This information belongs to the Ministério Público in Portimão, Portugal.
It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law

457 List of individuals who gave witness statements with interpreter names indicated

with thanks to Ines

02 Processos Vol IIPage 457

List of statements and interpreters

518 - Details of missing child interpreters
02 Processos Vol II Page 518


From the Lagos Court

Report via Fax to PJ Portimao of the interpreters indicated above with address and phone number.

Summon them by the quickest means for their statement of compromise.

Ask the PJ to provide via Fax the names, addresses, phone numbers of the interpreters mentioned on the previous page.

Afterwards contact them for their statement of compromise in this Court within a maximum delay of 46 hours, according to article 91, number 2 of the CPP:

The present case files begin with the news of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, born on 12-05-2003, female sex, white daughter of Gerald Patrick McCann and Kate Marie Healy.

The disappearance occurred on 03-05-2007 from a ground floor apartment of the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz between 21.30 and 22.00.

As it is relevant to discovering the whereabouts of the child, I authorise and request the GNI to divulge the identification of the girl in order to establish her whereabouts, this should be done by means of a yellow alert.

Please copy this communication to the PJ.

Organise the translation of these files.

Make a copy of the present files, with a copy of everything that has been processed, as quickly as possible and deliver it to the hand of the Public Prosecutor.

7/5/2007 (17 hours)


Sandra Marques

816 Information regarding interpreters
817 List of deponents and interpreters
03 Processos Vol III Page 816 to 817

Portimao DIC

Processo 201/07 0 GALGS

Date: 07-05-2007

Subject: Information about Interpreters

This letter is to inform you that, within the framework of the investigation mentioned above, Sra Alice Dias Homem de Gouvela Avakoff from Lagos will be named as interpreter/translator.

I also inform you that Sra Silvia Cristina Morgado Vicente from Lagoa is also an habitual interpreter for our services, but given the urgency of this case we have not yet been able to contact her to find out whether she is available.

We request you to inform us the correct names and addresses (and telephone numbers) of the various interpreters who have already intervened in the case, a list of names is attached so that our services can obtain a statement of compromise from them.

With compliments,

The Deputy Prosecutor

Sandra Marques
965 Information regarding interpreter
966 Request for payment of interpreter
04  Processo 04 Pages 964   966
04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_964 04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_965
1923 Interpreter Invoice
1925 Interpreter information
1926 to 1927 Interpreter invoice
1935 Interpretes invoice
07  Processo 07 Pages 1923 1825 to 1927 1935
07_VOLUME_VI1a_Page_1923 07_VOLUME_VI1a_Page_1926 07_VOLUME_VI1a_Page_1935
07_VOLUME_VI1a_Page_1925 07_VOLUME_VI1a_Page_1927
2535 Fax dated 6 September stating that KMH had nominated an interpreter for her questioning on that date.
Processos Vol X Page 2535

Policia Judiciaria


Classification: VERY URGENT

Date: 06-09-2007

To: The Public Prosecutor, Lagos Circuit

Dr Magalhaes Menezes

From: Portimaao DIC
Dr Gon?lo Amaral, Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

201-070 GALGS

Subject: Naming of Interpreter

I hereby communicate to you that there is a need to question Kate McCann, British citizen, within the framework of the investigation mentioned above. Therefore, as she is a foreign citizen, who does not speak Portuguese, the legal necessity for naming an interpreter exits.

She herself has proposed A***** D****** S****** R****** with offices in Portimao.

Upon this basis, I propose that you proceed to name the latter.

With best compliments,

The coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

Goncalo Amaral

2536 Confirmation of fax
2537 to 2538 Communication Dispatches nominating the interpreter
10 Processo 10 Pages 2536 to 2538,
10VOLUME_Xa_Page_2536 10VOLUME_Xa_Page_2537 10VOLUME_Xa_Page_2538

2552 Information about interpreter

3008  - Notification of interpreter

Processos Vol X Page 2552 also Processos Vol XI Page 3008 





Policia Judiciaria


NUIPC 201/070.GA.LGS





On 6th September 2007 at the Portimao DIC installations notification is made to Armanda Duarte Salbany Russel in her capacity as interpreter, for a period of 48 hours, to appear before the Portimao Court Public Ministry for the purposes outlined in articles 92 n 2 and 91 n 1 of the CPP.


She signs with me, PJ Inspector Paulo Ferreira, 




2611 Original of page 2538 re: interpreter appointment
Processos Vol X Page 2611
Portimao Public Services Ministry

201.070 GALGS

Conclusion 06-09-2007

As requested I have named the interpreter, A****** D******S****R****, who is known in court.

She will be notified that she must appear before the Public Ministry services within 48 hours for the act of compromise referred to in article 91 n?3 of the CPP.


The Public Prosecutor

Dr Magalhaes Menezes
2612 Communication Dispatch
2613 to 2614 Interpreter documentation
2674 to 2677 Service Information 13 & 19 September re: interpreter and payment details
10  Processo 10 Pages , 2612 to 2614,2674 to 2677
10VOLUME_Xa_Page_2612 10VOLUME_Xa_Page_2613 10VOLUME_Xa_Page_2614
10VOLUME_Xa_Page_2674 10VOLUME_Xa_Page_2675 10VOLUME_Xa_Page_2676
3007 Interpreter Information
11   Processo 11 Pages  3007

Processos Vol XI

Page 3007



Received by the Portimao Public Ministry. 




NUIPC 201/07.0 GALGS



Armanda Durate Salbany Russel, resident of Rotunda Park, Portimao, with social security number ***, subject to IRS tax of 20% according to article 1 of the CIRS, requires her fees to be established for having served as interpreter for the McCann couple in the abovementioned case, for a period of nineteen hours and twenty minutes, on the 6th and 7th of September 2007.



Portimao, 1st October 2007.



3014 Certification re interpreter
11   Processo 11 Pages  3014


3136 to 3137 Request to pay interpreter
3927 Service information re: interpreter
12   Processo 12 Pages 3136 to 3137
13   Processo 13 Pages 3927
12_VOLUME_XIIa_Page_3136 12_VOLUME_XIIa_Page_3137 13_VOLUME_XIIIa_Page_3927
3828 to 3835 Public Ministry of Portimao documents re: interpreter
14   Processo 14 Pages 3828 to 3835
14_VOLUME_XIVa_Page_3828 14_VOLUME_XIVa_Page_3829 14_VOLUME_XIVa_Page_3830
14_VOLUME_XIVa_Page_3831 14_VOLUME_XIVa_Page_3832 14_VOLUME_XIVa_Page_3834
14_VOLUME_XIVa_Page_3833 14_VOLUME_XIVa_Page_3835
4271 - Robert James Queriol Eveleigh Murat, also carried out functions of interpreter
16 Processos Vol XVI Page 4271

Francisco Pagarete

To: The Prosecutor of the Portimao Court

Public Ministry Services

Robert James Queriol Eveleigh Murat, arguido in the case mentioned above, who in the same process also carried out functions of interpreter, requires that Your Excellence informs him when it was that he made a compromise of honour in order to carry out these functions.

The Lawyer
Francisco Pagarete

4412 to 4413 Interpreter invoice
16   Processo 16 Pages 4412 to 4413
16_VOLUME_XVIa_Page_4412 16_VOLUME_XVIa_Page_4413
4489 to 4493 Interpreter information and invoice
17   Processo 17 Pages 4489 to 4493

Processo Vol XVII Page 4489 


Portimao Criminal Instruction Court



On 4th October 2007, at about 10.50 I received from the interpreter Armanda Russell, named in the 201/07.OGALGS case files, the following two requirements, the original document which was the object of the translation and the translated document produced according to the price that was agreed by the Court, I personally having delivered these documents to the Instruction Judge in the presence of the interpreter.


This is the manner in which the interpreter delivered them,




The Court Official


Processos Vol XVII Page 4491



Amanda Duarte Salbany Russell

Rotunda Park Lt 4 4B

8500-309 Portimao





Portimao Judicial Court

1 Criminal Judge

Av. Miguel Bombarda

8501-960 Portimao



4th October 2007





Dear Sirs,



I present my invoice:


- Translation from English into Portuguese of the documents with page numbers 01 to 188 (for a total of 192 working hours and final text containing 38.381 words).



Brute value............2.970.00 Euros


This value is subject to a deduction of 20% (594,00 Euros) corresponding to IRS and I inform you that this is contained in the VAT regime according to article 53 of the CIRS.


After payment I will issue the receipt (IRS Model n 6).


Yours sincerely,



Amanda Russell



Processos Vol XVII Page 4493

The receipt is in here dated 30-6-2008

44 to 45 Interpreter invoices
01   Carta Rogatoria 01 Pages 44 to 45
also Processo-07 pages 1887 to 1888
cr1_44 cr1_45


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