This information belongs to the Ministério Público in Portimão, Portugal.
It was released to the public on 4 August 2008 in accordance with Portuguese Law

02 - Service information re sighting in Montpellier, France

Translation by Ines

Apenso V, Vol XIV Page 2

Date: 2008-02-26

Service Information

To: The Superior Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation, Paulo Rebelo

From: Inspector Ricardo Paiva

Subject: Expedient for inclusion in the Process Files

Within the scope of the investigation mentioned above, into the disappearance of the girl Madeleine McCann, the British police authorities recently sent this Police force the expedient which is joined in annex, containing information about a presumed sighting in Montpellier, France.

I bring this to your knowledge.


Inspector Paiva

03 - Email from Stu Prior re Montpellier sighting
04 - French map with sighting information
05 - de Gederlander article 

06 - Portuguese translation of page 4
Apenso V, Vol XIV  Page 3 to 6



From: Prior Stuart
Sent: 20 February 2008, 16.32
To: Ricardo Paiva
Subject: FW Montpellier Sighting

Annex: web page doc

As discussed

Stu Prior

Original message
From : Waddington Robert
Sent: 20 February 2008, 16.13

Subject: Restricted: Montpellier sighting

As discussed


<web page.doc>

Page 4

(In English)

Madeleine Sighting in France

(Shows map)

With thanks to Claudia (in text).

Girl from Nijmegen sees Maddy in Montpellier

Melissa Fiering is sure she saw the missing British girl Madeleine McCann last Friday. This took place in a roadside restaurant in the French city Montpellier. She called the police. When they arrived, the girl and the man she was with were gone.
For a long time there it was quiet in the media about the missing British girl Madeleine McCann. But student Melissa Fiering from Nijmegen did see her last Friday in a restaurant in Montpellier.
She looked a bit skinny, especially around the jaws and her hair was shorter.
Melissa is sure that the girl was the now four year old girl Madeleine McCann. “She had the same deformation in her eye”, according to Melissa. “I followed everything about the case on TV. I knew Madeleine had a “cat eye”.” That is a deformation where the pupil runs into the iris. Because of this it looks like Madeleine has an oval pupil, just like a cat.
Melissa was in France because she had made a trip to Barcelona for her studies (tourism). She was a roadside restaurant (sic) L’Arche listening to music on her mobile phone.
A small child started dancing to the music. Cute, Melissa thought, but her friend said “where do I know this girl from?” Together they walked up to the girl. “That’s Madeleine” said a startled Melissa. In order to be sure she called out her name, Maddy. The girl looked up, surprised.

There was a man sitting next to her, about 1.80m tall with black hair, a black leather jacket and an unshaven face. He too heard Madeleine’s name and jumped up. He put the girl’s coat on, put on her cap en (sic) walked right out of the restaurant” said Melissa.

She tried to take a picture of the girl, but she was too late. She called the French police immediately. It took her half an hour to speak to someone. “I kept waiting. It cost me a hefty phone bill, but if they find her because of this, it is certainly worth it for me”. I feel so bad about what happened to her”.

The police took Melissa to the police station to view the CCTV images. “You can see Madeleine in full view. I am standing behind her. You can see me holding my hand in front of my mouth, in shock”.

It was very difficult for her to view those images. “I went into shock and I had to cry too. It won’t let me go. I wish I would have stopped that man”.

age 04 Shows map and English translation:

Page 05 Ordinal article from De Gelderlander:

Page 06 - Portuguese translation of page 4

Page 07 Portuguese translation of Dutch article re café sighting

08   - Fax cover page request for inquiries to the French authorities 20 Feb 2008
09  - Confirmation of fax
Apensos V, Vol XIV Page 8 to 09

Policia Judiciaria

Date: 20 Feb 2008


Very Urgent

To: National Interpol Cabinet

From: Superior Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation, Paulo Rebelo

Subject: Disappearance of Madeleine McCann – request for inquiries to the French authorities

Within the scope of the investigation mentioned above into the disappearance of the girl Madeleine McCann, this police force received information about a recent presumed sighting of the child accompanied by a male individual in Montpellier, France, specifically in a restaurant called “L’Arche”. The situation was reported to the local police by the Dutch citizen, Melissa Fiering. The police took account of the occurrence and went to the restaurant where they proceeded to collect security camera images.

Within this context the collaboration of the National Interpol Cabinet is requested for the urgent gathering of information pertinent to this subject from the Montpellier French police authorities as well as requesting a copy of the security camera images and that the necessary inquiries are made in order to locate and identify the individual in question.

I attach copies of information received by this police force about the sighting.

With best compliments,


The Superior Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

Paulo Rebelo

10   - Fax cover page request for inquiries to the French authorities 27 Feb 2008
 - Confirmation of fax
Apenso V, Vol XIV Page 10 to 11

Policia Judiciaria

Date: 27 Feb 2008



To: Interpol National Cabinet

From: Superior Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation, Paulo Rebelo

Subject: Disappearance of Madeleine McCann – request for inquiries to the French authorities – INSISTENCE

Following Fax nº 00140 of 20-02-2008 to which no reply has been received, once again a request is made with maximum urgency to the Montpellier French police authorities for the collection of all information considered pertinent regarding the information that arrived at this police force about a presume sighting of the girl Madeleine McCann accompanied by a male individual in Montpellier, France, specifically in “L’Arche” restaurant. The situation was reported to the police by the Dutch citizen Melissa Fiering, the police took account of the occurrence and went to the restaurant where security camera images were collected.

We still request copies of the security camera images collected and if the necessary inquiries to locate the individual in question were made.

With best compliments

The Superior Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

Paulo Rebelo

12  - PJ correspondence 27-02-2008, 21st February we forwarded your request to our French counterparts
Apensos V, Vol XIV Page 12

Policia Judiciaria

International Cooperation Department

National Interpol Cabinet

Date: 27 February 2008


To: The Superior Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

Subject: Madeleine Beth McCann


In response to your fax nº 154, dated 27-02-2008, we inform you that on the 21st February we forwarded your request to our French counterparts, not having obtained any response from as yet.

Today we insisted again for a response, which we will send to you once it is available.

With best compliments


Ana Mafalda Duarte

2967 to 2968 or 25 to 26- Service information re suspicious sighting in Praia da Luz
2969 to 2970 or 27 to 28  Email re sighting in Praia da Luz [English]
 05 14 apensos V Vol XIV 2967-2970.


 Service Information
 Date: 2008-05-02
 To: The Head of the Criminal Investigation
 From: Inspector Joao Carlos
 Subject: Supposed sighting
 According to the results of the previous information, received by email we can infer that this was a third party intervention, in other words, the person who reported the sighting was not the person who saw it. Patricia Grainger alleged that her friend Rosemary Walley who lives in Portugal, concretely in Praia da Luz at about 8 -10 minutes from the apartment Madeleine disappeared from. According to Grainger, her friend Walley, on the night of the disappearance or on the following morning, she does not make this clear, when she was in her garden, supposedly facing the room, she saw a man wearing a sports jacket carrying a rucksack/bag. He was accompanied by a Portuguese woman (it is not clear how she deduced the nationality). The couple got into a mini van and left the scene.
 The information is laconical, imprecise and quite vague, there is no reference to the British child or to any other child. Once we got hold of Rosemary Walley's telephone number and when we spoke to her and told her the reason for our phone call she was speechless. She said that she did not know anything about the disappearance nor about the sighting, saying that the information provided by her friend was fictitious or a misunderstanding. She added that she had told her friend that on the night of the disappearance she saw a man and a woman, the former was carrying a golf bag on his shoulder and that she said this bag, in jocular terms and out of pure derision be linked to the missing girl. That it was a joke made in bad taste as she did not see anything that could conclude or infer this sense, it was a normal couple, nothing more.
 With no more to report
 Inspector Joao Carlos
 Pages 2969 - 2970 are in English:
 Fax from Inspector Paiva
 To: Joao Silva Pereira
 Date 2nd May 2008
 Importance: High.
 From: DIC Portimao
 To: Inspector Paiva
 Date: 2nd May 2008
 Importance: High
 From DC John Hughes
 To: DIC Portimao
 Date: 2nd May 2008
 CC. Graham Michael
 Importance : High
 A new possible sighting on the night of 3rd May 2007. Please advise if further enquiries needed here.
 DC John Hughes
 From: Southan, Daniel
 Sent: 2nd May 2008
 To: Task
 Subject: Madeleine McCann
 We have received information from Patricia Grainger regarding a possible sighting of Madeleine on the night she disappeared.
 Grainger states she has a friend who lives in Portugal named Rosemary Walley. Walley lives about 8 - 10 minutes walk from the apartments Madeleine disappeared from.
 Walley told Grainger that on the night in question she was sitting in her garden in the early hours of the morning (Grainger can be no more specific about the time), when she saw a male in a sport coat and flannels carrying a bundle, he was with a Portuguese female. Grainger can offer no further description as she did not witness these events.
 The male and female got into a people carrier and drove away.
 Grainger was told this information some time ago but Walley did not wish to report this to the police either here or in Portugal. Grainger states that her conscience got the better of her and she decided to call the police herself and give this information. It is recorded as West Mercia incident log 208 - s - 010508. Both Walley and Grainger are elderly aged in their 70s.
 Grainger lives at **** Worcs.
 Walley has two addresses, her address in England is *** Worcs.
 Her address in Portugal is:
 Casa Clung, Caixa 401z, Praia da Luz
 Walley is currently at her address in Portugal and is unaware that Grainger has called in with this information. Grainger thinks Walley will fall out with her if or when the police make contact with her over this.
 Grainger is more than willing to speak with you if you wish to contact her.
 Dan Southan

2971- 2992 or 29 to 50  Report and emails re Roman tunnels in Praia da Luz-


5 -  14 APENSOS V, Volume XIV Pages 29 to 50 (pdf) or 2971 TO 2992

Date: 2008/05/06

Service Information

To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation, Paolo Rebelo

From: Ricardo Paiva

Subject: Roman Tunnels in Praia da Luz, for annexing to the case files.

Within the scope of the investigation of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the British police recently sent this police force the emails that are annexed, containing information about the possible existence of ancient underground tunnels of Roman origin in Praia da Luz, which presumably cross the entire village and which could be the subject of investigation by this police force.

Within this context and the aim of checking the accuracy of these emails on this date Engineer Martins from the Department of Urbanism and Infrastructure from the Lagos Municipal Chamber was contacted, he immediately supplied us with a CD with the cartography of the sewerage network of Praia da Luz at underground level, which shows that there are only tunnels for rainwater evacuation. These maps were printed and are annexed to this service report.

For your information


Inspector Ricardo Paiva
Note: maps of sewerage system in Praia da Luz not shown.

14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2971-29 14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2972-30 14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2973-31

14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2974-32 14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2975-33 14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2976-34

14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2977-35 14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2978-36 14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2979-37

14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2980-38 14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2981-39 14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2982-40

14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2983-41 14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2984-42 14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2985-43

14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2986-44 14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2987-45 14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2988-46

14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2989-47 14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2990-48 14_volume_XIV_apenso_V_2991-49


81 - Statement re sighting in Newmarket

14 Apensos V, Vol XIV Page 81

Thanks to Ines

Policia Judiciaria


National Interpol Cabinet



IP Lisbon – IP London


Information for Interpol Disclosure



Subject: Madeleine McCann born on 12th May 2003, abducted from Praia da Luz, Portugal.




We are sending you information that we received from Detective Alvaro Almeida of the York Police Homicide Department.


On 31st January 2008 a woman living in Newmarket informed this police force that she had seen a girl who corresponded to the description of Madeleine McCann about six months ago in a shopping centre in Newmarket. The woman in question is aged 83 and her husband (deceased) was a former member of the Cheshire police force.


On 28th February 2008 a police officer went to her home and obtained a statement from May Pegg. We attach a copy of the statement. According to her statement she saw the girl in July or August of 2007. Mrs Pegg says that her daughter had dissuaded her from declaring the sighting because she thought the missing girl must be in Europe.


The police officer made efforts to obtain security camera footage from the shopping centre and surrounding areas where the sighting took place. Unfortunately there was no security camera coverage for the areas in question in the shopping centre.


The investigators consider that no more measures can be taken under these circumstances. No other reports of sightings have been made in the Newmarket area or in the area corresponding to this police force. This message is just sent for information.


With compliments.


IP Otava



83 84 - PJ correspondence re German document contains a message from Susana Weiss
Apensos V Vol XIV Page 83 to 84

Policia Judiciaria


To: The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation



The attached information was translation and seen to be a very concise and brief text. It contains a message from Susana Weiss, saying that she presented information about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann on 18-12-2007 which was delivered to this Police force on 31-12-2007 and saying that she has not received a reply to date. She mentions that she is going to travel to various countries during the coming month and as she will be absent from home, any contact to be established with her should take place before the end of this month.



Portimao, 28th May 2008




Inspector Joao Carlos


German text: page 83

90 or  Processo 3033 Email/dissemination report re suggestion of Belgian paedophile ring 2008.04.28
05 14 Apensos 05 Vol XIV Page 90
also Processo 3033

Information Report Leicestershire Police

Date 04-03-2008

Information Markers

Sexual Offences, paedophiles


Intelligence suggests that a paedophile ring in Belgium made an order for a young girl 3 days before Madeleine McCann was taken. Somebody connected to this group saw Maddie took a photograph of her and sent it to Belgium.

The purchaser agreed that the girl was suitable and Maddie was taken.

93 Fax  & Processo 3036
05 14 Apensos 05 Vol XIV Page 93
also Processo 12 Page 3036

To Interpol

From Paolo Rebelo

In reply to your fax dated 23-05-2008 relating to the request for additional information from the Belgian authorities, with regard to the message received by this police force containing 'intelligence' information that place the hypothesis of the disappearance of Madeleine as being the involvement of a paedophile ring from Belgium apart from the fax received after the GNI request, we do not have any other information about this subject.
With compliments
Paolo Rebelo
100 to 101 - Letter re sighting in Belgrade
Apensos V, Vol XIV Pages pdf 100 to101 (3040-3041)
Thanks to Ines

Policia Judiciaria



National Interpol Cabinet



Very Urgent


Interpol Belgrade

Information to IP Lisbon



Subject: Madeleine McCann, born 12th May 2003, Yellow Notice F – 131/05-2007 – Disappearance Occurred on 03-05-2007 at 22.40 from the Ocean Club apartments, Praia da Luz, Lagos, Portugal.



The attached fax was received from Stockholm and reports a sighting that occurred today in Belgrade, reported by Alexander Landefeldt to his girlfriend in Sweden. The information was reported as follows:


Telephone call from Sara Vadelind who was contacted by her boyfriend Alexander Landefeldt, an airline pilot. A sighting was reported in Sarajebsk Street, Central Belgrade today at 12.15 local time.


“Madeleine” was with a man who appeared to be of North African/Arabic/ Balkan appearance who was taking large strides. According to Alexander “Madeleine” was being pushed and followed reluctantly, not appearing to be happy. Alexander is sure that it was Madeleine.


Alexander Landefeldt can be contacted on ****** and Sara on ****.


Alexander spoke today with an officer from the British police and is on his way to the airport to return to Slovenia. His telephone will be disconnected from 20.00 today until 12.00 tomorrow. Afterwards he will be at his home in Sweden from Thursday evening.


I am at your disposal for further clarifications.


With compliments.


IP London



102 - Letter re sighting in Sao Paulo

Apensos V, Vol XIV Page 102

Thanks to Ines

Policia Judiciaria


National Interpol Cabinet





Interpol London Brasilia Lisbon Information for IP Lyon



IP Lisbon: Your ref 1806/07 MIN

IP London: Your ref: 411 – 2395710-07


Yellow Notice: F-131/5-2007



Subject: Information about Madeleine McCann – Possible sighting in Sao Paulo airport (Brazil) 


On 19-5-2008 man called Hansen telephoned the Larvik police in Norway saying that he had information about the Madeleine McCann case.


He said that in 2007 during his holidays during the weeks 25, 26 and 27 (June/July) he was in Brazil where he has been various times, he is not sure of the date but it was probably the weekend of the 27 in Sao Paulo airport. He was staying close by and had gone to do some shopping at the airport.


He knows the airport well and close to Terminal 1 he saw a girl dressed in pink. She appeared tired, she was holding hands with a man of South American appearance, but light skinned. A woman was with them but he cannot describe her.


The girl looked like Madeleine McCann and was of the same age, but he did not know what to do. Later he saw the photo fits of the Madeleine case and thought that the man who was holding the girl by the hand resembled the photo fit.


On the Thursday or Friday of last week, Mr Hansen read in the Norwegian newspaper “Dagbladet” that Madeleine McCann had probably been seen in Sao Paulo airport. He thought this was quite a coincidence and wanted to communicate his information to the police.


Do not hesitate to contact us if necessary.


With compliments.


IP Oslo




103 to 106 or 3043 to 3046  Cover letter yellow alert Interpol


14 Apensos V Vol XIV Pages 3043 to 3046

TO: Interpol Lisbon

Subject: Madeleine McCann - Yellow Alert F-131/5-2007

We are sending an attached message that was posted on the public Interpol site on 23rd May 2008.

We ask you to take the necessary measures and let us know the results of your investigations in the light of this message.

If necessary do not hesitate to contact Operation Centre 1 24/7.

With compliments



From S********. Sent on Friday 23rd May 2008.
For INFO, Subject Madeleine McCann


I attached the photo of a small and abandoned chapel of a former convent in the Portel/Alentejo (Portugal) to the East of Lisbon. It is on top of a hill, in a remote and isolated place. I think this could be the place where Madeleine McCann is buried and I will explain why.

The period 21st May 2007 and 10 June 2007 should be of interest to the investigation. Let us suppose that the McCanns were involved in the accidental death of their daughter and that they hid her body temporarily while they were looking for a permanent burial place. This would coincide with DNA evidence that indicates that Madeleine's body was transported in the Renault Scenic.

As the McCanns are Catholics, I suppose they would have tried to find a religious place. At this time they were not yet suspects and did not have to be so careful when they were searching for this site.

So, we have two people in a foreign country looking for a place to bury their daughter. Not just an appropriate place, but also some place where nobody would look.

The obvious thing to begin this process would be to look at a map of Portugal. I looked at copies of all the maps printed in the UK and it is therefore highly probable that I have the same map that the McCanns were using when they were in Portugal. Many of these maps have small dark symbols that signify religious buildings. There are none in the south of Portugal but there are various in the North of the country. I think that the McCanns looked at these symbols.

Unfortunately, these symbols do not refer to details about the religious buildings. In order to establish that it would perhaps be necessary to resort to Internet. It would be very difficult for the McCanns to do this in Portugal using a rented computer and with the police and media surrounding them. That is the reason why I think the events between 21st May and 10 June are very important.

21/22 May

Gerry McCann is in the UK. Could it be that Gerry McCann took advantage of this opportunity, in the privacy of his home, to search for appropriate places for the burial? I think this is very probable given the attitudes of the McCanns after Gerry's return to Portugal.

23 May (one day after Gerry's return to Portugal)

Gerry and Kate McCann travel to Fatima passing many areas of Portugal on their way. I think that this trip was made so that the McCanns could see for themselves the areas where some of the religious buildings were found. Now the Alentejo/Portel chapel is situated on a hill top, I don't know whether they managed to see it during this trip to Fatima, but they could have seen the area upon their return.

The location being decided, the McCanns spent the following days planning how to transport Madeleine for burial in the Alentejo.

28 May

The McCanns rented the Renault Scenic even though they knew they were going to Rome on the following day and would not use it. They rented the Renault BEFORE leaving for Rome deliberately so that someone could use it to transport Madeleine's body while they were away. Why did they hire it precisely at this time? Upon going to Rome the McCanns took the media of the whole world with them, leaving the way free for someone to take Madeleine to Alentejo.

29/30 May

The McCanns are in Rome with the Pope. What better place to be while their daughter was buried?. While not being able to offer a dignified funeral for Madeleine, the best thing to do would be to obtain a blessing from the Pope himself. I believe firmly that Madeleine McCann was buried whilst the McCanns were in Rome.

3 June

I think it is said that the Renault had clocked up excessive mileage. Alentejo/Portel is situated 160 km from Praia da Luz which could explain this.

10 June

Gerry and Kate McCann leave Praia da Luz at the end of the afternoon to go to Lisbon by car in order to catch a flight to Morocco. For what reason did the McCanns travel by car to Lisbon to catch the flight to Morocco when they could have flown from Faro? Did they take advantage of this opportunity to visit Madeleine's burial site? It is located at only 20 minutes by car from Lisbon.

I went through this with detail. The Alentejo/Portel chapel is not a place represented by one of the dark symbols but is very close to one of them.

I checked all the chapels, churches and religious buildings in the north of Portugal and the chapel I refer to is the most obvious. There is no other unused religious building that could be more suitable for the McCanns. If I were the McCanns, I would have chosen the Portel chapel in Alentejo. It is a suitably agreeable and remote place in order to facilitate the burial of a body without being seen by anyone. It is perfect.

Don't just take my word. Have a look around and see if you can find a better place.

Given that Maddie is probably buried inside a bag (as is suggested by the laboratory examinations carried out on the car) she could possibly be found with the use of a metal detector.

I hope that you communicate this message to the appropriate persons. I sent elements about this building to the PJ in Portimao but maybe the Lisbon officers are better placed to proceed with these investigations.

107 - Statement re sighting in Salvador, Brazil
Apensos V Vol XIV Page 107
Thanks to Ines

Policia Judiciaria



National Interpol Cabinet


Interpol Brasilia Information for IP Lisbon and London



IP Lisbon : 1386/08 P 1806/07


IP London: 411-2395710-07



Subject: Possible sighting of Madeleine McCann in Salvador/Brazil – Yellow alert F-131/5-2007



We are attaching a message sent by someone to the Interpol public site on 22nd May 2008.


This person claims to have seen a girl who was very similar to the British girl who disappeared, Madeleine McCann – Yellow Notice F131/5-2007.


We ask you to take the necessary measures and communicate the results of the investigations carried out following this message to IP Lyon.


We know that in Brazil there has been attention by the press regarding possible sightings of Madeleine McCann and this could have led to an increase in communications of sightings (see for example the attached Associated Press article).


However, we request that you keep us informed about your investigations and do not hesitate the 24/7 Operations Central if necessary.


With compliments,



IP Lyon



112 - Fax
Apensos V, Volume XIV Page 112
Thanks to Ines

Policia Judiciaria






12 June 2008





To: International Cooperation Department

National Interpol Cabinet



From: PJ Portimao DIC, Inspector Joao Carlos



Date: 12-06-2008


Subject: Disappearance of Madeleine McCann



On 3rd May 2007, in Praia da Luz, Lagos a British girl Madeleine McCann disappeared from the apartment where she was on holiday with her parents, her whereabouts are still unknown.


Following this disappearance information telling of supposed sightings have arrived from all over the world, which until now, have not led to her location.



With reference to your message IP Lisbon 1386-P 1806/07 mentioning a supposed sighting of the girl in Central Belgrade, Sarajebska Street on 02-06-2008 at 12.15 local time, we request the pertinent inquiries be made by the local authorities, in order to check the existence of security cameras and to find out whether there are any other positive sightings that confirm the presence of the missing girl.



With compliments

The Superior Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation






Paulo Rebelo

114 - Information re sighting in Belgrade, Serbia

Apensos V, Volume XIV Page 114

Thanks to Ines

Policia Judiciaria






With regard to subject mentioned on page 2 we made telephone contact with the witness Alexander Landefeldt, who alleges to have seen the missing British girl Madeleine McCann on the 2nd of this month in Belgrade, Serbia.



The witness, after being contacted and giving a brief explanation of these facts, says that in fact he cannot be sure that it was the British girl. The girl in question had physical similarities but he can not in any be sure that it was Madeleine McCann.


But he says that he is unaware if there re other witnesses to the sighting or any system of images recording adding that he only linked the girl to Madeleine McCann because he felt there was some coincidence.



Portimao, 12th June 2008






Inspector Joao Carlos



13 or 2955-PJ correspondence
14 to 23 or 2956 to 2965-report on DANITA who is using Madeleine's picture on a website
24 or 2966 Report on results from IP Copenhagen and IP London Morocco sightings
59-Service information re sighting on AI (northerly direction)
60-Vehicle registration search
61-Fax cover page
62-Copy of page 59 with notes
63-Copy of page 60
64 to 65-Fax confirmation
65-Cover page re vehicle registration search
66 to 67-Vehicle search document
68-Fax cover with handwritten notes
69-Service information (copy page 58)
70-Vehicle registration search
71-Service information (copy) re sighting on A1 north
72-Vehicle registrations search
73 to 74-PJ biographical file
75-External diligence re AI sighting
76-Blank page
77-Cover letter re email
78 to 80-Cover letter re new sightings with witness statements
82-Cover page
86-Fax confirmation
87 to 90-Email/dissemination report re suggestion of Belgian paedophile ring 2008.04.28
91-Cover page
95 to 96-Service information re sighting in Loures
97 to 98-Copy of page 95 to 96
99-Cover page/letter
108-Cover letter
109 to 111-Copy of page 104 to 106
113-Fax confirmation
115 to 116-Email re sighting in Isla Margarita, Venezuela


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