This information belongs to the Ministério Público in Portimão, Portugal.
It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law


442 to 447 Background information on Robert Murat and Michaela Walzuch


2-Processo Vol II pages 442 to 447

Background information on Robert Murat and Michaela


Relating to R.J.Q.E.Murat it was determined:
1. he lives at Casa Liliana ..... Lagos;
2. at the same address but in a separate house lives his mother J.A.Murat;
3. he was born on ... 1973;
4. he has passport number ... ;
5. his NIF is ... ;
6. he can be contacted on telephones 282... and 919... ;
7. he has e-mail address: ... ;
8. profession: provider of services;
9. holder of bank account at Banco Santander, co-holder M.Walczuch, born ...; NIF ...; contactable by phones 282... and 919...; mail: ...; profession provider of services; resident of Rua ... Lagos; BI ...;
10. MW has another bank account (cheque) on which she frequently uses a debit card ...;
11. the following movements have occurred between January and May ...;
12. into this account MW makes regular low-value deposits of cash and cheques;
13. In 2005 RM submitted a tax return for business-related income ... paid to him by a company ...;
14. In 2005 MW submitted a tax return for business-related income ... paid to her by a company ...;
15. the company that paid both was ... in Lagos ...;
16. in recent days RM has been seen at the following addresses in Lagos ...;
17. both those locations are registered in the name of the company above ...;
18. attached is the identity card of MW, data from her driving licence and her vehicle, Peugeot 205, colour grey and licence ..- ..- ..;

Portimao, 7 May 2007
Inspector, M.P.

461 to 462 Letter detailing anonymous denouncement of Robert Murat
02-Processos Volume II pages 461 to 462
02-Processos Volume II  PJ Record 8th May 2007-

At about 20.00 the police received a phone call from a number that could not be identified, from a person with a female voice speaking in correct Portuguese, who did not want to be identified for reasons of safety. She refers to an individual who abducted Madeleine, who knows how to keep quiet and is quite close to the police. When asked who she was referring to she said it was an individual who resides in Praia da Luz, who has an English mother, who speaks this language very well, who was near the area since the disappearance of the little girl, supposedly with the intention of helping the investigation. She said this man was called Robert and that he used to consult Internet chats of a pretty heavy sexual nature. He would also use Internet for contacts with different acquaintances he had in other countries, especially in the UK. She said most of the mails he sent were encrypted due to the monitoring of the kind of content they possessed. This is why she wanted to alert the authorities about the characteristics of this man, who, in her opinion, could have sexual motives and opportunity, knowing the area perfectly for committing or collaborating in this type of crime.

957 to 958 External diligence carried out in the OC 2007.05.11


04-Processos Vol IV Pages 957 - 958

External Inquiry Report 

Date. 2007-05-11 

Place: Ocean Club, P da L. 

Responsible Officers: Officers Joao Carlos and Luis Pereira 

Description and Result: 

Systematically analysed with the elements contained in the investigation that indicate how the action could eventually have occurred, the possibility of placing different valid hypotheses referring to the process of the action was concluded, it being the case that in all the equated scenarios, the direction of the escape route taken by the author (abductor) was questioned. 

It should be remembered that Jane Tanner's witness statement confirms having seen and individual carrying a child, who would have left from Block 5 A and turned to the right, walking along Rua Agostinho da Silva and crossing the road at the junction with Rua Direita, where the entrance to the Tapas restaurant is situated, the route used by the parents when checking on the children, in this way placing himself at greater exposure. 

In effect, if the action had been planned, the author should have - bearing in mind the physical space - chosen the contrary direction as his escape route, where there was a parking area at a distance of 20 metres, which would have been a discreet way to enable him to leave the scene unnoticed. 

Given this reasoning, it was judged appropriate to visit the scene, in order to see the geographical viability of the correct perception of the events, or at least the closest possible approximation regarding their truth.

It was immediately possible to note that the Casa Liliana house, situated in Rua da Ramalhete, P da L, Lagos, owned by Robert Murat, could also de designated as Casa Liliana, situated on Rua Agostinho Silva, or in other words, situated in the same road as Block 5, precisely in the direction taken by the suspicious individual, described in Jane Tanner's witness account. 

An image of the site is attached with indications relating to the above description. 

Comment by the officer responsible for the inquiry: 

Excepting superior opinion, the fact that had not been explained, concerning the abductor's escape route, would be clarified in the case that it were possible to report that the author (abductor) lives or has access to some space next to the site, namely in the direction in which an individual was seen to be leaving. 


Attached map: 959

960 to 961 Results of informal conversation with Robert Murat 2007.05.11


04-PROCESSO 4 - 960 to 961

Translators note - -
I must make it clear that this officer, while doing his clear professional duty, was, of necessity, couching much of his statement in a very diplomatic manner. Some of his phrasing I have managed to keep word-for-word, whereas other parts I have had to cut directly to the chase because it is simply too tortuous for me to convert word-for-word into English.
As usual my inline explanatory comments are in square brackets

Processo page 960-961

Service Information document dated 11 May 2007 from Inspector Pedro Varanda relating to an informal conversation with Robert Murat

As you will know, Sir, on this day at 11h30, there appeared before the un
dersigned and (lady) Inspector Patricia Duarte, a British citizen called Diane Webster, holder of UK passport XXXXXXX, in order to hear her witness statement.

In the course of an informal approach that proceeded that work, it was determined that she was not conversant in Portuguese, written or spoken, and the service of an English-speaking interpreter was therefore called for.

In this function appeared a British citizen, Robert J.Q.E. Murat (duly identified in the files from previous work), official resident of Casa Liliana, Rua Ramalhete, Praia da Luz, Lagos.

The work
[the DW interview] being concluded, and during an informal conversation that the undersigned began with that interpreter (as would be characteristic in this type of situation), Robert Murat displayed an unusual curiosity about the investigation that was developing around the disappearance of the minor Madeleine McCann that occurred on 3 May 2007.

As an example, it will be proper to point out that he has insistently and repeatedly questioned me about the identity of possible suspects, about the strategy outlined by the lead coordinator of the investigation and the work that might possibly have been considered for the coming days.
[faced with] such an attitude, that was so unusual and absolutely inappropriate that I immediately became highly suspicious, I always countered [ducked the questions], insistently requesting that person to be aware of the contractual duties pertaining to the role which he has assumed in this investigation, pointing out that it was presently the inquiry phase, and, naturally, covered by judicial secrecy.

The above mentioned suspicions were made even stronger when I realized that Robert Murat was trying, in a persistent and dissimulated manner, to look at the various procedural documents that compose the present enquiry while I was consulting them in preparation for the Dianne Webster interview.

Finally, and in the sense of reiterating the suspicious attitude shown by Robert Murat, I venture still to state that, beyond having manifested an enormous knowledge about the dynamics inherent in the functioning of the "Ocean Club Garden" (in which the events under investigation had taken place) and of the routines followed by the McCann family and their companions during their respective stays in in Praia da Luz, he has tried persistently to influence the conduct of the present investigation, suggesting various analyses the agreement with which [i.e. had they agreed to follow those suggested lines of inquiry] could be intended to impute the consummation of the present illegal act
[the missing child] to foreign third parties [i.e. to put the blame on, or to attribute the blame to, outside foreigners].

The above being exposed
[laid bare] - and without intending in any way to place in question the competence of the above individual, nor the slightest imputation that that [my suspicions] was what he wanted to be [actually intended to do] - I have to bring the above incidents to your attention, in order for you to determine what may be appropriate.11 May 2007
Pedro Varanda

985 Further background information on Robert Murat


04-Volume IV, pg. 985

Processos Volume IV

Page 985


NUIPC: 201107.OGALG8


• Has lived in Almadena (Lagos);
• Has a brother who suffers from Dyslexia
• Questioned regarding the possible scenarios for the solution of the crime states:

1. that the recent offer of €1.000.000 may have the opposite effect of creating more abductions in Portugal in the future, namely carried out by Russians and Romanians; that the Russians are particularly cold when it comes to questions of money;

2. that the solution to the present case is in the resort and that the PJ have certainly come to understand this;

• States that the locale of Baroes is a locale where potential paedophiles exist interested in abducting children;
• He grew up in an area called Essen or Lessen, in the south of Norfolk and north of Southfolk (England);
• Related the case of an English abductor who due to media pressure released his victim, but in another case a 10 year old was murdered by a paedophile who buried her next to military base in Southfolk;
• Stated that he intended to rent a car as his car was being used for reasons he did not specify;
• That on this night he had a dinner booked in Lagos;
• That he served as a translator for the Northfolk police in situations where threats of a racist nature were made against Portuguese members of the community there.

The Inspector Chief
Reis Santos

986 to 992  External diligence in Lagos regarding Robert Murat 2007.05.12


04 Processo Volume 4 Pages 986-992
External Diligence 12 May 2007 in Lagos
Officers: Manuel P., Joao C. and Luis P., Inspectors
- From the items collected and conveyed in the case file documents pertaining to RJQE Murat, we determine that he makes use of a vehicle "VW Transporter", green, licence plate 44-77-KD.
- After finding the vehicle we mounted surveillance at Rua Agostinho ... Luz where the vehicle was parked.
- At 12h40 the observed person was seen leaving the house, getting into the vehicle and going to the town centre, stopping at Rua 1 de Maio, where he engages in conversation with various people, in our view, in a casual manner, like someone explaining something.
- At 13h05 the target goes to a roadside bench sited in Rua 1 de Maio, Luz. In this place he speaks with an elderly woman who was there in order to gather information about the disappearance of the child. This bench, it was clearly said in the media, is being attended by a lady who is in Portugal for several years, and who was there to receive information about Madeleine from people who had some reluctance to communicate it to the authorities. This woman is the mother of the observed person and identifies herself as JA Murat.
- Soon after the observed person goes to the pastelaria "Dom Doce" where he bought food that he took to the lady, his mother, very soon after, peeping into a vehicle that was also parked there, a Peugeot 206, licence RI-96-03.
- At 13h11 the target gets into his vehicle and leaves in the direction of Lagos. About 13h22 he parks the vehicle in Rua Adelina ... Lagos and goes inside number 8.
At 15h09 the observed person leaves in the car and proceeds to Rua Joao Moniz Nogueira, Lagos, parks the vehicle and enters lot B.
Some minutes later, 15h35, the target gets back into the vehicle and proceeds in the direction of the town of Luz.
- At 15h54 the observed person parks the vehicle near to "Casa Liliana" a little further along from where it was during the night, going then inside the Villa.
- At 16h41 he gets back into the vehicle and drives off to the centre of town, stopping next to the above-mentioned "Dom Doce".
Six minutes later, 16h47, he goes to an ATM of Caixa Credito Agricola situated at no. 2-4, Travessa 1 de Maio. He begins a conversation with someone, both speaking in English.
- At 17h01 the observed person and the above-mentioned lady load the bench and other equipment into the VW.
At 17h06 the target walks to Rua 1 de Maio, going down, coming to meet an individual about 180cm tall, thin, wearing glasses and an orange T-shirt.
At 17h09 he enters the premises of the car rental agency "Auto Vermietung - auto rent III" in the Largo da Igreja
[church square], Luz.
About 17h16 the observed person leaves the rent-a-car and gets into a vehicle, Hyundai Getz, blue, licence 60-AX-86, going to Rua 1 de Maio where he stops next to the pastelaria "Dom Doce", entering this place accompanied by the bench lady.
At 17h48 the observed person goes in the Hyundai and stops in Rua Direita where he goes to "Batista" supermarket.
At 17h58 he leaves "Batista" proceeding to the EN125 and later to the A22, Portimao direction [direction: from West to East].
At 18h26 he parks the vehicle in the car park next to the Portimonense stadium in Portimao and, now on foot, at 18h31 enters the premises of the police.
At 20h52 he leaves the police station, goes to the vehicle and proceeds to Lagos.
At 21h16 he stops next to number 8 Rua Adelina ... Lagos and collects a woman who was waiting there for him. Then he proceeds in the direction of Praia da Luz and Burgau.
At 21h37 he goes along the detour of Praia da Cabana Velha, turns round and enters the Restaurant "D. Dinis".
At 23h35 the observed person, together with the woman, leaves the restaurant returning to Praia da Luz in the vehicle, there going ahead of him the other vehicle already referred to, the Peugeot, licence RI-96-03, which was transporting the elderly lady who was on the bench.
At 23h45 the target in his vehicle and the Peugeot RI-96-03 arrive at Rua Agostino ... Luz, opening the gates to Casa Liliana and parking the Peugeot inside. The target and his companion then go, in the Hyundai, to the centre of Praia da Luz.
At 00h47 the observed person releases [drops off] the woman who accompanied him next to number 8 Rua Adelina ... Lagos, heading shortly after to Luz.
At 00h55 the observed person parked the vehicle next to the gate of Casa
Liliana, entering the house.
- At 01:30 this work was ended.
[Signed Joao C., Inspector]

Pages 990-992 are vehicle registration documents.

993 to 994  External diligence re: Robert Murat rental vehicle 2007.05.13


04 Volume IV, pp. 993 to 994
Processos Volume IX
Pages 993 to 994

Date: 2007/05/13
Locale: Praia da Luz – Lagos
Entity that determined the diligence: Exmo. Sr C.I.C. Dr. Goncalo Amaral
Functionary that executes: Jose Ricardo and Mario Ramos, Inspectors

Description and result of diligence:
On this date, conforming to the superior order, the signatory went, accompanied by Sr. Inspector Mario Ramos, to the AUTORENT III premises, situated in Largo da Igreja, Praia da Luz, Lagos, where they consulted all the rental contracts celebrated in the last three days to this date, stressing that we refer to the vehicle Hyundai Getz plate no. 60-AX-86, whose driver is identified as Mr. Murat, Robert James, address, 3, The Street, Hockering, Bereham, NR20, 3HL, 72121 U.K., born 20-11-73 in the U.K., holder of driving license MURAT 711203, issued on 21-12-95 and contactable at telephone number 919 188 441.

The rental contract in question has the number 0014751, was celebrated on 12-05-2007, with delivery of the vehicle at 17H16, registered with 29.947 Km and date of return 15-05-2007, around 18H00, at the same place as the delivery.

A photocopy of the above mentioned contract is attached.
995 to 1001 Further background information on Robert Murat
04-Volume IV, pp. 995 to 1001

Minister of Justice
Portimao Department of Criminal Investigation

NUIPC – 201/07/07/0 GALGS


Relating to the present investigation related to the disappearance which occurred on the 03 of May of 2007, in the temporal hiatus between 21H05 and 22H00, of a child which turned four years of age last Saturday, identified as Madeleine McCann, and who was staying in apartment 5-A, block 5, of the establishment 'Luz Ocean Club,' herein referred to as LOC.

Conforming to the results of the initial participation, the minor's parents, Gerald McCann and Kate Healy, were enjoying holidays in our country, together with a group of citizens, also British, for a total of nine adults and eight children. They arrived on the 28th of April, having booked their return for the 05th of May. On the day in which the facts are reported, the parents, as was usual, went to dinner, together with the rest of the group, to a restaurant in the interior of the resort, known as 'Tapas', whose distance is around 50 metres from the apartment where Madeleine lay sleeping, and her twins siblings of two years of age. As was habitual, around 21H05 the father, Gerald, went to see the children, having entered through the sliding door at the back of the above referenced apartment, which always remained unlocked so as to facilitate the access to/from the restaurant and the pool. After checking, although briefly, he verified that this three children were in perfect conditions, sleeping profoundly, although the door to their room was more open than was normal. Upon returning, he established a conversation with a friend, with whom he played tennis that afternoon, at the same time that one of the elements of the group, Jane Tanner, when she was walking up lateral artery of the apartment, she saw the back of an individual with a child in his arms, not being able to ascertain if it was little Madeleine. Because she did not have knowledge of the disappearance, given that the alarm was raised an hour later, although finding it strange, she did not comment on what she had seen. Around 21H30/21H35, another element of the group, Matt, went to check on Madeleine's apartment among others, not having entered the children's bedroom, yet related, laconically, that there was light in the room. He also entered via the sliding door, which was, as already mentioned, always unlocked. He states that everything was well, although he had not seen the missing child. Around 22H00, when the mother, Kate, went to go check on the children, she saw the door to the children's room completely open, the window also open and the curtains drawn to the side, which did not correspond with how they left everything closed. She verified that Madeleine could not be found. She searched for her daughter instantly in the interior of the apartment, confirming that she was not there. Immediately, she advised the rest of the elements of the group she was dining with, and they extended the searches with auxiliaries of the LOC, and contacted the local authorities who would alert this police.

Immediately, diligences were begun to localise the child, on the day of the occurrence and on subsequent days, using impressive means in a insistent and repeated way.

We followed all leads, viable and non-viable, using search-dogs and other means of search and detection. Even with this titanic force, it was not possible, in the investigation, to localise the missing child.

Of the many elements collected, and pointing out, that at this moment in the investigation, the occurrence of an unusual situation, relative to an individual identified as Robert James Queriol Eveleigh Murat.

This individual, voluntarily, went to the GNR post alleging that he was an interpreter of the English language, and could be useful in helping to realise diligences. He was directed to the elements of this police which were at the locale. Right on this day and on the following days, he helped in various diligences realised by this police, namely in the inquires of the British functionaries of the LOC.

At this point in time we noted immediately a strange comportment, especially with the press/media, alleging that he did not want to be photographed, or to make allusions to this presence.

We stress that at this time, we were contacted by various journalists, who alleged that they had noticed his strange comportment, and that he showed himself to be extremely curious. When they tired to capture his picture, he repudiated this vehemently, alleging that he was father to a little girl, the same age as Madeleine and was in the middle of a divorce.

Confronted with this incoherent comportment, Robert Murat, showed much nervousness and offered to stop providing services, if that was our desire.

For the investigative strategy, in order to better control and collect relevant elements, we opted to continue to use his services. Also via communication with the Leicester police authorities, the locale where the McCann family lives in the U.K., we were informed that an English reporter had suspicions regarding Robert, for the reason of his evasive comportment when she tried to take his picture and from a telephone call, which he said was to his daughter, making it in a loud voice, as if he wanted to demonstrate something.

The target resides in Vila da Luz, and while this is not binding, that the route of the observed suspect by the testimony of Jane, went in the direction of his home. He has knowledge of the area where the facts occurred, enabling him to circulate among, to sway [influence] and to educate (figuratively speaking) the natives and people that are there on their holidays.

It is also stressed that some of the routes taken by foot by Madeleine and her family, went through the locale where he lives. It is further added that reported in the present investigation is anonymous information, alerting us to the eventuality of the abductor being found in a residence of the locale in proximity to block 5, and the same accesses various sites of a sexual nature, trading, inclusively, encrypted communications.

Thus, suspicions fall on the target and for this reason sir, I am requesting that you suggest to the Magistrate to issue search warrants for his below referenced homes, given that only with such legal instruments is it possible to progress the investigation:

1. RUA AMALHETE, CASA LILIANA, LUZ, LAGOS, residence of the observed person and his mother, JA Murat, given that they live together.
2. Rua D. João Moniz Nogueira, *******, Lagos
3. Rua Adelina ******, residence of Michaela Walczuch
4. Rua Garret, ******, Lagos
5. Rua Lima Leitão, ********, Lagos

Equally we ask for search warrants for the vehicles:
1. VW Transporter *****
2. Peugeot 205 - *****
3. Hyundai Getz ******

We also request telephone conversation interceptions and recordings of the target's numbers, with the cellular locale indication:
1. ****** (number TMN)
2. ********.

The number of his mother JENNIFER MURAT:
1. ********

1. **********

Besides these numbers, we ask to proceed with the interceptions of International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) where the same operate and may come to operate.

We additionally ask for a digitally supported detailed invoice and list of trace back and cellular localization of calls to the numbers listed above, in the period between the 25th day of April 2007 and the present date..

We also request authorisation for voice and image recording.

This being, the investigators await your consideration, sir, at your convenience, pursuant to these terms.

Portimao, 13th May, 2007
The Inspector
Joao Carlos
1006 to 1008 - Letter to judicial tribunal regarding Murat's possible involvement in the crime 2007.05.13


04 Processos Vol IV Pages 1006 - 1008

Portimao Judicial Court

Conclusion 13-05-2007

From the process files (pages 995 – 998) results the founded suspicion that the suspect Robert Murat could be the author of the abduction being investigated.

A search of the residences used by the suspect was required, this diligence being essential for acquiring evidence.

As this diligence is essential for the acquisition of evidence and in ordering the search warrant as promoted by the magistrate of the Public Ministry as being covered by the provisions of Art 174 n° 2 of the CPP which determines the granting of these warrants as laid down in articles 174 n° 2 and 3, 177 n° 1 and 269 n° 1a) from the CPP:

I determine that search of the premises should be made, carried out by the PJ within the scope of the ongoing investigation, under suspicion of the practice of the crime of abduction at the residences of the suspect, Robert Murat.

- in Rua Ramalhete, Casa Liliana, Luz, Lagos, residence of the suspect and his mother Jennifer Murat, where they both live and the annexes:
- Rua Joaoa Moniz Nogueira, plot B3 in Lagos;
- Rua Adelina de Gloria Berger, plot 8 1 C in Lagos, residence of Michaela Walczuch.

I also order searches in the following sites:

- Rua Garret n°19 in Lagos.
- Rua Lima Leitao n°19, ground floor in Lagos.

As well as search warrants for the vehicles:

- VW Transporter, number plate 44-77-KD
- Peugeot 205 number plate RI-96-03
- Hiundai Getz number plate 60-AX-86

Proceed to issue the search warrants with the mention that, in the course of the authorised search the rules and limitations foreseen in articles n°176 and n°1 of 177 of the CPP should be observed.

Because it is useful for the purposes of the ongoing investigation, under the conditions of article 269 n°1c and 2, 187, 1 and 188 of the CPP, I determine the procedure of the interception and taping of telephone conversations or any other kind of communication made from or too the following numbers 91 918 84 41 (TMN number) 91 368 75 18, 91 746 23 08 and 91 988 19 59 (TMN number) during the period of 15 days.

Each respective operator should be requested to provide a detailed invoice in digital form, register of trace back and location of the mobile phones with the abovementioned numbers relating to the period from 25th April 2007 to the current date, as well as the interception of IMEIS where the numbers operate or are seen to operate.

This information should be sent directly to the PJ, guaranteeing confidentiality for the operator.

Resulting from the process files, given that in the inquiries already carried out there are indications that are consistent with the abovementioned suspect having been identified as the author of the abduction referred to in the process files.

This action is susceptible of including the practice of child trafficking.

The crime referred to is classed in article 1 n° 1 of Law n° 5/2002(a).

As it is obvious that the diligence in question has great interest for establishing the facts being investigated given their nature, authorisation is given to collect images and voice recordings by means of video relating to the movements of the suspect on national territory (n° 1 of article 6 of law 5/2002, 11th Jan).

I hereby authorise the collection of image and voice recordings by means of video relating to the suspect's movements for 30 days, whilst observing legal formalities.

The image and voice recordings should be submitted for judgement after ten days of collection and the requirements of art 188 n°1 of the CPP should be observed.

Portimao 13-05-2007(23.30)


Criminal Instruction Judge

1020 to 1021 - Telephone interception information re: R. Murat
04 Processos Vol IV Pages 1020 to 1021

Service Information

Date: 2007-05-14

To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

From: Inspector Franco

Subject: Telephone Interceptions and Detailed Invoices of Mobile Phones

During the course of the analysis of the traffic of calls made and received on the mobile phones of the suspect Robert Murat, it was observed that the mobile numbers 911948359, 914168557 and 918224078 are used to make contact during the period before the girl's abduction and during the period immediately after her disappearance, for this reason it is essential for the discovery of the truth and for the location of the missing girl Madeleine McCann that the following inquiries are carried out:

Interception of the mobile numbers 911948359, 914168557 and 918224078 in case that which is suggested should be decided, the letter sent to the operator Vodaphone should obey the following requirements:


- The interception of the mobiles with the numbers 911948359, 914168557 and 918224078 as well as the latest IMEIS associated to them:
- Detailed invoice and register of Trace Back
- Mobile phone location
- Identification of IMEIs
- Interception to be effected during 30 days.

Legal letter to the mobile phone operator Vodaphone in the sense that the latter delivers to this police force the detailed invoice listing (calls made and received) with a determination of the cells activated by the mobile numbers 911948359, 914168557 and 918224078 during the period from 1st May 2007 to the present date.

I submit this for your information and for the most appropriate decision.


Inspector Franco

1045 to 1062 - Letter from Vodafone re: calls received/made on lines owned by Robert Murat and Jennifer Murat
04 Processos Vol IV Pages 1045 – 1062

Vodaphone listings of calls made and received by Murat sent to the PJ on 14-05-2007

04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1045 04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1046 04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1047
04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1048 04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1049 04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1050
04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1051 04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1052 04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1053
04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1054 04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1055 04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1056
04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1057 04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1058 04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1059
04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1060 04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1061 04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1062
1063 to 1069 - Letter from TMN regarding call traffic for mobile phone TMN phone listings for Robert Murat sent to the PJ on 14-05-200
04 Processos Vol IV Pages 1063 – 1069

Pages 1064 ? 1069
TMN phone listings for Robert Murat sent to the PJ on 14-05-2007:

04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1063 04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1064 04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1065
04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1066 04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1067 04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_1068
1121 to 1123  External diligence carried out on Casa Liliana 2007.05.14
1124  Search Warrant for Casa Liliana


05-Processo Vol V pages 1121 to 1123

External diligence carried out on Casa Liliana 2007.05.14

Today at 07h20, I, Joao Carvalho, together with three teams ( * ) who searched 2Casa Liliana" in Rua da Ramalhete ... property of R.J.Q.E.Murat, report the following:
- Arriving at the location, the owner was contacted who locked away his dogs then conducted Support Team 1 onto the premises;
- Initially, the entire area, internal and external, was identified. The internal area comprises an entrance hall, two suites with room and WC, one bedroom with a conservatory, a large reception room, a sitting room with conservatory, a kitchen and a pantry with a small walled kitchen garden, a machine room, a WC and an adjoining suite with private WC (bedroom of R.Murat). The external area comprises a shed, by a greenhouse, a swimming pool, a machine room and a storehouse (the latter two situated below the pool);
- The searches began by Teams A1 and A2, inside and outside, being accompanied by J.A.Murat, mother of the owner;
- In the course of the search two rainwater cisterns were found next to the pool. They were partly emptied to facilitate a search by a diving team from the Fire Department of Luz-Lagos (Commandants Paulo Reis and Rui Rodrigues). The work results were negative.
- The GNR dog team commanded by First-Sergeant A.Silva used four dogs to search for a trace of Madeleine Beth McCann in the entire property (inside and outside). The work results were negative.
- In the location were three vehicles - VW Transporter; Peugeot 205; Hyundai Getz - all of which were searched.
- The entire property was inspected by colleagues from Local Crime Section and Police Science Laboratory, with respective photographic reports made, with special focus on R.Murat's room and the vehicles.

( * ) [Names of the team members are given here in the report].

Everything was done according to the authorisations. Various items were seized and listed.
The work was completed at 21h00.

This RDE (Relatorio de Diligencia Externa) is appended to the Inquiry by - Signed - Joao Carvalho, Inspector.

1125 to 1129 Results of search inside Casa Liliana and items apprehended
1130 Copies of Romigen business cards
1131 Copy of ATM receipt/withdrawal made 2007.05.03
1132 Support page with letter for J. Murat welcoming her to UZO
1133 TO 1133a List of telephone numbers apprehended from R. Murat
1134 to 1134a Copy of page from the Telegraph Review with evidence of paedophilia
1135 Search warrant for Hyundai Getz
05-Processo Vol V pages 1125 to 1135
Results of search inside Casa Liliana and items apprehended

This is a list of items seized during the search of Casa Liliana.

There is minimal Portuguese to be translated aside from the standard legal wording, and the details of the items are better seen (typewritten) (1) in the pages immediately following this report, (2) in the later "Results of Examinations" and, even later, (3) in the requests to have the items returned to the owners.
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1125 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1126 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1127
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1128 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1129 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1130
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1131 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1132 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1132a
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1133 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1133a 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1134
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1134a 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1135 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1135a
1136 to 1137 Results of search re: Hyundai Getz
1138 Search warrant for Peugeot 205
1139 to 1140 Results of search re: Peugeot 205
Processo Vol V pages 1136 to 1140
Processo Vol V pages 1136 to 1137 – Results of search re: Hyundai Getz
Processo Vol V pages 1139 to 1140 – Results of search re: Peugeot 205

Both of these reports state  ... nada foi encontrado ou apreendido ......
Nothing was found or seized...
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1136 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1137 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1138
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1138a 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1139 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1140
1141 Search warrant for VW Transport van
1142 to 1143 Results of search re: VW transport van.
05-Processo Vol V pages 1141 to 1143
Results of search re: VW transport van
This report states that several objects were seized, which are better seen in the pages following this report and in official photographic report at pages 1387 to 1395.
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1141 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1141a 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1142
1144 Support page with piece of ticket for the 2007 Home Show
1145 Copy of embarkation note dated 2007.05.01
1146 Results of examination on Micro SD card
05-Processo Vol V page 1144 to 1146
Results of examination on Micro SD card
Nothing was found of relevance to the case.
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1144 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1145 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1146
1147 Results of examination on Murats laptop 2007.05.14
05-Processo Vol V page 1147

Results of examination on Murat's laptop 2007.05.14

The hard drive was mechanically faulty rendering
useless any attempt to access contents of the disk.

1148 Results of exam on SMC router with voice ADSL and mac address
1149 to 1166 Analysis of SMC
05-Processo Vol V page 1148
Results of exam on SMC router with voice ADSL and mac address

The configuration of the router did not protect it from unauthorised accesses.
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1148 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1149 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1150
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1151 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1152 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1153
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1154 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1155 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1156
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1157 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1158 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1159
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1160 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1161 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1162
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1163 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1164 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1165
1167 Results of exam on LG laptop belonging to Murat
05-Processo Vol V page 1167

Results of exam on LG laptop belonging to Murat

Nothing was found of relevance to the case.

1168 Results of exam on Fujifilm 128 Mb memory card
05-Processo Vol V page 1168

Results of exam on Fujifilm 128 Mb memory card

Nothing was found of relevance to the case.

1169 Official notice declaring Robert Murat an arguido 2007.05.14
05-Processo, Volume V, page 1169
14 MAY 2007
(Rights and obligations under arto. 61°. Code of Proc. Criminal Law and 3412004, from 29/07)

Date of Constitution: May 14, 2007
Defensor: waives to this investigation

Procedural rights:

    - Be present at the procedural steps that directly concern him;
    - Be heard by the court or the investigating judge where they should take any decision affecting the person;
    - Do not respond to questions asked by any entity, on the facts that will be charged and on the content of the statements we make about them;
    - Choose a lawyer or ask the court to appoint him one;
    - Be assisted by the defender in all the pleadings in which he participates, and when detained, to communicate, even in private with him
    - Intervening in the investigation and the instruction, offering evidence and requiring the steps it will prove necessary
    - Be informed , or by the appropriate judicial body of the criminal police to whom it is obliged to appear, the rights available to him
    - Use in accordance with the law, the decisions that will be unfavourable.
    - Require legal aid services in the care of public social security.

Procedural duties:
    - Appear before the judge, the prosecutor or the police agencies of criminal law where the demand for and they have been duly convened;
    - Responding to questions by true authority over its identity and where the law imposes on their criminal background;
    - Providing end of identity and residence as soon as it takes the quality of defendant;
    - To submit to the steps of evidence and measures of coercion and guarantee assets specified in the law and ordered and carried out by the competent authority.

Warning - Art°. 39°. 3412004 Law of 29/07.
    - It was advised that, not the advocate or require the granting of legal aid, or in the case of him not being granted, may be responsible for paying the fees of defense as well as the expenditure incurred on that with his defense.

Signed as received
The Defendant __________________________________________
The Inspector ___________________________________________
1170 to 1178 Interrogation of arguido 2007.05.14


05-Processo, Volume V, pages 1170-1178 (9 pages)
 Processo, Volume V, pages 1170-1178


Processo, Volume V, pages 1170-1178


Date: 2007/05/14; Time: 10:00;  Location: DIC Portimao
Officer: Joao C. and Luis P., Inspectors

Defender appointed / constituted: Dispensed with for the present diligence

He was told that he is being considered a defendant in these proceedings, it having been given and explained to him the rights and duties under art. 61 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and, concerning legal support, the Law no. 34/2004 of 29/07, and the document of constitution of defendant was given to him. He is signing as having received the above.

Signature __________________________________

He was advised that the lack of response or falsehood about his identity and his criminal background does incur criminal liability.

Nickname: "ROB"

As for his criminal background he said:
--- He has never been before a court, nor been arrested.

Asked if he wanted to respond to the facts that are imputed against him, he responded:
--- Affirmatively.
--- He comes to the case in order to clarify the facts with which he is charged, dispensing with the presence of a lawyer and an interpreter as he understands perfectly the Portuguese language in its oral and written form. He was already present in the procedural activities as an interpreter.
--- Born in London, England, about 33 years ago. His parents have lived in Portugal, which his mother still does (Casa Liliana) given that his father died when he was twelve years old. He came to Portugal when he was two weeks old, returning to the United Kingdom in 1989, returning to Portugal in 2005, where he has been living in Praia da Luz, Lagos. He has also lived in Lagos and in Almádena.
--- In England he lived in various localities, Norfolk, Devon - Sidford and Norwich.
--- He has two siblings, one a male who is 38 years old and a female who is 35/36 years old, [both of whom] have also lived in Portugal with the deponent. However the respondent returned to the United Kingdom and his siblings also eventually returned to their country of birth, where they currently live. He has four nephews, two couples, in age from four to sixteen years. He has a healthy family environment, of good relations and frequent contacts.
--- On the educational background, said he did not know whether he began in Portugal or the UK. He attended primary school in Espiche, later the International School of Porches and soon after the Secondary School in Lagos, which he left by the seventh year.
--- He doe not have technical and professional courses
[qualifications], but attended an accountancy course in the UK.
--- After the death of his father, he left the school, that being the main reason, and then often consumed some drugs and alcohol. Five to six years later, his Mother became involved with another person, which disagreeing, took him back to Portugal [NOTE *], in conjunction with a state of passion [love], for a British girl.

[* There is an illegible hand-written mark, possibly a correction, against the word 'Portugal'. It might indicate that he returned to England from Portugal]

In the United Kingdom has pursued several activities from canvasser of customers for window sales, factory worker in the meat business and seller of cars. In the south of England worked as an assistant to geriatrics, search and rescue of shipwrecks, before the meat factory and trade in automobiles. Then he came to Portugal where, always, he worked in real estate.
--- As for his wife, Dxxx MURAT, from whom he is in the process of divorce, he met her when he was 19 years old, in the south of the United Kingdom, resulting from that relationship a daughter born in 2002. Besides his wife he never had many lasting relationships, only fleeting situations. He is separated since 2005, which corresponds to his return to Portugal, together with her. After the separation his wife returned to England, he believes in August, with their daughter, Sxxxx MURAT. He only returned to see his daughter when he went to the United Kingdom in October and November of that same year. In May, June of 2006, he went back to the United Kingdom to see his daughter, which is repeated once again in November, though he says that in this time gap he made another visit, but cannot be sure. Again he made a further visit in December, in time for Christmas. Earlier this year he visited in January, returning to Portugal on May 01, the public holiday. When he goes to the United Kingdom he stays in the residence of his Grandmother or sister.
--- Generally, his movement to Portugal was to hold several meetings in order to form the company, MICHAELA was also involved in this activity, which was always linked to real estate. He states that she was in the UK with the respondent, accompanied by her daughter on three occasions.
--- His Mother, receives a pension from Portugal and England, a total of €700, having means [assets] through inheritance and sale of a property.
--- Currently his closest female friend is MICHAELA WALCZUCH, with whom he worked in the company "Remax" in April 2005, beginning the close friendship a few months later. With her he is trying to open a company [firm] in the real estate business, which will be named ROMIGEN, already owning a website. It is with her that he passes his leisure time, usually walking. Speaking about the Internet, he uses this tool to contact Michaela, and for visiting sites of a sexual nature, in particular - - to which he does not access daily.
--- He has several e-mail addresses, namely:
[6 e-mail addresses edited out]
--- With respect to Michaela, she has e-mail addresses:
[3 e-mail addresses edited out]
--- As regards his daily life, he said he made several meetings with business partners, or future partners, it being that these meetings are conducted at restaurants or at the residence of Michaela, located at Rua Adelina ... Lagos.
--- During the previous week, 09 May, he intended to return to the United Kingdom, but has not done so due to the disappearance of the child, since he was already helping the authorities. He changed the flight to Saturday 12th of his own accord, and for the same reason, at the request of Police, he said, once again he changed the journey
[for his return to England] to the 19th. The first change in the trip cost the respondent 41 pounds.
The Second amendment had no cost, as he explained the situation to the operator "Flybe." The trip to the UK was for the restoration of his house, and a medical consultation scheduled for the 14th.
--- Asked, he uses his mother's cars, VW Transporter, whose number plate is he does not know, and "Skoda Fabia", does not know the registration, which is in the repair shop "Autojoteca", next to Torre, Lagos. Currently and given that his mother uses the VW at the stand that she has set up in Luz, he rented a Hyundai Getz, at the cost to his Mother.
--- Relating to the events under investigation, he said he arrived on May 01 at 09:30 at the airport in Faro, coming from the city of Exeter, which has an airport. His address, that is the home of his grandmother that he is restoring, is at Sidmouth in Devon. His sister lives in two different locations, both in Exeter.
--- At the airport he was met by his mother, in the VW that the respondent drove. He went to a petrol station at the airport exit, that had closed the toilets. He didn't eat anything or fill up the car. He then drove to the A22, where he stopped at the first service station on the way, M24. He drank a "galao"
[a typical breakfast drink comprising 50% coffee and 50% hot milk] as did his mother. He ate a meat pie and his mother a "folhado misto" [a cheese and ham croissant]. They resumed the journey, having stopped at another M24 station [NOTE: "M24" is the name of the 24 hour convenience shops at many GALP service stations], where they drank coffee. Soon after they went directly to Casa Liliana in Luz, where he arrived at 11:30-12:00. Soon after and without unpacking his suitcase or entering his home, he went in the VW to see Michaela at her house in Lagos, about 12:00-12:30, where he took some gifts for both mother and daughter. He remained in her house, he thinks, until 15:00-15:30, having offered the gifts and talked with the entire family, including the father Luis Antonio, in addition to drinking tea. He does not remember having eaten lunch, or if someone else had lunch. He said goodbye to those present, left the apartment and drove himself home, where he arrived at 16:00. He does not remember having gone to another place, before arriving at his residence. Once at home, he does not know if he went out again.
--- The following day (02/05), he got up around 09:00 and left home by 10:00-10:30. He went to Lagos in the VW, to the home of Michaela, where he arrived at 10.40 am. He entered her house, where she was alone. He remained there for a short time talking. They left there and went in the VW to the centre of Lagos. He parked in one of the streets and went to the residence of FRANCISCO PAGARETE, who was not there, but his girlfriend Sonia was there. Next he went to meet his future real estate partners in their shop, called "Putos and Graúdos", located in Lagos, not knowing the street, whose line of business is the sale of clothing and is owned by JORGE S. He does not know the time. After the meeting in the store they went to a cafe but does not know the name, now four people - the respondent, Michaela, Jorge S. and his son Jason. Soon after went to another cafe located in Lagos Marina, less noisy, where they talked about business. He consumed a "galao" drink, but does not know if the others did. The bill was paid by MICHAELA in the first cafe he thinks, and he has no idea who paid in the second. In that cafe they spent some time until 13:50-14:00.
After the Marina they walked back to the VW and then had lunch in the restaurant "Bem Bom" in Lagos, this time only with Michaela, where he arrived a little after 14:00. He ate roast meat. Lunch ended by 15:15-15:20, they went to the school of Cxxxxxxx (daughter of Michaela, who is 8 years of age) in order to collect her, they arrived five minutes later. They went
again to the home of PAGARETE, who this time was at home. They were talking next to the VW, to Michaela about the divorce and the respondent about buildings [properties]. He does not remember the time that he left from there. He returned to MICHAELA's house in Lagos, with her and her daughter. He entered the apartment. He does not know what they did or talked about. He remained in the apartment, with the mother and daughter for a long time, LUIS having arrived by 21:00 or shortly after, when they were having dinner of pork or turkey. He left Michaela's home about 22:30-23:00, got the VW and went to his house in Luz, parking the vehicle in front of house. He spoke with his mother who was awake. He is certain that he remained at home until the next morning. Turned on the computer and played cards, going to sleep at 01:00-01:30.
--- On 03 awakened at 08:00-09:00, took a bath, dressed and drank some tea. Left home at 10:00, got the VW and presumes having gone to Lagos to see Michaela. He does not know where he parked the VW. He went up to the apartment, rang the bell, Michaela opened the door. Only Michaela was at home. They talked about the website for their real estate project in the lounge and the kitchen for a long time. The two left the apartment around 12:00 in the VW. They took the road towards Portimao and before Odiáxere, they went round the access roundabout to the A22, direction Portimao - Lagos. Ten to fifteen minutes after leaving the apartment, they came the petrol pumps of the Galp-M24, on the A22, where they had lunch, he does not remember what and for less than an hour. They left the pump station and returned to the apartment, where they were once again talking about various things. They collected Cxxxxxxx from school in the VW at 15.30 and the three met with Jorge Sxxxx and his son, he does not know where, but believes it was at the Lagos Marina. There they went into a café whose name he can't recall, next to a play area for children, where Cxxxxxxx played. They spoke about "Romigen" and the meeting finished late, perhaps by 18:00-19:00. Everybody left together, went to the VW which was parked in the car park at the rear of the Marina, they gave a ride to Jorge S. and his son to the bus station, next to the CTT in the city centre Lagos. Then he went to the home of MICHAELA, close to 19.00. He said farewell to them in the VW and headed for his residence, where he arrived between 19.15 and 19.30. He parked the VW in front of the house and entered. He does not know if his mother was at home, but thinks so because it was late for her to walk the dogs, as they usually leave at 17:00 and return at 19.00. After entering, he may have taken some tea and turned on the TV or it was already on. He may also have read a newspaper. He talked with the mother, who if she was not there had arrived shortly afterwards, about Romigen. He ate a sandwich of cheese and ham sitting in the kitchen with his mother, until 22:00 or 23:00. Contrary to what he said originally, he was not with MICHAELA when she went to a Jehovah witnesses' meeting between 20:00 and 22:00, which is why he didn't phone her, because she turns her phone off. He does not know if he called her after 22:00, but accepts that possibility. He does not remember having used the computer. He was home with his mother, when at 22:30 or a little later, he heard a siren of an ambulance or police. He commented on that with his mother, however, did not leave the house to investigate. He did not leave again until the morning, having gone to bed around midnight.
--- On Friday, 04/05, woke around 09:00, took a bath, went to the kitchen to his mother, the latter told him that something terrible had happened, because a child had disappeared in Praia da Luz, according to 'Sky News' that she had been watching. At once the respondent and his Mother went to look in the garden, walled with a fence of 1m in height, checking if the child had managed to enter, which in a way was almost impossible without aid. In one corner of the garden is a greenhouse, which was searched, and then they saw an English passer-by on the outside, he does not know the identity. When asked about this, he was told that the child had disappeared. Accompanied by that person, he went to the place of the disappearance, and was introduced to the parents of the child, as he spoke the two languages, Portuguese and English. Assumes that the passer-by would be staying at the Luz Ocean Club, in the block opposite the home of the respondent. This individual already knew the parents of MADELEINE, or met them at the time. He started a conversation with the family of the child, offering to help. Together with an officer of the GNR and an employee of the resort with several keys, entered several apartments, opened with the keys or by the tenants in order to locate the child. Some of the apartments were closed and there were no keys, these sites were flagged by the GNR man.
--- At that time he met John Hill, manager of MARK WARNER, who supplied them with more keys to other apartments.
--- Prior to this occasion, he did not know the interior of the "Ocean Club", only entering the resort after the disappearance.
--- In the meantime the tracker dogs arrived that undertook a more rigorous form of search.
--- Then, having told several of the present people, including officers of the GNR, that he spoke two languages, he was taken to some places to make verbal translations for people who wanted to testify, remaining in that role during the afternoon. On the evening of that day by 19:00-19:30 went to see Michaela, returning to Luz about 23:00-23:30.
--- On Saturday he continued the verbal translations next to the GNR mobile police station, making various contacts with the press, and that night went again to Lagos.
--- When asked he said the relationship with the press was somewhat troubled.
--- He clarifies therefore, that on the Sunday he spoke to the wife of Batista, owner of the supermarket, not knowing her name, asking her to leave the establishment open in order to supply the people who were there. The supermarket did not stay open due to lack of members of staff, however they gave several litres of water that were placed at the entrance of Block 5. He also asked John Hill that electricity would be supplied to the mobile GNR police station.
--- At some point on Monday, a well-known acquaintance since the age of twelve years, named GAYNOR Exxxxxx, told him that he was the main suspect among the journalists. Subsequently he learned that she was working for "Sky", with a journalist, and she was told that they were comparing with a case of homicide that occurred in the United Kingdom, in which two girls had been killed and that the perpetrators of the crime were close to the place of the investigation. From then on he refused to speak with journalists and alerted the the Police to this. That refusal [of his] was to not provide his full name, nor to allow the taking of a photograph.
--- He said he had pornography on the computer. He has pictures with women over 18 years. He has no photographs of men. Just naked women, not sexually explicit, not remembering if they were using phallic objects. He has no record of violent sex, or sadomasochism or submission. He does not have images of rape, or fetishes with children or animals. He does not use an encrypted external server or encrypted content.
--- Asked he said he has nothing to do with the disappearance of the child, nor anything about this case.
--- Asked he clarified that never has anyone accessed, without his authorization, his computer systems, a total of three, one an ACER (which has the Vista operating system installed), another an ASUS brand and his own an LG, these two systems having the XP operating system installed. That the computer systems were interconnected and shared the access to the
INTERNET through an ADSL MODEM-ROUTER, by mere chance, by choice of his mother. That the contract for access to the INTERNET was signed by his mother with the company supplying INTERNET services, from Portugal TELECOM, named "SAPO". Asked he said he does not see himself as an expert in computing and communications but these are areas that are not unknown to him, given that he had his first computer some ten years ago. That the current ADSL Modem-Router equipment is, as far as he recalls, an SMC brand and it makes it possible to operate a network of computers, via "network-without-wires."
[WiFi; wireless networking]. Asked, he responded that the computer systems he had in his house, have clocks, date and time, set to
the official time; that he does not know [how] to explain why the clock of the equipment that permitted him to connect to the INTERNET, the SMC ADSL modem-router, was unsynchronized. That this is due to the fact of it having been to an outside company, "125 computers", with its main office or place of business in the town of Mexilhoeira-Grande. That regarding the remaining computers it was the declarer who had configured them. That on the computer systems in question were installed normal programs. Asked about what he considers to be normal programs, he said they would be the operating system and work tools typical of the Microsoft family, such as word processing, spreadsheet, the Internet browser (Internet Explorer) or anti-virus programs. That his commercial activity is in the area of real estate, promoting and making it pay through advertising homes for sale on the INTERNET and that the programs installed in the computers were in accordance with [needed for] his commercial activity. Asked about if, unlike the normal programs that he described, he had kept or had had installed on his systems [any] abnormal or peculiar [strange] programs, he replied that he only has a program called "CCCleaner" for the improvement of the performance of the system, not retaining programs that erase traces of child pornography. That that program "CCCleaner" was installed by his son three years ago, which statement [for the record] the respondent corrects and declares that his son informed him of the existence of the "CCCleaner" program years before, it having been the declarer who installed it on the XP systems. That he does not know the full potential of the "CCCleaner" program, particularly those that are said in this deposition by the declarer: erasing the history of navigation in INTERNET, of temporary files, exchange of files, recently used documents, register
[record] of applications (registry), the various registry files (log's), the "garbage can" or "recycle bin"; asked about the effects of deleting the program, said he was not an expert on the subject and does not know the program well. Asked how he does not know well the effects of the program, if he has known it for more than three years, he said that he is not expert. Asked if he uses cryptography on his computers, he said categorically not. Asked if he would use strong encryption in the Internet browser, [he said] he does not use encrypted communications on the Internet and in his computer system. That he does not use nor has encrypted data in his systems, nor used enciphering to mask, hide or to prevent access to data contained in his systems. Asked if he uses encryption or enciphering in e-mail communications, he declared: that he did not know what it is or how to use encryption. Asked about how he could justify the presence of several encrypted or enciphered files, of credentials to access programs, in his systems, seeing he is an experienced user with more than ten years in the use of personal computers and no-one else had access to his network without authorization, he said: "I would not know how to justify that."
Asked how he explains the contradiction of maintaining a contradiction between the maintenance of his network unprotected or "open" and his experience that must be telling him to act to the contrary in respect of the security of his network, he said "not to have thought of that."
No more was said ...
1179 Terms of Identity and Residence for Robert Murat 2007.05.14

05-Processo, Volume 5 Page 1179

(Art°. 196°. Code of Criminal Procedure)

Date of the visit: May 14, 2007 Time: 10:00 Location: DIC Portimao
Entity who chairs:
Employee who performs: John Carlos and Luis Pereira, inspectors


Nickname: "ROB"
Parents: Jxxxx Hxxxx Qxxxxxx and Jxxxxxxx Axx Murat
Nature of the parish of: City of London:
Nationality: British Date of birth: xx/xx/xxxx
Marital Status: Married Occupation: Unemployed
Address: Casa Liliana, xxx xx xxxxxx, Praia da Luz
Number of BI: Do not exhibited any document Issued:

And the accused was told that the address for service is the residence indicated
Telefone Fax: the same
Postcode: the same

He was informed:
a) the obligation to appear before the competent authority or to keep it available where the law or to compel it is duly notified;
b) the obligation not to change residence or to leave it for more than five days without communicating the new residence or the place where he can be found;
c) In the subsequent notifications will be made by post to the address above simple suitable for this purpose, unless another report, delivered through the application or sent by post to the registered office of the services where the process run in terms
d) that the non-compliance in the preceding paragraphs legitimize its representation by a defender in all the pleadings in which the right or the duty to be present and well thus the achievement of the hearing in his absence, under Article 333° CPP
Said be aware received a copy and sign.
The present Terms were drawn up and will be signed.

1194 Fax to the Director of the Scientific Police re: search in Casa Liliana and in the rental car
1195  Confirmation above fax sent


05-Processo Vol V page 1194 to 1195


Fax to the Director of the Scientific Police re: search in Casa Liliana and in the rental car
Dated 15 May 2007; no subject.

It being necessary to the above investigation, it is requested that you determine the manner in which to proceed with the examinations of the residence and vehicle mentioned below:
- Rua do Ramalhete, Casa Liliana - Praia da Luz;
- vehicle with licence 4.-..-D;

It is requested further that all trace evidence recovered be delivered to the INML, under authority of this investigation.

1255 to 1258 Letter to Amaral regarding investigation thus far on Robert Murat 2007.05.15
05-Processo Vol V pages 1255 to 1258

Letter to Amaral regarding investigation thus far on Robert Murat 2007.05.15
This is a report from Inspector Luis Pereira of the National Directorate of the PJ in Lisbon to Dr G.Amaral.

Note the DATE, and without putting forth all the flowery politic-speak and legalese:

--- the National Directorate deems that having now analysed the content of the work done for the case, and other material outside the file, certain previously authorised phone taps must be cancelled immediately, they being of no further interest to the case; [At this date that can only mean the McCanns]

--- but in their place, the National Directorate VENTURES TO SUGGEST seeking competent court authorisation for additional new phone surveillance over R.Murat and M.Walczuch [two of the four pages being given over to fully detailed specifics], and

--- a for a domestic search warrant for S.Malinka's residence.

The "report" concludes, in customary well-mannered language, that it is submitted [merely] for the consideration of the recipient to determine the most appropriate course of action.
Signed: Lisbon, 15 May 2007, Inspector Luis Pereira

1259 to 1264 - MoPo and Court documents
05-Processo Vol V pages 1259 to 1271
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1259 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1260 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1261
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1262 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1263 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1264
1265 - Letter to Amaral regarding investigation thus far on Robert Murat 2007.05.15
Processos Vol V Page 1265

Portimao Tribunal

Processo 201/07.0 Galgs

Jurisdictional Acts

Date: 15-05-2007

Subject: Interception of Communications

Within the framework of article 59 of LOTJ and the principles expressed in articles 187, 188 and 269 of the Penal Code, I inform you that I authorise:

- interception and recording of all conversations, as well as fax and message data for the number 282 788 807 – fixed telephone line installed in the residence of Michaela Walczuch-
- Obtaining of trace back register
- Obtaining of detailed telephone bill (including calls received and made, trace back register, from 01 May 2007 to the present date and if possible in digital format.

PT Portugal Telecom will ensure the confidentiality of the whole operation.

The elements to be provided should be sent directly to the Policia Judiciaria.

With compliments

Judge Silvia Maria Goncalves Freitas Bidarra

1266 to 1268 - Request for interception and call detail of phones owned by M. Walzuch and R. Murat
Processos Vol V Page 1266

Portimao Tribunal

Processo 201/07.0 Galgs

Jurisdictional Acts

Date: 15-05-2007

Subject: Interception of Communications

Within the framework of article 59 of LOTJ and the principles expressed in articles 187, 188 and 269 of the Penal Code, I inform you that I authorise:

- interception and recording of all conversations, as well as fax and message data for the number 282 760 189 – fixed telephone line installed in the residence of Michaela Walczuch-
- Obtaining of trace back register
- Obtaining of detailed telephone bill (including calls received and made, trace back register, from 01 May 2007 to the present date and if possible in digital format.

PT Portugal Telecom will ensure the confidentiality of the whole operation.

The elements to be provided should be sent directly to the Policia Judiciaria.

With compliments

Judge Silvia Maria Goncalves Freitas Bidarra

Processos Vol V Page 1267

Processo 201/07.0 Galgs

Jurisdictional Acts

Date: 15-05-2007

Subject: Interception of Communications

Within the framework of article 59 of LOTJ and the principles expressed in articles 187, 188 and 269 of the Penal Code, I inform you that I authorise:

- interception and recording of all conversations, as well as fax and message data for the number 96 014 75 59–belonging to Michaela Walczuch-
- Localisation of mobile phone.
- Identification of IMEI associated with the mobile phone in question with immediate telephone interception of this IMEI.
- Obtaining of detailed telephone bill (including calls received and made, trace back register and mobile localisation – Base Transfer station, from 01 May 2007 to the present date and if possible in digital format.

PT Portugal Telecom will ensure the confidentiality of the whole operation.

The elements to be provided should be sent directly to the Policia Judiciaria.

With compliments

Judge Silvia Maria Goncalves Freitas Bidarra

Processos Vol V Page 1268

Portimao Tribunal

Processo 201/07.0 Galgs

Jurisdictional Acts

Date: 15-05-2007

Subject: Interception of Communications

Within the framework of article 59 of LOTJ and the principles expressed in articles 187, 188 and 269 of the Penal Code, I inform you that I authorise:

- interception and recording of all conversations, as well as fax and message data for the number 282 788 816–fixed telephone line installed at the residence of Robert Murat-
- Obtaining of trace back register.
- Obtaining of detailed telephone bill (including calls received and made, trace back register and mobile localisation – Base Transfer station, from 01 May 2007 to the present date and if possible in digital format.

PT Portugal Telecom will ensure the confidentiality of the whole operation.

The elements to be provided should be sent directly to the Policia Judiciaria.

With compliments

Judge Silvia Maria Goncalves Freitas Bidarra

1269 to 1271 - Search warrant for S. Malinkas residence, Rus 25 de April, apartment J, Block C, no, 4
Processos Vol V Page 1269 to 1271
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1269 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1270 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1271
1272 to 1282 External diligence carried out on Robert Murat
05-Processo Vol V pages 1272 to 1282
External diligence carried out on Robert Murat
Date: 15 May 2007; Officers: Paulo P. and Luis P., Inspectors.

--- Seeking further information about R.J.Q.E.Murat we went to the Social Security where we were told there was no information of any kind in that name.
--- We then went to the Tax office where we found only his tax number, issued in 2005, and his tax return for 2005.
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1272 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1273 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1274
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1275 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1276 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1277
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1278 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1279 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1281
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1280 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1282
1283 to 1285 Service information re: computer program characteristics
05-Processo Vol V pages 1283 to 1285
Service information re: computer program characteristics
Date: 15 May 2007; Officer: IC R.Bravo

On your orders I present the attached documents printed from the site

Although in English, from our experience and from the printed documents it is concluded that this program is principally intended to guarantee the privacy of computer users, removing locally, on computer systems temporary files left on the computer after using the most common Internet browsers, and records of recently used documents.
The program also makes it possible for the user to erase documents in a secure manner, making their recovery impossible.
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1283 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1284 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1285
1305 External diligence carried out on garage on Rua Manuel Joao Paulo Rocha, Lagos, 2007.05.15
1306 Search warrant re: above garage
05-Processo, VOLUME V, pages 1305-1306 (2 pages)
NUIPC: 201/07.0GALGS
Section / Brigade: No 4 Section
Inspector: John Carlos

External Diligence performed on 15 May 2007 at a garage on Rua Manuel Joao Paulo Rocha in Lagos by two PJ Inspectors.

Within the scope of the house search at the residence of the arguido R.J.Q.E.Murat on 14 May, last, a 'Yale'-type key was seized which was on a metal keyring with a plastic label holder on which was written 'Garage 4'.
Attempting to obtain a definite address to which the object pertained, an informal conversation was carried out with Robert Murat in which it was determined that the garage was situated in a residential zone, specifically on Rua Manuel Joao Paulo Rocha, in the city of Lagos, and that it was used to store various materials.
When the arguido was told that it was necessary to search that location he made himself immediately available to accompany members of the PJ such that the garage was located and duly searched.

- Signed -
05-Processo, VOLUME V, page 1306

Official document of search and seizure

Date: 15 May 2007
Place: Rua Manuel Joao Paulo Rocha, unnumbered garage, in Lagos
Officers: Jose Luis and Marques Bom, Inspectors
Identity of person searched: R.J.Q.E.Murat
Starting time: 18h15
It is a garage designed to securely preserve a motor vehicle, having a PVC gate with a 'Yale'-type lock, and a manually-operated vertical sliding door system.
Having walked the full extent of the unit it was confirmed that it contained packaging of various things related to swimming pool maintenance and foodstuffs, objects whose ownership, according to the search, was linked directly to Michaela Walczuch, partner in the firm 'Romigen', a company founded and property of the person searched.
All the objects there having been looked at and physically examined by hand, nothing useful to the case was found and therefore seized.
End of activity: 18h45
- Signed -
1307 to 1308  External diligence carried out on places visited in Lagos by Robert Murat 2007.05.15 1309 Information regarding Luis Antonio handover of PDA and Sharp mobile 2007.05.15  1310  Information regarding M. Walzuch handover of Nokia and Sony Eriksson mobiles


05-Processo Vol V pages 1307 to 1308
External diligence carried out on places visited in Lagos by Robert Murat 2007.05.15
Officers: Carlos L. and Joao F., Inspectors.

Today, as ordered, we went to the city of Lagos to determine the various residences used an/or owned by R.Murat or his family members.
--- Having gone to Elras Velhas behind the Celero restaurant, next to the EN125, in Almadena, it was possible to speak with a resident of the area having land next to Elras Velhas, who affirmed knowing Murat very well, having given him exclusive rights to sell some land when he worked for the Remax estate agency, and that his
[RM's] mother had sold her Elras Velhas property long ago, not knowing exactly how long ago but he was sure it will have been during RM's divorce.
--- Visually checking the mail boxes outside the property the names of R.P.Harris and R.Elliot were noted.
--- At the address of Urb. Chesgal ... in Lagos it was possible to determine from the owner of the ground floor apartment that the referred apartment had been acquired by an individual named Miguel about 10 (ten) years ago, she also having stated that she remembers that the first owner had been a foreign female not knowing her nor remembering her name.
--- At Rua do Jogo da Bola - Lagos, it was not possible to locate the "Bora" café or any other commercial establishment. That café was then found on Rua Conselheiro Joaquim Machado in Lagos, the proprietor of which, in conversation, stated that he did not know R.M. nor had he ever seen him frequent his establishment.
--- With the intention of location Quinta do Sto. Phunurius, it was possible to verify that it was in Rua D. Joao III in Ameijeira - Lagos, and in conversation with several residents it was possible to determine that it was a Quinta [farm estate] owned by an English citizen and managed by a North American man who lives at Travessa do Forno in Lagos, the people also having stated that the Quinta is used for "parties" of a sexual nature.
--- It was not possible, however, to determine if R.M. currently frequented that Quinta.
--- Nothing more was recovered of interest to the present investigation.
1311 to 1314 -  Letters re: tap on telephone no. ****** 2007.05.15
Processos Vol V Page 1311

Policia Judiciaria
4th Brigade
Inspector Joao Carlos

Report on Initiation of Telephone Interception and Recording

On the 15th May 2007, the PJ, Portimao DIC and the Telecommunications Services of the PJ proceeded to intercept the number 282760189 by means of the operator Portugal Telecom in accordance with the legal dispatch included in the present investigation files.

The Paragon system was activated, located in the installations of this police force and given the code IL826 registering the conversations in digital format, which are identified by number and code.

The present report was drawn up and will be signed.

Inspector David Gomes

Processos Vol V Page 1312

Policia Judiciaria
4th Brigade
Inspector Joao Carlos

Report on Initiation of Telephone Interception and Recording

On the 15th May 2007, the PJ, Portimao DIC and the Telecommunications Services of the PJ proceeded to intercept the number 282788816 by means of the operator Portugal Telecom in accordance with the legal dispatch included in the present investigation files.

The Paragon system was activated, located in the installations of this police force and given the code IL827 registering the conversations in digital format, which are identified by number and code.

The present report was drawn up and will be signed.

Inspector David Gomes

Processos Vol V Page 1313

Policia Judiciaria
4th Brigade
Inspector Joao Carlos

Report on Initiation of Telephone Interception and Recording

On the 15th May 2007, the PJ, Portimao DIC and the Telecommunications Services of the PJ proceeded to intercept the number 282788807 by means of the operator Portugal Telecom in accordance with the legal dispatch included in the present investigation files.

The Paragon system was activated, located in the installations of this police force and given the code IL828 registering the conversations in digital format, which are identified by number and code.

The present report was drawn up and will be signed.

Inspector David Gomes

Processos Vol V Page 1314

Policia Judiciaria
4th Brigade
Inspector Joao Carlos

Report on Initiation of Telephone Interception and Recording

On the 15th May 2007, the PJ, Portimao DIC and the Telecommunications Services of the PJ proceeded to intercept the mobile phone number 960147559 by means of the operator Portugal Telecom in accordance with the legal dispatch included in the present investigation files.

The Paragon system was activated, located in the installations of this police force and given the code IL829M registering the conversations in digital format, which are identified by number and code.

The present report was drawn up and will be signed.

Inspector David Gomes

1361 Fax re: questions to ask Robert Murat
1362 Confirmation above fax sent
05 Processo Vol V page 1361 to  1362

Fax re: questions to ask Robert Murat

Urgent fax to the President of the Board of the ARS in Algarve dated 16 July 2007 [Actual date was 16 May].

This is a request to the equivalent of the UK NHS asking for details about the family doctor, the clinic, the services rendered, the prescription medication and at which pharmacies any script had been filled.

Answers to any of the questions should be faxed to DIC Portimao as soon as possible.

1365 to 1366 Service information Jennifer and Robert Murat and their doctors
1367 to 1383 Urgent request and information received regarding Jennifer and Robert Murats health records
05-Processo Vol V pages 1365 to 1366
'Service information Jennifer and Robert Murat and their doctors
Not content with the fax sent per page 1361, an officer was assigned the task of telephoning the ARS and this is his report, which I summarise as follows:
- the ARS does not keep records beyond two months;
- other persons were suggested as possible sources;
- it was confirmed that J.A.Murat had worked in the District Hospital in Lagos;
- the name Robert Murat was not recorded at any of the services contacted;
- certain medical records were received and are attached.
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1365 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1366 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1367
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1368 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1369 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1370
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1371 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1372 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1373
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1374 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1375 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1376
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1377 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1378 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1379
05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1380 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1381 05_VOLUME_Va_Page_1382
1402 Information about technical devices owned by Robert Murat
06-Processo Volume VI page 1402

[Information about technical devices owned by  Robert Murat]
Arising from the Casa Liliana search on 15 May, this is a list of seized mobile
phones and telecom equipment attributable solely to R.Murat

Terms of Delivery

On 15th May 2007 Robert Murat appeared before me at this police station and delivered the following items:

- 1 Mobile phone, make Samsung, model SGH-A800, dark grey/silver in colour, with IMEI 351004 89 863318 2, without operator card;
- 1 mobile phone Sharp, model G15, grey with IMEI 351 688 00 464585 6, without operator card;
- 1 mobile phone Sony Ericsson, dark coloured with IMEI 35605700 832929 4 with an UZO operator card.
- 1 PDA, make HTC, model Arte 100 with IMEI 351695011439454 with Vodaphone operator card.
- 1 synthesising antenna, make Freecom, dark coloured with series n? 6475B0416426.


Inspector Joao Carlos

1461 Direct examination of material from Casa Liliana search
06-Processo Volume VI page 1461

[Direct examination of material from Casa Liliana search]

Dated 17 May 2007, this is the full (typewritten) list of objects seized during
the Casa Liliana search of 14 May.

1467 fax requesting information on flights taken by Robert Murat
1468  Flight passenger itinerary check
06-Processo Volume VI page 1467 to 1468
fax requesting information on flights taken by Robert Murat]
Information requested for all FlyBe travel by RM between UK and Faro for 2007.

Processos Vol VI

Pages 1467 ? 1468


To. The Assistant National Director

From Inspector Barroso, Faro Airport

Date: 17-05-2007

Subject: Passenger History

I am sending the report prepared by Flybe of Robert Murat?s flight history of trips made between the UK-Faro-UK since the beginning of the year to the current date.

With compliments

Inspector Barroso
Table with flight information in English:

1503 1508  Information about search procedures carried out at Casa Liliana
06-Processo Volume VI pages 1503 to 1508

'Information about search procedures
carried out at
Casa Liliana

Having in view the recovery of items tending to complement the investigation
running under the above NUIPC, which investigates specifically the disappearance
of the English child Madeleine McCann, the performance of some external inquiry
work was ordered by superiors.
--- To do this an investigation team was built comprising [composed of] the undersigned
and colleagues Marques B. and Santos M., all Inspectors, which
[team] revealed
[detected] the following result:
Action 1
 [Operation 1]

About 10h30 yesterday (16 May 2007) a Portuguese citizen, born 1975, currently
living in Spain, Mr Valdemiro Alexandre M. do C. was personally approached in
Vila de Aljezur where he was holidaying in the family home at Rua 25 de
Abril ... in Aljezur.
--- In the perspective of a useful collaboration relating to the facts sought in
[the target of] the investigation, the above person came to state that he worked
at times in a company of distribution and support/maintenance, at home, of
electrical household appliances ['white goods']. Having seen and heard in the
media references to the home of suspect Robert Murat, residence named as "Casa
Liliana", he had the idea that he had been there once, about 5 years ago, to
provide support for a washing machine in the kitchen. As he recalls when the work
was done, the home owner went outside to a place with large trees, having opened
a cover
[lid] at floor-level, covered by grass, from which she pulled a bottle
of wine that she offered to him. While he recalled this event, he thought that
that place could serve to hold captive the small "Maddie".
--- Conversing "in loco", it resulted [transpired] that Mr Valdemiro was not
completely certain of it having been "Casa Liliana". Asked if he could remember
the space in the house where he performed his work he stated that the kitchen
had been medium-sized, estimating by example the place in which we were
[standing/speaking], about 20 square-metres in area, long and narrow in shape.

He stated that the house had a swimming pool which was visible through a window
from inside the kitchen. Further, that at the time he did that work he was using
a Mercedes Vito or Sprinter which, due to its size, could not get through the
gate of the house. Faced with these indications the investigation team there
present, all exceedingly knowledgeable about the interior and exterior of the
Murat residence, had no doubt in understanding that Mr Valdemiro could not have
been referring to this house but to some other where he rendered a service, of
which, according to him, there were many. In truth it is impossible to see the
pool from the house of suspect Robert Murat through a kitchen window, given that
they are situated at opposite extremes. The only kitchen window that faces the
outside is situated above the kitchen counter and the only possible thing to be
seen is a patio, paved with Portuguese paving-stones, that serves as a car park
inside the property. Contrary to what Mr Valdemiro said, there are no trees of
large dimensions but only garden beds with small bushes. The dimension of the
Casa Liliana gate, to the naked eye, would give access to any light motor
vehicle and to heavy vehicles of low tonnage. In order to allow Mr Valdemiro to
immediately communicate any additional information on this matter, he was given
contact numbers for the PJ DIC Portimao, he being able to be contacted at any
time on 961... or 913... (brother), for additional clarifications.

Action 2 [
Operation 2]

About 19h00 the same team went to meet Mr Taylor, an English Civil Engineer,
responsible for the original design of "Casa Liliana", and having been present
at all times during its construction.
--- This work had the objective of collecting information about the existence of
a trap-door giving access to an "empty" area below the house, as well as the
existence of any buried/underground features.
--- Next to the home of Mr Taylor, better identified as Desmond William Taylor,
born 1929, permanent resident holding a UK passport, situated at Quinta do
Pinhal ... Bispo, in conversation with him it was possible to determine the
--- He, from memory and given that it had been the last house he had designed
and built, he had drawn a "sketch" to provide a more concrete idea about the
house in question. Having analysed that document and compared it with the
official plan [blueprint] obtained during the investigation, there appeared to
be no significant difference worthy of remark. It was determined that the house
is built on very uneven ground, having been adapted through movement of earth,
removing earth from above and construction of a supporting wall, followed by a
'hole' covered with beams and supports in the lower part, creating an "empty"
space below the house extending the entire area of the lounge up to the outside

passage that borders the house. That "empty" space could have a maximum drop of
1,5 metres. During the construction access was maintained into this space, by
withholding a small number of supports, with a view to running all the plumbing
and drainage under the house, as was done. At the end of the work and after the
owner was asked if he wanted to keep that access or close it up permanently, the
owner opted for the second idea, the access then having been closed up with
large bricks. Mr Taylor stated that there was no other way into the space As for
septic tanks, Mr Taylor said the only one, in fibreglass, is nearby the pool
covered by earth. The highest part of it could be about 0,5 metres below ground.
From memory that tank was located in the area to the front of the bedroom
currently used by the mother of suspect RM, very close to the two water cisterns
adjacent to the pool which were built to collect and contain rainwater, with the
objective of optimizing the water usage [irrigation/watering] of the property.
The contact number 282... was furnished for any [further] useful clarification.

Action 3 [
Operation 3]

Already today (17 May 2007), at 11h00, this team approached directly Mrs
J.Murat, who asked us into her home - Casa Liliana, for some clarification
understood to be useful. In that way, she gave us access to her main living room
for us to examine the floor covering and any irregularity that might indicate
where once existed the temporary access to the "empty" space beneath that part
of the house. All furniture being moved aside it was observed a regular floor,
made of large brick [
tile] of equal composition across the whole surface. The
joints all appeared normal, with grouting the same colour indicating no recent
placement. The entire surface area was covered using a ground-penetrating radar
device without detecting any "hollows", that is, material placed beneath the
floor dissimilar from surrounding material.
--- Outside the house the kitchen garden was examined looking for evidence of
the septic tank, nothing abnormal was detected. That area is covered by
vegetation firmly rooted. No disturbance of the soil of any kind was observed.

While the cisterns exist next to the pool they had already been inspected
according to the document prepared on that work.

Not seeing the need for any further work in the place, this work was concluded.

Attached is the photographic report prepared during the work done at "Casa

Also attached is the "sketch" prepared by Mr Taylor along with the official
building plan.

Processos Vol VI Pages 1509 to 1516
Photographic Report of Search at Casa Liliana 
1603 External Diligence 20067/05/25
1658  Authorisation for bucal swab from R.Murat
06-Processo Volume VI page 1603 & 1658

External Diligence 20067/05/25
Officer: Jos'R. and Mario R., Inspectors

By order from higher authority I went, accompanied by Inspector Mario R., to
Autorent III in Largo da Igreja [church square], Praia da Luz, where employee
Mrs Maria B. was contacted and who confirmed having a rental contract for a
vehicle to one Robert Murat and that that car with licence 6.-..-.6 was
collected on day 12 May 2007 at 10h00 in Monte de S. Pedro, next to the Valverde
camp site, with recorded mileage of 29,947 Km.

Further, this car was taken by rent-a-car employees to Lagos and then again to
Praia da Luz where it was delivered to Robert Murat at 17h16 (as per contract
and RDE at pages 993 and 994). Due to a mistake on the part of the employee who
delivered the car the actual mileage was not noted but it was calculated to have
been 30,000km at most.

That car was later delivered to the Autorent III office by Robert Murat on 14
May, recording 30,706km.


08-Processo, Volume VIII, pages 1947-1956
Processo, Volume VIII, pages 1947-1956 (10 pages)


Date: 2007/07/10; Time: 10:00; Location: DIC Portimao
Officer: Paulo F., Inspector.

Defender: Dr. Francisco Pagarete
Credentials no. 498F
Office: Rua Conselheiro Joaquim Machado, 37

The constitution of defendant status and the formalities provided for in Articles 58 and 196 of the CPP have been met in this case.
He was warned that the lack of response or falsehood about his identity and criminal background does incur criminal liability.


Asked if he wanted to respond to the facts that are imputed against him, he responded:
---- Yes, he intends to respond to the questions that are going to be put to him.
---- Despite having British nationality he understands perfectly the Portuguese language both spoken and written therefore the presence of a translator is not necessary in this interview.
---- Asked if he confirms his previous testimony he responded that because on the day the interrogation was conducted he was very tired and does not remember exactly what was said at that time, that is he recalls in general terms what he said, but does not remember the detail of some statements.
---- His previous declarations having been read to him he confirmed having made them, however it is his wish to amend some of affirmations that were made then [at that time] as he had confused some events, in particular in what he said with respect to the dates and times of what happened. He stated events that he said had happened on Wednesday 02 and that now he more calmly recalls them having happened on Thursday and vice versa. There are also other events that he now recalls happened in those two days in particular that he wants to disclose.
---- Further in what he said with respect to the days before and those subsequent he confirms the facts reported in the previous interrogation, giving them as if fully reproduced for this present interview.
---- He intends to clarify that when he stated having lived at various locations in England, instead of Norfolk, Devon - Sidford and Norwich he would like to say Norwich, Norfolk, that corresponds to the house where he lived with his ex-wife, Dxxx, his daughter Sxxxx and his adopted son Dxxxx, namely in the locality of Hockering ... Norfolk, and when he
said Devon Sidford he would like to say Sidmouth, Devon which corresponds to the house previously of his grandmother, now owned by his mother, located in Sidmouth, Devon, Ex..., it being that the Ex corresponds to the post code of region's principal city which is Exeter, located about 20 km from the town of Sidmouth.
---- He intends to clarify that he has no accounting qualification. In truth when he worked in car sales firms, called INCHCAPE and NISSAN, in Norwich, he attended professional training courses aimed at the sales sector.
---- He clarifies that when he said that after the death of his father he returned to Portugal, he would like to say that he returned to England because on that occasion [at that time] he was living with his mother in Portugal.
---- He wants to clarify that now he is already divorced from Dxxx since 04 July 2007.
---- He states that when he travels to the United Kingdom he is housed in the home of his sister Sxxxxxxx MURAT, or in the home of her boyfriend, both mentioned in the previous record of the interrogation, or in the house that was previously their grandmother's, now deceased.
---- He wants also to clarify that in fact Michaela accompanied him three times to the United Kingdom and her daughter, Cxxxx Sxxxx Walczuch Antonio, only accompanied them once, namely at the time of Christmas of 2006.
---- The trip to the United Kingdom that he intended to make on 09 May was based on the fact of him having booked there a medical consultation and he intended to stay in the house that was previously his grandmothers.
---- The defendant intended to clarify that on the morning of 02 [May] he did not leave the house by 10:00-10:30, as stated previously but in fact he had met with Sergey Malinka on 02
[May], Wednesday, in the Baptista supermarket, at 10:00, he having arrived 15 to 20 minutes before and accompanied by Michaela whom he had gone to collect at her home in the VW. They talked about the Romigen web site that Sergey was setting up. The meeting lasted about 30 minutes and in the end Sergey left alone with the accused and Michaela having proceeded to Lagos.
---- Asked for what reason he had not previously remembered this meeting, given that he had said previously that that morning he had left the house by 10:00-10:30, he said now that on the date of the first interrogation he was "rattled" and had not remembered this fact.
---- To this point he wants to say that on the day prior to his interrogation he went to bed around 03:00, having up to that time accompanied officers of the PJ, namely Inspector Reis Sxxxxx, who invited him for coffee in the bar Bom Vivant, where they remained until about that hour he being certain that he was woken up at 07:00 when PJ officers went to his house. So he had slept for only about 4 hours and was therefore very tired.
---- In truth after the meeting he proceeded with Michaela to Lagos, as he had affirmed in the previous interrogation. He wants also to clarify in this interview that before they had gone to Francisco Pagarete's house they were both at Caixa Agrícola [a bank in Portugal]. There the defendant made a cash deposit, of [English] pounds, into his account. He does not remember the exact amount deposited but thinks that it would be about one hundred or so pounds. In this interview [for the record] the defendant confirmed through the reading of a tally slip that that deposit was exactly an amount of 287.51 Euros. He states that when he was in England he withdrew this amount, from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), from an account of his or his mother's that he/she has in Lloyds bank with the objective of coming later to deposit it in his account at Caixa de Crédito Agrícola. Asked he states that usually he has with him debit and credit cards of his mother.
---- Later the defendant and Michaela went to the home / office of Dr. Francisco Pagarete, on foot, given that that residence is situated about 200 meters from the bank. It would have been about 11:00-11:30 when he found Dr. Francisco Pagarete in his home. Since he [FP] had not been telephoned by him
[RM], using his mobile phone 91918xxxx, it was then agreed to meet later.
---- For reason of accuracy he now says that the meeting that happened afterwards was not with four persons but with five, that is Michaela, Jorge Sxxxx, Jason, another son of Jorge and the defendant himself.
---- Also he clarifies that before having been with Dr. Francisco, already during the afternoon, the defendant and Michaela went to collect Cxxxxxxxx at school who then accompanied them during all the rest of the day. He refers therefore that after having been with Dr. Francisco they did not go directly to the home of Michaela, having instead gone to the marina of Lagos where they had met again with Jorge Sxxxx, and his son where they continued the conversation about the company that they intend to make. It was at this time that Cxxxxxxxx was allowed to play in an playground behind the café where they were. He does not remember the exact time that they left the café but he knows that when they had left there the owners of the café where they had been closed the doors of establishment. He recalls that he gave Jorge Sxxxx and his son a ride in his VW van to the bus stop located next to the post office, where they left them, the defendant, Michaela and Cxxxxxxxx having then proceeded to Michaela's house. He remembers that when they arrived there Michaela began to prepare the dinner so it would have been about 20:00.
---- He states not being sure about having seen Luìs arriving that night at Michaela's house. He affirms that around 22:30-23:00 he left from the home of Michaela having gone directly to his home, that is to Casa LILIANA, where he will have arrived by 22:45-23:15. He does not remember having stopped anywhere nor having spoken with anybody on that journey and he took the route that he usually takes passing by Intermarché [a super/hypermarket chain in Portugal] and by the Total petrol station. He is sure that he left the van parked in the street, that is in front of the house, because he always does that when he uses the van.
---- Again questioned, he states with absolute certainty that on the night of 02 May, after leaving the home of Michaela, he went directly to his home. Once in the village of Luz he only stopped the car next to the gate and entered his home immediately.
---- Having been informed in this interview that around 15:44 on 02 May he made a telephone call to the number 91822xxxx, which corresponds to the phone of Dr. Francisco Pagarete, he confirms that in fact, before driving to his
[FP's] office/home, he [RM] had contacted him [FP] to know if he was there, [that] was what happened. For the rest of what happened that day he confirms what he stated in the previous interrogation, reaffirming that in truth he spoke with his mother, who was still awake, and that he connected the computer having stayed awake until about 01:00-01:30. In this regard he affirms it to be normal [usual] that his mother is still up until about 00:00-01:00, given that only after dealing with some tasks, namely feeding the cats and other chores does she go to bed.
---- He had states that on 02 or 03 May, in the afternoon, for matters related with business, he visited two apartments of the same owner, located at the foot of the "rotunda da bola" [football roundabout/traffic circle] in Lagos. These visits lasted about 20 to 30 minutes and he did them together with Michaela.
---- He also wants now to amend what he previously said about what he did on 03 May. Once again he states that being tired and confused he had stated things that he now sees are not correct. He refers therefore that he will have got up at 08.00 having left home by 08:45. He had already scheduled a business visit to a tourist complex called "Montinhos de Ouro", located in the region of Espiche, which he made in the company of Michaela. So he went to collect Michaela at home, driving the VW. He does not remember if he went up to Michaela's home. He states that that morning they were both in his van at the complex where they had scheduled a meeting at a time he does not recall exactly but thinks it would be by 09:30.
---- They showed up at that location where they met with the father-in-law of the owner of the venture, whose name he does not remember, but knows that he is a builder in Lisbon, since she still had not yet arrived. However the owner of the enterprise arrived and Michaela made conversation with her. Later they went to lunch at the place mentioned in the previous interrogation after which they went to the marina in Lagos where they met with Jorge Sxxxx and his son. Cxxxxxxxx did not accompany them this day. They went to the Palmares Golf where they remained until the time came for them to go to pick up Chnstine, that is 15:00-15:30. Again he gave a ride to Jorge Sxxxx and his son leaving them again at the bus stop next to the post office. From there they proceeded to the school to pick up Cxxxxxxxx and the three went to Michaela's house having arrived by 15:45. They were in Michaela's home until 19.30.
---- He states that about 19:30 he left the home of Michaela alone and went directly to his house. He took the same route the day before and is absolutely certain that he did not stop anywhere.
---- For the rest of what he said about this day during the 1st interrogation he maintains all its content. He adds, however, that in the meantime he consulted on the Internet his mobile phone billing and found that on that night he made two calls which he had not remembered having made. At 23:39 to the number of Sergey Malinca and another at 23:40 to the number of Michaela. He does not remember, however, having made these calls nor having spoken to those people although he admits he had.
---- Further to what he said about Friday morning he intends to change the time that he woke up. In listings of his fixed phone it says that he made a call to Michaela at 08:27, which he presumes he must have done, despite not remembering the contents of the conversation nor even having made that call, and therefore he did not wake at 09:00 but before that time.
---- After the opportunity having been given to the defendant to amend facts and information that he had stated in the first interrogation, he was questioned about other matters.
---- In this interview the defendant was shown the list of contacts obtained from the calendar/address book of his mobile phone and PDA previously examined by the PJ, and he was asked to clarify who those people are which was done as follows:
Michaela Empre: MW. 282..., telephone number installed in the home of Michaela;
Michaela reside: MW. 919..., the number of phone Michaela;
Michaela MW. 960..., number of Michaela's mobile;
Lithografi L: 966..., number of the graphics/printing company in Albufeira, this company undertakes the printing for
Samantha SM: 441..., phone in his sister's house ... in Exeter Devon;
Richard Resid RM: 441..., phone in his brother's house ... in Warwick;
Neil N: 447..., is not sure but thinks this is the mobile phone number of a former co-worker of Nissan, Norwich;
Samantha SM: 447..., mobile of his sister;
Richard RM: 447..., mobile of his brother;
Mike Wxxxxxx MW: 491..., telephone of Michaela's brother who lives in Germany;
Ian CI: 139..., phone in the Mr Ian Cxxxxx's house Exeter, "ansião" of the congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses in Exeter with whom he maintains a close relationship because he had been his Bible teacher in Exeter;
Michaela car MW 778..., mobile that Michaela used when she was in England;
Dawn D 790..., mobile of his ex-wife, but this has been changed recently;
Checo C 792..., mobile of a friend called M.R.C., who lives in England, where he is an accountant in the NHS, they have known each other since childhood and contact each other with some frequency;
Raj R 797..., mobile of a guy he met when he was helping in the search for Madeleine with whom he spoke for some time, he has not talked to him since;
Ian IC 797..., Ian Cxxxx as previously said;
Z'Montinho ZM 282..., a car repair workshop used by his mother;
Jenny Resid JM: 282..., his mother's telephone;
Vital Rxxxxxx VR 912..., mobile of a Jehovah's Witness whom he met through Michaela, name Vital Rxxxxxx, resident in Lagos, with whom he does not maintain close contact;
Manuel Mxxx MM: 914... mobile of Mr Manuel Mxxx, whom he met professionally and with whom he has met about twice;
Serge S: 914..., mobile of Sergey Malinca with whom he maintains a professional relationship;
Ricardo Hxxx RH: 914..., mobile of Ricardo Hxxxxxxxx, a former colleague in Remax, currently not in contact with him;
Sara Nxxxx SN: 916..., mobile of a colleague in Remax with whom he has no current relationship;
Nuno Bxxxxx NB: 916..., mobile of Nuno Bxxxxx, married to the former manager of Remax in Lagos, with whom he was a friend but currently not in contact;
Rita Dxxxxx RD: 9163xxxxx, mobile of an Irish girl he met about 2 years ago at a fashion event who then worked with Michaela in Centry 21, with whom he has no contact nor knows where she lives;
Sonia Cxx SC: 917..., mobile of Sonia Cxxxxxx, a former manager of Remax of Lagos, former wife of Nuno Bxxxxx;
JM Jenny: 917..., mobile of his mother;
S'ia Cx CYC: 918..., another mobile number of Sonia Cxxxxxx;
Luis A LA 919..., husband of Michaela;
Tina Infa TI 934..., mobile of the nursery that the daughter of Michaela attended in 2006;
Laura Cxxxxxxx LC 939..., seamstress in Lagos to whom he turned several times for small clothing [business] deals;
Robbie Murat RM: 960..., he thinks that is the mobile number he used when he worked for Remax;
Telma Nxxxx TN: 961..., a former colleague Remax with whom he has no relationship;
Lita Oxxxxxx L0 962..., mobile of Lita Oxxxxxxxx a former colleague in Remax, mother of Ricardo Hxxxxxxxx, no contact;
Rui Cxxxxx RC 963..., mobile of a former colleague of Remax with whom he currently has no contact; when they worked together, between June 2005 and early 2006, they were friends and travelled to Germany twice together to find cars for market;
Luis Sxxxxx LS: 964..., old colleague in Remax who is not in contact;
Pedro Mxxxxx PM: 964..., Manager of Century 21 in Lagos who is not in contact, they only spoke on professional matters;
Aunt Mxxx TM: 966..., Filomena Sxxxxx, Michaela's aunt who lives in Lisbon whom they have visited two or three times;
Lindsay Gr L: 967..., he does not remember who this person is;
Prazeres R PR: 967..., a friend of his and Michaela who resides in Lagos with whom they have a close relationship but it has been many months since they got together;
Lurdes Mxxxx LM: 967..., Lurdes Mxxxxxx a former colleague in Remax who is not in contact;
Tania Rxx TR 968..., a colleague in Remax who is not in contact;
Zé ZC: 969..., he thinks this José Nxxxx, a colleague in Remax who is not in contact;
Veronica Fxx VF 969..., colleague in Remax who is not in contact;
Romigen R does not know why he put this in his agenda but it is the name of the firm he plans to implement.
---- Regarding the agenda of the phone he states that:
Michaela 919... is Michaela's mobile;
Michaela 282... is Michaela's fixed line at her home;
Michaela 960... is another mobile of Michaela;
Anna 447... is the mobile of his niece, daughter of Samantha;
Chris 447... is the mobile of his former boss at Inchcape, the car firm in Norwich, Chris Sxxxxx, with whom he remains friends and has sporadic contacts;
Dawn 447... is the former mobile of his ex wife;
Dawn 441... is the current fixed phone of his ex wife;
Elena 966... is a friend, solicitor with offices in Portimao and Monchique with whom he maintains close links but they have not met for some time;
Elena 282... is the telephone at the house of his solicitor friend;
Lucy 916... is Lucy Cxxxxxxx's mobile, his mother's house maid but with whom he is friends;
Lucy 282... is the phone in the home of Lucy;
Maria 968... is the phone of the wife of former colleague and friend Rui Cxxxxxxx already mentioned;
Nelson 968... is a friend, Nelson Pxxxxxx, living in Lisbon, whom he has known since the age of 16 but meets only sporadically;
Rob 969... he does not remember this number;
Rob 919... is his current mobile number;
Celly 917... is the current contact for his aunt Sally Exxxxxxx;
Celly 282... is the phone at the house of his aunt above;
Sonia Cxxxxxx 918... is the former manager of Remax in Lagos who is not in contact;
António Fxxxxxxxxx 917... is a Civil Constructor in Lagos with whom he has a professional relationship;
Carlos Dxxxx 917... is another house-builder in Lagos with whom he also has a professional relationship;
Diana Mxxx 282... is an American lady who had a home for sale in Praia da Luz with whom he did not do business;
Fernandes 336... it seems to him that this was a potential Spanish client with whom he did not do business;
Manel Cxxxxxx 917... is a civil builder with whom he maintains a professional relationship;
Paulos 964... is a man who had an apartment in Lagos to sell but with whom he did not do business;
Peter Wxxxxx 912... is responsible for a building in Lagos with whom he maintains a professional relationship;
Steve Axxxxxxx 282... no recollection of who this is but probably a client;
Jorge Rxxx 968... it seems that this is a PJ Inspector with whom he spoke during the Madeleine case;
Jo (Sky) 351... he knows this lady, a friend of his uncles who live in Burgau, but with whom he does not and did not maintain any relationship;
Nuno Jxxx 918... he does not remember to whom it belongs;
Jorge CB 914... a builder who maintains a professional relationship;
March Mxxxxxx (without number) is friend of the accused that he knew when he worked at Remax, lives in Lagos and who keeps current relationship;
Paul 125... owner of the firm 125 computers, which did maintenance on his computers;
Skoda 282... is the telephone number of Skoda in Portimao;
Teresa 969... a lady known to Michaela and her husband who performed office organisation services in Luis' firm and also provided some help in Romigen;
Valter 918... has a mechanical workshop in Lagos and services cars in particular the VW van;
Pedro Oxxxxxxx 917... he does not recall who this person is;
Reis Sxxxxx 966... is an Inspector of PJ contacted in this process;
Alex 282... is Dr.Alexandra Sxxxxx who has an office in Praia da Luz, whom he contacted when working in Remax;
Dr. Alex 918... mobile of Alexandra Sxxxxx;
Carla 963... Carla Bxxxxxxx, coordinator of Remax in Lagos;
John Nxxxx 917... a former colleague with the Remax who is not related;
Luis Fxxxxxxx 969...a former colleague of Remax who is not related;
Lurde 967... a former colleague of Remax who is not related;
Nuno Bxxxxx 916... former husband of the former manager of Remax who is not related;
Richard Mxxxx 969... a former colleague of Remax who is not related;
Tania 967... a former colleague of Remax who is not related;
Zé accountant 969... Jose Fxxxx, accountant for Remax who is related in professional terms;
Anja 919... a friend of his and Michaela, lives in Lagos, is German and they relate frequently;
Czech 967... mobile of the son of Mrs Lxxx who he has known for many years and working in England in health services;
Dan 918... who takes care of Villa Liliana when there is nobody at home, lives in Praia da Luz;
Dan 282... Dan's home phone;
Glyn 447... mobile of a friend of his aunt who stays with her when he comes to Portugal, lives near London and did not meet with him when he went to England;
Home 282... phone of his home (Casa Liliana);
Luis 919... Luis Axxxxxxx Michaela's husband;
Mum 447... mobile phone that his mother used in England;
Mum 917... mobile of his mother;
Pagarete 918... Dr. Francisco Pagarete is a friend with this gentleman who is also his lawyer;
Rui 969... Rui C. a former colleague of Remax who is not now in contact but with whom he had a close relationship;
Rui 963... another number of Rui Cxxxxxxx;
Serge 914... Sergey Malinca's mobile;
Vital 912... A Jehova's Witness who provided bible lessons;
Carlos Bxxxxx 917... builder in Lagos who keeps a professional relationship;
Catherine 968... friend of his mother who lives in the Pxxxx Gxxxxxx, Praia da Luz;
Maria Sxxxxx 962... (incomplete) sold an apartment to her son when he worked at Remax;
Lloyd Hxxxx 447... sold an apartment to him when he was in Lagos at Remax, has no other relationship with him;
Mike Hxxxxxx 918... had professional relationship with this gentleman;
Paul Axxxxxxx 917... has a ruin in Aljezur and is related in professional terms, is a friend of his brother Richard;
Roger 447... and 447... does not recall who this person is;
Vitor 962... it seems that this is the Vitor that had an apartment and a shop for sale in Lagos whom he met while working at Remax;
Jorge Sxxxx 282... Jorge Sxxxx's office in Lagos, person with whom he intends to form a partnership;
Mark resident 917... manager of the newspaper Algarve Resident whom he met through his involvement in the disappearance of Madeleine, does not maintain contact;
Consulate 282.490.750 British Consulate in Portimao;
Lili Bxxx 918... was manager of the Caixa Agrícola in Praia da Luz, does not maintain relations with her;
Michael Gxxxxx 282... is not sure but it will be the number of the house of a boy who he met about two years ago, was employee of a restaurant in Lagos and currently are not in contact;
Pedro 966... and 282... and 913... does not remember who this person is;
Sonia Vxxxxx 917... Dr. Pagarete's girlfriend, a friend;
Tom Hxxxxxx 969... seller of advertising space in the newspaper Portugal News, only relates to professionally;
Zé Lxxxx 917... man providing firewood;
Pxxxxxxx 967... friend who lives in Lagos;
Saly 965... owner of the "big house" in Burgau with whom he has had a relationship for many years;
Saly 447... Saly's mobile in England;
Anica 966... former colleague from Remax who is not related;
Delfim 963... representative of Remax in Lagos who is related in professional terms;
Larysa 969... ex colleague of Remax who is not related;
Luis Sxxxxx 964... a former colleague of Remax who is not related;
Marisa 969... a former colleague of Remax who is not related;
Remax 282... Remax shop in Lagos;
Sandra 967... a former colleague of Remax with whom he relates from time to time;
James 916... a former colleague of Remax who is not related.
---- In this interview, at 19.30, notification is given that interrogation of the arguido is ended and will continue tomorrow, notice of that session having already been given to him as well as to his defence attorney.
---- That session will take place at 10:00 in the premises of the Department of Criminal Investigation of Portimao.

No more was said ...
1957 to 1958 Confrontation Diligence (re: Murat)
08-Processo, Volume V, pages 1957 to 1958



Processo, Volume VIII, pages 1957 to 1958


---- On 11 July, at 10:00, in the premises of the Department of Criminal Investigation of the Portimao Judicial Police, before me, Paulo Ferreira, Inspector, and Dr. Guilhermino Encarnacao, Deputy National Director of Judicial Police, appeared the defendant ROBERT JAMES QUERIOL EVELEIGH MURAT, already identified in the file, in order to proceed with his interrogation. Following on [prior] interrogatory work and contradictions having been seen between that which the defendant said and that of the witnesses, RACHEL MARIAMMA JEAN MAMPILLY, RUSSEL JAMES O'BRIEN, and FIONA ELAINE PAYNE, all also duly identified in the file, given that in the depositions of these people there exist clear contradictions with the answers of the defendant, this present work proceeded.
---- This work was conducted in the presence of the defence attorney of the defendant, Dr. Francisco Pagarete, as well as Mrs Carla E., translator and interpreter who translated all the declarations in English and vice versa, that having been started at 12:00.
---- By the first confronter, RACHEL MARIAMMA JEAN MAMPILLY it was said that she confirms her deposition recorded at pages 1212 ff. of the case file, namely that she saw the defendant present in this confrontation at about 23h30 on 03 May 2007 in the circumstances that she makes clear in the [above] document.
---- By the second confronter, RUSSEL JAMES O'BRIEN it was said that he confirms his testimony recorded in pages 1320 and 1321, specifically when it states that he saw the defendant ROBERT MURAT on the night on which occurred the events now under investigation, that is on the night on which Madeleine disappeared, about 01:00 in the early hours of 04 May last, [and] in all the rest he confirms his testimony in what it says with respect to the contact that he had with the defendant.
---- By the third confronter, FIONA ELAINE PAYNE it was said that she confirms her testimony recorded in pages 1323 and 1324, namely when it states that she saw the defendant for the first time, personally, on the night of 03 May about 23h30 outside, next to the door of the McCann apartment in the company of officers of the GNR that in the meantime had already arrived at the place. In all the rest she confirms the "circumstantionalism" [
all encompassing circumstances] of the approach that she made to the defendant.
---- By the fourth confronter the accused ROBERT JAMES QUERIOL EVELEIGH MURAT it was said that it is a lie [fabrication] what the other confronters had said because on that night of the disappearance of Madeleine he was not nor had been in that place, not having on the night of 03 May 2007 even gone out of [left] his house.
---- Nothing else was declared by the confronters, this document having been read to them they found it conforms (with their statements made) it is going to be signed by all the participants.

1959 to 1964 Interrogation of arguido Robert Murat 207.07.10


08-Processo, Volume VIII, pages 1959-1964

Processo, Volume VIII, pages 1959-1964


Date: 2007/07/11; Time: 10:00; Location: DIC Portimão
Officer: Paulo F., Inspector.

Defence attorney: Dr. Francisco Pagarete
Credentials no.: 498F
Office: Rua Conselheiro Joaquim Machado

The constitution of defendant status and the formalities provided for in Articles 58 and 196 of the CPP have been met in this case.
He was warned that the lack of response or falsehood about his identity and criminal background does incur criminal liability.


Asked if he wanted to respond on the facts that are imputed against him, he responded:

---- Yes, he intends to continue to answer the questions that will be put to him.

---- Relating to the listing of phone numbers obtained from the agenda of his mobile, that was present yesterday with him, he remembers now that the numbers for Roger 447... and 447... are mobile phone numbers of two partners who buy and sell land with whom he is related professionally.

---- Asked he says that before the events under investigation in this inquiry he was in England for about a month, carrying out the reconstruction of the house that was previously his grandmothers and is now his mothers. He made this trip at the request of his mother, given that they had agreed that he would carry out the repair in exchange for his mother investing in Romigen.

---- The trip, as well as all the money used in reconstruction, were the costs of his mother.

---- While in England he basically associated with his relatives who reside near there, the sister, the brother-in-law, the nephews, as well as with his friend of long-standing M.R.C. (Checo) who also resides in the area (Exeter).

---- There the defendant lived in the house of his mother. During his stay in that place he continued to make contacts, via the Internet, with the future partners Jorge Sxxxx and Jason, as well as with Michaela.

---- Questioned he affirms that he does not remember for certain if he contacted in that way, or any other, Sergey Malinca, he being sure that that, in doing so, such messages or contacts with Sergey are kept on his computer given that he does not remember having deleted anything off the computer. The computer that he used in England is one of those that were subsequently seized during the search carried out at his home.

---- During the contacts that he made with the future partners it happened that the negotiations stalled. Therefore he decided to travel to Portugal to try to progress that matter because he believed that that could only be done personally.

---- He made the travel reservation to Portugal for 01 May. This reservation was made through the Internet, having used the site

---- Questioned he answered that the reservation was made exactly for 01 May, being sure that he did not anticipate/advance nor anticipate/advance such a reservation.

---- The night before the trip he slept in his brother-in-law Steve's home, where his sister and nephews also were.

---- He recalls that the flight that brought him from Exeter to Faro airport was in the morning, and it was his sister Samantha who drove him to the airport.

---- Questioned he affirms that during his stay in England he did not contact with any of the people who he later came to find here in Portugal, namely those who were involved in the disappearance of Madeleine. He is not aware that any of his family has made any contacts or know any of those people, namely anyone close to the McCann couple.

---- Having been asked for the record if on the night that Madeleine disappeared he was in the Ocean Club helping in the searches and in contact with several people, about 23h30 to 24h00, the defendant replied categorically that he was not. He affirms that he was not on that night helping in searches given that, as he had stated he did not leave the house from 19h30 on 03 May until the morning of 04 May.

---- For the record, at 12:00 noon, this interrogation was interrupted in order to proceed with an interview of confrontation between the defendant and witnesses RACHEL MARIAMMA JEAN MAMPILLY, RUSSEL JAMES O'BRIEN, and FIONA ELAINE PAYNE, the competent document having been drawn up.

---- After that diligence and for the record, 12:40, this interrogation is interrupted to continue opportunely.

---- At 14:30 the present interview was restarted.

---- Questioned the defendant reaffirms that in truth on the afternoon of 03 May he arrived at Casa Liliana around 19:00/19:30 having left the VW stopped in front of the house, that is outside the property, immediately entering into the property. Questioned he does not remember the clothes he was wearing at the time. Nor does he remember if his mother was at home or not. Nor does he recall in detail what he did. He remembers that at one time he spoke with his mother, however he cannot recall whether she arrived meanwhile or she was already there. He remembers that they were sitting in the kitchen and the defendant remembering that he ate, how long with his mother he does not remember. Confronted with the testimony of his mother who told that she arrived at the house around 20.30 and that Robert had also arrived at that moment, he says that he cannot account
for having arrived at the same time as his mother.

---- Questioned he says that when he heard the sound of a siren he was with his mother in the kitchen, still talking, it would be about 22:00/22:30, the time he estimates taking into account that they had the television on. Questioned he said not to recall if the sound was continuous or discontinuous. He remembers only that at that time there was the sound of voices from both their talk and the sound of television, not recalling other sounds in the background. He remembers well having heard that sound given that after it he commented to his mother that it seemed that he was in her house in England given that there he assiduously heard the sound of sirens. He was not aware of other noises namely raised voices or the dogs barking outside the property.

---- Questioned about if he considers it normal or abnormal the fact of not having made nor received calls on his mobile phone between 15:00 on 02 May until the night of 03 May he said that that fact seems normal to him since in that period of time he had been accompanied by Michaela she being the person with whom he usually speaks to on the phone. However, he states that he had assumed no purposeful position [given no thought to] that that fact had happened.

---- Questioned he states that he rented a grey Hyundai car on Saturday, 12 May, from the Auto Rent firm in Praia da Luz. He thinks that he picked up the car in the afternoon of that day. This car was returned by his mother on Tuesday 15th of that month. Basically he used the car in the area of Lagos and Portimão. He did not leave the Algarve with it. He does not remember how many kilometres he drove with the car, however he estimates about 100 to 200 at most. He informs having rented it because his mother was using the VW in the information table [she had set up] and the Skoda was in the workshop and he had no other means of transport. Confronted with the fact that there is information that that car had done 700 km during the rental period, he says this is not true. He denies having gone so many kilometres in that car, adding that to have more mileage than what he indicated that this will be an error of whoever read the mileage [odometer], the defendant was the only person to use the car.

---- Questioned he says that never in his life has he entered the apartment where Madeleine was when she disappeared, neither before nor after the events under investigation.

---- Questioned if he knows anyone who is the owner of a boat he said that his uncle has a boat stored in the back of his property but that is on land. Last year, when he worked in Remax, he sold an apartment to an English man that he knows is the owner of a boat, but does not know however where this boat would be, nor had he ever seen it. His relationship with this person was strictly professional. There is also a friend of Luis, the husband of Michaela, whom he thinks is called Steve and that he said that he has a boat. The defendant has never seen that boat nor does he even know if that is true or not. He has no contact with this person. Nelson Pxxxxxx, who is in his mobile phone address book, is the son of a man called Carlos Pxxxxxx who is the owner of a vessel that the defendant however never saw nor knows where it is.

---- Asked if on the day of the disappearance of Madeleine or in subsequent days he was in any marina or in any port, he said no, that he was not in any of those places on those days.
---- For the record, the defendant having been shown a photograph in which one can observe the defendant speaking with an individual on '25 de Abril' road, in Praia da Luz, he said that such person is one known to him, a resident of Praia da Luz, who knows Robert, and that he knows him to be of Romanian nationality. He met this individual on an occasion in which he, the Romanian, did some gardening work at Casa Liliana, which he thinks was contracted by his mother. The contact that happened when they were photographed was based on a request that the defendant [should be: the Romanian] made to Robert in the sense of him [RM] making a translation of an appeal in the Romanian language regarding the disappearance of Madeleine.
---- Asked about if at any time he had used used computers in the cyber café either in Praia da Luz or in other places he responded negatively, that is, he had never used computers in those locations. He affirms further that [n]either Michaela [n]or Sergey also [n]ever did so in the presence of the defendant.

---- For the record the defendant was asked if he has had conversations with any person, besides his lawyer, about the way he could prove his innocence, be it personally, be it by telephone, be it in café, or in any other place, conversations that could conflict with police techniques to prove the guilt or innocence of a person.

---- For the record the defence attorney requested some time to explain the question to the defendant and he was permitted a short break in order for them to converse.

---- Resuming the interrogation the defendant said yes he had spoken about this subject but he did so primarily with the family and with intimate friends. In particular he states that he remembers having spoken with Inspectors of the PJ on an occasion at his home when he asked them if they could, through the antennas of mobile phones, prove that he was at home at a given moment, to which they replied that it would be possible but that he should not be concerned about it because that matter was going to be handled. Questioned he responded that he thinks he had not asked anyone else.

---- For the record it being asked of him if he knows a British police officer by the name of Phill, he answered yes. It also being asked of him if he had not asked this British police officer about the method that British police had to locate a person in a particular place and at a particular time, he said yes. Asked if that conversation was had on a personal level [in person] or by phone he responded that it was personal [in person]. For the record the transcript of of the telephone intercept recorded on pages 1681 to 1690 being shown to him, he states for the record that effectively he continues to not recall having telephoned Phil nor having spoken with him on the phone, although he does recall a conversation that he had with this individual at the home of his aunt, perhaps in the bar, repeating it in the following manner: He had asked Phil if the Police could locate him in the house through the mobile phone to thus prove his innocence. Phill had replied that such would depend on the distance from the antennas [masts], namely their active radius. It being asked of the defendant if he had or had not asked [Phil] if he, the defendant, could be located to within a distance of one meter of the place where he was, he responded yes. It being looked for from him the reason for such a question when his home, without the adjacent land, is about 300 square meters not justifying, perhaps, that he had asked the question about the location of the defendant within a meter, unless the defendant had been elsewhere, he did not respond. It being asked of him for what reason he resorted to a British official given that he had already said previously he had good relations with the PJ and GNR, he said that when he asked officers of the PJ it was done to know if that technology was already in the possession of the Portuguese police.

---- He states not remembering if after that contact he had had any further
[contact] on this matter with whomever that was.

Asked what he did after suspecting he was being followed by the police, he answered that he eventually wrote down the license plate number of a car and that PJ inspector Reis Santos told him that the PJ had no such vehicle. Asked, he said that he did talk about this situation with Michaela and other people, either in person or by telephone. After reading his testimony, the defendant wanted to clarify that he did not answer the question in lines 128 and 129 because his attorney advised him not to. The day after talking with Phill the defendant met him again at his aunt’s house and Phill told him that he could no longer speak to the defendant about this case for his superiors had told him not to.

Read and found it in agreement, ratifies and will sign.

1965 to1966 - Service Information re: contacts on Murat's telephone 2007.07.11


08 Processos Vol VIII Pages 1965 – 1966

Service Information

Date: 2007-07-11

To: Dr Amaral

From: Inspector Ramos

Subject: Mobile Phone Findings

In the phone list extracted from Robert Murat's mobile there is a number belonging to a TMN network with a reference to Lindsay and Gr, this number possibly being that of Lindsay *** referred to in Carlos Costa's statement (pages 1286, 1287 and 1288), the childhood friend of RM who probably knew of various episodes documented in the files of sexual behaviour with animals attributed to RM.

When we contacted this number we found out that it belongs to GFS, a Scottish citizen resident in Burgau and his partner Lindsay C*****, also the user of mobile number ******.

The couple got to know RM in January of this year, through the intermediary of RM's aunt, Sally Eveleigh, whom they got to know when trying to sell their house in Salema where they lived at the time.

RM, as a person linked to real estate, valued the house but did not participate as intermediary in the sale, there was no further contact between him and the couple.

It was not, therefore, the Lindsay mentioned by Carlos Costa.

From Portugal Telecom information we learned of the existence of number****** of PMP, resident of ... Mexilhoeira Grande, who confirmed telephonically that she was the mother of Lyndon (not Lindsay) Pollard with the numbers ******* and ******.

Contact was made with Lyndon who confirmed that he was the person mentioned by Costa and made himself available to appear in the DIC premises in Portimao at 14.00 today, the 11th of July.

For your information


Inspector Ramos

2706 - Letter from Pagarete re: Murat and new Penal Code
10 Processos Vol X Page 2706

Letter from Francisco Pagarete

To: The Prosecutor
Portimao District Court

NUIPC N° 201/07.0 GALGS
Public Services Ministry

26th September 2007

Robert Murat, arguido in the files of the inquiry mentioned above, according to the terms of article 86 of the CPP and the new wording conferred by Law 48 of 2007 of 29th August, requires that he be given the facility to consult the case files because as is clearly established by article 1: "the penal process is public under penalty of nullity".

The arguido as well as most citizens has knowledge from the press about the constitution of new arguidos in this case which is why he wants to have access to the indications gathered against him in order to be able to refute them.
F. Pagarete

3006 - Francesco Pagarete undated request for certified copy of page 2662
11 Processos Vol XI Page 3006

Letter from Francisco Pagarete


To: The Prosecutor
Portimao District Court

NUIPC N° 201/07.0 GALGS
Public Services Ministry

2nd October 2007

Francisco Pagarete, lawyer, empowered as previously seen in the process files, requests that he be given a certification of page 2662 of the present files.

F. Pagarete

Note: Page 2662 seems to be part documentation including extension of secrecy of justice rule. Still to be translated.

4152 - Letter from F. Pagarete re Murat
16 Processos Vol XVI Page 4152

Letter from Francisco Pagarete

To: The Prosecutor
Portimao District Court

NUIPC N° 201/07.0 GALGS
Public Services Ministry

20th February 2008

Robert Murat, arguido in the case mentioned above, once again requests, with reference to article 186 of the CPP that you consider ordering the return of all the belongings that were apprehended for analysis after the search of his residence. For almost nine months the requesting party has been unable to carry out his professional activities as he requires the computer equipment that was apprehended. This situation penalises him more that the measures of co-action that were applied to him.


F. Pagarete
4154  Letter re: return of Murats confiscated possessions

Page 4154  was where Robert Murat's possessions went back to him;
Processos Vol XVI
Page 4154

Policia Judiciaria

To: Portimao Public Ministry

Date: 05-03-2008

Subject: Information

Attending the request on page 3888 as well your dispatch on page 3916, we do not have any objection in terms of the investigation, in returning the articles apprehended from the arguido Robert Murat, which will be done during the next days.

As regards the pervious dispatches concerning the return, so as not to affect the investigation, the articles were not returned because, in spite of having been examined, the results of these examinations are being analysed and compiled in such a manner as to dissipate any doubt, and this will shortly be completed.

With compliments

The Superior Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation.
Paulo Rebelo

4271 - Robert James Queriol Eveleigh Murat, also carried out functions of interpreter
16 Processos Vol XVI Page 4271

Francisco Pagarete

To: The Prosecutor of the Portimao Court

Public Ministry Services

Robert James Queriol Eveleigh Murat, arguido in the case mentioned above, who in the same process also carried out functions of
interpreter, requires that Your Excellence informs him when it was that he made a compromise of honour in order to carry out these functions.


The Lawyer

Francisco Pagarete

4295 - Terms of information reference to page 4271, in the presence of Dr Francisco Pagarete, legal representative of the arguido Robert Murat
16 Processos Vol XVI Page 4295

Portimao Public Ministry

Process 201-07.0GALGS

Date: 19-05-2008

Terms of Information

It is recorded that on this date, with reference to page 4271, in the presence of Dr Francisco Pagarete, legal representative of the arguido Robert Murat, who was informed that his client declared Terms of Compromise on 09-05-2007 at the Public Ministry Services in Lagos.

He was told that the information given was sufficient.


Maria Luisa Nascimento Duarte


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