This information belongs to the Ministério Público in Portimão, Portugal.
It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law

P.J. 09 MAY 07854

198 to 199 External diligence at Ocean Club


01-Processos I, pages 198-199

Location: Praia da Luz, Lagos
Date: 2007.05.05

External Inquiry Report

Description and result of inquiry:

- On this date, with the purpose of carrying out inquiries related to the collection of information pertinent to the present investigation, we examined the tourist business named THE OCEAN CLUB, situated in Praia da Luz;

- The site referred to is composed of various blocks of apartments and small homes, which are subdivided into four enclosures, separated by bushes and/or streets, composed of Waterside Garden, Waterside Village, Club Cottage and the Ocean Club Gardens.

We also made an inspection of a building contiguous with the Ocean Club, but not related to this business, with the designation Edificio Cristaluz;
We visited 443 homes, some of which were occupied as the inhabitants of those respective homes were questioned whether they had any information relating to the disappearance of the child, Madeleine McCann or if they witnessed another situation and/or suspicious activity during the dates preceding the events;

In the case of an affirmative answer, these witnesses were taken for formal questioning related to the investigation;

Residences that were not occupied were investigated but their availability was given to us via the employees of the tourist enterprise, and they were either scheduled for maintenance or for rent;

Some of the residences, belonging to the establishment, were not checked because they were unoccupied and there was no key available to access them. These were individual residences, that did not have Ocean Club maintenance contracts;

The present inquiry was undertaken by a total of six teams composed of PJ officers and maintenance technicians of the Ocean Club;
Comment of the functionary who executed the diligence:
290 External diligence carried out in Marina de Lagos, Lagos 2007.05.06
02-Process Vol II Page 290
also Outros Apensos VIII Vol 2' Page 367
External Diligence Marina de Lagos 06/05/2007
02_VOLUME_IIa_ Page_290

We went to the above mentioned location where we asked to be furnished with all available information relating to arrivals at the Marina from 27/04/2007 to 05/05/2007, and departures from 27/04/2007 up to today. The request was registered and we shall be provided with what we asked in due course. Asked if the marina deployed CCTV
we were advised that it did not.

291 to 292 External diligence carried out at Millennium Restaurant 2007.05.06
02-Process Vol II Page 291
External Diligence Millenium Restaurant 06/05/2007
02_VOLUME_IIa_ Page_291

We went to the area where we attempted to locate the Millenium Restaurant, to verify it, that the same belonged to the tourist resort Ocean Club of Praia da Luz. In that place, we verified that to access it it is necessary to pass through the reception where they demanded our identification. The head of the restaurant, Luis Barros, contactable on mobile xxx, clarified that the group of whom the missing child and her parents were part, comprising eight adults and nine children, ate in that restaurant on the day they arrived, namely 28.04.2007, because the other restaurants of the resort were closed. They all ate as a group, parents and children. He referred also that that group came with a half-board scheme, i.e. the right to breakfast and to dinner. In relation to dinner they only ate there on that day, although they took breakfast every day in that place accompanied by the children. He pointed out that, while the space is open to the general public for dinner, it is used almost exclusively by clients of the "resort". Having been shown the photo of the Polish couple, he did not recognise them. We also contacted the receptionist, Monica Marques, mobile number xxx, who told us that besides herself her colleague Elisa, mobile number xxx, and intermittently Luisa Coutinho, mobile number xxx, worked there. Having been shown the photograph of the Polish individuals, Monica Marques said that she had never seen those people.

301-302 External Diligence Dolphin restaurant; Mr/s Marais 06/05/2007
303  Photo-fit of suspect
02-Process Vol II Page 301-303
02_VOLUME_IIa_ Page_301
02_VOLUME_IIa_ Page_302
02_VOLUME_IIa_ Page_303

External Diligence Dolphin restaurant; Mr/s Marais 06/05/2007

Officers: M.J.Ramos and J.Monteiro, Inspectors.

Today, following on work previously performed, we went to the Dolphin restaurant, Rua da Calheta, 14-A, in Praia da Luz, where we contacted one of the owners, A.J.V.Marais, South African, to whom was shown the "e-fit" constructed from information obtained from a witness in this case who recalled seeing someone similar telephoning from the public phone booth in front of the restaurant.

As the residence of the owner was above the restaurant, the "e-fit" was also shown to his wife, L.J.Marais, who immediately said she recognised it as corresponding to an individual she saw 3/4 times telephoning in the booth and once walking in the street near the restaurant.

Asked, she said he was always dressed in white trousers, a little dirty, and a dark winter coat. He was always on foot and alone when she saw him.

Asked further, she said she saw him during the past week, not recalling on which days, but guarantees not having seen him since the date of the events at hand [under investigation].

They were given phone numbers with which to contact this Police force should they see the man again.

The number in the phone booth was 282-789-210.

In the surrounding area, specifically Rua Helena do Nascimento Batista, another booth was located, it having the number 282 789 111.

There being nothing more of interest for the case this work ended.

304 to 305 Diligence carried out in Burgau 2007.05.06
02-Processo Vol II pages 304-305

External Diligence Burgau 06/05/2007
- In order to determine the exact trail of a couple from Poland, and who were on holiday in Burgau, we performed various tasks in particular with the catering establishment in the town, in the supermarkets, in the Garrafeira Ribeiro, in the Brizze Cafetaria, where we showed the photo from the Loja FNAC of the Chiado shopping mall, where [in which] the two above mentioned individuals are known to be (on the left of the picture), neither of them being recognised in any of those locations.
- The same was attempted at the Refugio restaurant but it was closed for its official day of rest.
- Contacted, the owner of the Beach Bar, who had already referred to serving a Polish couple, as per the Information report from the undersigned officers dated 05.05.2007, after being shown the above photo immediately recognised the lady and the individual with longer hair as having been the customers to whom he had referred the day before.
- We also contacted the owner of the Papelaria Fernandes, Gilberto Ferandes, where if it was intended to throw off the trail the possibility of the Polish couple having obtained various letters with the word "casa" [home; house], and other letters ending in a "z", as well as sticky tape to affix [fix; fasten; secure; seal] those letters, it being that when he was shown the above picture he immediately identified the lady and the individual with the longer hair as being the Polish couple, affirming peremptorily that it had not been this couple who had obtained such letters from him.
- Asked how he met the couple he clarified that on 1 May they were in his shops, the paper shop and the gift shop, where they asked the price of various things [but] leaving without buying anything.
- He knew they were Polish due to talking about football, in particular Liverpool and Chelsea about the defender Dudec, who is Polish.
- He pointed out that the couple were dressed in the same way as they are portrayed in the photo.

306 Message to PJ Interpol from Warsaw 2007.05.05
02-Processo Vol II page 306

To the Coordinator of the investigation
Subject: Disappearance of the girl Madeleine Maccann

At the request of Insp. Guerreiro da Siva, GNI, we are sending immediately the last message received from Warsaw, with relevant information. Thank you.

IP Warsaw 5 May 2007
Very urgent
Interpol Lisbon
Interpol Wiesbaden

Subject: Madeleine Beth MCCANN born 12 May 2003 - British child disappeared from Portugal (possible abduction)

Following our response this evening we ask you to correct the address of KROKOWSKI W.K., born 12 July 1963 in SK, Poland. He lives with is wife at the following address: Warsaw. Lanciego street. 11181. The SK address in our first message is his parents' address. The identity of his wife: KROKOWSKA JAROSINSKA A.M. born 16.2.1965 in Konin, Poland. She is known in our police documents for: possible driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (2003) and possible fraud having led a person to dispose of goods disadvantageously (2001).

For exclusive police use.

309 External diligence carried out in PdL regarding blind repair 2007.05.06
310 Invoice/Maintenance order for blind repair 2007.05.01
02-Processo Vol II page 309 -310

--- On this date I was told by Sra. Silvia Batista, Director of Maintenance and Services of the the firm GREENTRUST, the owner of resort known as OCEAN CLUB, contactable on mobile number ---, that between the arrival of the family, on 28.4.2007, and the date of the disappearance, only one maintenance job was performed inside the flat where they were housed (apartment G5A).

--- That that job occurred on 1 May and was performed by staff members Luis and Mario. It comprised the repair of an external blind and in instructing the guests on the workings of the washing machine.

--- Attached is the requisition note that was provided by the lady.
311 to 312 Interpol correspondence translated from Lyon
Processo Vol II page 311-312

Attached we remit a copy of the translation of the message received today from the Sec.General's Office in Lyon related to the availability of means offered for the resolution of this case, asking for a response in accordance with the request of its contents.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- - - - - - - -
Ref: Unknown/nameless people [TRANSLATORS NOTE: I have no idea why such a word would be used in this context]

Through regular monitoring of open sources by the CCC we are aware that a 3 year old British female child, Madeleine McCann, was abducted from a tourist resort of a Portuguese beach, the police put out a sketch of a suspect based on the information of a witness.

In the scope of this case IPSG will make available all possible assistance, such as publication of a Yellow Alert or a Regional Alert in order to support the localisation of the missing child and the transmission of all information.

Interpol understands the critical situation of the investigation and we are available to process any verifications that may become necessary relating to possible suspects including DNA, finger prints and name database searches.

We are available for this case, with highest priority, to send a Blue Notice - search for the whereabouts of unidentified suspects and related passport alerts via STDL databases.

Our services are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week through the CCC.

We ask that this information about the missing child is confirmed and you send all items about the case.

Thanks for your cooperation. END

313 to 314 Email with image attachment of Aneta Jarosinska
315 Further and fingerprints of Aneta Jarosinska
2-Processo Vol II pages 313 to 314
Email with image attachment of Aneta Jarosinska 6 May 2007
From: GNI Brigade Central To: DIC Portimao

Attached there follow the photograph and (criminal) identification material of the referenced female. Acknowledgement responses will be sent by fax once translations are finished.
J.Ferreira (Insp.)

02_VOLUMEIIa_Page_313 02_VOLUMEIIa_Page_314 02_VOLUMEIIa_Page_315

328 to 329 External diligence carried out in Portimao with GNR elements 2007.05.07
02-Process Vol II pages 328-329
02_VOLUME_IIa_ Page_328
02_VOLUME_IIa_ Page_329

--- I make it known that on 04.05.2007, about 09h30, in the company of my colleague Irene Trovao, I went under higher orders to the "Ocean Club", in order to, among other things, establish contact with GNR officers who were in the area, from where the minor Madeleine had been abducted.
--- One of the objectives would be to put off the track of [clear up'; resolve'] possible useful information for the discovery of the whereabouts of the minor, that in the meantime had become known to those officers.
--- An individual named Robert Murrat was already in the area, who had presented himself to the GNR, making himself available to help should he be needed, particularly as an interpreter.
--- When I asked he told me that his mother is English, hence he knows that language perfectly having spent much time in England. He added also that he had a daughter more or less the same age as the missing girl.
--- That this individual collaborated [worked] with the police on 4 and 5 May 2007, namely in the Mobile Police station based in the area.
--- That at a certain time, when we made it known [to him] that his collaboration with the police was not required, he made contact with numerous journalists who were in the area.
--- On 06.05.2007 the undersigned was contacted by some of the journalists who said they thought the behaviour of that individual was suspicious during his contact with them, namely he always displayed extreme curiosity, and when they tried to take his picture he refused vehemently, showing much fear [alarm] stating that he did not want his photo taken because he had a daughter the same age as the missing child and was in the middle of a divorce.
--- Later, when confronted with [questioned about] his behaviour, Robert Murrat was extremely nervous, affirming that it was our choice, immediately left the area and did not come back.
--- Given the suspicions raised it was thought convenient [appropriate] to keep him relatively close, for the purpose of, simultaneously and immediately, beginning a detailed investigation into this individual to confirm or dispel the suspicions raised about him.

330 Fax
02-Processo Vol II page 330

Official Fax #402 to Director of Portuguese Railways
Confidential Very Urgent

It being necessary for the above mentioned investigation I hereby request, Sir, that, as soon as possible, the names and contacts of the personnel working on the Alfa-Pendular service between Faro-Porto on 4 May 2007 are sent to us.

Thank you in anticipation for your cooperation.

448 to 451 External diligence carried out on Julio Manuel Madeira Campos de Carvalho 2007.05.07
2-Processo Vol II pages 448 to 451

Five External diligences carried out on 2007.05.07

Officers: M.Pinho, C,Gomes and J.Carvalho, Inspectors

To confirm or otherwise information given to this Police force regarding the whereabouts of the girl Madeleine Beth McCann or the suspects, the following work was carried out as ordered:

1) Julio Manuel Madeira Campos de Carvalho
--- In Rua 25 de April, ..., Praia da Luz, Mr. J.M.M.C de Carvalho was approached, it having been said that he could have approached the employees of the care centre in the Ocean Club, that that approach could have been done in the street and when he passed them in a white Renault Express.
--- Informally, he explained not recalling having meddled [interfered] with the care workers, but admitted that he could have made "a pass at [chatted up] English girls".
--- On the night of the events he was at home with his brother and nephew. At 22h00, through his girlfriend, he learned of the disappearance of the young girl and joined the general people in the searches.
--- He had nothing else of interest to the investigation.

2) Visibility of 5A
--- Verifying the field of view [line of sight] of the Ocean Club from the Luz Tur building next to the Baptista supermarket, I found the visibility of the girl's apartment to be much reduced [obscured] because of the large and medium-sized palm trees in the resort's swimming pool area.
--- Walking all the building floors I verified that the visibility of the ground-floor is zero [null], by which I came to know who lived on the fifth through the ninth floors [of Luz Tur], information that, informally, I collected through the building assistant [supervisor] Mrs. M.M do N.A.Silva, of 501-X, and, I determined that the apartments and people with clear view were only:
a) Apartment 808-AP, a couple of about 60 years. Irish Republic nationals, who live there. They frequently spend time in Portugal, some time only the lady. The apartment has been occupied for about six weeks by the lady on her own.
b) Apartment 606-AF, Portuguese couple of about 27 years old, both teachers. He teaches at Bispo School and she lectures in the north of the country. They have lived in the building for 4 years.
c) Apartment 504-AR, Portuguese couple with two children; a boy of 3 and a girl of 9 years. The lady, about 35 years old, works as a cleaner at Hotel Bela Vista in Praia da luz. The man has been working in Spain for 2 years and comes home occasionally [once in a while]. They have lived in the building for 9 years.
d) Of the remaining apartments they are not occupied and were not occupied on the night of the events, according to the Luz residents who were stopped [questioned].
--- It is therefore concluded that from that building, if by some chance the movements of the parents and child were observed and noted ["cased"], it was not done from that building.

3) Richard Andrew Gorril
--- A phone message told that in house no. 4 on Rua da Lajes lives an Englishman, with a short beard, 50 or more years old, single and with limited social contact. The person was approached and invited to identify himself. He was identified, through his passport ..., as being R.A.Gorril, born in 1945 in Peterborough, England.
--- He invited us into his home and walked us through it, advancing that in England, in similar cases, the people, voluntarily, placed themselves totally as the disposal of the authorities. He explained that he enjoyed to live alone. He reads, watches television and communicates with friends by mail [e-mail]. He has been at home during recent days except for Saturday, 5 May, when he went to the Lagos market where he bought fish, fruit and vegetables.
--- As for the events he knows nothing of interest to the investigation.

4) Svitlana Babyena
--- Information received told that the lady owner of the cafe "Ala do Castelo" situated next to the Lagos Hospital saw a person, on Saturday morning, 5 May, pulling a young girl who looked like Madeleine Beth McCann.
--- The lady was approached and identified herself as being S.Babayena, a foreign resident since 2006, then, informally, she explained that on the Saturday or Sunday past, at 09h00, next to the "Lago da Igreja" [church square] adjacent to the Lagos Hospital, she saw a man of about 35 years old, about 180cm tall, short blonde hair, thin, who pulled by the hand a young girls who looked like the missing girl. The girl appeared calm and did not seem to be 'contrary' [put out; perturbed]. She does not recall what the child was wearing. She did not see where they went and had never seen [before] those people who seemed to her to have been foreigners.
--- Shown the "e-fits" from the file she stated that the man was very different.

5) Derek Flack shown photos/images
--- The witness Derek F., who had told us he saw a person next to the place of the events - apparently watching, was approached.
--- He was shown the pictures from the file. He identified no-one, lamenting the quality of the images.
--- It is the conviction of the undersigned that the witness craved [had a strong desire] to identify someone in those facial images.

The work done provided no valid result with respect to the whereabouts of the girl.
Regarding possible suspects also none were indicated.

452 to 453 External diligence carried out re: suspected sighting of an individual 2007.05.07
02-Processo Vol II pages 452 to 453

External diligence carried out re: suspected sighting of an individual 2007.05.07

Officers: M.Pinho and C.Gomes, Inspectors.

--- Reporting that Mr. B.A.P da Silva of Varadas de Sao Joao ... Lagos had pertinent information to give he was invited, informally, to explain what he had to say. He clarified that on the night of the events under investigation, between 20h15 and 20h30, in the area of the video club in Lago do Chafariz, he passed a man, white, tall, with a beard, about 30 years old, well-built and with an aspect [air; manner] that made the witness presume he could have been involved with the events, as he had never [before] seen that person in the town of Luz.
--- He offered no further details, namely the whereabouts of the referred individual.
--- After carrying out various work, I located the man who lives in Rua Direita, Praia da Luz (in front of the Post Office).
--- Invited to identify himself, the man identified himself with his passport as being Henry A., born 1967 in Germany. He produced another document and a five year rental contract for his residence.
--- Informally, he stated that when the events were occurring he was at home, alone. He had not gone out that night. He had found out about the events the next day.
--- He had no information to give with respect to the events.
--- He came to live in Portugal 3 years ago. He works in Serra Verde, in civil construction, as a painter.
--- Later he invited the undersigned to visit his house. Walking through his house revealed nothing of interest for the case.
--- Finally, a computer search was made for information on the man, without result.

2. Following an anonymous phone call giving an account that in the house of a Dutch couple, in Monte Judeu, there was a young girl, work was performed in the area, the house was found and the couple approached who voluntarily identified themselves as Jeren and Joan I., contactable on phones 917... and 282....
--- Informally, they stated that on the night in question they were at home with their daughters, 14 and 16 years old, who go to local schools. They have lived in Portugak for several years.
--- They do not know where the girl is nor with whom.
--- To dissipate any doubts that may exist they invited the undersigned to visit their home. Walking through the house nothing of interest was seen.

The above work revealed no indications as to the whereabouts of the child nor of possible suspects.

458 Court instruction 7.5.2007
459 Court instruction 7.5.2007
02_VOLUME_IIa_Page_458 02_VOLUME_IIa_Page_459
460 - External diligence carried out re: suspected sighting of an individual 2007.05.07
02 Processos Vol II Page 460
Letter from the Lagos Public Ministry

To: Portimao DIC

Date: 04-05-2007

Subject: Request for Divulgation by Means of the Media with Reference to the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

This letter serves to communicate to you that within the framework of what is laid down in Article 86 n? 5 of the CPP I authorise this police force to divulge the disappearance of Madeleine Beth McCann by means of the organs of the press with the aim of obtaining information leading to her whereabouts, in accordance with the press release model that was sent to us.

With best compliments,


The Deputy Prosecutor

Sandra Marques
463 to 464 External diligence carried out at CESPA service station, A22, Lagoa, 2007.05.08
02-Processo Vol II pages 463 to 464

'External diligence carried out at CESPA service station, A22, Lagoa, 2007.05.08

Officers: A.Brigantim and C.Dordonnat, Inspectors.

Today, the undersigned and his colleague A.B. went to the CEPSA service station on the A22, Lagos to collect information relating to the presence, around 02h30 on 4 May 2007, of a Spanish man, or at least someone who spoke castillian, who had asked the employee the way to "LUZ".
--- The employee concerned, Lino B. (ph.969...), was not present because he works nights, stated [presumably by phone] that on the night of 3-4 May 2007, about 02h10 or 02h15, a man speaking castillian asked directions to "LUZ".
--- The man arrived at the north post (direction Faro/Portimao) Lino not having seen any car prior to his approach.
--- He [Lino] added further that the individual was a man, about 35 years old, about 1,70m tall, short dark hair and wearing a bluish shirt.
--- The PAC had a video surveillance system and the recording is on CD ROM although its date and time were 1 day and 1 hour different from real time.
--- Lino states that the "Spanish" man's approach coincided with a phone call from the southern station.
--- Therefore, in accordance with the information furnished the images timed as being on 5 May 2007 at 03h00 (actually 4 May 2007 at 02h00) were viewed, it being that the employee is seen on the phone at 03h08.
--- The view from the outside camera showed no person going to the PAC, there being only one vehicle filling up, a goods vehicle, white and having a Portuguese licence plate that could not be seen clearly.
--- About 03h25 (recording time) a GNR vehicle pulls up next to the PAC shop and stays for a few minutes.
--- It is added further that the period watched is understood to be between 02h00 and 02h35 (03h00-03h35 recorded time).
--- It is also added that the location of the external camera on the north station allows people and vehicles to be seen only with a certain deficiency.
--- The PAC manager, Mr, Antonio B. (969...), was asked to preserve the images of the above times.
--- Nothing further being determined this work ended.

475 Letter from PJ to Institute of National Legal Medicine regarding evidence collected
476 Confirmation via fax above letter sent


02-Processo Vol II page 475

Letter from PJ to Institute of National Legal Medicine regarding evidence collected

Processos Vol II
Page 475


Date: 8th May 2007

To: The Director of the Police Scientific Laboratory

From: Portimao DIC, PJ

The abovementioned reference involves the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

1. This fax serves to confirm the carrying out, which has already occurred, of the inspection of the apartment at the following address:

- Praia da Luz, Ocean Club, Block A, apartment 5 A.

2. We request the delivery of the vestiges collected in this place to the INML, whilst designating all those that you judge should be treated by this Institute.

With best compliments


Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida

477 Letter from PJ to Institute of National legal Medicine regarding evidence collected at Murano Quinta dos Figos
478 Confirmation via fax above letter sent
02-Processo Vol II page 477

Letter from PJ to Institute of National legal Medicine regarding evidence collected at Murano Quinta dos Figos

Fax to the Director of the Police Science Laboratory (LPC) from DIC Portimao dated 8 May 2007
Subject Examinations

The above Inquiry is the investigation into the disappearance of the child Madeleine Beth McCann.
1) This serves to confirm the inspection, already done, of the apartment at the following address:
- Praia da Luz - Rua 1st of May/wall of Quinta dos Figos
2) We ask that the trace evidence recovered at that location be preserved for future possible examinations.

485 Release of information accord from the Lagos Public Service Ministry 486 E-mail from Cape Town 6 May 2007 re: Danie Krugel
02-Processo Vol II page 486

486-E-mail from Cape Town 6 May 2007 re: Danie Krugel

(1) From: "Vouga Marine" To: DCCB Portugal at 13h54;
(2) Forwarded to DIC Portimao by "Vouga Marine" at 22h20;
(3) Passed to case records office at 09h45 on 7 May.

Good evening.
To help the investigations being conducted into the disappearance of little Madeleine I humbly suggest that someone read the page of dated 3 December 2006 regarding Danie Krugel of Bloemfontein.

Sincere wishes for success in the investigations.
Rui Santos
Cape Town


Processos Vol II
Page 486

From: DIC Portimao
Sent: 7th May 2007, 9.45
To: Ana Filipe Conducta Luz

Subject: FW Disappearance of Madeleine

From: vougamarine********
Sent 6th May 2007, 22.20
To: DIC Portimao

Subject: FW Disappearance of Madeleine

Original message
From Vouga marine
Sent : May 6th 2007, 1.54
Subject: FW Disappearance of Madeleine

Good evening,

In the sense of helping the investigation leading to the appearance of little Madeleine, I humbly come to suggest that a search be made of the web page for the day 3rd December 2006 with respect to Danie Krugel of Bloemfontaine.

Sincere wishes for the success of the investigation.

R** S*****

Cape Citizen

491 Confirmation above fax sent
492 Confirmation above fax sent
493 Letter requesting translation of documents
02-Processo Vol II pages 489 to 493
02_VOLUME_IIa_Page_491 02_VOLUME_IIa_Page_492 02_VOLUME_IIa_Page_493

750 to 751 External diligence re: CEPSA, A22, Lagoa on 2007.05.08

03-Processos Vol III Pages 750 to 751


External Inquiry Report


Date: 2007-05-08


Place: Cepsa Service Station, Lagoa on the A22


Officer who requested the inquiry: Inspector Matos


Officers responsible for inquiry: Inspectors Brigantim and Dordonnat


Description and result of inquiry:


On this date we went to the Cepsa service station on the A22 in Lagoa with the purpose of gathering information related to the presence, at about 02.30 on the 04-05-2007 of an individual of Spanish nationality, or at least who expressed himself in Spanish, who had asked an employee about the way to Luz.


The employee in question was not present as he had worked the night shift but had referred to the fact that on the night of 3rd ' 4th May at about 02.10 or 02.15 a Spanish speaking individual had asked about the way to Luz. 

This individual was heading north (in the direction of Faro/Portimao) and the employee did not see the vehicle that the individual got out of. But he adds that the individual was male, aged about 35, 1.70m in height with short dark hair and wearing a blue shirt. 

The service station has a camera vigilance system with digital support (CD ROM) and the system has an hour's difference. 

The employee said that the individual arrived when he was talking on the telephone. 

In accordance with the information given by the employee, the images from the video tape correspond to 05-05-2007 at 03.00 (corresponding to 03-05-2007 at 02.00) and at 03.08 the employee is visible making a phone call. 

The video did not show any individual, just a white merchandise vehicle with Portuguese number plates. 

It was added that this was seen between 02.00 and 02.35 (03.00 ' 03.35 on the recording). 

It was stated that the external camera enables the visualisation of persons and vehicles in deficient quality given the conditions of where the camera is placed. 

The owner of the service station was asked to keep the recordings relating to that period. 

Nothing else was found of interest to the inquiry.



818 to 819 External diligence carried out with taxi drivers in PdL on 2007.05.09
03-Processos Vol III Pages 818-819

NUIPC: 201/07/0 GALGS


Date: 2007/05/09

Location: Praia da Luz; Lagos

Responsible Officers: Pedro David, Armenio Pontes and Hugo Ferreira, all Inspectors

Description and result of the activity:

With the aim of collecting certain information of interest to the investigation, a team headed to the above mentioned locations in Praia da Luz, in Lagos, in order to speak with taxi drivers in their 'areas' of work.

In this way, and during the afternoon, we went to these areas located in Lagos and exhibited to those drivers present, and others that were called to the location, various photo-fits (12/2007 and 20/2007) which were elaborated in the sequence of this investigation.

In spite of this, it was not possible to collect any responses from them which could provide us with any evidentiary information.
Nevertheless, the same [group] was recommended to be alert for any abnormal behaviour within the parameters that were explained.

We also collected the following information: (whether from the taxi drivers that worked independently or those associated with them) that they were not in possession of a list of services rendered. The service currently works via a 'radio-taxi' which directs the call to one of the drivers.

Regarding the question of who carried individual at X hours to Y location, we gathered that is tied to the contact made with the drivers in exercising their functions in that location and that while it is possible to determine who carried out the service, it is obvious, that any such recollection depends on the memory of the same driver. This being the same for the given destination, characteristics of the client, etc'

In spite of this, and because there are drivers whose work begins around 21H00, and carries on into the early morning, we went to these locations after 24H00 on the 12th. There we also exhibited the photo-fits mentioned above.

The reaction received was identical' although we were told of some reports related to the consumption of alcohol, it was not possible to obtain any information about any suspicious individual.

We headed next to the Praia da Luz location, Ocean Club. There, when a taxi is required, a call is normally made by Mr. Luis, to the person contracted to provide services to that hotel.

However, after having spoken to the individual in question, and after showing him the aforementioned photo-fits, we obtained identical results; nothing was reported of any relevance.

Signature of the officer

854 to 855 External diligence carried out re: Simon Russell with Eureka Services 2007.05.09

04-Processos Volume  IV Pages 854-855


External Inquiry

Date: 2007/05/09
Place: Praia da Luz - Lagos
Responsible Officers: Raquel Neves and Tony Aimeida, Inspectors
Description and result of the inquiry:

In the sequence of information received by this Policia Judiciaria on this date, at around 11H40, we went to the Video Club 'Eureka Services", located in Praia da Luz - Lagos, in order to contact Mr. S**** R******, the owner of the establishment.
Following an informal conversation, we were informed by that individual that he had remembered that on the previous Thursday, 3rd May, 2007, at the time he was closing up his shop, around 22h45, a small vehicle, whose make, model and number plate he does not remember, the only identifying element he captured was the colour of the vehicle'a dull red, almost as if the colour has been burnt off, sic, due to prolonged exposure to sunlight. Inside the vehicle, he could only make out the presence of one person, as well as a dog in the front passenger's seat.
At the moment that said vehicle passed him, he observed that the driver was looking towards the back seat . Mr R***** affirms that he did not have, at that time, the opportunity to determine what was in the back of the car.
When questioned, he further noted that he recognised the identity of the driver, indicating that it was a female, of Brazilian nationality, 1,70 cm in height, 25/26 years of age, slim with lightly coloured skin. He even added her name, S*** S***** because she and her partner had previously worked at his parents' farm. '
Due to minor arguments caused by the misuse of tools, involving  mainly the woman's companion identified as E***** S*****, the latter,  also of Brazilian nationality, and Mr. R*****, effectively came to blows, and the services of the couple were concluded.
He adds that some of the physical aggressions he suffered in Marina de Lagos, had required help from the local police;
After the couple were fired, he found out that they went to work in the Marina de Lagos, in the area of repairs/maintenance of boats, and more concretely, for a boat which was moored there and that they it as their residence. He furthers that it was a catamaran of high dimensions with the name "TROPICS";
Another individual called R***** also worked in that place with the couple. R*****'s telephone number is xxxxxxxxx, and he may help in determining other elements;
He only remembered the episode at this point, because in making some associations, given the disappearance of the child, it reminded of him of this couple who mentioned that they had an exceptional desire to have a child of their own;
After the facts occurred, he also stated that they had left Marina de Lagos, as the vessel was no longer found in that place.  

When questioned about the physical characteristics of E**** S*****, he identified him as being bald, with a strong build, around 1,70 m in height, dark skin tone and around 42 years of age.


868 to 869 Diligence carried out on couple in Edificio Pedras Brancas, Luz, Lagos 2007.05.09
04-Processos Vol IV pages 868 to 869

Diligence carried out on couple in Edificio Pedras Brancas, Luz, Lagos 2007.05.09


Date: 2007/05/09
Place: Edificio Pedras Brancas, no. *** - Luz - Lagos

Responsible Officers: Reis Santos, Inspector Chief, Helder Carmo and Tony Almeida

Description and result:
---At 08H30, it came to the attention of the PJ, from an individual who chose not to identify himself, that the day before yesterday (08/05/07), a couple resident at number *** Edificio Pedras Brancas ' Luz ' Lagos, had conversed, and in the middle of
the conversation
it appeared to him that they were discussing a child and the possibility of the Police finding her in that place;
---We immediately left for that residence indicated above;
---Upon approaching the residence in question, we were greeted by the owner identified as K*** P***** K*****, born 12/04/1968, in Scarborough ' U.K., holder of a British passport no. ******, and to whom we explained the reason for our visit. He immediately invited the PJ inspectors to enter and to carry out all necessary checks;
---In conversation with K*** K******, he confirmed having had a discussion with his wife and referred to the situation of the missing child and that she had to be found by the police in the Luz area;
---K*** ***** also informed the officers that on 02/05/2007, he was hospitalised due to a right foot fracture;
---He also identified his wife, S****** D***** R*****, - Germany, holder of a German passport, no. **********;
---We looked through the home, and nothing was found.

933 External diligence carried out on blocks 4 & 5 of the OC 2005.05.10
04 Processos Volume IV  Page 933

Date: 2007/05/10

Location: Blocks 4 and 5 of the tourist resort Ocean Club, situated in Praia da Luz, Lagos.
Person who determined the inquiry: MArio Antao, Chief Inspector
Responsible Officers: Jose Luis, Marques Bom, Rui Bandeira, Armenio Pontes and Hugo Ferreira, PJ inspectors .

Description and result of inquiry:

The inquiry began at 17h00.

An extensive search was carried out, with the accompaniment of sniffer dogs used in the G.N.R., of blocks 4 and 5 of the Ocean Club tourist resort.

With regard to Block 4, a search of all apartments, with the exception of apartment 4Q was carried out (as the respective owner was not located nor did the Ocean Club management have the key), and nothing of interest was found for the investigation in question

With regard to Block 5, a search of all apartments (with the exception of apartments B5, 5E, 5F and N5, as the respective owners were not located nor did the Ocean Club management have the key) was carried out, nothing was found of interest to the investigation in question.

It was noted, that the apartments that were minimally alerted to by the sniffer dogs in their behaviour, were all searched properly.

The inquiry was terminated at 21H00

Comment: Nothing to remark upon.

983 to 984 - External diligence in Lagos 2007.05.12
Processos Vol IV Pages 983-984

Policia Judiciaria

External Inquiry Report

Date: 2007-05-12

Place: Lagos and others

Requesting Entity: Dr G. Amaral

Executing Entity: Inspectors Ricardo and Ramos

Description and Result of Inquiry:

Following superior orders the undersigned officer accompanied by Inspector Ramos, went to the service and petrol stations in the Lagos area, with the aim of obtaining CCTV images from the period between 30-04-2007 and 06-05-2007, from which the following was found out:

Service and petrol stations with CCTV circuits:

Galp Service Station, on the A22, at Kilometre 4,350, Bensafrim-Lagos in both directions, Portimao-Lagos and Lagos-Portimao. When the supervisor was contacted he said that the CCTV circuit of these service stations is controlled by the company STRONG (Security Department) with headquarters in Lisbon, contact numbers ****. Once we contacted the company, they said that they were willing to make the images available upon receipt of an official document, saying however, that this would only be possible after the following Monday, as the technical personnel were not available.

Galp Service Station – Moura Ferreira e Filhos Lda – EN 120, Lagos in both directions. When the area coordinator was contacted she said that the CCTV system installed there only maintains recorded images, in one of the areas for five days and in the other for eight days and therefore she could only provide the images of one of these areas and only referring to the days 04-06 of May, needing some time, she could deliver the register tomorrow. She requires an official document.

BP Service Station in Telheiro – EN 125, Telheiro, Lagos in both directions. When the owner was contacted he said he was willing to provide a register with the requested images but only next Monday as the technician would only be available on that day.

Repsol Service Station – Auto Marachique, Alvor, Portimao. When the owner was contacted he informed us that the CCTV system only maintains registers for 8 days. He would only have a register from the 6th May and as it was not possible to withdraw the images in a useful period of time, as Securitas would have to be asked to do it, the images were visualised on site, referring to 06-05-2007 until 24.00 (closing of the area) nothing suspicious being observed.

Repsol Service Station – Barlavento Petroleos, Cerro das Mós, Lote 316, Lagos. When the person responsible was contacted she informed that the CCTV circuit installed there records onto a cassette and that this only holds +/- two days of recording, the same cassette always being used, which made our efforts unfeasible.

Service and Petrol Stations without CCTV circuits:

Total Service Station – EN 125 Lagos exit to Sagres, Lagos.
Total Service Station – Av dos Descobrimentos, Lagos.
BP Service Station – Av dos Descobrimentos, Lagos
Repsol (ex - Shell) Service Station - Av dos Descobrimentos, Lagos
Galp Service Station – Auto Jardim, Portimao.
BP Service Station – Penina, EN 125, Portimao.

Inspectors Ricardo and Ramos

1219 Direct examination of SD card and IMEIS
1220 Direct examination of IBM desktop system
1221 Direct examination of MP3 Unimade
1222 Direct examination of micro SD card
1223 Direct examination of 32 Mb SD Integral card
1224 Direct examination of Quantum disc
1225 Direct examination of Hitachi 6 Gb disk related to Dell Latitude CPX
1226 to 1227 Direct examination of 100Gb Seagate Momentus drive
1228 Direct examination of 128 Mb Vodafone SC card
05-Processo Vol V pages 1219 to 1228:
1219'Direct examination of SD card and IMEIS
1220'Direct examination of IBM desktop system
1221'Direct examination of MP3 Unimade
1222'Direct examination of micro SD card
1223-Direct examination of Kingston 512Mb
1223(duplicate number)'Direct examination of 32 Mb SD Integral card
1224'Direct examination of Quantum disc
1225'Direct examination of Hitachi 6 Gb disk related to Dell Latitude CPX
1226'Direct examination of 100Gb Seagate Momentus drive
1227'Direct examination of 100Gb Seagate ST drive
1228'Direct examination of 128 Mb Vodafone SC card

All of the above documents end with the words "... nothing was found of relevance to the case."
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1219 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1220 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1221

05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1222 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1223 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1223a

05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1224 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1225 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1226

05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1227 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1228  

1229 External diligence carried out on Remax Estate Agency, Lagos, 2007.05.14
1230 Search warrant for Rua Garret, no. 19, Lagos
1231 Copy of above
1232 Results of search carried out in Rua Garret, no. 19, 2007.05.14
05-Processos Vol V Page 1229
External Inquiry

Date: 2007-05-14

Place: Rua Garret, n' 19, Lagos

Responsible Officers: Santos, Afonso, Sousa and Coelho, Inspectors

Description and Result of Inquiry

At about 7.55 on this date and in compliance with the search warrant referred to on the previous pages, two of the officers referred to above proceeded to the abovementioned address.
At the site it was observed that the building in question was an agency of the Remax ' Imobilaria company and contact was made with an employee L*** M***** S*****.

According to LS, the suspect Richard (sic) Murat has worked in the agency for a period of almost one year, carrying out the functions of estate agent, having terminated his contract in the middle of January of the current year.

05-Processo Vol V page 1232
Results of search carried out in Rua Garret, no. 19, 2007.05.14
It states "... nothing having been found of interest to the present case."
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1229 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1230 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1230a

05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1231 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1231a 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1232

1234 External diligence carried out in Rua D. Joao. Moniz Nogueira, lot B, 3A, 2007.05.14
1235 Report that above residence belongs to a friend of Robert Murat
1236 Search warrant for Rua D. Joao. Moniz Nogueira, lot B, 3A,
1237 Search warrant for Rua D. Joao Moniz Nogueira, lot B, 3
1238 to 1240 Tribunal documentation re: Murat and his residences/property with requests for search warrants 2007.05.13
05-Processo Vol V page 1234 to 1240
External diligence carried out in Rua D. Joao. Moniz Nogueira, lot B, 3A, 2007.05.14

After explaining that, legal niceties having been satisfied, the search was conducted between 10h00 and 11h00, it states (underlined) " ... nothing of interest for the case had been found, ..."
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1234 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1235 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1236

05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1236a 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1237 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1238

05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1239 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1240  

1241 to 1242 Search results for Rua D. Joao Moniz Nogeuira 2007.05.14
1243 to 1245 Search warrant for Rua Lima Leitao, no. 9 rlc, Lagos, 2007.05.13
05-Processo Vol V pages 1241 to 1245
Search results for Rua D. Joao Moniz Nogeuira 2007.05.14
This is the original hand-written version from which page 1234 above was derived, and it states " ... nothing of interest for the present case was found ..."
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1241 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1242 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1243

05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1243a 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1244 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1244a

05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1245 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1245a  

1469 Letter from PJ regarding mouth swabs of seven individuals
06-Processo Volume VI page 1469

[Letter from PJ regarding mouth swabs of seven individuals]

Dated 17 May 2007, this letter to the INML in Lisbon covers the delivery of
mouth swabs taken for purposes of DNA comparison from seven individuals,
requesting such comparison between them and biological trace evidence collected
in various locations, within the scope [authority] of the present case.

1478 fax regarding validation of apprehended items
1479 Confirmation fax sent
06-Processo Volume VI page 1478 1479

[fax regarding validation of apprehended items]
Date: 18 May 2007; From DIC Portimao; To Court of Portim'.
Subject: Validation of seizures and return of objects.

The court is being requested to validate the seizures made within the scope of
the investigation and reflected in the search and seizure documents and,
further, to authorise the return of the items listed [nine mass storage devices]
to their owner as the results of the direct examinations of those items show
them to be of no interest for the investigation.

1590 Copy of money order
1591 Copy of cheques
1592 to 1596 PJ informational documents
06-Processo Volume VI pages 1592 to 1596
06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1590 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1591 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1592


PJ informational documents

Another missive from the National Directorate in Lisbon, this one dated 25 May
2007 and which starts by saying - 21 days into the investigation ' witness
testimony has revealed the description of an individual having been seen
carrying a child next to apartment 5A of the Luz Ocean Club.

It continues by venturing to suggest a press release ' in fact an appeal to the
person fitting the following description "Caucasian person, 35 to 40 years of
age, of medium build, 1,70/75m tall, with short hair on the head but covering
the neck area, wearing a dark-coloured wind-breaker/sports jacket/coat, cloth
trousers of clear colour (beige or golden) and black shoes."
... who was walking in the Praia da Luz area on 3 May 2007, at about 21h30, and
possibly carrying a child, or some object that could be confused with a child,
to please contact the Police to clarify the truth of the situation. The appeal was extended to anyone else having seen the person described, in the area at the time given above, to contact the Police on the numbers provided in
the appeal.
Again, appropriate action was left to the consideration and determination of the
leader of the investigation.

3276 to 3280 - External diligence carried out in Kelly's Bar on 2007.10.10


12 Processos Vol XII Pages 3276 to 3280

External Inquiry

Date 10 ' 10 ' 2007

Place: Kelly's Bar, P da L

Inquiry carried out by Inspectors Rui Fernandes and Ricardo Paiva

Description and results of Inquiry

On this date at about 15.00 we went to Kelly's Bar, located in Rua da Calheta, in Praia da Luz. At the site we were received by an employee of the bar identified as L***** A**** M**** who had been on duty on the night of 3rd May 2007.

When questioned whether on the night in question she remembered the visit to the bar by witness Martin Smith and his family, she replied that she does not remember given the lapse of time between the events and because the bar is daily frequented by dozens of clients of different nationalities.

All the available documentation was requested concerning the expenses in the bar on the night of 3rd May 2007 as we were given the cash register from which photocopies were made referring to the period between 20.00 and 24.00, which is annexed to this report.


Ricardo Paiva


12_VOLUME_XIIa_Page_3278 12_VOLUME_XIIa_Page_3279 12_VOLUME_XIIa_Page_3280
61 - External diligence block 4 and 5 Ocean Club 2007.05.10


03 02 Outros Apensos 3 Vol 2 Page 61

External Diligence

Date: 2007-05-10

Place: Blocks 4 and 5 of the Ocean Club Resort, in Praia da Luz, Lagos

Person who ordered the diligence: Chief Inspector Mario Antao

Executing Officers: Jos'Luis, Marques Bom, Rui Bandeira, Armenio Pontes and Hugo Ferreira, all PJ inspectors.

Description and Result of Diligence:

The diligence took place at 17.00

An exhaustive search was made with the assistance of the search dog team from the GNR of blocks 4 and 5 of the Ocean Club resort.

As regards Block 4 all the apartments were searched with the exception of apartment 4Q (because the owner had not been located and the Ocean Club manager did not have the key) and nothing of interest to the investigation was found.

With regard to Block 5, a search was made of all apartments with the exception of apartments B5, 5E, 5F and N5 (because the owners were not located and the Ocean Club manager did not have the key), nothing was found of interest to the investigation.

It should be noted that the apartments where the dogs alerted or changed their behaviour minimally were all searched extensively.

The diligence ended at about 21.00.




363 - External diligence re Lagos marina 2007.05.06
364 - Fax


Outros Apensos VIII - Vol 2 Page 363 to 364

Policia Judiciaria

External Inquiry Report

Date: 2007-05-06

Place: Lagos Marina

Requesting Entity: By superior order

Executing Officers: Inspectors Davide Gomes and Hugo Ferreira

Description and Result of Activity:

We went to the location mentioned above where we requested that all information relating to the movement of entrances into the Marina between 27-04-2007 and 05-05-2007 and departures from 27-04-2007 until today be provided to us. The request was registered and the response will soon be provided to us. When we asked whether the marina has any security video system we were informed that it does not.


Inspector Gomes
365 to 366 - External diligence re Praia da Luz, Lagos 2007.05.09
Outros Apensos VIII ' Vol 2' Page 365 to 366


 (Page 366 is missing from the DVD)

Policia Judiciaria

External Inquiry Report

Date: 2007-05-09

Place: Praia da Luz, Lagos

Requesting entity:

Executing Officers: Inspectors Pedro David, Arm'io Pontes and Hugo Ferreira.

Description and Result of Inquiry:

With the purpose of collecting any information of interest to the investigation, the team mentioned above went to the locations of Praia da Luz and Lagos with the aim of speaking to the taxi drivers who have these localities within their 'places' of work.

In this way and during the afternoon of the present day, we went to these 'places' in Lagos, having shown the taxi drivers who were there, as well as others who were called to the site, the different photo fits (13-2007 to 20-2007) that were elaborated during this investigation. However, from this exhibition it was not possible to gather any response from our interlocutors that constituted any sign of relevance. Nevertheless, they were advised to be alert to any 'abnormal' behaviour within the parameters that were explained to them. Information was collected that, both the taxi drivers who were acting as independent professional workers and those who were associated, do not have any register of services carried out, as a system exists that imposes that any call made by 'radio-taxi' is redirected to one of two taxi drivers. It was established that, as an example, regarding the question of who transported an individual at X time to Y destination, by just making contact with the taxi drivers working at that place, it is possible to find out who carried out the service, which obviously implies that such knowledge depends on the memory of the taxi driver himself, the same occurring for the eventual destination of the given trip, characteristics of the client, etc...However, and because there is

- Rest of report missing '

1159 - External diligence re sighting in Faro
1160 - Fax confirmation
Apensos V, Vol 5 Page 1159 1160

Policia Judiciaria

External Inquiry Report

(Refers to Sighting in Service Information here: 1158

Date: 2007-05-23

Place: Faro.

Requesting Entity: Station Coordinator.

Executing Officer: Inspector Carlos Minga

Description and Result of Inquiry:

On this date, the undersigned officer went, on the request of this police station's coordinator, accompanied by Inspector Paulo Silvestre, to the Hotel Residence 'Sun Algarve', situated in Rua Infante D. Henrique, n' 52 in Faro, with the aim of confirming some information that arrived at this police station, telling of a sighting in the hotel in question at about 18.00, of a girl similar to Madeleine McCann.

At the location contact was made with the receptionist, who informed us that the only girl staying at the hotel was a girl aged about 9 months old and of Australian nationality, who was accompanied by her parents. She also informed us that the Australian family is known to the hotel, as it is the second or third time that they have stayed there.


1471 to 1472 - Service information re abandoned vehicle in Sta. Catarina da Fonte do Bispo
Apensos V, Vol VII Pages 1471 to1472

External Inquiry Report

Date: 2007-05-31

Place: Sra Catarina da Fonte do Bispo ' S. Bras de Alportel

Executing Officers: Chief Inspector Vitor Matos and Inspector Dordonnat.

Description and Result of Inquiry:

On this date, in compliance with superior orders, the undersigned officer, accompanied by Inspector Dordonnat, went to the locality of Sra Catarina da Fonte do Bispo, with the aim of locating an abandoned vehicle, with number 64, existing in front of the church, in which the missing girl Madeleine McCann could have been or could still be.

At the site in question we managed to locate the vehicle, which had number 4 and not number 64, situated at Largo de na Senhora das Dores, on the corner with Rua Joao Ant'io Pacheco. The building consists of two floors, with an entrance at Largo de na Senhora das Dores, there being an iron door which is closed with a chain. The door of the building does not present any signs of having been forced. Neither does the garage door present any damage or any sign of having been forced, even presenting signs of not having been opened for a long time. On Rua Joao Ant'io Pacheco there is a doorway which gives access to a garden, which in turn provides access to the building, both to the ground floor and first floor. Having checked the space no signs of disturbance were found. All of the building's windows were closed, no damage was visible. An external analysis of the property shows it to have the aspect of being abandoned.

The building is situated on a central road in the locality, there are some commercial establishments, as well as a primary school, in addition to the church mentioned earlier.

At the site it was possible to find out that the owner of the house is D. Am'ia who lives in Lisbon, it being certain that the house is not rented to anyone, and that she goes there frequently. D.Am'ia's sons were seen at the site about 15 days ago.

The persons contacted, residents of the surrounding area, state that they have no noted anything abnormal in the zone, namely next to the house in question, neither have they seen strange cars or persons. No disturbances were reported and D.Am'ia's sons did not report any abnormal situation.

Taking into account the location of the building and the scarcity of elements regarding the origin of the information, together with the fact that nothing abnormal has been detected in the area, the information was judged to be lacking in credibility.

Nothing else being found, the inquiry was terminated.


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