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789 Emails re sighting
04-Apensos V, Vol 4, Page 789
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Page 789 (Page 1 of 1)

From : Dic.Portimao
Date : 17th May 2007 15.55
To : Ana Filipa Conduto Luz
Subject : FW : Madeleine McCann - P/1G00000186619/0000/1
Importance : High

From : Directoria.Faro
Date : 17th May 2007 14.24
To : Dic.Portimao
Subject : FW : Madeleine McCann - P/1G00000186619/0000/1
Importance : High

Date : 17th May 2007 11.46
To : Directoria.Faro
Subject : FW : Madeleine McCann - P/1G00000186619/0000/1
Importance : High

From :
Date : 16th May 2007 12.58
Subject : Madeleine McCann - P/1G00000186619/0000/1
Importance : High

Concerning our form 'M' recently sent see enclosed the photo and the report of the "Landeskriminalamt Steiermark" concerning Madeleine McCann - Art 97 SDU - P/1G00000186619/0000/1.

We did not contact IP London in this case.

Regards, SAT, Brunner
Gerhard BRUNNER, K1
823 to 831- Sighting logs from SIRENE *
Thanks to Ines
04-Apensos V, Vol 4, Page 823 to 831

Apensos V, Vol IV Page 823 


Public Security Police (PSP)



From: PSP Viseu


Date 14 1930 May 2007


To: PSP National HQ


Subject: Suspicious Vehicle



Following information told to the police in an anonymous phone call, in the area of Viseu, a light vehicle was seen, number plate RAO2 NWS, English, Mitsubishi Strakar, grey with a blue cloth top in which two males were travelling with a girl, suspected to be the girl who was abducted from the Algarve.


This is referred to in the statement made by this police force, nº 1398/07 today.


A fax was immediately sent to the Coimbra PJ to inform them of the situation.



Apensos V, Volume IV Page 824 


Form Received



Form: Other Information


Date/Time: 2007-05-14 11.34



Surname: McCann

Name: Madeleine

Date of Birth: 2003-05-12

Sex: F

Nationality: GB




SIRENE Austria


At the police station in Vocklamarkt a man appeared who stated having certain capabilities in the field of dowsing using a pendulum. He wanted to make a statement with regard to the kidnapping case which we hereby forward to you. According to his statement the girl is staying in Spain in the village Puebla de Sanabria, at a small farm. If we had a more detailed map at hand he could have pinpointed the alleges current location of Madeleine even more......continued in form 


(Not continued)


Apensos V, Volume IV Pages 826-827


(In Engish)


Form: Other Information


Date/Time: 2007-05-14 17:13



Surname: McCann

Name: Madeleine

Date of Birth: 2003-05-12

Nationality: GB




Possible hint! A female person called the police in Friedberg and told them the following: “I am calling because of the kidnapped child in Portugal. I know it is difficult to explain. You could call it “clear vision”. It was an “intuition” a “vision”. I was not in Portugal myself. The child is about 40 kilometres south from the place where she was abducted in a location called Sagres. The house where the child is held is located in the “Rua Praya Mareta”. If you drive along the road toward the south there is a roundabout. After the roundabout a side street crosses Rua Praya Mareta. The house is somewhere within a 50 m parameter round about this crossing. It is a 1 or 2 storied house probably on the left side. The girl was still alive when I “sensed” her and in the house but she is poorly.


The caller’s name is not (!) known but she spoke very clearly and did not seem to be mentally confused. When asked by the Friedberg police she was unable to give a more detailed description of the house. We do not have any further information. Please inform your competent authorities, advising them that the above information was “an intuition” or a “vision”!

Regards, SIRENE Germany



In German and English


Apensos V, Volume IV Pages 828



Form: Other Information


Date/Time: 2007-05-14 16.23



Surname: McCann

Name: Madeleine

Date of Birth: 2003-05-12

Nationality: GB



An Austrian journalist thought to have recognised the kidnapped McCann Madeleine during a film shooting in Graz/Styria on 2007 05 06 at about 15.30 as one of the children being filmed. It is the blond girl in pink trousers, white shirt and red jacket. We forward via e-mail photographs for a possible presentation to the parent.


Regards SIRENE Austria


Apensos V, Vol IV Page 830

(repeated on 831)

(In French)

Received Form

Form: Other Information

Date/Time: 2007-05-14 09.46

Surname: McCann
Name: Madeleine
Date of Birth: 2003-05-12
Sex: F
Nationality: GB

Request for Information: We ask you to give us more information regarding the physical description of the child: eye colour, scar, all distinctive marks.

Reply to your message: On 13-05-2007 Mme Sylvie Vonstrat after having seen the news on television contacted the Colmar Gendarmerie and claimed to have seen on Friday 11-05-2007 at bout 19.00 in the Rond Point shop in Logelbach at the check out, a gypsy couple with a small girl sitting in the trolley who did not resemble the couple at all and who did not smile. Mme Vontrat made the link with young Maddie on the basis of the eyes having a peculiarity in the iris (not shown on television) and because of the hair style. She thinks there is a 65% resemblance. Security footage has been seen. Checks have been made with travellers in Colmar. A photo fit of the couple will be made.
Regards, SIRENE France.

2690 - Statement re sighting in Ibiza
With thanks to Ines
Apensos V, Vol XII Page 2690

Policia Judiciaria


Portimao DIC


Date of Birth:












Information Relating to Report:


We hereby inform you that the child in reference could have been seen in Ibiza last month, between the 12th and 15 August. A woman, Giulia Ferrigno, date of birth 17-03-0954 was on holiday there and during a walk in Parque de Paz in Ibiza, saw a similar girl to the missing child. She had a small eye defect and was with a man aged approximately 40, of athletic build, about 1.85m in height with fair hair. A few days later, the woman saw the girl with the man again, dressed in the same way as on the previous sighting and they did not appear to be on holiday there. The woman decided to go to the police (Trieste) as soon as she returned to Italy, because when she saw a photo of the missing girl, she thought this could be the girl she had seen in Ibiza.


With compliments


Sirene Italy


(No date).

2772  - SIRENE documents
13 Apensos V, Volume XIII Page 2772
With thanks to Ines

SIRENE National Cabinet



From: SIRENE Portugal


To: Portimao DIC


Date: 01-09-2007




Subject: Sending of Information Referring to Madeleine Beth McCann


With regard to the child in question I am sending a document dated 31.08.2007, consisting of 3 pages, sent to this office by SIRENE France.



With compliments,



Chief of SIRENE Operational Group.



Captain Serra da Cruz

2773 - SIRENE documents French
13 Apensos V, Volume XIII Page 2773
With thanks to Ines

(In French)


French Republic


Ministry of Defence




To: SIRENE France


Date: 31-08-2007



Following our telephone conversation earlier today, here are the initial messages transmitted by our group regarding the information gathered. After these events a list of about 150 British citizens who were staying at the camping site at the moment of the events is in our possession.



The young girl Alice Morling was heard by our services this morning. She states that she is 90% certain that the little girl she saw on the evening of the 28th is Madeleine McCann. Neither the little girl nor the people who were with her on the evening of the events have since been seen again at the camping site. (Maybe they left the same evening – 16 families left the camping site that evening).





Officer Gaultier 


Following pages are blank.

2928 to 2929 - SIRENE document re Austria sighting
13 Apensos V, Vol XIII Pages 2928 to 2929
Thanks to Ines


From: SIRENE Portugal

GNR Operational Group

To: Portimao Policia Judiciaria

Date: 11-10-2007

Subject: Information Regarding Madeleine Beth McCann

We hereby transcribe the information received from SIRENE Austria relating to the missing girl.

(Message in English)

On 11 Oct 2007 at 10.00 Ms Walzer Hildegard of A-3462 Absdorf, District of Tulln, province lower Austria reported to the police of Tulln that she saw the 4 year old Madeleine of England in a hotel during a sales promotion excursion to Croatia. When Ms Walzer was questioned at 10.30 she stated the following: with an acquaintance of hers, she took part in a sales promotion excursion to Croatia organised by Janda Reisen from 05 Oct 2007 until 09 Oct 2007. They spent the nights in the Varaxdin hotel in 51266 Selce. On 08 Oct 2007 around 10.00 she and her acquaintance Ms Rodek saw the following in the front desk area of the hotel.

A woman approx. 45-50 years, long black hair, chubby build, taking a delicate little girl of approx. 4 years by the hand. This girl had strawberry blond hair, a pageboy hairstyle and was wearing sneakers make Puma and a pink trousers suit. They presume that the woman stayed in the hotel with the girl. The two women are agreed that the girl they saw can only be Madeleine. Ms Rodek then saw that the woman and the girl got into a beige coloured car (probably Opel) bearing Hungarian licence plates, inside the car there was an elderly man with greying hair. Back home in Austria she came across an article (Case Madeleine) from the daily newspaper Kronenzeitung with a photo of the child. Seeing this photos (sic), she is now sure that the girl was the missing Madeleine. She recognised the girl from the almond shaped eyes, the expression of her face and the reddish hair with the pageboy style. End

Wit compliments

The Head of the GNR/SIRENE Operational Group

Captain Serra da Cruz


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