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It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law

285 to 287 - List of articles confiscated/delivered to/by the PJ 


4-2-Outros Apensos; Apenso IV; vol 2. Pages285 TO 287

Outros Apensos IV; vol 2.

es 285 - 287


Complainant : PJ

Arguido: Robert Murat and others

NUIPC: 201/07.0 Galgs, Section: 4th Brigade. Inspector Joao Carlos

The undersigned officer remits the following articles to the PJ:

Portimao 14 December 2007

To be Deposited:

1&2 - One envelope containing one (01) elastic band made of synthetic material, used to tie hair.

3&4 - One envelope containing one (01) black plastic bag from C.M in Lagos and one (01) sackcloth bag, with one (01) stone [rock].

5 - One envelope containing one (01) child's vest.

6&7 - One envelope containing one (01) child's green jacket/coat with the label "Saccor", size 4 and one (01) child's vest, with the label "Palomino", size 98 with a floral pattern.

8 - One envelope containing one (01) pink and orangey brown blanket.

9 - One envelope containing one (01) pair of "Chico" child's sports shoes.

10-12 - One plastic bag from the "Alisuper" supermarket containing various items of clothing, namely one (01) checkered shirt, two (02) pairs of trousers and three (03) empty and torn bin bags.

13 - One envelope containing one (01) pair of blue and grey child's socks.

14 - One plastic bag containing baby toys.

15&16 - One envelope containing six swabs with traces, supposedly blood - (Rua 25 de Abril, no. 14, P da L).

17&18 - One envelope containing one (01) black, blue and red "Clarks" sports shoe.

19 - One envelope containing one (01) pink child's sock.

20 - One envelope containing one (01) cotton bodice [corset], with a floral border, hemmed/trimmed with ribbon.

21 - One envelope containing (01) red and white piece of child's clothing."

1 -
Page 287 (Marked: 1 & 2) An undated and unsigned hand-written note, very difficult to read but appearing to be written by a police officer from Aljezur, stating that on 4 (or 9) May around 06:00am (s)he found an 'elastica para o cabelo' (hair elastic?), abandoned/lost on the floor of (what could be) the back of the parents' bedroom.

2 -
Page 288 (Marked: 6 & 7) On 11 May a PJ officer collected two objects from GNR at Milfontes that had been handed in by one DJPK (nationality not given but name is Irish or Scottish). The objects were a child's green coat (brand: SACOOR) and an undervest (brand: Palomino) with flowers printed on it.

3 -
Pages 290-291 (Marked: 8 ) On 13 June on the road between Lagos and Portimao near Odiaxere, a blanket, pink on one side and orangey-brown on the other. It was found at the beginning of a dirt road "as indicated by writing in a Dutch newspaper."
Note: We now know from photographs that Madeleine's blanket was still on her bed. ]  

4 - Page 296 (Marked: 9)) A sports shoe, brand 'Chico'. A handwritten note simply states 7 June; tennis shoe; 'mata de baras' (Baras' wood) or 'mata de barao' (Baron's wood); 'Don't move.'

5 -
Pages 297- 298 (Marked: 10) On 16 June a plastic bag marked 'Alisuper' was handed in to the PJ by a GNR officer. He had received it the previous day from an English lady (living in PdL) who found it in 'Green Hills', Bensafrim. Inside were a checked shirt, a pair of shorts and torn empty garbage bags.

6 -
Page 299 (Marked: 14) An undated, hand-written note that a bag was found by firemen in 'Matos Morenos?' in Funchal (Funchal Ridge, Lagos?) at 15:00.

7 -
Pages 300-301 (Marked: 17 & 18) On 7 May at 19:45 a GNR patrolman spotted a 'Clarks' tennis shoe, colour black/blue/red, size 4-and-a-half, on a roundabout in Lagos.

8 -
Page 302 (Marked: 20)" A hand-written note on GNR notepaper says that an Englishman (HW) found something (undisclosed) in the garden immediately adjacent to apartment 4A (building not indicated) at "11 16 45 Mai 07". Whether the '45' belongs to the time or the date is not clear.

288  - GNR list of items given by Daniel James P. Keown 2007.05.11


Outros Apensos IV; vol 2. Page 288

GNR - Evora Brigade

Delivery Guide

On 11th May 2007 the Vila Nova GNR station delivers to the Portimao PJ the following objects that were delivered to this station by Daniel James Keown:

- 1 girl's jacket, green, make Sacoor, size 4.
- 1 girl's vest, make Palomino, size 98 with a flowery design.
11th May 2007

Delivery signature Receipt Signature

290 to 291 - Collection of biological and other vestiges report by Nuclear Police Shrub land (at the beginning of a dirt track)
04 02 Outros Apensos IV Vol II (02 d) Pages 290 to 291

Policia Judiciaria
Portimao DIC

Date of Inspection: 13th June 2007


By the Technical Police Nucleus

Assistant Specialist Irene Trovao

Report of Collection of Biological Vestiges

Crime: Disappearance of Minor

Date: The disappearance occurred on the night of 3rd May 2007.

Place: Lagos. EN 125 in the Portimao-Lagos direction, turn before Odiaxere to Varzea do Arau. Arao road, km 5.1, next to the road on the right about 4 metres from the verge.

Description of the site: Shrub land (at the beginning of a dirt track).

Vestiges Collected

1 blanket in a poor state of conservation, pink on one side and orange on the other.

Observations: From indications written to a Dutch newspaper.


Irene Trovao

297 Collection of biological and other vestiges report by Nuclear Police plastic bag with the logo "Alisuper" containing clothing
04 02 Outros Apensos IV Vol II  Pages 29 7

Date: 2007-06-16

Service Information

To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

From: Inspector Nunes

Subject: Delivery of clothing by the Lagos GNR Brigade (disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

I bring to your knowledge that today at about 10.00 this police station received Soldier Pedro Silva from Lagos GNR who delivered a plastic bag with the logo "Alisuper" containing clothing.

The clothing was found in Colinas Verdres-Bensafrim, Lagos on 15-06-2007 by Mrs Nancy Burridge a resident of Praia da Luz (tel no.**********).

The bag was not opened, in order to conserve its contents, as Soldier Silva told us that it also contained hairs.

I bring this to your attention


Inspector Nunes

298 to 299  - Collection of biological and other vestiges report by Nuclear Police
04 02 Outros Apensos IV Vol II  Pages 298 to 299


Page 298


Terms of Delivery

On 16th June 2007, Infantry Soldier Pedro Silva delivers the following used girl’s clothing to the PJ Inspector who signs this delivery note:

1 checked shirt
2 pairs of pants
3 empty torn bin bags

This was brought to this GNR station on 15-06-2007 by an English lady called Nancy Burridge, resident in Praia da Luz who found the clothing in Colinas Verdes, Bensafrim, Lagos.

She thought the clothing might be of interest to the police investigation in relation to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.



300  to 301- Collection of biological and other vestiges report by Nuclear Police. Tennis shoe
04 02 Outros Apensos IV Vol II  Pages 300 to 301

Page 300

Information Report

(From Patrol 48)

On 7th May 2007, Officer Carrico from the GNR Pera station informed the Post Commander:

When I was on patrol during the hours of 14.00 to 20.00 on that date and when I was returning from service in Praia da Luz as I was involved in he searches for Madeleine McCann and when driving around the roundabout in the city of Lagos at about 19.45, I suddenly saw a dark coloured tennis shoe, blue and red at the side of the roundabout.

I immediately parked the car and went towards the shoe.

It had the brand "Clarks" and was marked size 4 ½.

As the article was marked with a British brand and sizing from the British system I took it to the station in case it was of interest to the investigation and it has not yet been returned by the police.

With nothing to add.


  302 - Collection of biological and other vestiges report by Nuclear Police Garden
  04 02 Outros Apensos IV Vol II  Pages 302

Page 302

Handwritten note


Location: Garden running contiguous to apartment 4 A.

Time: 11 16 45 May 2007

Name: Henry Winning

Nationality: British

Date of Birth******




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