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269 to 271 Witness statement of Tiago Filipe Pinheiro de Freitas 2007.05.06


2-Processos Volume II Pages 269 to271

Revised translation.

Processos Volume II

Pages 269-271

Witness Statement

Tiago Filipe Pinheiro de Freitas

Date/Time: 2007/05/06 - 21H00

Occupation: Barman

Place of Work: Ocean Club

He has worked at the OC since the 26th April 2007. He has previously worked at the OC about 4 or 5 years ago in the bar and reception area. At that time he worked at the club for about 4 years. For financial reasons he left the OC to work at another club called Quinta do Mar, in Cama da Vaca, Burgau, Lagos. The witness is an osteopath and exercises this activity outside of his OC working hours.

He returned to Portugal in November 2006, from the States where had spent 4 months on a professional course related to osteopathy.

He currently works at the OC in the bar.

Since the date of his return to the OC he has worked the same shift from 16.00 to 24.00 without a pre-defined lunch break. He refers to the fact that he had not been on duty and that he heard about the disappearance on 4th May in the morning from his father, he only went to work at 16.00 that day and had had the previous two days off (2nd and 3rd May) and he had difficulty in associating the missing girl to her family as well as to the location where they had been staying at the OC. He remembers that he did not work on 1st May either as he was unwell.

After hearing the news and conversing with colleagues he realised that Madeleine belonged to the group of people who dined at the Tapas restaurant, at a big table.

He does not know whether this group of people would have lunch at the restaurant. He does not remember having seen the presence of children with the group at dinner.

He really only remembers the presence of one man from the group, a tall adult, who had receding hair, pushed back. He is not absolutely sure nor on what date but he thinks he saw radio intercom on the table which they would use to check the children.

As he has stated previously, he only returned to work on 4th May at about 16.00 and noticed the total confusion at the in the search for Madeleine and the despair of the families.

When asked he said that from the dining table the group were seated at it would be difficult to have a clear view of the place the girl disappeared from. There are physical obstacles such as a plastic wind shield, the wall surrounding the pool and the restaurant, the wall around the apartment as well as the vegetation. With regard to the apartment in question, he thinks that a light being turned on in the apartment could be detected, but not more than that.

The witness knows of small thefts that have occurred in the OC as in other clubs, mainly from the lower floors, but he does not know who was responsible.

He knows of nothing significant that would help lead to the girl's location.

No more is said.

Reads, ratifies, signs.


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