This information belongs to the Ministério Público in Portimão, Portugal.
It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law

2747 to 2751 Witness testimony of Marco Paulo Ventura de Pimental Vaz Pereira 20 July 2007


11 Processo Volume 11 pages 2747 to 2751
Marco Paulo Ventura de Pimental Vaz Pereira
39 - Email re supposed sighting in Coruche
01-05 Apensos V, Vol I Page 39


From: Ana Maria Flausino

Sent: Saturday, 19th May 2007

To: DIC Portimao

Subject: Madeleine


I don't not know up to what point my information will be important as I am not certain of anything. In truth, every time that Madeleine's image appears on TV, I am struck not by the image where her face is in the foreground, but by the image where the girl appears at a distance with long hair...and that in a cake shop in my area, ?Arco Iris?, I observed a foreign couple accompanied by two children, one of them a baby in a push chair, who was very blond and the other a girl who looked like the missing child (photo of whole body and with long hair).

The man had a foreign look to him, bronzed and with fair to brown hair, short but wavy, he was perhaps too tall as I thought that the size of his head was disproportionate (very small) for the size of his body.

I am from and resident in Coruche, a place where in general you do not see foreigners. What has prevented me from contacting you is not being certain...I don?t know if it was the girl nor of the day I saw her but I think it was on Friday 4th May. I have already spoken about the subject with one of the employees of the establishment and she does not remember the day either.

Thank you for your attention.

176 - Email re possible sighting with two Russians
01-05 Apensos V, Vol I Page 176

Email to Portimao DIC



From: M.J. Mestre



Sent: Saturday 19th May 2007, 19.46


To: Portimao DIC


Subject: Madeleine



My daughter, assistant at Faro airport, told me that a colleague of hers, two or three days after Madeleine’s disappearance, told her that two Russians embarked, accompanied by a girl similar in appearance to Madeleine, whose child passport was hand written, which she found strange. It should be noted that at this time there were already photographs of the girl up in the airport, but they were all black and white.


With compliments



M.J: Mestre 



Handwritten on email:




- Barroso contact airport

- The flight was to Dublin

- Check arrival and departure lists



222 to 225 Statement of Abdrea Griffin re sighting in Alcateia, Algarve
01-05-APENSOS 5, Volume I pages 222 to 225
452  also Portugal GNR service information re sighting near Badajoz/Madrid

With thanks to Ines

Apensos V, Vol III Page 452

Guarda Nacional Republicana


Setúbal Group




Incident Report Nº 07/07



On 8th May 2007, I, soldier Lino José Pineta and soldier Humberto Carlos Silveira Fernandes, both on duty at the Santo André GNR post, inform you of the following events:


At about 01.15 on 8th May 2007, Ana Rute Duarte Pacheco, a resident of Santo André appeared at the GNR post to inform us that at about 00.45 she had received a call to her mobile from her husband Paulo Jorge Pacheco, resident at the same address, and who was travelling by bus from Portugal to Spain and that on the Badajoz/Madrid motorway at KM 374, where they made a stop, he observed that in a yellow bus of the “Anibal” bus company, with a Spanish number plate, he saw an individual aged about 20 wearing a white shirt and track suit bottoms and who was accompanied by a girl who spoke English and who was wearing a red blouse and pink trousers. Given the current news, he suspected and even guaranteed to his wife that this could be the girl who was being searched for. He said that the bus the girl and the individual were travelling in had a final destination of Mendes Alvares station in Madrid and that the expected arrival time was about 05.00, Portuguese time.



Faro PJ has been informed of these events by fax.




Soldiers Pineta and Silveira Fernandes

493  also Portugal Statement re sighting in Ecomarche park, Nelas

With thanks to Ines

Apensos V, Vol III Page 493

Policia Judiciária



Telecommunications Centre

Message Registration


Date/Time: 08 May 13.45



Immediate 081300 May 07

To: Listpol



Subject: Location Supposed Abductor of Girl



On 081130May07 citizens reported that at the Ecomarche Park in Nelas a suspect suspected of the abduction of Madeleine McCann was sighted.


After viewing Ecomarche images (sic) a suspect wearing white trousers, short sleeved shirt. Has a pony tail and 2/3 day beard.

The girl is wearing orange shorts, purple top and straw hat. An employee of the petrol station confirmed that the car in question was a Peugeot 207, French number plate and with a child’s seat placed behind the driver’s seat.

The employee also informed that the individual was of English nationality.

544 also Portugal Statement of sighting in Barragem do Beliche, Castro

With thanks to Ines

Apensos V, Vol III Page 544

Public Security Police

Faro Police Command


Date: 10 May 2007



Subject: Madeleine Case



Today, at about 15.47, when I was on duty at the Santo António squad, I received a phone call from a male individual with a British accent who preferred to remain anonymous and who told me the following:


Yesterday at 21.00, to the south of the Beliche – Castro Marim dam, he saw a male individual, about 1.75m in height, wearing dark blue jeans and a dark t-shirt, accompanied by a girl aged about 3 years, with blond hair, wearing light coloured clothes and who were heading in a northern direction along the bushes, before he lost sight of them.





Squad Commander


Joaquim Luis Cabecinha Godinho

703 - Email re sighting in Madeira
With thanks to Ines
Apensos V, Vol IV Page 703



From: Paula Sousa

Sent: 11th May 2007, 13:15

To: DIC Portimao

Subject: News



Dear sirs,


I am writing from Madeira, Portugal.


Today on the island at Sao Martin, inside a public bus a girl was seen who was very similar to Madeleine McCann.


Small, blonde, with straight hair, wearing a flowery dress, accompanied by two old women of a very bad appearance.


We think this could be the girl missing from the Algarve.


Thanks, best compliments.


C. Ribeiro.

744 - Email re sighting in Caldas da Rainha
With thanks to Ines
Apensos V, Vol IV Page 744



From: cadifid@iol

Sent: 17th May 2007, 17:46

To: DIC Portimao




Dear Sirs,


I am sending this email, conscious of the fact that the information I am sending you might be irrelevant and not of interest. However, I think I can not let pass the episode that happened to me at the end of last week.


I was in Sao Martinho de Porto (Caldas da Raina) with my wife and my three year old niece, playing in a park close to the beach. At a given moment two male individuals appeared with 5 female children aged between 3 and 5. Up to this point all was well but two things caught my attention:


- the smallest girl was very similar to the photo that you have on your website of the English girl. She had the same haircut. However, both my wife and I thought that her eyes were brown and that the girl appeared small for a 4 year old. However, I repeat that the similarities were striking.


- another thing that caught our attention was that the girl in question never spoke and that the men called her Raquel. I also found it strange that these men appeared to be alone with the children and took many photos of them using different cameras.


One of the men was of German origin (?) and the other was Portuguese.


As I say, I don’t know if this scene was strange just by suggestion but both my wife and I found it to be so. I do not want to create panic or confusion, I am aware that you must receive numerous irrelevant messages but I felt I had to describe this curious episode.



1807  Statement re sighting in Portugal

With thanks to Ines

Apensos V, Vol VIII Page 1807

Ministry of Internal Administration

Public Security Police

Setubal Police Command

Almada Division






At 10.20 today, Sub Chief Henriques nº 70, appeared before me, Principal Officer Luis Miguel Costa Teixeira, to give me the following information:


A woman named Lisete, wit ID card N****, told him that she knows of a girl whom she suspects to be Madeleine, because of her age and appearance.


Lisete has a daughter who studies at the Escola Básica dos Caraguejais in the third grade and who has a fellow student named Vital André Jilk, who uses crutches and whose mother brings him to school every day between 8 and 9 in the morning, also taking the girl along.


According to Lisete’s daughter, Vital supposedly has a sister whom she thinks is Madeleine, because she has seen her and the mother always tries to hide her and because Vital does not like to talk about his sister and that this family is of English origin.


Sub Chief Henriques also told me that he knows that this family was in the Algarve at the time of Madeleine’s disappearance.


That is all I have to inform you.


Almada 13 June 2007




Officer Texeira

2771 - Email re sighting in Volkswagen in Lisbon
13-05 Apensos V, Vol XIII Page 2771

From: Portimao DIC

Sent: 28th August 2007

To: Ana Filipa Conduto Lux

Subject: FW: Maddie McCann

From: St Denis Paris
Sent: 27th August 2007

To: Portimao DIC

Subject: Maddie McCann

Dear Investigators,

Possible sighting of Maddie in a Volkswagon Passat, dark grey coloured, Spanish number plate:

75 08 BKES

The car was seen on Rua da Saudade, in Lisbon and took the direction of Se Patriacal, inside the car next to Maddie or a very similar girl was another girl of the same age and a couple. Man 30/40, dark skin, short hair, slight beard and overweight, about 1.70/1.80 in height.

Woman of the same height, similar age and fair skin, long wavy brown hair.

Find the girl.

2827 - Fax cover page Information about the eventual whereabouts of Madeleine
13-05 Apensos V, Vol XIII Page 2827

Policia Judiciaria


Porto Directorate







To: Portimao DIC


From: Porto PJ Directorate


Date: 24-09-2007


Subject: Information about the eventual whereabouts of Madeleine



We attach a PSP report from Sao Joao da Madeira, registered with reference A1-2593040 in which Olga Lopes claims to have seen Madeleine Maccaine (sic) in Sao Joao da Madeira.



With compliments



Inspector Costa

2828 - PJ document re sighting in PT
13-05 Apensos Vol V, Volume XIII Page 2828

Public Security Police


Sao Joao da Madeira Squad


To: The Prosecutor, Sao Joao da Madeira Court


Copy: Porto PJ



Subject: Sending of Report


I enclose the report drawn up and registered at this squad on 2007-09-13 in which the citizen Olga Lopes report s to this police force that in Rua do Dourado, in this city, she saw a girl with characteristics similar to the missing girl from the Algarve, named Madeleine Beth McCann.



With compliments



Commander Coutinho da Silva

2829 to 2830 - Witness statement re sighting in Aveiro
13-05 Apensos V, Volume XIII Pages 2829 to 2830

Public Security Police


Sao Joao da Madeira Squad






Date: 2007-09-10


Subject: Girl Resembling Madeleine McCann


Location of Occurrence: Public road, Sao Joao da Madeira



Name: Olga Lopes

Residence: Sao Joao da Madeira


Additional information:


When I was at work in the squad Olga Lopes addressed me and said that at about 13.00 at the place mentioned previously, near to her home, next to the Padaria Central, at the fountain that is there, she saw a girl who drew her attention and who was very similar and with characteristics resembling those of the missing girl from the Algarve, known as Madeleine Beth McCann.



The similarities were the following: she appeared to be 4 years old, female, she had various wound type marks on her arms and legs, her hair was blond and came down to the middle of her arms, she was wearing a red dress and white sandals.


She also had a defect in her eye like Beth.


The girl was alone and with her arms around her face, hiding from someone and when she saw the man who was looking for her she ran to the centre of the square and then to Rua do Visconde de Sao Joao da Madeira, disappearing from sight. This are is undergoing construction work and pedestrian traffic has been affected.


Upon the act of fleeing the girl’s eyes and face were very red and great fear was noted in her as she fled from the man who was chasing her.


The man was about 20-30, bald, very tall and muscular, with brown eyes and wearing a dark blue shirt.


Everything indicated that the girl was scared of the man who was running after her, without saying a word or calling her by her name, a fact which left the witness stupefied and alarmed, she couldn’t stop thinking about that act, that moment, which is why she brought it to our attention.



At the moment there are no reports of a missing girl in this city and in this squad which is why I bring this to your attention.



2924 to 2925  - Email with picture attachment from sighting in Lagos 2007.10.07
13-05 Apensos V, Vol XIII Pages 2924  to 2925



Ana Filipa Conduto Luz


From: Portimao DIC


Sent: 10 July 2007


To: Ana Filipa Conduto Luz


Subject: FW



From: Salacer


Sent: 10 July 2007

To: Portimao DIC


Antonio Ferreira Nunes

Foros de Salvaterra

2120-187 Salvaterra de Magos


Policia Judiciaria





Dear Sir or Madam, forgive the intrusion but I had to send these photos.


That they seem to me to be very similar to Madelen (sic) with some differences in the hair.


I would not feel good if I did not do this, they were seen in Lagos on 7-10-2007 at the Aerodrome, the man has an earring on the right side, the woman has two rings in her nose. They seemed English.




With compliments.


Always available for clarification.



(Note photos are not attached to this message)


Outros Apensos VIII, Vol 111 Pages 539 to 540

Policia Judiciaria

NUIPC: 201/07.0 GALGS

Report on Visualization and Analysis of Audiovisual Material

On this date, state for the process files that video images from the security cameras at Hotel Pestana Alvor Park contained in a VHS cassette and referring to the 3rd May 2007 were visualised and analysed.

From the visualisation and analysis carried out, nothing was found that of interest to the investigation.

Portimao, 12th May 2007.


Inspector Ricardo Paiva

Page 540

Fax from Hotel Pestana Alvor Park

To: Chief Inspector Tavares da Almeida

From: The Service Coordinator

Date: 22-05-2007

Subject: Security Cassette Request

Dear Chief Inspector,

On the 12th May two inspectors from the PJ were given a security camera cassette by the hotel Pestana Alvor Park with a recording from 3rd May 07. Given that it has still not been returned and that no request has been made to examine the security equipment, I would ask you to return the cassette.

Best compliments

S*** G****
Hotel Pestana Alvor Park

659 - Analysis of CCTV images from McDonalds in Caldas da Rainha
Outros Apensos VIII, Vol III Page 659

Policia Judiciaria

NUIPC:201/07.0 GALGS

Report of Visualisation and Analysis of Audiovisual Material

On this date I state for the process files that video and photos from the security cameras at Caldas da Rainha McDonalds provided on a CD and referring to 4th May 2007 (see attached letter from Leiria PJ) were visualised and analysed.

The visualisation and analysis of the images did not find anything of interest to the investigation.

Portimao 11th May 2007


Inspector Ricardo Paiva

662 to 663 - Service information re: Caldas da Rainha sighting
Outros Apensos VIII, Vol III Pages 662-663

Policia Judiciaria

Date: 2007-05-06

Service Information

To: The Coordinator

From: Inspector Jorge Ferreira

Subject: Information about Missing English Girl

I bring to your knowledge that today at about 22.45 J*** A**** T*** F****from Leiria appeared at this police station and informed us of the following:

Last Friday, the 4th May between 19.10 and 19.30 he was in McDonalds in Caldas da Rainha where a male individual appeared accompanied by a girl aged about 2 or 3 years old.

They both spoke English and the individual spent the whole time talking on his mobile phone while the girl played around the table where they were sitting.

The individual appeared to be about 35, was light skinned, slim physical build, about 1.80 in height, with a moustache and wearing light coloured clothes.

He just remembers that the girl was wearing a dress, had blond hair with an identical hair cut to that of the little girl who disappeared from Praia da Luz in the Algarve.

Yesterday after the diffusion of the missing girl?s photo he associated the girl her to the girl he saw in McDonalds due to the similarities in the hair cut.

Today, upon contacting an employee from that establishment he was informed that the place is equipped with a video camera and that the recordings are kept for two months.

He did not have any other element that could be of interest to the investigation.


Inspector Ferreira

664 - External diligence re McDonald - s sighting in Caldas da Rainha 2007.05.07
Outros Apensos VIII, Vol III Page 664

Policia Judiciaria

External Activity Report

Date: 2007-05-07

Place: Caldas da Rainha

Requesting Officer: Chief Inspector Correia

Executing Officers: Inspectors Vieira and Nunes

Description and Result of Activity:

On this date we went to the McDonalds establishment in Caldas da Rainha wi the objective of collecting visual registers of the period between 19.00 and 19.30 on the 4th May 2007 according to superior orders.

We contacted the manager of the establishment M*** P**** who gave us a CD containing the images captured by various video cameras in the place for the time period mentioned, the CD is attached.


671   - CCTV image also see Processos 01 _Page 194
Outros Apensos VIII, Vol 3 Page 671 
PROCESSO 01 _Page_194 Image
676 - Analysis of CCTV images from Centro Comercial Modelo de Albuferia
Outros Apensos VIII, Vol III Page 676

NUIPC 201/07.0 GALGS

Report on Visualisation and Analysis of Audio-Visual Material

On this date I state for the process files that video images from security cameras from the Centro Comercial Modelo in Albufeira provided on CD and referring to 4th May 2007 were visualised and analysed.

The visualisation and analysis of the images did not present anything of interest to the investigation.

Portimao, May 2007

Inspector Paiva


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