This information belongs to the Ministério Público in Portimão, Portugal.
It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law

Creche Worker

225 to 227 Witness statement of Stacey Portz 2007.05.06
228 Copy of Stacey Portz' passport


02-Processos Volume II  Pages 225-227 -228
Stacey Portz
(statement translated by Robert Murat)
Creche Worker
Time/Date: 15H44 2007/05/06
Place: Praia da Luz, Lagos
--- Comes as a witness; doesn't understand Portuguese; RJQE Murat assigned as interpreter.
--- Has been in Portugal since the 18th of March;
--- She came to Portugal to work for "Mark Warner", which company has a contract with the "Ocean Club" resort for the care of guests' children.
--- That care service is carried out in four different locations, according to the ages of the children.
--- Indicated that there are the following services offered:
---"BabyClub" (from 4 months until one year)
--- This care centre is next to the "Ocean Club" main reception area.
---"Toddler" (children from one to two years of age)
--- This care centre is next to the "Tapas" restaurant.
--- For children between three and five years the "Mini" service care centre is next to the main reception.
---"Junior/Kids" (children ages six until 9)
--- This care centre is next to the "Millenium" restaurant.
--- She states that there exists a further service, called "Dining Out Service", for taking care of children during dinner time [evening/night] located above the main reception, between the hours of 19h30 and 23h30.
--- Further still is the "Babysitting" service between 19h30 and 01h00 carried out in the apartments of the persons using it.
--- She works as supervisor only in the "Toddler" and "Junior/Kids" services at the "Tapas" and "Millenium" locations.
--- As part of her work she frequently takes the children for swimming, walks on the beach and to the garden [play area] next to the tennis courts.
--- Knew the McCann family since 29th of April as they would drop off their toddlers, Sean and Amelie, in the Toddler Club;
--- From 29 April until 3 May she was with those children every day.
--- She also knew Madeleine as she would frequently come talk to her brother and sister when picked up by her parents;
--- She never had Madeleine in her care.
--- From what she was able to observe, Madeleine was an active and sociable child and that when with her siblings [at collection time] she was excited and happy to see them.
--- She states that during her work, either at the care centres or at the outside places where she took the children to play, she never noticed, in the time she has been here Portugal, anyone in particular acting suspiciously or watching the children.
--- She states that she never heard any comments about such things from her colleagues.
--- Notwithstanding her and her colleagues being English, in the time she has been in Portugal she has met Portuguese people, and no-one has ever asked questions about her work, about the children she cares for or the McCann family in particular.
--- She states that since the disappearance of Madeleine she has seen or heard nothing that could explain what was behind it [the cause of it].

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