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397 to 399 Witness statement of Shinead Maria Vine 2007.05.07
400 Copy of Shinead Maria Vine's passport
2-Processos Volume II Pages 397 - 400


Shinead Maria Vine

Date/Time: 2007/05/07 17H25
Nanny in the Baby Club, Mini Club and in Toddlers 1 and 2

Portuguese (translated by Robert Murat)

Concerning the issue of the process said;
. That she comes to the process as a witness;
. Due to the fact that the witness is of English nationality and does not command the Portuguese language, the present statement is taken in the presence of Robert James Queriol Eveleigh Murat, a translator.
. The question made, the present deponent affirms that she has been in Portugal since the 21st of March, of the current year, 2007, having arrived in order to work in the tourist establishment;
. She affirms that she exercises her functions of nanny in the Baby and Mini Club , with her primary function to those children until 11 months, and the second, to children between 3 and 5 years of age, and in the toddlers 1, for children between 12 months and one year and in Toddlers 2, for children with the ages of 2 to 3 and also the Junior Club (6 to 9) and Indyes (14 to 1);
. She affirms that she saw Madeleine McCann once when she arrived during the week, but that she did not know, as the deponent was working only with the Toddler group;
. She did recognise the family, as she was responsible for the twins, children of the couple and siblings of Madeleine McCann;
. Questioned, the deponent states that she did not notice anything abnormal in relationship between the children and the parents, when they came to pick up the twins, they seemed happy to see them;
. Refers that the hours of the club us from 09H00 to 12H30 and from 14H30 to 17H30 and is closed on Sundays, functioning only during the dinner hour;
. The question made, she affirms that guests can request ?Staff" services where children are watched between 19H30 and 23H30. Madeleine McCanns parents never requested this service even though it was free;
. She affirms that at around 22H45, a group of people entered the bar, looking for the child, and that is when she became aware that she had disappeared. It was at this point when she also began searching;
. Further adds that there is a procedure to follow in the case a child goes missing, but that she did not follow this procedures, and simply organised themselves into groups and began looking for the child leaving from the Tapas restaurant;
. The question made, she affirms being unaware of who called or what moment the G.N.R. was called and does not remember what time the GNR arrived at the location;
. Affirms that at no time did she notice the presence of anyone with a out of normal comportment, concerning the children, or anything else that appeared to her suspicious;
. She adds that the staff dedicated to the children total 15, and who work in turns between the hours of 19H30 and 23H30;
. Affirms that the distance between the apartment and the restaurant where Madeleine McCanns parents ate was about 3 minutes by foot, but does not know which room Madeleine was in, if it was at the back or front of the apartments. From the restaurant one can only see the front (patio) window of the apartments;
. Further adds that Madeleine McCann's parents, may have used the free service at dinner time, or may have also requested the presence of a baby sitter (paid service), and does not know the reason for why they did not do this;
. The current deponent affirms not to remember of any element which may reveal useful to the course of the investigations;
. And nothing more said, Having read the statement, finds it in conformity and signs it;
. The document is duly signed by me, Hugo Silva, an Inspector with this Policia Judiciara


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