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PDL RESIDENT 15-05-07-TIME 22.30

1403 to 1405 Search warrant and apprehension of items
1406 Search warrant for Sergey Malinkas home
1406a Written note from PJ official regarding search
1407 Copy of page 1406
1407a Written note from PJ official regarding search


06-Processo Volume VI pages 1403 to 1405
[Search and Seizure warrant and apprehension of items]
Date: 16 May 2007.

This is the hand-written document for the search and seizure of Sergey M.'s
residence, with two copies of the official warrant (pages 1406 & 1407).
The list of items is more easily seen (typewritten) in later examination
06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1403 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1404 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1405
06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1406 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1406a 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1407
06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1407a 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1407a  

1408 Document of examination re: Items from S. Malinka's residence
06 Volume VI page 1408

[Processo 'Document of examination re: Items from S.Malinka's residence]

This is the summary of the examination of nine mass storage devices (disks and
memory sticks/cards) collected from Sergey M.'s house. The report states "...
nothing was found of relevance for the case."

Twenty-seven optical disks (CD ROM) were also analysed and found to contain
pornography and, in one disk, "bestiality".

1431 to 1432  Search documents regarding Malinka
06 Processo Volume VI pages 1431 to 1432
[Search documents regarding Malinka]
Date: 16 May 2007; Location: Office of S.M.

"... nothing having been found of interest for the case."
06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1431 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1431a 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1432
1453 to 1458 Witness testimony of Sergey Malinka 2007.05.16
1459 Picture and further information about Malinka
1460  Search warrant re: Malinkas Audi A4

06-Processo, Volume VI, pages 1453-58 (6 pages)

Processo, Volume VI, pages 1453-58 (6 pages)


Date: 2007/05/16 Time: 22:30 Location: DIC Portim'
Officer: John Carlos and Luis Pereira, Inspectors

There is no relationship as envisaged in Art.134, paragraph l of the CPP.
Moves to give evidence.

On the matter of the file he said:
--- He comes to the file as a witness.
--- Although of Russian nationality he fully understands the Portuguese language in its oral and written forms. He has been in Portugal for nearly seven years.
--- He lives with his parents. He has a Portuguese girlfriend.
--- Asked, he said he knows
ROBERT MURAT since the summer of last year, he thinks. He came to know him through his neighbour R** A*****, who introduced the witness to ROBERT, claiming that he was a good designer of pages and websites. When speaking with ROBERT, he [RM] explained the type of page that he wanted, and the witness performed the work. It was a page of real estate for sale on the Internet, without resorting to a property firm, whose name was After completing the draft he returned to him the copyright, as well as the username and password of the administrator. He recalls that the username was a 1 and the password 123, which were altered by ROBERT. After the delivery of the work, he had three weeks to make alterations, as a page of this size needs few changes after entry onto the net. He knows that this enterprise (Romigen) belonged to ROBERT and to a woman of the name MICHAELA, who hardly interfered, but was always present at meetings.
--- Other than this web site, he did not carry out any other work for ROBERT or for MICHAELA..
--- The meetings to which he refers were carried out in the bedroom in Robert's home at Casa Liliana and in the "Baptista" supermarket, situated in Praia da Luz.
--- He confirms that four years ago, he was at the home of ROBERT at the request of his mother, JANE MURAT (sic), to format her computer, so that the operating system would work faster, and to install an anti-virus. He did not know ROBERT at that time, nor did he know that JANE (sic) was his mother. That this contact was established by the mother through the firm where the witness worked called "125 computers", situated on the EN 125, Mexilhoeira Grande. As his employer failed to pay his salary, he left the firm around three years ago.
--- He has now formed a company called "
Sergey Malinka", which is not yet on the Internet, for monetary reasons, since its introduction has high costs.
--- He had solely professional contacts with ROBERT, although RM had invited him to form a joint business, which was refused by the witness.
--- The first contact with ROBERT, as already said, was in last summer, to create the web page, and this occurred near the Church of the Light [the church in PdL], where there was only ROBERT and the witness, he believes at l0H00/11H00. He now alleges that RUI was not present personally, he only gave Robert's phone number to SM. The creation of the Internet page took about three weeks to a month. ROBERT paid him '3000 in total, in two equal installments. The first part of the payment was at the beginning of the work and the second when completed.
--- The second time they met was two or three days later, not knowing where this occurred but thinks it was in the "Baptista" supermarket. He does not have an indication of the time. This second meeting was to show him the page, although not complete, he believes on ROBERT's laptop.
--- Contacts for the meetings were made by mobile phone.
--- The other meetings, he does not know how many, but he claims there had been five or six times, occurred in a space of two or three days, where they gave information to the witness to carry out work on the page, or make changes. These meetings were conducted at his house, in the room opposite the gates, where he had the portable [computer], in the kitchen and in the "Baptista'. He does not know the specific days, but they were between 10H00 and 12H00 and in the afternoon between 18H00 and 21H00. This will have taken place in the summer of the past year. In some of those meetings MICHAELA was present.
--- After completing the page, he knows that ROBERT went to the UK. During the work, he had some problems with ROBERT, of a professional nature, because he demanded changes, and sometimes the witness forgot to perform them.
--- The last time they met was at the request of ROBERT, who called the witness to perform other work and improve the page. The day after the telephone contact he met with him together with MICHAELA. This meeting took place on 30 April 2007, so the contact call occurred on 29th. It was held in the "Baptista" supermarket, about 10H00. It was agreed that the witness would try the page, following indication from ROBERT, the indications being given by email. The witness' email: [e-mail address deleted]. The last telephone contact he had with ROBERT, he believes, was on May 11, when the witness was contacted, he thinks, at 16:00. This contact was to draw the attention of the witness, because the page opened incorrectly. He recalls trying to call ROBERT on 14th, however he [RM] had the appliance disconnected.
--- He describes his days as follows: he wakes at 09H00/10H00, has breakfast and leaves to go to deal with professional matters - visits to customers who have contracts and other clients who sought his services. He does not know the localities, or corresponding times. Usually no lunch, returning home at 18H00/19H00, where he consults his email and calendar. Rarely leaves at night, and when he does, he is accompanied by his girlfriend to go to the cinema or a restaurant. He usually schedules his services the day before he executes them. To travel between services he uses his car "Audi A4, registration 10-xx-xx'.
--- He states that he has all the appointments, with the data/hour and client's name booked [recorded] in his MDA and home computer.
--- Regarding the day 03 May he said that he did not meet, nor spoke with Robert. On this day he followed the routine described above.
--- As for the computers he had at home he said that one of them is his property, without brand, and the other two belong to customers, including a customer from Burgau, but he does not know the name, and another from the firm 'Avenue properties", with offices in Lagos and Praia da Luz. In his car he also had a laptop computer which he bought today in the "People's Radio" brand "Accer", for the sum of '599.
--- Also in Burgau he has a client by the name of "SALLY", a female, who is an aunt or cousin of ROBERT. She has a home called 'Salsalito' near the International School of Burgau. This visit occurred about a week ago, day 08 or 09.
--- With specific reference to the 03 May 2007, the witness confirms to have woken up at his parents' home, between 9 and 10am, having followed his normal professional activity, which is the service and repair of computers. He does not recall which customers were visited, since anything that occurs daily is registered in his MDA.
--- Also he does not recollect having lunch that day. He knows he got home by 18H00. He dined with the family and stayed in his room for the rest of the night, using the computer for games, Messenger, internet and may have carried out some repairs to the equipment of a client.
--- The next day, he learnt about the disappearance of a girl, through an image put in the shop window of a shop near to his house, having asked a member of staff what had happened, who also could not explain to him. He had a day without changes, that is, he did all tasks he had planned to perform.
--- He affirms not to have had any involvement in the efforts that were made by almost all local residents, in the search for the missing girl, named MADELEINE. This was due only to lack of time, since he had much work and could not fail in the commitments to customers.
--- With regard to the telephone contact he received on 03 May 07, at 23:30, made by ROBERT, he affirms that he does not recall having received such a call, but if this actually happened, it will have been to arrange a meeting with the same, for professional reasons.
--- He affirms he is not protecting ROBERT and never to have had the intention to take any kind of responsibility for him, including the activities undertaken for him on the computer.
--- He does not know any thing that can contribute to [finding the] the location of the girl, or for any another kind of explanation of the events under investigation.
--- No other information to provide for the file.

Has nothing further to add. Read, ratifies and will sign
1462 List of further confiscated items from Malinka
06 Processo Volume VI page 1462

[List of further confiscated items from Malinka]
Dated 17 May 2007, this is a formal signed consent for an MDA-Windows Mobile
2003 to be analysed.

1463 to 1465  Fax cover sheet with copy of Malinkas passport
1466  Confirmation of above fax
06 Processo Volume VI pages 1463 to 1465

Fax cover sheet with copy of Malinkas  passport]
Dated 17 May 2007, this is a fax to the Russian Consul together with a copy of two pages from SM's passport

06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1464 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1465 06_VOLUME_VIa_Page_1466
1843 to 1844 Witness statement of Svetlana Malinika 2007.06.20


07 Process, Volume VII, pages 1843-44 (2 pages)

Svetlana Malinika  - MOTHER OF Sergey Malinka

Process, Volume VII, pages 1843-44 (2 pages)


Date: 2007/06/20 Time: 22h00 Location: DIC Portim'
Officer: Carlos Dordonnat - Inspector

Svetlana Malinika

There is no relationship as envisaged in Art.134, paragraph 1 of the CPP.
Moves to give evidence.

In the matter of the file she said:

--- She comes to these in the capacity of a witness.
--- Because the witness does not know the Portuguese language she is going to be assisted in this act by the Russian-speaking interpreter Mrs. Galina Lxxxx in this DIC.
--- The witness has been in Portugal since August 1999, having always resided in Praia da Luz - Lagos.
--- For approximately 5 or 6 years the witness works in the firm Blue Ocean, which undertakes cleaning work in the area of Praia da Luz and specifically in the area of the Ocean Club where the company performs cleaning work in some of the apartments near the apartment where the English minor Madeleine McCann disappeared, namely in an apartment that is in the same block but which is on the top floor, it being that the witness does not know precisely which apartment.
--- She adds that the witness is not always the one who goes there as there are other employees in the firm and the work allocation is done on a rotation basis.
--- The witness adds that the vast majority of people working in the area know that the apartments in the block occupied by the McCann couple are normally occupied given the proximity of the pool, and the occupants are usually foreigners.
--- The witness declares further that she knew of the disappearance of the minor from having heard conversations of her colleagues commenting on the case, it being that only two days after the events she came to understand [learn] the location where the events had occurred.
--- She has nothing to add regarding the disappearance of the minor Madeleine McCann, except to say that she has lived in the area of Praia da Luz for about eight years and at no time has she ever been aware of abnormal situations given that she characterises the area as being very quiet.

Nothing further was said. Read, ratifies and will sign with the translator who assisted in this.

3439  Confidential report re: denouncement of Sergei Malinka (Spanish)
13 Processo 13 Pages 3439


3439 - Confidential report
re: denouncement of


Sergei Malinka (Spanish)


(The second of the three pieces of information from the book given to the PJ by Metodo 3)

Processos Vol XIII
Page 3439


Alison informs us that 4 years ago her boyfriend Cristian was spending two nights at Sergei Malinka's home when, upon going to send an email from one of Sergei's computers and upon joining an attachment he saw paedophile material. When asked for explanations, Sergei told him that it was a client's computer and that he would denounce the fact to the pertinent authorities the following day.

That is what Alison told us.

Alison's phone number: ******

The telephone conversation with Alison is attached:

Original Spanish text here (note the telephone conversation is not in the files):

4184 Letter from S. Malinka requesting return of items confiscated
4203 Return of laptops
16 Processo 16 Pages 4184 & 4203

4184 is where Malinka asks for his Items returned,

4203 is noted as 'return of laptops'

Processos Vol XVI
Page 4184

To: The Instruction Judge
Lagos Judicial Court

I, Sergey Malinka, previously identified in the process files, come to request the following:

1. As explained in a previous request, on 16th May 2007 at about 15.00, the Portimao PJ carried out searches in my residence (see document joined to my previous request).
2. On the night of 16th – 17th May I was heard exhaustively at the Portimao PJ installations in my quality as witness.
3. On 17th May 2007 at the end of the afternoon all material was returned to me that had been apprehended on the previous evening, with the exception of a Sony portable computer, model Vaio PGC-6H4L, with series number 281992303103495 and the rest of the material that was taken from my home on 17th May for future analysis.
4. The PJ promised me at that moment that the material in point nº3 would be returned to me in a week’s time (!!!)
5. Until now (ten months later!) nothing has been returned to me and this situation continues to cause me serious harm and difficulty in my professional life.
6. I request that you order the return of the apprehended items, with maximum urgency, ordering its return to me, by

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