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47 to 48 Witness statement of Simon Andrew Fawkes (former Ocean Club holidaymaker) 2008.04.22
05-Cartas Rogatorias Vol V Pages 47 - 48



Leicestershire Police Force
Witness Statement
Simon Andrew Fawkes
Occupation: Computer technician
Date: 22nd April 2008
Signature ______________________________________
I am married to Claire FAWKES and we have a daughter called R*** aged 3. Last year I planned and reserved a holiday with MW in Portugal. I knew that they have good services and meet all the needs that we wanted for our family holiday. I made a two week booking, half board in the P da L resort in the Algarve.
We travelled from Gatwick on Saturday 31st March 2007 directly to Faro and were transported by minibus to the resort. We returned home on Saturday 14th April 2007.
The holiday was quite pleasant in spite of the fact that R*** suffered a cut to the chin at the crêche, the holidays passed peacefully.
Apart from R**** having fallen whilst under the care of MW nothing was stolen or missing from the apartment, nobody died in the apartment during our stay.

While we stayed in the apartment we were never victims of robbery or loss of our personal possessions, neither did we lose any object whilst we were in Portugal.
In my opinion the resort is a safe place and I never felt the presence of anyone strange or notice that anyone was watching our apartment.
With regard to the doors and windows I considered them to be safe, although I had some problem in closing the shutters in the bedroom where Claire and I slept - this was the bedroom facing the patio and the pool area. I remember that the shutter in R**** bedroom worked well and we would close it during the day to make sure she slept better.
At no time during our stay did I feel that the windows and doors had been forced or that there could have been any trespass on the property.
We would normally use the wooden door that led to the parking area in order to access the apartment, occasionally we would use the patio door - if Claire or I remained in the apartment. If we all left we would lock the patio door and use the wooden door.
As far as I can remember, there were two sofas in the living room area. One smaller sofa which was on the right when you entered by the patio door - the sofa was under the window, slightly at a distance from the wall - in order to have access to the curtains I think. The large sofa was directly opposite us when we entered by the patio door. I made a small sketch of the living room which was delivered as proof ref SAJF(1) to DC 4064 HOLLIDAY at 18h30 22 April 2008.
R*** was on holiday with us and during our stay she slept in the bedroom with two beds facing the parking area. I remember that there was a window which was totally covered by a rolling shutter.
We would have breakfast and dinner in the local restaurant, although sometimes we dined at the Tapas. We would have lunch in the apartment - generally at the dining table.
R*** was with us or at the crêche - sometimes in the mornings, at times during the afternoon.
She would also go to the night crêche so that she could go to sleep at a reasonable time. We would go out for dinner and upon our return to the apartment we would pick her up. Normally she was never at the crêche for more than a few hours.
We were satisfied with the care that R*** received in the crêche and she seemed to like being there.
I remember that the apartment number was 5 A.
This statement was made by me and is in accordance with my knowledge.


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