Danie Krugel

This information belongs to the Ministério Público in Portimão, Portugal.
It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law

485 Release of information accord from the Lagos Public Service Ministry 
486 E-mail from Cape Town 6 May 2007 re: Danie Krugel


02-Processo Vol II page 486

486-E-mail from Cape Town 6 May 2007 re: Danie Krugel

(1) From: "Vouga Marine" To: DCCB Portugal at 13h54;
(2) Forwarded to DIC Portimao by "Vouga Marine" at 22h20;
(3) Passed to case records office at 09h45 on 7 May.

Good evening.
To help the investigations being conducted into the disappearance of little Madeleine I humbly suggest that someone read the page of dated 3 December 2006 regarding Danie Krugel of Bloemfontein.

Sincere wishes for success in the investigations.
Rui Santos
Cape Town

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Processos Vol II
Page 486

From: DIC Portimao
Sent: 7th May 2007, 9.45
To: Ana Filipe Conducta Luz

Subject: FW Disappearance of Madeleine

From: vougamarine********
Sent 6th May 2007, 22.20
To: DIC Portimao

Subject: FW Disappearance of Madeleine

Original message
From Vouga marine
Sent : May 6th 2007, 1.54
Subject: FW Disappearance of Madeleine

Good evening,

In the sense of helping the investigation leading to the appearance of little Madeleine, I humbly come to suggest that a search be made of the web page for the day 3rd December 2006 with respect to Danie Krugel of Bloemfontaine.

Sincere wishes for the success of the investigation.

R** S*****

Cape Citizen

Mr Krugel's Claims Regarding the Location of Madeleine McCann
09-Processo Vol 9...Pages 2225

 Snippet from Mark Harrison's report
A Mr Krugel, at the McCann's request, attended Praia Da Luz last week from South Africa alleging he could assist in locating Madeleine McCann. I have spoken with the Police officers that accompanied him and viewed the documentation Krugel has supplied to the PJ.

The limiting factor in coming to a view is that Krugel did not allow anyone to view the handheld device he had with him or observe him using it. He was unable to provide any validating scientific data or documents to support the claims he made or the device he alleged to have with him. In short he would appear to claim he has uniquely developed a handheld device that can find a missing person alive or dead in any given terrain over any elapsed time period.

In debriefing the officers who accompanied Krugel it is possible to hypothesise what he may have been doing and using.

In consultation with a colleague Dr Wolfram Meier-Augenstein we feel he may have been attempting to give the impression he had developed and was using a "Remote Laser based gas sensing device". However his claims regarding the distance of detection, up to 20km and the use of a hair sample are highly unlikely and would be a great innovation in the scientific world. Further provenance of this technique could be sought from Prof. Miles Padgett who is a Professor of optics in physics at the University of Glasgow ( 1413305389)

One obvious challenge to the claims of the device capability is that if Krugel claims that by taking 3 separate location readings he is able to triangulate to an area then one would assume that as an area was identified further reading and triangulation inside that area could be conducted repeatedly until an "X marked the spot H.

Of most concern is the poor quality of his report which merely shows a google earth image of an area to the east of Praia Da Luz and includes open smb land, beach and sea. As Krugel was not prepared to allow the device to be viewed or provide any specification data of readings or equipment and the fact that no known device currently exists commercially or academically then I can only conclude that the information he has provided is likely to be of low value.


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