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1010 to 1011 Statement re sighting in Medina Market, Algadir, Morocco
05-05-Apensos V, Vol 5, Pages 1010 and 1011 

Table of Contents : APENSOS V, Volume 5, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 04)....(PDF Pages 82-83)....Pages 1010 to 1011-"Statement re sighting in Medina Market, Agadir, Morocco"

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Priority 3

Officer's Report

To : SIO
Incident :_OP Task
From : DC1429 DALBY
Subject : A1308
Date : 1st June 2007

Telephone call to Kamran ASIF : Tel : 079128xxxxx

Reports that on the 18th of May 2007 he was in AGADIR, Morocco, at the Medina Market.

He was shopping with his cousins when he and his cousin, Aahkat ALI, went to have a drink in a cafe.

He was at the cafe, with no obstruction to his view and became aware of a blonde child walking with a male of Asian appearance.

The child was approximately 10 - 12 feet away from him and continued to walk past the witness until they went out of sight as the result of the busy nature of the market.

He states that it was very good visibility as it was approximately 2.00 p.m. in the afternoon and was
45 degrees.

He saw the child face-on as they walked towards him before walking off to the side, the male was walking at the righthand side of the girl.

He described the girl as looking unhappy and that the male held the child in a firm grip by the hand.

He saw the couple for about 10-15 seconds.

He described the girl as having bright blonde hair and described it as when the sun shines on a child's hair, with length down to her shoulders, perhaps a little longer.

(Note : Here, is a handwritten entry of 7 lines, in the Portuguese Language, dated 1st June 2007, which refers to a sighting in 'Agadir, Morocco'. This entry has overwritten part of this report)

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Report continues thus :

Leicestershire Constabulary

The male was in his mid 30's and of medium build.

When he saw the child he believed that he recognized the girl but could not recall where he knew her face from.

It was while they were on the bus back to their apartment that he remembered where he had seen the face before and that it was Madeleine McCann.

FAX sent to West Yorkshire Police requesting witness statement as soon as possible.

Dc1429 Steve Dalby

1054  Service information re sighting in southern Morocco
1055  Fax
05 05 Apensos V Vol V Page 1054

Date 2007/05/25

Service Information

To: CIC, Ana Paula Rito

From: Inspector dos Santos

Subject: Information

I inform you that today this police station was contacted by number 0033******* by a male individual who said his name was Barthorotto, speaking from Toulouse, who said that he had seen Madeleine Beth in this city last Saturday being transported on her way to Ville Tantan (in the south of Morocco).

For additional information he can be contacted on the number above.


1066 to 1067 Email re sighting in Morocco
05-05-Apensos V, Vol 5, Page 1066-1067 

Table of Contents : APENSOS V, Volume 5, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 04)....(PDF Pages 120-121)....Pages 1066 to 1067-"Email re sighting in Morocco"

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Op Task
From : "Task" ( )
To : "Task Portugal" ( )
Sent : 20th June 2007 17.54
Subject : Priority 1 - Morocco sighting.

The SIO is ringing re this to try to get something resolved on this. We believe enqs from Portugal to Morocco are quicker that we get results on from Morocco.

Dc John Hughes

From :
Sent : 20th June 2007 16.53
To :

Subject : FW : Madeleine McCann
Importance : High

Please find below a reported sighting in Morocco.



Emma Harber,
Consular Assistance Group,
* G/58 Old Admiralty Building, London, SW1A 2AP

______________Original Message_____________

From : Lee Theisinger
Sent : Wednesday, 20th June 2007, 4.44 p.m.
To : Emma Harber
Subject : FW : Madeleine McCann
Importance : High

Just had this come in :

______________Original Message___________

From : Mark Pettigrew Paris Consular - UBS
Sent : 20th June 2007 16.41
To : Glyn Cartmell * RABAT -UBS
Cc : Gail Sidnell ; Jeffrey Thomas * Paris Consular - UBS ; Lee Theisinger ; Sharon Boyle
Subject : FW : Madeleine McCann

We received an E-mail on our Consular E-mail regarding Madeleine McCann.
The sender, Gabrielle Texier, claims friends of hers know where Madeleine is.

Page 1067 (Page 2 of 2)

Mark called her. She did not sound incoherent, but was upset. When she answered, the first thing she said was that our response had been very quick, as she had only just received an E-mail from Morocco confirming that her friends knew where Madeleine was. Mark asked her which friends and why she was in Morocco. She explained she works for an American Fruit-Juice Company and spends several months a year there.

She claims her friends saw Madeleine on the 19th of May, with a man who was holding her hand very tightly. Mark asked if they had been in contact with the Police or the British Embassy there. She said she had tried to send an E-mail to the McCann's, but to no avail. Her friends had then lost trace of Madeleine, but apparently have located her in a mansion in the Massira area. They called her late last night to inform her of this.

Mark asked who her friends are exactly. She said they work in an Estate Agents in the Menara area of Marrakesh (00212620xxxxx but did not seem to be working). Mark asked if she could forward the E-mail. She was having some problems with her computer therefore Mark offered to call her back.

Ten minutes later, he called her back. Mrs Texier gave us another contact number : Aziz : 00212624xxxxx. She said Aziz had been watching the house for the last few days and is convinced he has seen Madeleine there, but is scared to go to the POlice as the Director of the Estate Agency (who lives in Casablanca) had already tried to alert the Authorities, in vain. He is expecting a call from the Embassy.

Danielle DUCOS

1860 to 1861 Statement re sighting in Morocco (Spanish)
05 08 Apensos V Vol VIII Pages 1860 to 1861

(From Spanish)

From the Ministry of the Interior

Informative Note

Subject: Information given by Isabel Gonzalez about a girl she saw in Zaio and who could be Madeleine McCann, who recently disappeared from the Algarve (Portugal).

The undersigned inspector who is writing to the PJ belongs to the Interior Ministry of Melilla.

That he has received the notes attached, signed by the Service Coordinator last night, where reference is made to the witness account made by Isabel Gonzalez, who states that yesterday at about 12.30 in the main square of Zaio, Morocco, she saw a girl who appeared to be Madeleine, the small girl who disappeared on 3rd May from the Algarve.

The undersigned officer has been in contact by phone with Mrs Gonzalez, who, with total sureness has reaffirmed her first statements, broadening the information relating to the circumstances of the encounter, the physical characteristics of the girl as well as those of the woman who accompanied her, as follows:

- The encounter with the small girl took place in the main square of Zaio, at the precise moment when she was travelling slowly in the vehicle driven by her husband, when she saw a woman crossing at a distance of three or four metres, the woman was middle aged, dark skinned, wearing a chitaba and headscarf and was leading a young girl by the hand, which drew her attention due to the contrast with the woman, given that the little girl had very white legs, white skin, was slim and with an unmistakably European appearance, which led her to look more carefully and also observe that she had very blond long hair, tied back in a pony tail, covered by a beige coloured cloth.

- At a given moment the girl lifted her head and she could see her face clearly and to her surprise she thought she recognised her as the English girl ? Madeleine ? whose disappearance in Portugal had been announced and whose image had been spread by the media.

- The physical description of the girl, according to information from the witness, is the following: Aged about 5 years, between 100 and 110 cm tall, very slim, very white skin, blond hair with a pony tail at the back, wearing a green dress that came to her knees, a beige headscarf and wearing sandals.

The witness alerted her husband to what she had seen and made him park the car and they returned to the square to confirm her suspicions but upon doing this, neither the woman nor the girl were there.

The husband of Isabel Gonzalez with whom the undersigned inspector has spoken, ratifies the version given by his wife, with the only safeguard that he did not see the childs face, but that he has no doubt that judging from her external appearance she was of European origin and for that reason stood out from the other inhabitants of the area.

Melilla 16th June 2007


1857 to 1858 - Email re Interpol RABAT

08 05 Apensos V, Vol VIII Pages 1857 to 1858




Ana Filipa Conduto Luz


Sent: 19 June 2007, 16.50


To: Maria Teresa Almeida


FWD: 10682/35/FRG McCann


From Interpol Spain




Interpol Rabat


Info Lisbon



Very Urgent



Date: 19-06-07


Lisbon 1806/07 – IP Rabat New Subject





In relation to the report on the subject and continuation of the previous correspondence concerning it, about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, we enclose information from our services in Melilla which informs that the child has been seen in the Moroccan location of the main square in Zaio.




Interpol Spain

Report of sighting here:

2615 - Correspondence from IP Rabat
12 Apensos Vol XII Page 2615

Policia Judiciaria

National Interpol Cabinet

Subject: Madeleine McCann

Following our message dated 12-09-2007 about a possible location in Morocco, we are sending a second response received from IP Rabat which has just replied to IP London.

For your information.



IP London


Interpol London

We would like to inform you that checks were made that enabled us to establish that the address 19, Rue des Boulangers, does not exist in the city of Fez. However, we are doing more checks and will let you know if we have any positive results.

With compliments

IP Rabat
2898 to 2900 - Police statement re sighting in Fez, Morocco
Apensos V, Volume XIII Pages 2898 to 2899 
With thanks to Ines

Portimao DIC






Sent: 1st October 2007


To: Portimao DIC


Subject: Poss sighting of Madeleine McCann



For your information and action.





This copy of incident CC-01102007-0282 was produced by Jo Newham at 1312 on 01-10-2007.


Warning! This incident may have been updated on CC3 since this copy was obtained.


Location details: Cambridgeshire force area.



Complainant: Natasha Mann


Address: Cambridge


Contact with complainant permitted: Yes.


Complainant’s additional info: Witness


01-10-2007 Remarks


Caller has been staying in Fez for one year (Morocco) and last week she saw a beggar woman with 2 children – one looked like her child (very dark and already haggard) and the other child – dressed like a boy with short hair and short was fine featured and very blonde and not haggard and caller thinks this could be Madeleine. She saw her about 22.00 and there were street lights and she did not speak to the woman and there is no CCTV and was a few yards away from her but no contact. The road where they were is Mohammed the Fifth near Hassan the Second, near the post office.

2881 to 2882  - Email re sighting in Morocco
13 Apensos V, Volume XIII Pages 2881 to 2882



Date: 28th September 2007


To: ncb London, ncb Lisbon Portugal, ncb Rabat Morocco


C.C General Secretariat


From: O.C.N. Interpol Spain


To: Interpol Rabat, Interpol Lisbon, Interpol London


IP Lisbon: Disappearance of Madeleine Beth McCann


(From Spanish)





We inform you that Malaga police received a phone call at about 17.00 hours on 26-09-07 from mobile nº **** from a Moroccan woman who had recently been on holiday in Morocco and who observed the minor Madeleine missing from Portugal and who wanted to provide more information.



Personal contact was taken up with the informant, who said that she had been on holiday in her country until 25-09-07 and that on the 21st at about 16.00 hours, when she was passing through Fnidk in Morocco (close to the border with Melilla) she observed a woman aged about 50 with a scarf on her head, who was leading a girl by the hand, who was wearing an orange shirt, had long blond hair and she noticed that she had the mark in the eye known to be that of the missing Madeleine.. She appeared to have a dummy hanging from her neck, a custom that is not practised in Morocco, recognising her without any doubt. She approached these persons, seeing the girl from a very close distance and when she got near to the woman the latter got into a Mercedes taxi and left the scene.


According to the informant, she also tried to get into the taxi, given that in Morocco this kind of taxi tends to transport several people at the same time. The woman with the girl told the taxi driver to leave the scene, not allowing the witness into the vehicle and that she only managed to get the taxi driver’s card.


That given the certainty that she had that the girl was the missing child she later phoned the taxi driver, who said that he had left both passengers in Housima, a village in the Rif close to Nador, in Morocco.



The taxi driver was apparently called S. Mohammed with mobile number ++++++.


This woman says she will collaborate in all that is necessary.


All of this was communicated to Interpol Rabat with the aim of carrying out all the necessary inquiries to locate the child and they will inform us of their result, as well as Interpol Lisbon, Interpol London and Interpol General Secretariat.


We thank you in advance for your collaboration.




2592 - Email re possible location of Madeleine in Marrakesh outskirts
05 12 Apensos V, Vol 12, Page 2592
able of Contents : APENSOS V, Volume 12, Supposed Sightings and Locations (FILE 12)....(PDF Page 50 )....Page 2592?"Email re report re possible location of Madeleine, outskirts of Marrakech, Morocco"

Page 2592 (Page 1 of 1 )

Priority 1

Task Portugal
From : "Task" (

To : "Task Portugal" (
Sent : 5th August 2007 10:31
Subject : FW : Information ref Madeleine location info re Madeleine priority 1

From : Young Tracey (

Sent : 4th August 2007 17:28
To :
Subject : Informarion ref Madeleine

I have today taken a call from a Robin Pye, from Wxxxxx Cxxxxxx, Oxxxxx Rxxx, Horton-cum-Stadley(sic), ...(Note : May mean Horton-cum-Studley), Oxford.

Mr Pye stated that, through the Headington Moroccan Community, he had been informed that Madeleine was being held in the outskirts of Marrakech.

Mr Pye also stated that he had been led to believe that the Foreign Office were aware of this information but that they were doing nothing about it because the Moroccan Special Services were involved in the kidnap and that the Moroccan Royal Family are involved as well.

He kept going off on different tangents but stated that it was proof that the information was true and accurate.

He stated that he was a Retired General in the Army and that information had also been obtained by GCHQ, Cheltenham.

Our Ref for the call is URN1150 04/08.07.

Many thanks

Tracey Young C9086



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