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P J OFFICER 04-12-07 & 04-05-07

Photographic reports from 5a

The associated report is not a service document but the witness testimonies of
Joao Barreiras (20 Nov 2007; Vol 15 page 3856)
Manuel Queiroz (20 Nov 2007; Vol 15 page 3860)
Vitor Martins (4 Dec 2007; Vol 15 page 3862)


2 to 10 General Background information on disappearance with copies of Madeleine's passport

1 Processos Vol I Pages 2 - 10



Processos Volume I Pages 1 - 5

NUIPC 201107.O GALGS PJ Inquiries Section : 4th Brigade

Date: 2007/05/04 : Service Information

To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

From: Vitor Martins, Inspector

Subject: Participation in the Disappearance of the Child.

I inform you that on this date, at about 01.00 Officer Patricio from the GNR informed this police station about the disappearance of a female child aged four and of British nationality.

According to the GNR officer, the disappearance would have happened at about 22.40 yesterday, from a room of a ground floor apartment of the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, where a family was staying composed of a couple and three small children.

The layout of the apartment is composed of two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room and bathroom.

The front door as well as the back door (living room patio doors) of the apartment allow easy access to the public roads.

During dinner the couple would on several occasions go to the children's bedroom, at a given moment in one of these visits the mother realised that one of the girls was missing and gave the alarm to try to locate her.

Giuven these facts and on superior orders, police services were activated consisting of the undersigned and Officer Barreiras, Deputy Specialist who immediately left for the scene and began to carry out investigations.

At the scene, the girl's parents were identified as being:

Gerald Patrick McCann, of English nationality, born on 05-06-1968, holder of passport nș and owner of mobile phone number*****.

Kate Marie Healy, of English nationality, born on 05-03-1968, originally from Liverpool, holder of passport nș **+ and owner of mobile phone number nÂș*****.

They both own the following residence: **** Leicestershire, UK LE 7 /Rw.

The missing child was identified as being Madeleine Beth McCann, born on 12-05-2003 holder of passport nș ******

It is stated that as well the girl in question, the couple have two twin children aged two who were also in the bedroom where Madeleine was sleeping.

In conversation with Gerald McCann it was possible to establish the following:

They had been staying at the OC since 28th April 2007 and they were due to stay there for a week.

From 29-04-2007 he would dine with his wife at a restaurant in the OC whilst their children were a few metres away from the restaurant, in the bedroom.

They would dine at the restaurant with three other couples who were friends of theirs. Yesterday (the day of the events) they got up at 07.30 and had breakfast in the apartment. At about 09.00 they left the apartment and left the children at the creche, this creche was located inside the OC, with employees who would take care of the children until about 12.30.

After lunch, at about 14.30 the children would be dropped off back at the creche and would stay there until about 17.00.

At about 17.30 the parents would bathe the children and give them something to eat and at about 19.30 the three children were put to sleep in one of the bedrooms in the apartment.

At about 20.30 the couple left to have dinner in the restaurant.

At about 21.05 - 21.15 Gerald went to the bedroom to see the children, he saw the bedroom door was half way open which he found strange as he thought he had left it pushed to, however he entered and saw the children and saw that the window as well as the shutter were closed.

At about 21.20, their friend Jane passed by the apartment (along the corridor of the main entrance) she saw an individual carrying a child who passed descending the road, however she did not recognise this individual, nor the child, only having noticed that the individual appeared to be aged between 30 or 40, had dark hair and light coloured trousers.

At about 21.30 their friend Mat entered the apartment by the back door (patio door) he did not enter the bedroom and only saw the twins sleeping, he did not notice anything strange.

At the same place, at about 22.00 Kate discovered the facts and the consequent disappearance of her daughter Madeleine, at this moment the window being wide open as well as the curtains and the shutter.

In conversation with the Director of Maintenance Services of the OC, Silvia Batista it was possible to establish that those employees responsible for the creche were Lindsay Johnson and Stacey Portz and that the following employees (employed until October) were Amy Tierney, Pauline Mccann, Rhiannon Fretter, Charlotte Pennington, Leanne Wagstaff, Susan Owen, Sarah Williamson, Jacke Williams, Shinead Vine, Emma Wilding, Cat Baker and Kirsty Maryan.

The Director of Maintenance Services provided copies of the lists of guests staying in the apartments and of the departures on 03-05-2007 and provided her telephone number for any further information.

It is important to state that when the police arrived at the scene, there were already several people inside the apartment who could have contaminated this space.
It is also important to state that the GNR officers carried out several searches around the apartment in an attempt to locate the missing girl, however these efforts have been fruitless.

An examination of the scene and a photographic report were made.
The parents handed over one photograph of Madeleine.

I bring this to your attention.


Inspector Vitor Martins

3862 to 3865 Witness statement of Vito Manuel Martins 2007.12.04

15 Processos Vol 15 Pages 3862-3864

Witness Statement
Date 04/12/2007 Time: 14H00

Vitor Manuel Martins

Occupation : PJ Officer

He is an inspector with the PJ and currently works at the Porto PJ Directorate.

That he was placed on a service commission to the Criminal Investigation Department in Portimao, for 3 years, from 09 November 2004 to 09 November 2007.

On the night of 3rd May 2007 he was on duty at the Portimao DIC, in the company of Inspector Manuel Queir?, who was acting as head of the station.

When questioned he confirms the integrity of the service information drawn up from the stations inquiries carried out in the early morning of 04/05/2007, adding that he arrived on the scene about 30 - 40 minutes after the phone call from the GNR, at about 00.40/00.50.

At the scene, there were already some elements from the GNR and some people walking around the OC grounds, searching for the child.

In the apartment where the family was staying, there were different persons, including the friends of the girls parents, who were immediately invited to leave the apartment, in order to preserve the scene.

Inside the room that was indicated as being that of the missing girl, there were two children, babies, who appeared to sleeping in two cots placed in the middle of the room.

A request was made to the OC services director for the family to be re-allocated and accordingly the babies were taken out of the room, so that the site could be searched.

The OC services manager introduced him to the missing girls parents, who looked quite tired and anguished, particularly the mother who appeared more upset and was therefore less receptive to conversation, which led the witness to converse only with the girls father.

After the site had been isolated, he proceeded to make an inspection, together with the inspection and photographic report carried out by Deputy Specialist Joao Barreiras.

He states that he always maintained telephone contact with his superiors, in order to inform them of the inquiries carried out, until, at a time he cannot recall, after having completed the inquiries requested, he received orders from his superiors to return to the Portimao DIC, where the report was subsequently compiled.

He then states that upon leaving the apartment was locked, leaving the space preserved for the GNR elements that were stationed next to the apartment.

He does not recall having seen Robert Murat on that occasion.

When questioned he states he does not remember how light it was that night, nor does he remember the climatic conditions, given that quite some time has passed since the event.

That Gerald McCann, the missing girls father, informed him that the children of the couples friends were in another apartment and that they were being looked after by the mother of one of the friends, who was never present in the apartment whilst the inquiries were being carried out.

Finally, he states that the photograph of the missing girl was handed to him by Gerald McCann, the girls father, he does not remember seeing the photo in the possession of any other person.
Reads, ratifies, signs.


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