing child the night before and became aware then that the missing child was called Madeleine McCann, of British nationally and three years of age;
. Relative to the facts of the investigation, clarifies that he did not know nor contacted Madeleine McCann prior to her disappearance nor with any elements of her family;
. On the day of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann (03 May 2007, Thursday), the deponent clarifies that he left work around 19H00 toward home, where he stayed, alone, until the above mentioned telephone call;
. The deponent states that he has no knowledge of any type of situation with he understand to be suspect and/or other which could directly or indirectly be related with Madeleine McCann's disappearance and had nothing relevant to declare;
. And nothing more said, having read the statement, finds it in conformity and signs it;
. The document is duly signed by me '

C. Domingos, Inspector with this Policia Judiciaria.


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